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When will it stop? When will it end? This story breaks my heart. Earlier this month, Patrick shared a story about an African male who was beaten and burned to death. I couldn’t believe that this could happen and now, it has happened again but this time, in Scotland. Stuart Walker, a well-known and well-liked 28-year-old from the town of Cumnock, Ayrshire was found dead on the side of the road. Police believe he was attacked in the early hours of the morning having been tied to a lamppost, beaten severely and then burned. People in the community are shocked by this brutal attack and police do believe it was a homophobic attack and are pursuing their investigation as such.

It is known that Stuart had been out with friends that night but he was last seen at 2:30am. His whereabouts is unknown between then and 4:50am, the time he was found. Police know it is imperative that they found out where he was during that time and are asking anyone with further information to come forward. The support from the community and the world abroad has been overwhelming. Flowers, cards and candles have been brought to the scene and a Facebook page started by Karen Nicol has had over six thousand people join in support of this tragic story. Detective John Hogg released an official statement on the situation. You can read it below.

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The name Richard Dayhoff is synonymous with timeless simplicity in the high-fashion world of apparel. Richard graduated from the International Academy of Design and his designs have been seen in over 300 retailers worldwide. Now, he’s taking his expertise to a new level with a line of underwear for men that is sure to please Mother Nature.

Dayhoff has released a line of eco-friendly briefs and trunks for men that are made of recycled polyester fibers. The eco-friendly moisture management system rapidly transports perspiration to the outer surface; therefore the inner layer remains dry. The fabric also has incredible memory allowing it to keep it’s shape while remaining lightweight and fresh.

This new performance underwear is the said to be the future of sportswear and was just seen on the runways in Chicago with an overwhelming response from critics. Check out the sexy models and the looks below.

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Best of Toronto: Top 5 Brunch Places

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As I discover my new city of Toronto, I will write about my favorite places for shopping & good eats (two of my favorite activities). My friends here love to brunch so most weekends we all get together and have brunch. You know the gays love to brunch. These guys know what the best places for brunch are all over the city.

Yeah I ate the chicken & waffles (photo above) at The Drake’s Sky Yard and it was delicious! Check out which 5 restaurants made it on the list so far on the next part of the post.

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Photograph by Laura Nguyen

The gay community is pretty amazing at coming together as one to support each other. Think about how many online campaigns there that everyone participates in, regardless of their location. We can all connect with each other in many ways, considering most of us grew up in a society that made us feel ashamed of who we are. But how did we get to where we our now in our very own community? Who paved the way? I’m not so sure myself, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

A Vancouver art and culture magazine called Sad Mag will be launching its Queer History issue on Thursday, November 3. This special double issue of the magazine commemorates Vancouver’s queer history from 1960 to today, in step with the City of Vancouver’s celebration of 125 years since incorporation.

“No history of Vancouver would be complete without a look at the rich and varied history of gay and lesbian communities here,” says Sad Mag’s Creative Director, Brandon Gaukel. “Not only have our queer communities been a force of creative and artistic production in the city, but they’ve also had a huge impact on the day-to-day lived culture in Vancouver.”

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If you thought last year’s calendar was hot, well you’re in for a treat! The Warwick Rowing Club, who recently did a sexy shoot for Blue September, is back with their sexiest calendar ever, raising money for their club. Photographs, including the one above fore “June,” were once again done by talented London photographer, Angus Malcolm (@angus_malcolm). Malcolm, who recently just had a successful exhibition in Syndey and is about to publish a new coffee table book of male nudes, is very excited about this year’s calendar:

“What people have told me they love about the previous calendars is that they’re funny and charming, and sexy without being too explicit – after all, these aren’t porn stars, they’re just a nice bunch of guys who love their sport and want to help their club. We’ve think we’ve succeeded in keeping that feel, while also creating images that are going to look great on the wall.”

You can go to their website and purchase an art quality printed calendar, downloadable high resolution images, and this year, there’s even a behind the scenes DVD of the making of the calendar. Shot in full colour at broadcast-quality, this film will show these boys as you’ve never seen them before. Last year, the calendar achieved 200,000 downloads and sales to more than 25 countries. So this year they are giving a share of profits from sales of the film to Sport Relief, a fantastic charity that works with the BBC to help vulnerable people around the world.  CLICK HERE to buy one of the calendars or DVDs. Get a sneak peak at some of the photos below.

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Sports Stud: James Haskell

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For this week’s Sports Stud, I decided to tackle a beefy rugby player from England named James Haskell. The 26-year old is an English professional Rugby Union player who currently plays for Ricoh Black Rams in Japan as well as internationally for England. He will be rejoining London Wasps at the start of the 2012-13 season.

Aside from posing nude in some different magazine shoots and calendars, Haskell does seem to have a thing for exhibitionism. In 2003, he was suspended from Wellington College, after filming Paul Doran-Jones and a female student having sex in a boys’ dorm and then screening the video for other students in a common room – without the permission or knowledge of the female student. Yowsa! Sidenote, how hot is it that Doran-Jones wanted his friend to film him having sex? LOL.

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TGIF, right? Well, some people believe that today is the rapture and the world is going to end, but as per usual, a new 7 Minutes In Heaven has been released! This week, Mike O’Brien interviews Connie Britton in the closet. You probably know her best from Friday Night Lights or A Nightmare on Elm Street, and now she’s on American Horror Story. She’s also got several films in the works so we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

In the funny closet interview, O’Brien is up to his same old shenanigans. He asks her about hookup buddies and if she’s ever had one. They also do a closet theatre scenario where they are two people that don’t really care for each other, then get a text that everyone else in the world has died (random – considering what I wrote above). Sidenote: Who would have texted them if everyone else in the world was dead? LOL. Anyway, now they have to reconsider their options: aka: make babies). As always, the interview ends with an akward (and sometimes unexpected and unconventional) kiss. Enjoy

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Photo Credit: RB;

First of all, where is this random public park park with an outdoor gym where these hot stars are found working out shirtless!? Well, they try to make us believe that they randomly happen to be working out shirtless, but we all know it’s set up. That being said – who cares! Thank you Joey Lawrence for sharing all of your hard work with the public! Wearing only his Nike shoes, socks, and shorts, I can’t help but wonder if the brand sponsored this shoot as well. caught up with the stud during his sweaty shirtless workout. His body is smoking hot and he’s never looked better.

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