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NeNe Leakes Lands Role In New Gay Sitcom

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While NeNe Leakes can’t seem to play nice with most of her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-stars, the reality star doesn’t seem to have the same problem on a different set. Earlier this year, the fabulous NeNe marked her sitcom debut as Roz Washington on “Glee“. Ryan Murphy was so impressed with her, he extended her role to last over a few episodes. Seems like, his love affair with Leakes isn’t over just yet. is reporting that Murphy has recruited Leakes for a heavily recurring role on his NBC pilot, “The New Normal“. The show revolves around a gay couple looking to start a family with the help of a surrogate. NeNe won’t be playing the surrogate, but will take on the role of Rocky. Other than the name, details about her character have not been revealed yet. Curious to find out who’ll play the gay couple? Here’s a hint… One is “Hungover” a lot and one was a “Mormon“.

find out who’s playing the gay couple after the jump

I’m going to preface this post by saying that I have had a rotten day so if I’m a bit more sour than usual I apologize in advice (sorta). Not only that but we had to cancel our weekly viewing party chez house of D because they’re changing the pipes, in short it was already a bad scene here. Then you throw on one of the most bizarre, most useless episodes of Drag Race that I have ever seen and it pretty much solidifies the day as garbage. Honestly what the heck was that nonsense we watched tonight? Now I understand the USA is going through an election year and it’s very current but honestly, the only people I know who can make Drag and Politics work are Joan-E and Hedy Fry.

Now that Willam is gone (for reasons we’re still wondering about) the air in the work room is a bit lighter? Mainly because Phi Phi is a bit less sour. There’s confetti being thrown, and few funny insults and an ass imprint on the mirror. She Mail comes up and it’s another nonsense speech that doesn’t make sense, but you get the feel of the challenge. For the mini challenge the queen had to design a shoe that fit with a Absolut Cocktail they were paired with. I’ll cut it short and just tell you that Phi Phi won for making actually some pretty cute fruit platforms. I don’t even think she won anything did she? (someone correct me please). After the mini challenge it was time for the main challenge, which was to compete for the nomination of the Wig party, so the had to come up with a platform. Honestly it was so stupid, and so dumb because politics are tricky. If you don’t know anything about politics and debate, don’t even try to pretend. Which is why even though I HATED what Chad Michaels did, I understood why he did it.

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Famed photographer, Bruce Weber recently released four sexy Abercrombie & Fitch videos that you simply must see. If for some crazy reason you need any other motivation to watch other than me telling you that they are A&F videos, let’s just they all revolve around wrestling and training for the sport. That’s right…Hello homoerotic heaven!

There are four short videos in the series: (1) Basketball Is What Boys Do (During Men’s Wrestling Season) (2) Everything Else Seems Easy (3) Live Sleep and Eat Wrestling and (4) Other Sports Require One Ball. They are all worth watching.

I’ve included a series of screen shots below as well, to give you an appetizer before the main course. Enjoy!

Pics & video after the jump…

Everyone has demons from their past that come back to haunt them, including Jason Biggs. In this latest Funny or Die video, Biggs recieves a knock at the door only to learn that an apple pie has been delivered…only he didn’t order one. This is “Revenge of the Pie“.

Before he knows it, Biggs is on the counter and instead of him putting his manhood it a hole in the pie, it’s the pie that’s “giving it” to him. “Your ass is mine, Biggs,” says the pie. LOL. This “power top” pie throws him onto the counter and says, “My d*ck is a little apple slice and you’re gonna take it. You caused a pie f*cking epidemic. All my friends are f*cked apart. Say, ‘I’m a whore for your pie d*ck‘. Say it!’” LMFAO. Yes, that happened.

Watch the video below and be sure to check out American Reunion when it hits theatres on April 6, 2012.

Watch the hilarious video after the jump…

In Cuéntame’s “Honest Conversation” with the Moreno family, we see the real life story of a brother and sister (Guillermo & Samantha) who both had to come out to their traditional Latin family and what they went through. It’s something many of us can relate to and not exclusive to Latin culture. I grew up in a Catholic family and was terrified of coming out, but once I did, things change… for the better.

With this video, Cuéntame (which means “tell” in English) brings this wonderful example of how an honest conversation changes the family dynamic, for the better. Wow. As I just wrote that, a lightbulb went off in my head as I just thought back to how only a month ago (at 31 years old) I found out I was adopted. Since then, I am closer to may parents than I ever have been. “An honest conversation changes the family dynamic”… it’s so true.

Cuéntame is an online Latino community that uses short video, docu-series, interviews from their studio, the streets, or sent to them by you, they unite voices by tackling unjust immigration laws to exclusive features on Latino arts, to stories like this one. Enjoy the short video below!

Watch & listen to their story after the jump…

The latest episode of MTV Canada’s 1 Girl 5 Gays (Se. 3, Ep. 24) was slightly uninspiring, however, there was one question that Aliya-Jasmine raised that I thought was interesting and is still a relevant hot topic today, even with the incident happening almost 3 years ago.

With his supposed “comeback” performance at this year’s Grammy Awards, Chris “beat down” Brown is certainly back in the spotlight, for his music and for his ominous attack on Rihanna.

Obviously there were mixed reactions to the posed question. This is a very heated topic of discussion, no matter what group of people you are talking to. Abuse is no laughing matter, but because Chris Brown is a celebrity and produces music, it gives rise to the issue of what celebrities can get away with (and have the greater public sympathize with the celebrity).

Chris Brown is certainly a “douche” and he is certainly “talented”. Two polar opposite responses; the first from Alex and the second from Jason. Each opinion is credible in my opinion. There is no denying that Chris Brown is a big douche for beating Rihanna. There is also no denying that Chris Brown is talented either. He’s an incredible dancer and performer, and has 8 Billboard Top 20 hits. However, being convicted of felony assault trumps those Billboard happenings. Or does it? Do you like Chris Brown’s latest single, “Turn Up The Music”? I sure as hell do. The song is definitely a “club banger” and the choreography in the music video is brilliant. There is no doubt he is talented.

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A year ago, a new Jersey woman named Alix Genter was turned away from a bridal salon after the owners found out that she was marrying a woman and not a man. Outrageous!

In the most recent episode of ‘What Would You Do?‘ that aired on Friday, ABC News wanted to see what other people at a bridal salon would do if they witnessed the same scenario happening right in front of them – someone being refused service because of their sexual orientation.

This scenario took place at a bridal shop in New Jersey, where a lesbian customer is being turned away. They were of course actors, but the other customers in the shop were unaware. Watch the segment below (hosted by the John Quiñones) to see what happened.

Watch after the jump…

Many of you may not have ever heard of Big Time Rush but to catch you up, they are big on Nickelodeon. I gave you a little insight to these boys when they debuted their music video for the track, The Music Sounds Better With You. One member in particular, Carlos Pena, has been stepping out into the limelight on his own.

I first took notice of him separately when he starred in a little viral video with Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe alongside some other famous friends. Now, he’s catching the eyes of few of his female (and gay) fans. Why? Because he is giving the Speedo a rockin’ comeback. While on vacation with Samantha Droke in Hawaii, the two hit the beach and Carlos showed off his assets – if you catch my drift. Check out Carlos Pena in his speedo below and vote if think he rocked it out!

Check out Carlos in his speedo after the jump.

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