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My heart is broken. Not only was my heart broken ONCE, but TWICE all within the same hour. First of all I found a spoiler hours before I saw the show and found out the the love of my life, my reason for tuning in every week, the best contestant this show has ever had LATRICE ROYALE was eliminated. THEN the bosses at Homorazzi told me that there would be NO INTERVIEW WITH LATRICE BECAUSE SHE WAS BUSY! Ugh as IF today’s Drag Race experience could get any worse. Ok I’m gonna try to get through this recap without breaking down.

This week’s theme was THE BITCH BALL but it’s not what you think. It all has to do with DOGS! Ok and a little bitching like in the mini challenge. Each one of the fantastic four was given a puppet of one of the other contestants. They had to drag out their puppet and do a 30 second puppet show. Brilliant. Sharon got Chad and of course played up her plastic surgery. Latrice got Sharon and did the goth thing, sadly she wasn’t very good. Chad was throwing FULL shade with the Phi Phi doll and it was hilarious, but it was definitely Phi Phi who had a Latrice doll that torn it down. Making fun of the jewelry breaking on stage…honey that shit was hilarious! Phi Phi didn’t win, Chad did and he got to choose what queen was paired up with what dog. Get it…BITCH BALL! Phi Phi got a blood hound, Latrice got a pomeranian, Chad took the Chinese crested and Sharon got a poodle, not only that but they had to do a musical number in the spirit of cats…only dogs! Oh Ru, you’re so funny!

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Apparently reinterpreting Disney characters is all the rage these days. From Disney princes going shirtless, to classic heroines being portrayed as NOT living happily ever after, no one in Walt Disney’s catalogue is safe from any enterprising artist. The latest to jump on this bandwagon is Chicago vector artist Justin aka Dezignjk.

This talented individual thought it would be fun to draw a few memorable contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” as infamous Disney villainesses. Let’s face it, some of those evil Disney beyotches look like busted-up drag queens, no? The pictures are so good, I hope that RuPaul really considers having this as a challenge for the upcoming All-Stars season.

The lucky queens chosen for the cartoon treatment are Manila Luzon (Season 3), Sharon Needles (Season 4), Latrice Royale (Season 4), Chad Michaels (Season 4) and Raven (Season 2). Check them out as Disney heroine foibles below and vote for your favorite.

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Mr. Gay World 2012 Winner Announced

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The streak is officially over. South African men have won the title the past two years running and came awfully close once again for a three-peat. Mr. Gay South Africa Lance Weyer just missed the title and was the first runner up. Too bad he didn’t pull out the win for the hometown crowd. This year’s festivities were held in Johannesberg, South Africa for the first time. Beating him out for all the gay glory was Mr. Gay New Zealand Andreas Derleth. The 32-year-old is originally from Germany, but moved to New Zealand four years ago.

“Sometimes gay life is still stereotyped and having such an amazing event showing role models will add to the acceptance of GLBT people,” – Andreas Derleth

Derleth competed against 25 delegates in an all-encompassing competition which included wildlife drills, knowledge of LGBTQ issues and the all-important swimsuit round. They even competed in a Survivor-like obstacle course which Andreas finished first at. Rounding out the top five were Rémy Fréjaville, Mr. Gay France (3rd Place), Kevin Scott Power, Mr. Gay USA (4th Place) and Thom Goderie Mr. Gay Netherlands (5th Place).

Mr. Gay World is the biggest gay beauty pageant around. This year saw black Africans contesting for the first time, despite facing violent threats from their government authorities and family. While some stayed to compete during the four-day competition, Zimbabwe’s delegate pulled out after his family received death threats from government agencies. Most delegates came from Europe and the Americas with a few from African and Asian continents. Not surprisingly, no one from the Muslim world entered the competition.

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Sports Stud: Nathan Adrian

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For this week’s Sports Stud, I decided to highlight the sexy Nathan Adrian, an American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist. This 23-year currently holds the American record in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle (short course)!

He popped up on my Sports Stud list this week because he recently had a wardrobe malfunction where his speedo tore while on the block, just as he was about to dive in for his race. He’s so bootylicous that his speeds can’t even handle it! I’ve included a pic of his peeking cheeks below. Despite the tear, he actually ended up still beating Michael Phelps in the race.

He’s currently training for the 2012 Olympics, so be sure to watch him… you never know when his gold medal-winning bum might come out and say hello again.

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So What’s a Bathhouse Really Like?

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Let’s just get it out right away: I have been to a bathhouse before. We all know- given the bitchiness of most of my articles- that I’m not running for office anytime soon so let’s put all the cards on the table. I don’t “frequent” them, I don’t “live” there and don’t try them out in ever city I get to- that said, I’ve been to them before. I was at a party recently where the topic came up drunkenly between friends if the host had ever been to a bathhouse in Vancouver and a hush overtook the room. The host naturally laughed it off without answering and did the typical gay move of turning the attention back on the questioner (one of my favourites!) and the topic disappeared just as quickly as it sprang up. So, while I’m not looking to question the unspoken, accepted fact that admitting a visit to a bathhouse is laden with questions of slutiness and more often that not STD “cleanliness”, I thought rather that I’d put out the facts as I know em’ of what a bathhouse is and does.

I’m not forcing you to try one, I’m not debasing them either, rather I’m going to look at the experience I’ve had at our local venue: Steamworks. A international brand of bathhouses, it’s found here in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Berkeley and Chicago so it’s definitely an accessible point to judge the concept from. On top of that, my good friend is the local branch’s general manager so not only have I seen the experience of visiting one from the point of view of someone who’s attended but also from view of employee and manager. I’m putting the cronyism out there right away to make it clear that some of my “insights” might have been earned from that friendship but my opinions here are mine and mine alone.

Click through to read about what a Bathhouse offers and means

Man Crush: Eric Winter

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The second I saw this hot stud pop up on my television last Sunday night, I knew he was going to be my Man Crush this week. Say “hello” to Eric Winter. If winter was this hot, I’d never wish for summer. This sexy 35-year-old blond hottie joined the cast of “GCB” as Kristin Chenoweth’s little brother. He certainly made a great first impression. His first scene featured him driving pant-less. That smile, those legs, that chest. In the spirit of “GCB”, AMEN. God is certainly good.

Winter hails from La Mirada, California. He began his career as a fashion model scoring some high-profile gigs including a print campaign for Tommy Hilfiger and the male lead in a commercial for Britney Spears’ fragrance, “Curious”. Eric’s biggest acting gig to date was playing Rex Brady on “Days of our Lives” for four years. He parlayed that exposure to numerous guest starring parts in “The Mentalist”, “Brothers & Sisters“, and now “GCB”. His film credits include roles in “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay” and “The Ugly Truth” with Katherine Heigl.

On the personal front, sadly, Winter is attached. He’s been married to actress Roselyn Sanchez since 2008. They have one daughter named Sebella Rose Winter, born earlier this year. With that, Eric is now officially a DILF. Fun fact. He has an English bulldog named Lilly given to him by Sharon Osbourne on an episode of her former talk show, “The Sharon Osbourne Show”. Get to know this sexy stud in pictures below and on a weekly basis on “GCB”. Hopefully, they keep him around. I already can’t wait for the next episode.

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Last night, The Real Housewives of Vancouver premiered and Homorazzi was out to celebrate with the ladies of luxury. Donovan, Nic, our friend Robbie and myself had such a blast getting to know the ladies and experience the unforgettable night with them.

The Slice reality show stars Mary Zilba, Christina Kiesel, Reiko Mackenzie, Jody Claman, and Ronnie Seterdahl Negus. In the first episode, we get an idea of their dynamic and who might not like who as the girls venture to Whistler for a girl’s weekend. Of course you can’t just have a care-free girl’s weekend and not expect anything to happen. Definitely stay tuned for the episodes to come as the drama keeps getting more intense.

Check out all of our pictures from the premiere party below. I was using my phone for the pictures so I apologize in advance that the pics aren’t as polished as usual. Also, be sure to tune into RHOV each week. These ladies are real, the drama is real… Let the games begin!

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Here’s a little sunshine for your day. Last week, students at Cypress Ranch High School came together to create an original lip dub video and to stand up to bullies by asking “Who Do U Think U R?” The entire project was created, filmed, sung, and performed by actual students. It’s SO well done, especially when you consider that the song was done by a student named Kaitlyn K. as well!

Towards the end of the video, my eyes actually started to water as well… They did such a great job of incorporating students of different races and different clubs and sports teams that I was just overwhelmed – it was so bang on. Good for them for making bullying “un-cool” at their school.

Another thing I loved was the sign shown at the end of the video that reads, “The Bystander Stops The Bully“. So true and such a great way to make everyone accountable. Enjoy!

Watch the video after the jump…

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