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We love love love the boys from Steam Room Stories over here at Homorazzi. The cast recently kicked off their third season of the sexy web series and introduced a few new cast members. So far, the boys have released five episodes in their new season and I’ve got them all here for you to watch and enjoy.

In the latest vids, the boys have a discussion with Siri on the iPhone 4S, rob candy bars from fellow patrons towels, discuss being single on Valentine’s Day, decide who should send the last text and wearing deodorant. And of course, all the vids contain some serious eye candy as we watch the boys perform their scenes in their white towels. Check out the first five episodes from the new season below.

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Sports Stud: Yohan Cabaye

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This week’s Sports Stud is a French international footballer/soccer player who plays for Newcastle United in the Premier League as well as for the French national team. Say “bonjour” to 26-year old midfielder, Yohan Cabaye. His squad number is 4, which is also my lucky number and my jersey number when I play soccer too!

He’s really enjoying being a part of his Newcastle United team and together they are working hard to prepare for 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. He and his team have a match against the French on June 11, in their opening group game of Euro 2012 in Donetsk. He explained to The Independant, “Even if we get tired, we are not tired. You cannot be. You can run, you can fight, you can get the ball, you can score when you attack. You can do everything when the crowd is in that mood. They are like a 12th man for us. You are not allowed to stop. They demand that.”

Aside from being known for his ball control, technical ability, and penalty-taking ability, he’s also clearly one of the sport’s hotties to watch. Check out some sexy photos of the soccer superstar below.

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If you’re not Facebook friends with Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, then you might have missed the release of his and fiance Sean Eldridge’s engagement photos back in November. The two pose for the camera in New York for a set of the cutest engagement photos I have ever seen. Their simplicity is unique and the love you can see between the two is absolutely inspiring.

Chris was the coordinator of online organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign on, the campaign’s online social networking website. In 2009, Chris attended President Obama’s first state dinner with then boyfriend Sean Eldridge who is the Political Director of Freedom to Marry. In January of 2011, the two publicly announced their engagement at a reception for Freedom To Marry in New York City. Check out their engagement photos below.

Check out some of Chris & Sean’s engagement photos after the jump.

Trevor Donovan is sure comfortable with taking his clothes off, and why shouldn’t he be with a body like. OMG, as a totally random side note, as I just wrote that first sentence, I literally just remembered part of my dream last night that involved me getting involved in porn. Awkward…

In this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan UK, Trevor Donovan took it all off for the world to see and he sexy booty is exposed for the world to see. He’s got me saying, “9-0-2-1-Whoa!” I’m a nerd, I know. He was selected as the Everyman Cancer Campaign centerfold for the magazine, which of course required him to show off his assets. The photo was taken in Beverly Hills by photographer Aleksandar Tomovic.

Check out the sexy picture below as well as the interview with the magazine revealing his favorite and least favorite of his body parts.

Picture & interview after the jump…

The sexy Taylor Kitsch is on the cover April’s issue of Men’s Health UK magazine. The 30-year-old Canadian actor is the leading man in the film ‘John Carter,’ which opens in theatres tomorrow (be sure to check back tomorrow for Adam‘s review of the film).

Also a trained nutritionist, in the issue, Kitsch talks about having to lose 35lbs in just two months to play war photographer Kevin Carter in 2010 movie, The Bang Bang Club. “It’s just way too extreme, and being a nutritionist I found it hard. Everything I knew just went out the window,” he said, admitting that the weight loss had affected him in many ways. “I was very bipolar. My mood swings were f**king insane. I was very emotional, I had night terrors, I couldn’t sleep. It was a zoo.”

In the issue, Kitch shares the simple workout he used to stay fit and strong while filming John Carter. “You never walk out of the gym and say, ‘I shouldn’t have gone.’ You just do the work, feel good about it for a moment, and then move on to whatever comes next,” he says. Check out some pics from the issue below.

Full cover and more pictures & tips from the issue after the jump…

Now that Justin Bieber is 18-years old (as of March 1 – also my birthday!), it didn’t long for the porn industry to capitalize on Bieber fever. As he himself says, “Never Say Never,” right? Even though he’s legal, it’s a little too soon, don’t you think? LOL. Unlike many other guys his age, I still see him as a kid. Maybe it’s his height or very boyish looks. Anyway, as mentioned above, the title of the porn parody is “Bustin Beeber“. All things aside, I have to say, it’s a pretty funny/punny name.

There have been several porn parodies in the last few years, including ones done for Jersey Shore, The Golden Girls, and most recently, Tosh.0.. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that one wouldn’t be done for one of the biggest stars today. Weird, but legitimate question: Do you think Justin Bieber has or will ever watch this? LOL.

Kyler Moss stars as Bustin Bieber in this parody that tells the fictitious story of the debauchery that went on during his 18th birthday. I’ve included the detailed and NSFW description of what to expect in this naughty film below.

Read the NSFW description of the parody after the jump…

Prison Dancer‘ is an interactive web musical on YouTube that is inspired by the dancing prisoners of the Philippines who have gone viral on the Internet time and time again.

In this first episode, we hear them sing & dance to a song called “Point Of View“. We also get to meet the inmates of MMDC. The “Memehunter” pop journalist Matt Wells, investigates the Philippine prison where a YouTube phenomenon began. Don’t be scared off by the word “episode,” as it is only a few minutes long and it’s worth watching.

Also as part of the first episode, there’s a short video for each of the four main characters: Lola, Hookaps, Christian, and Shakespeare. Get your first look at ‘Prison Dancer’ below.

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FINALLY, Mike O’Brien is back with his web series, “7 Minutes In Heaven“. I was beginning to thing he wasn’t going to be doing them anymore! Sidenote: Did you see him in the SNL Episode last weekend? He was in the Fox Report With Shepard Smith as one of Romney’s five children.

Anyway, for those of you who’ve never seen it, O’Brien interviews a celebrity in a closet, asking them awkward questions and playing some hilarious improv games – all within the confined, intimate space of a closet. Every interview ends off with an uncomfortable kiss. Oh, and if you’ve never watched these before, they aren’t actually 7 minutes if you’re don’t have that long to spare. This one’s only 3.5 minutes. He’s interviewed celebs like Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Poehler, and Ty Burrell to name only a few.

Now, he’s back with Paul Rudd to ask him some questions like, “Do you laser your butthole hair?” They also play a “paranormal activity” themed game of closet theatre. Ah, and of course the kiss. Let’s just say, O’Brien apologized for the noises he was making as he kissed him. Enjoy the video below!

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