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Earlier this month, Tyrell wrote about Dave Franco’s sexy shoot with Terry Richardson – which was the pits… armpits to be more specific. Now, I’m going to double the hotness by sharing with you Richardson’s most recent shoot with Marcio & Marcos Patriota. No, you’re not seeing doubles, these guys are sexy model twins from Brazil which we Donovan has even featured in his weekly Man Crushes.

In the series of photos below the boys fondle in feathers, posing nude whilst only feathers cover their peacocks. The last time we posted about these guys, we asked if you thought twin brothers kissing was hot or… gross. The verdict was a resounding “HOT,” and I have to agree. That being said, my brothers are twins and I would not want to see them kissing – nor would they ever. LOL.

Enjoy the (borderline NSFW) photos from the shoot below!

Check out the sexy NSFW photos from the shoot after the jump…

Who’d You Rather: Dehler VS Medina

In: Patrick, Totally GAY!

Having just come back from White Party 2012, it seemed appropriate to highlight a couple of the Andrew Christian hotties we met while we were there. Whether helping host the events, perform on stage, or busy doing a photo shoot, the boys were busy shaking their money makers. Of course there are many hot AC models, but we’ve decided to highlight Jason Medina and Steven Dehler and ask you who you’d rather in… and out of their AC underwear.

Steven Dehler we met while walking home from one of the pool parties. He’s a 25-year old German/Irish model from LA and has been featured in some AC shoots and promo videos. Great body, great smile, and he was great to talk to.

We met Jason Medina when arriving at the Sunday T-Dance and he informed us that he was going to be performing later on. A couple hours later, he was crawling on stage with “Fuck You Betta” singer Neon Hitch riding along on his back. The sexy model/dancer has been featured in many AC campaigns and videos.

Check out their photos and vote for who you’d rather below.

Pics & voting after the jump…

In case you haven’t heard of the site, is a site where people share information about alleged cheaters to warn future partners and for exes to get their revenge. I can’t say that I agree with what the site is all about. Firstly, two wrongs don’t make a right and there is already so much “life-ruining” going on online to begin with. I’d certainly be mad about getting cheated on, but posting about it would only make matters worse. Secondly, there is already so much hate and invasions of privacy online – no need for anymore. Anyway…

In a recent study that Cheaterville conducted, they compiled some interesting stats about both gay relationships and straight relationships. Gay men cheat WAY more than lesbians, and straight women apparently cheat WAY more than straight men. CheaterVille founder James McGibney states, “We launched the LGBT feature a few months ago due to overwhelming requests. We quickly obliged as our website is a firm believer in equal rights and allowing all members of our society to use our site. However, it was surprising to see how popular this new feature has become, and the data we have collected truly shows that cheating is a huge problem in our society no matter what your orientation.” I’ve included their findings below.

Check out the stats they released after the jump…

Well, she released the music video for “Glamazon” two weeks early, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since after last night’s absolutely devastating episode in which Latrice Royale was sent home, we now know who the final three are. (Pssst, I knew since before it started. I also know who wins…but I’ll save that for a different post).

As is tradition in the final challenge, the three remaining queens do all the work in a RuPaul music video while RuPaul stands in one place lip syncing her song which she probably did in only one take because she didn’t want to do more. (I kid…sort of). The music videos for these final challenges have all been kind of…bad, I gonna say bad. However, while this one may be “bad” as well, I kind of love it the most. It’s a video game themed music video with the three finalists stomping on all the former queens, as well as every single celebrity guest judge that came onto the show. It’s kind of cute, while I don’t think the finalists are the RIGHT finalists they gave a pretty good performance in this. OH! And the end is fantastic.

Watch the video after the jump…

This past weekend, Tyrell and I ventured down south to take on Jeffrey Sanker’s 2012 White Party 3D in Palm Springs. It was our first time and we absolutely had a blast. With great music & performers, hot men, great venues, and beautiful weather, it was certainly a recipe for a weekend to be remembered.

We got to enjoy so many up & coming artists (which we’ve highlighted in a separate article), as well as big name artists that included Mary J. Blige, JoJo, Neon Hitch, Melanie Amaro, Nervo, Jessie and the Toy Boys, Jessica Sutta, and more. The White Carpet was hosted by the fabulous Lisa Vanderpump who was also crowned “The Queen Of White Party”.

In addition to the performers, we met so many other great people while we were there, including the sexy Rodney Santiago from The A-List New York, sexy model and Gay-Ville creator Eliad Cohen, and of course Jeffrey Sanker himself. At the Sunday T-Dance, I was caught off guard when we were all treated to a fireworks tribute to Whitney Houston, timed to her greatest hits. It was so well done and definitely gave me chills – I even shed a tear. We made a video of our experience and have also included our photos below. Hope you enjoy!

Pictures & Video after the jump…

Last night, Logo aired their annual NewNowNext Awards which take place in Los Angeles. Last year, Homorazzi attended the red carpet for the event and snagged some pretty great interviews. This year, the show was hosted by Kelly Osborne and featured performances from Adam Lambert and the sexy red headed Neon Hitch.

Adam’s performance had been released earlier to the show’s airing to drum up some hype for the awards show and it did a pretty great job. Especially due to the fact that he performed a full version of his new single Trespassing. I am absolutely loving the track and his performance just reminded us all why he is a star. That boy can sing!

Neon performed a fun version of her track F*ck You Betta with the help of Drag Race queen Latrice Royale. Check out the performances and see who won the night’s coveted awards (voted by the public of course) below.

Check out both Adam & Neon’s performances after the jump.

My heart is broken. Not only was my heart broken ONCE, but TWICE all within the same hour. First of all I found a spoiler hours before I saw the show and found out the the love of my life, my reason for tuning in every week, the best contestant this show has ever had LATRICE ROYALE was eliminated. THEN the bosses at Homorazzi told me that there would be NO INTERVIEW WITH LATRICE BECAUSE SHE WAS BUSY! Ugh as IF today’s Drag Race experience could get any worse. Ok I’m gonna try to get through this recap without breaking down.

This week’s theme was THE BITCH BALL but it’s not what you think. It all has to do with DOGS! Ok and a little bitching like in the mini challenge. Each one of the fantastic four was given a puppet of one of the other contestants. They had to drag out their puppet and do a 30 second puppet show. Brilliant. Sharon got Chad and of course played up her plastic surgery. Latrice got Sharon and did the goth thing, sadly she wasn’t very good. Chad was throwing FULL shade with the Phi Phi doll and it was hilarious, but it was definitely Phi Phi who had a Latrice doll that torn it down. Making fun of the jewelry breaking on stage…honey that shit was hilarious! Phi Phi didn’t win, Chad did and he got to choose what queen was paired up with what dog. Get it…BITCH BALL! Phi Phi got a blood hound, Latrice got a pomeranian, Chad took the Chinese crested and Sharon got a poodle, not only that but they had to do a musical number in the spirit of cats…only dogs! Oh Ru, you’re so funny!

Found out how it went down after the jump…

Apparently reinterpreting Disney characters is all the rage these days. From Disney princes going shirtless, to classic heroines being portrayed as NOT living happily ever after, no one in Walt Disney’s catalogue is safe from any enterprising artist. The latest to jump on this bandwagon is Chicago vector artist Justin aka Dezignjk.

This talented individual thought it would be fun to draw a few memorable contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as infamous Disney villainesses. Let’s face it, some of those evil Disney beyotches look like busted-up drag queens, no? The pictures are so good, I hope that RuPaul really considers having this as a challenge for the upcoming All-Stars season.

The lucky queens chosen for the cartoon treatment are Manila Luzon (Season 3), Sharon Needles (Season 4), Latrice Royale (Season 4), Chad Michaels (Season 4) and Raven (Season 2). Check them out as Disney heroine foibles below and vote for your favorite.

check out the Drag Race alums as Disney villains after the jump

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