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I never know how to feel about the bring back a queen episode. I mean last year was interesting because it was Carmen Carrera who just did the revolving door thing (In and Out same episode) and this season it wasn’t any different just with Kenya. Also this year it was on the same challenge last year, the makeover challenge. This year it was DILFs or, “Dad’s I’d like to f*ck“, I MEAN FROCK! FROCK IS WHAT I MEAN!

After it was revealed that Kenya was the queen brought back (TOLD YOU SO!) and after she won the mini challenge, the queens got to see the DILF’s that they would be transforming. They were legit heterosexual fathers, and two of the were GORGEOUS! PhiPhi and Kenya’s daddy’s were pretty smoking! They had to make them over to look like their sisters, but the twist was that they both had to be pregnant! HA! Maternity wear challenge. Oh and they had to perform a strip tease, Ru just kept piling it on them this year.

During the rehearsals and workroom time we found out a few things about these dad’s. One of them knew how to tuck, one of them was dying to get into a high pair of heels, one of them was going to make a gorgeous woman, one was a complete jerk and the other looked like Latrice’s legit relative. Latrice and her dad were hilarious, and after their amazing rehearsal I for sure thought they had it in the bag. Unfortunately the old saying is true, good rehearsal BAD show.

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Homorazzi co-founder, Patrick Levesque chats with Homorazzi readers and the White Party community about heading to White Party for the first time ever this weekend with Tyrell and more.

Join in the casual conversation below (between 10am & 11am PST) and feel free to share your own tips on White Party or ask any questions about, Homorazzi, Patrick, etc. Logging into the chat is easy as you can use Facebook. Looking forward to chatting with you!

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Andrew Christian Boys Do Neon Hitch

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Based on recent activity, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d think Andrew Christian’s main objective is to produce viral videos than sell boxers and briefs. The underwear brand has been pumping out videos featuring hot shirtless models on a regular basis. Whether they’re squirting water guns, having pillow fights, or splashing around at a pool party, the AC models always look sexy as hell. The company sure knows how to pick the hottest studs to fill out their underwear.

For their new clip, Andrew Christian decided to pay tribute to one of their favorite artists, Neon Hitch. The creative team assembled a dynamic line-up of talent and sex appeal to dance and lip-sync to her latest single, “F*ck U Betta“. These performers have been featured in videos and tours with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland and Christina Aguilera. A couple of the more notable dancers are Haus of Gaga dancer, Michael Silas, and “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 5 first runner-up Brandon Bryant. Check out the two and six others booty drop, grind, flex and seduce in the clip below. Be prepared to take a cold shower afterward.

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teamm8 Shows Us Their “Power”

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Do you dare to stand out? Underwear brand teamm8 is asking that question with their latest block brief and in their latest photo shoot titled Power. The photo set features sexy French male model Matt shot by photographer James Demitri.

“An even mix of strength and masculine vulnerability, teamm8 takes you on a deeper darker look into yourself with this shoot featuring ex French Foreign Legion recruit, Matt. Shot in a dingy dilapidated basement, the 27 year old channels his days in the Legion and shows us that the power and strength lie within.”

Check out the sexy photos from their latest shoot below.

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Yesterday, I came across a series of some ridiculously awesome videos by Onkel Saft that were made to help boost tourism in Norway. Showing clips of various landmarks and destination, halfway through each of the videos, a bunch of naked men appear and start humping the ground and/or the air, essentially having sex with the landmarks. One guy even climbs up a pole!

“The idea behind this is to create renewed awareness of the beautiful sights in Trondheim,” explains Onkel Saft. We are very fond of the city of Trondheim, as you can probably tell.” Clearly they didn’t get permission to make the videos, but they made them nonetheless.

Watch the sexy and hilarious NSFW videos below and let me know what you think.

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We are big fans of Dave Franco here at Homorazzi. No matter he does, the younger brother of actor James Franco has always got us drooling over his boyish charm and utter sexiness. Dave has undoubtedly stepped out of the shadow of his brother and is making a name for himself all on his own. In a recent photo shoot with famed photographer, Terry Richardson, Dave shows off his pouty lip posing skills.

Shot in black and white as per usual for Terry’s photo sets, Dave poses with his arms up in a white t-shirt, flexing his arms. It was so hot even Terry couldn’t help but take a photo of Dave’s armpit hair teasing it’s way out from Franco’s shirt sleeve. My favorite pic is Dave in Terry’s glasses – another classic photo form Richardson’s shoots. Check out all of the photos below and try not to drool on your keyboard.

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PIPE was started a few years ago by Palachio who “noticed the need for a new trendy underwear line”. He noticed the lack of color, textures and comfort for men’s underwear. What resulted was a funky underwear brand based on current and upcoming trends. Their goal is to push the boundaries of traditional underwear that will make the men wearing them feel comfortable, unique and sexy no matter the time of the day.

The company just unveiled their new “Freedom” collection and it’s far more muted and less colorful as their previous “Funky Fun” graphic line which I loved. That being said, the visuals for their new ad campaign are equally as sexy. A ripped male model (don’t know his name) shows off their eight new and modified styles. Whether you’re a fan of boxers, briefs or jock straps, Pipe Underwear has you covered… and in some cases barely “covered”.

I’ve posted a few pics below of their new line, but cropped out a few of the more salacious ones since we don’t show nudity here on If you’re looking for some full moon’age, head over to their official site to see the model’s buns in its full glory. It’s definitely worth the look.

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Last week, ABC‘s “What Would You Do?” set out to see what people would do if they witnessed a bridal shop worker refuse service to a bride-to-be because she was a lesbian. So many people stepped up to say something and it was really touching.

This week, John Quiñones and his crew set out to see if anyone would stop bullies from picking on kids with gay parents while in a restaurant. As ABC reports, there are 115,000 same-sex households reported to be raising children, according to the U.S. Census bureau. The question remains, do the growing numbers necessarily translate to acceptance.

They hired two actors to play the roles of the adopted children of a same-sex couple and brought in two other actors to play the bullies, berating the two children while their fathers stepped away to do a little shopping. Watch the clip below to see what happened.

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