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With so much teasing and buildup for this video, it’s certainly worth all of the foreplay. Andrew Christian has become known for his sexy promo videos for his underwear line, using the hottest tunes and sexiest models. Well, in terms of pushing the boundaries, this one takes the cake.

Titled “Locker Room Payback,” the video starts off with the coach (DJ Nick Ayler) introducing the three waterboys to the football team. Once the coach leave, some erotic hazing ensues. There is assless underwear everywhere you look, and well it goes even further once they hit the showers. How does it end? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Yesterday, Andrew Christian’s fan page noted, “To say we push the envelope in the UNCENSORED version of the ‘Locker Room Payback’ video, would be a serious understatement.” I have to say that the regular version is pretty much just as “racy”. The only difference is there are a couple “frontal nudity” shots in the UNCENSORED version. The song used for this one is Kimberly Cole’s “U Make Me Wanna” which I love. Watch the NSFW video below in the privacy of your own home and let your imagination run wild.

Watch the NSFW video after the jump…

You MUST watch this video of an amazing Ohio mom named Jennifer Tyrrell calling for the Boy Scouts to reinstate her as a scout leader. A couple weeks ago, she was ousted from being her 7 year-old son’s leader because she is gay.

GLAAD invited her to their awards show this past weekend to share her story. She hadn’t even been on a plane before. She stood in front of the audience and delivered a very emotional speech, with her partner Alicia Burns and their four children by her side. She also talked about that fact that she started a petition ( that has over 115K+ signatures already. Please be sure to join in on that.

I’m not a distraction. Alicia is not a distraction. We are moms. And we’re Americans. My son and the other boys in the pack are becoming leaders and that has nothing to do with my sexual orientation,” said Tyrrell. Watch her speech below.

Watch the video of the speech after the jump…

As you probably know by now, is gay-friendly vacation rentals website that allows you to find or rent a great place to stay in popular gay destinations. While in Palm Springs at White Party, Tyrell and I had the pleasure of meeting Gadi Tunes and Eliad Cohen from Gay-Ville while at one of the pool parties. They are just as sexy in person!

Gay-Ville have produced several clever viral videos to promote their site, and today they’ve just released a new one titled “Sweet Dreams“. The video stars the infamous Amanda Lepore in the leading role, along with the sexy Eliad Cohen and other hotties that include Chase Hostler, Avi Ben Yosef, and Patrick Crough. The video brings Lepore’s fantasies to life, hence the title of the video. Gay-ville wants to help make your dreams come true and assist you with your dream vacation.

Check out the sexy video below, fittingly set to Madonna’s “Gang Bang” song.

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There is no doubt that One Direction is taking over the tween music scene in both Europe and the US. Almost out of nowhere, the five boys from across the pond became household names with their debut singles What Makes You Beautiful and One Thing. It was only a matter of time before someone threw up on some preppy clothes and a few shaggy wigs to create a video parody. Ask and you shall receive.

Parody experts over at The Key of Awesome have put together a little parody video set to the boys hit song What Makes You Beautiful. The basic concept of the video is to poke fun at boy bands, how bad their music is and the funny actions they do in their music videos. My favorite part is when they chase the girl who was paid to be here down the beach and she bites the dust. Hard. Check out this hilarious video parody and tell us what you think of The Key of Awesome’s take on One Direction.

Check out the Key of Awesome’s One Direction parody after the jump.

Are you looking for some sexy new undies for your 2012 summer? Look no further than the latest and greatest from the minds at HOM Underwear. The Marseille-based duo out of France have also brought that “je ne sais quoi” to their undergarments and their new designs are no exception to the rule.

Teaming up with sexy model Miguel Iglesias, HOM brings us their new 2012 collection titled Tempation Magic. With a model like Miguel to help fill out their boxers and briefs, it’s no wonder they used this title. Sporting fresh colors, interesting patterns and always comfortable cuts, HOM is sure to have a pair suited for your underwear collection. Check out some of their latest styles and designs below.

Check out more of Miguel’s “Temptation Magic” after the jump.

This past weekend, celebrities came out to play for the annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles. We covered the red carpet for this last year but unfortunately didn’t make it down this year. Reading the list of attendees really makes me wish we had! Celebrities and supporters also stopped by the Ketel One Vodka “Walk of Change” VIP Area to make their mark and for event handprint left, Ketel One donated $1000.

DWTS alumnus, Chaz Bono, was honored with the Stephen F. Kolzak award and surprise guest, Cher arrived right before the award and was beaming with pride as she presented her son with the notable honor. Amazing!

Betty White of course received a roaring applause audience and dined with her cast members, Wendy Malik and Jane Leeves, and toasted to their GLAAD Media Award.

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Support The Gays In ClubVibes Nightlife Awards

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Attention Vancouverites!!! It’s time for the city’s Academy Awards honoring the best in nightlife entertainment. In other words, the 2012 ClubVibes Nightlife Awards are here. Once again, Vancity’s most popular venues, theme nights and bar staff are being honored at one big ol’ party. But before the big night arrives, nominees have to be narrowed in each of the categories.

A few of us from attended the awards last year, and it was disheartening to see none of the LGBT nominees walk away with the glory. So this year, I suggest we change that. Whether or not you’re a bar star, lounge lizard or casual binge drinker, we’ve all had great nights out on the town thanks to the following venues and people. If you enjoy hip-hop nights at the Cobalt, pumping dance beats at Club FiveSixty, Top 40 at Junction, those Dieux du Stade movies at 1181 or the outdoor patio at Oasis, make sure you cast your vote. Sure, it’s a frivolous honor, but an honor nonetheless. Even if you don’t live in Vancouver but visited our fair city, go and vote. It’s your gay civic duty *wink*.

All you have to do vote is head over to and support all your favorites. Speaking of which, I know I should probably be unbias but I’m not. I’m going to give my endorsement to two of my friends up for nomination- Todd Hoye for Bartender of the Year and Yannick Desautels for Manager of the Year. Not only are both great at their jobs, but both are super sexy as well. Get a look at Todd’s “assets” when he posed for a cancer fundraising calendar last year. And of course I have to plug our very own Tommy D. He’s up for Best Electronic Promoter. His Rapture parties are legendary. Another Homorazzi favorite, Adam Dreaddy is also nominated in the category. Vote for both.

Disclaimer. I quickly scanned all the categories and might’ve missed some of our nightlife friends. If I did, my bad :)

Video Parody: Gay Gone Wild

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Friend of Homorazzi, Josh Rimer is notorious for his hilarious gay parody takes on some of today’s hottest songs. Previously, he’s released parodies of Rihanna’s Only Girl In The World, Beyoncé’s Run The World and even slowed it down with Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound. This time around, Josh has tackled the Queen of Pop’s new anthem, Girl Gone Wild, aptly titled Gay Gone Wild. Josh really shows off his flare right from the get-go with his intro speech:

“OMG. I am not sorry for being who I want to be. So you tink that it’s a sin? ‘Cause I don’t like sex with women. And you think I am unwell? But I am more of a man than you’ll ever be. And more of a woman than you’ll ever get.”

Out of all of Josh’s videos, this one is definitely my favorite. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant and the music production courtesy of MikS Music is pretty spot on. One of the cutest parts in the video is when a random passer-by gets caught on camera smiling and enjoying the public performance shot on Vancouver’s historic Commercial Drive. Check out the video parody below.

Check out Josh Rimer’s “Gays Gone Wild” after the jump.

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