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Love, Set, Match. Janko Tipsarevic definitely scores a Grand Slam win with this hot underwear photo shoot. Sure Novak Djokovic is currently the No. 1 player on the ATP tour, but Tipsarevic wins the title of hottest Serbian tennis player, especially after this modeling stint. The 27-year-old is the new face body for under apparel company Extreme Intimo. For their latest ad campaign, they asked the tennis pro to drop trou and show off their latest line and his sexy toned body.

Speaking of hot body, Janko recently credited his best showing at the US Open due to his recent 100% dedication to tennis and his fitness. Judging on the pics and his recent results, his refocus has paid off ten fold, or in this case in a six pack. With Rafael Nadal stripping down for Armani Underwear and Spanish player Fernando Verdasco showing off his Calvins for their X campaign, pro tennis players seem to be the athlete models du jour. I love me some tennis, so keep it coming. Check out Janko’s pics below.

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Openly gay Australian cutie, Anthony Callea entered the spotlight in the 2004 season of Australian Idol where he was the runner up. He’s just released a fun new track called “Oh Oh Oh Oh,” coupled with the corresponding music video. This is the first single from his third studio album. The track is a party anthem written with DJ Poet (Black Eyed Peas).

The now 28-year old came out in 2007, saying that there is “No issue with my sexuality now, but it’s taken time to become confident with who I am and happy with who I am. I’m comfortable enough to come clean now. It’s a weight off my shoulders.” In the lyrics of the song, he even sings, “You captivate my soul, boy.” How often do you get to hear a guy singing about a guy? Love it!

His debut single, “The Prayer,” went on to become the highest and fastest-selling single by any Australian artist at that time a record he held for 5 years, and to date it still remains the fastest selling single of all time. The song debuted at number 1 on the ARIA Charts and stayed there for five weeks. Amazing! Listen to his new track “Oh Oh Oh Oh” and watch the music video below!

Music video & behind the scenes footage after the jump…

For a long time, he was simply known as the other Asian on FOX’s hit show, Glee. Now, dancer and actor Harry Shum Jr. has even more to celebrate. He’s stepped out of the shadows and become a series regular on the hit show where he stars as the character of Mike Chang. He even had his first singing debut the other night singing the track Cool from West Side Story.

Harry isn’t new to many eyes. He’s made notable cameos in the films Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D, but he is also a prominent member and co-choreographer for the dance troupe LXD which has made appearances during the Oscars, Dancing With The Stars and more.

In the mag, Harry discusses his role on the show talking about how he’s been taking vocal lessons to hopefully have more opportunities to sing on the show but admits, he is no singer. Da Man asks besides fellow dancer Brittany (played by Heather Morris) who his favorite dance partner is. Surprisingly, he answers with Matthew Morrison and discusses the episode where they performed Make ‘Em Laugh together from the musical Singin’ In The Rain. Interesting fact, Matthew broke his finger on the first take of that number but didn’t tell anyone until the end of the day. What a trouper.

Harry also has quite the mixed upbringing. Harry is full Chinese but was born in Costa Rica. And to top it all off, Spanish was his first language. He even shares how in pictures of him as a kid, he sticks out like sore thumb amongst his friends. When he moved to California with his family, he learned English and Chinese (Cantonese). He says that being disciplined in a trilingual home can be quite entertaining in it’s own right. There is no doubt that Mike’s season regular position on Glee will only be a stepping stone of what more is to come for this talented guy.

Check out Harry’s shirtless photo and more from the mag here.

My favorite Chloe Sevigny impersonator is back. Perhaps, he’s the only impersonator out there, but Drew Droege is still my favorite. From vacations, Memorial Day and barbecue, Droege has shared all of his “likes” in previous clips. For his latest video, Chloe discusses the importance of accessories. As Chloe puts its, “you are never fully dressed without the proper accessories“. And according to her, “more is more”. I couldn’t agree any more.

Normally for his Chloe spoofs, I pretty much get a good chunk of his pop culture references. Since this one is more fashion based, accessories specifically, the references are new to me. That being said, you don’t have to be a fashionista to appreciate the video. If you simply just watch it to see what over-the-top necklace, bangle, headpiece Chloe puts on, it’s worth it. My favorite is the “invisible hat“. A few of the pieces he talks about are from designer Alexis Bittar. The designer herself enjoyed the video and claimed she almost pissed in her pants watching it. See if you have the same reaction. Check it out below.

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Every Saturday, Patrick picks a hot jock to feature on his weekly Sports Stud post. Keeping in line with our unofficial athletic theme on Saturdays, I thought I’d share this latest innovation in exercise equipment. If you’re a night owl like myself, you’ll see some crazy ass stuff being hawked on those late night infomercials. First came the Shake Weight, then the Free Flexor and now comes an even more sexually suggestive product on the market. Say “hello” to the Tug Toner.

Obviously the Tug Toner is a joke Jimmy Kimmel and his crew thought up for the show. Truthfully though, it’s not that ridiculous considering the premise of the Free Flexor. That product claims to be the world’s first flexing dumbbell. They say you can build your biceps and triceps, sculpt your chest and shoulders and light your forearms on fire using their product. How? Easy, by doing a few silly-looking exercises. You can’t help but have homoerotic thoughts when the hot beefy guys demonstrate the Free Flexor. There’s more torque and balls swinging than an orgy in a gay porn flick.

Inspired by the homoerotic nature of the Free Flexor, Kimmel created the Tug Toner. This latest exercise gadget definitely blurs the line between working out and “working out“, if you know what I mean. Check out the hilarious infomercial below. I predict the Tug Toner infiltrating gayborhoods across the land ;)

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Sports Stud: Hudson Taylor

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It was a no-brainer in deciding who to highlight for this week’s Sports Stud. I have chosen three-time All-American wrestler Hudson Taylor, creator of Athlete Ally – “a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering athletes to consider their status as role models and be conscious of the words they choose, eliminating the homophobic language that is all too prevalent in sports”. Taylor is also a wrestling coach at Columbia University and is also recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Lia Mandaglio.

Earlier this week, Hudson Taylor released a video where he talks about his wrestling career and his GLBT advocacy and how they go hand in hand. Although he himself is straight, he majored in Interactive Performance Art at the University of Maryland and witnessed many gays struggle with coming out and having so many gay friends, he became more aware of the hurtful homophobic language others would employ around him (including those in his own sport). “For me and my generation, LGBT rights is a pressing issue,” said Taylor. “I believe that whatever history I’m a part of, I’m responsible for. If I feel something is unjust or unequal, I feel a responsibility to do something about it.”

Watch the video & see more pics after the jump…

Being an openly gay man can be tough, especially when it comes to the workplace. The should I, shouldn’t I come out question is on a lot of men’s minds on whether or not it will change their bosses perspective of them or chance the relationship of those who report to you. However, a recent US study shows that even getting the interview to land the job may be tougher than you think you’re openly gay… especially in the south or the midwest.

The research found that if your CV indicates that an applicant is gay, they are 40% less likely to get an interview for the job they applied for. Harvard University’s Andras Tilcsik sent out 1,700 realistic but fictitious CV’s to various white collar job openings including managerial positions.

On one CV, it mentioned relevant experience in a university gay society as a treasurer, while the other listed experience in the ‘Progressive and Socialist Alliance.’ Both were not contacted for a job interview. However, applicants without the gay reference had an 11.5 per cent chance of being called for an interview.

More on this study after the jump.

OMG, when I woke up this morning and saw that this week’s 7 Minutes In Heaven was with none other than the amazing Ellen DeGeneres, I almost burst with excitement. For those of you that haven’t watched any of these segments yet, today would be a good day to start. SNL writer, Mike O’Brien invites a new celebrity into his closet each week for an awkward and hilarious one on one interview. This isn’t just a straight forward interview as there is some closet theatre involved and random questions that you wouldn’t expect in an interview with a high profile celebrity. Also, O’Brien is fantastic at making the atmosphere in the tiny space extremely awkward.

In this week’s webisode, O’Brien talks to Ellen about the fact that she’s celebrating 9 years of her talk show, what happened with her previous shows, whether or not she’s coked up all the time on her show, and of course they do a closet theatre – probably the funniest one yet. The 7 Minutes In Heaven wouldn’t be complete without an awkward kiss (or two or three) at the end. ENJOY!

Watch the episode after the jump…

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