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Totally GAY!

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Before I start this week’s recap I’ve gotta do a bit of a disclaimer. Last week after a wonderful interview with Milan she came to the site, read my review and made it very clear on my Facebook that she was not happy. Then like a bit of a coward I deleted the post, and even was tempted to change up the review in the hopes of maybe making her not be so angry. After about a minute I decided that deleting the post on FB and wanting to change it was silly, and I come to my disclaimer. To everyone on this show and every other show that we recap, we are giving our super sassy review and honest opinions of what we see on television. You are all wanting to be stars and think you are all fabulous…until someone tells you that you’re not, and then you get angry. If you cannot accept criticism and even an insult, don’t be on TV! And for myself, I’m only judging what I see on television and until I have some sort of interaction with you in real life I will ONLY talk about what you’ve done on the show. GOT IT?

This week on Drag Race we are left with lucky 7. The mini challenge this week was about reading, because it is what? REALLY embarrassing if they aren’t good. Like Phi Phi, oh girl. It was just painful. After a pretty painful library session, Latrice was named the winner and got to chose who gets what magazine. Oh yes, the challenge this week was to created your own Dragazine. It wasone of the weakest and lamest challenges I’ve ever seen on this show. What the heck does this have to do with being a Drag Superstar? So random. Anyway, it was all pretty weak so let’s just talk about the drama. Jiggly got health & fitness (shady Latrice heh) and everyone told her to do funny…except Phi Phi who told her to do it seriously if she believes in it.

Find out what happened after the jump…

Andrew Christian is on a roll with yet another sexy video: “5 Guys 1 Pillow“. This latest videos shows five hot guys horsing around and having a pillow fight in their undies. The music playing in the background is Jessie and the Toy Boys‘ “Lets Get Naughty,” which of course is perfect.

For this video, AC teamed up with Jeffrey Sanker and White Party 3D 2012, taking place in Palm Springs in April. Andrew Christian will be on site in Palm Springs for two exclusive performances: 1) at the Boxers or Briefs Party on Friday, April 6, Andrew Christian models will be re-creating the YouTube sensation “Freshman Car Wash” video, 2) and at the Splash! Pool Party on Saturday, April 7, the boys will re-create the “Pink Paradise Pool Party” video. You can also see the live performance of the song in the video when Jessie and the Boy Toys perform live at the Closing Party!

Check out Andrew Christian’s latest sexy video below.

Watch the video after the jump…

A movie trailer for the film ‘I Do‘ has been released, showing the emotional and heartbreaking reality of a gay couple that faces being torn apart because of inequality in America. As the description reads, “This new feature length narrative indie film takes a look at the human cost of DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act), the law that bars same sex couples full federal level rights in America.”

A British gay man living in New York finds himself fighting for love, family and a green card. Because he cannot legally marry his partner and have it be nationally recognized, he faces deportation. Even though gay marriage is legal in a few States in the U.S, married same-sex couples unfortunately have no Federal level rights. That’s over 1300 rights, many of them dealing with heartbreaking, life changing issues like immigration, hospital visitation, social security benefits, pensions and taxes.

The film stars Jamie Lynn Sigler, Alicia Witt, Maurice Compte, and David W. Ross. Check out the emotional trailer below.

Watch the trailer after the jump…

Review: Drag Queens On Trial

In: The Arts, Tommy D, Totally GAY!

When you think of drag queens what do you think of? I know for me personally (and I can say this because I am one) we’re beautiful clowns. That’s really all we are. We wear face paint, and dress is coloured hair, and wear funny outfits, entertain people and get them to cheer or laugh. It is with this feeling that you have to go to Drag Queens on Trial because it’s just a few clowns on stage.

I don’t really know what the play is about, because the plot of it got completely lost due to the fact that no one really knew their lines except for Doug Millar, who was the best out of the cast, which also consisted of Chris Bolton/Conni Smudge and Lance Sandover playing the youngest drag queen out of the three. Each of them are standing trial for being a drag queen, I don’t really know why. Then they are in front of mirrors talking about life as a drag queen, not being let into bars, having sex for money, etc. I don’t know this play was a mess. Breaking character, messing up lines, I mean it was like a really funny drag show.

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This past week I have read a few articles and watched a few online videos of the recently released video game, Mass Effect 3, a HUGELY popular franchise from video game developer BioWare. While I have limited gaming experience myself, preferring to stick to games on my Wii console system, with the likes of Mario Kart taking the #1 spot in my video game library. I do have a few friends however who take gaming to a whole different level, including cast member Kevin. Sorry buddy, you’ve been exposed!

While I never personally understood the infatuation for first-player online gaming, connecting with random strangers around the globe to embark on digital treks through made up lands, I do understand there is a vast market for these types of simulations. I was pleasantly surprised in my readings that Mass Effect 3 was one of a few video games that were going to allow, and incorporate, homosexual relationships. To date, most avatar-based character games have focused primarily on the male-to-female relationships for the user, allowing them to create their own characters and personas, to be leveraged each time they log in. Some users create a typical online version of themselves, while others choose to embark on a completely opposite path, including playing as the opposite sex. Believe me, I’ve had several conversations with people about this topic and why they choose the character design they play as, and each answer is as unique as the characters they build.

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The title pretty much describes exactly what you’re about to see & hear, but I’ll give you a little bit more of a heads up before you watch it. The song and music video are a humorous rap parody that contain some pretty naughty lyrics, essentially flipping the script and objectifying men instead of women. It’s normally men singing about women “shaking their asses” or other “humps,” but in this track, it’s the guys who shake their “goods”.

As the rap begins, the main guy sings, “Put your hands up, raise ‘em high. Shake your junk from the side to side. Make ‘em wonder if they’re ready for a ride. Make ‘em all get ready and drop that fly. Make ‘em forget to look you in the eye. Make ‘em bend over and shake their behind. Let ‘em know you ain’t lyin’, shake it with pride. Show off your bulge, make ‘em all wanna glide.” LOL. And that’s just the beginning!

The guys spend the whole time in the video wearing thongs and shaking their bulges, so as a result you have to be logged in to YouTube to verify that you are over 18-years old to watch. Aside from that, enjoy the NSFW video below and don’t be afraid to shake your bulge with pride this coming week.

Watch the NSFW video after the jump…

When two bros are working together closely on a project, a bond is sure to form. You might even say the two would enter into a bromance. It looks like Blake Shelton and Adam Levine of NBC’s The Voice have entered into the bromance phase but Blake may have just taken it too far. (Or maybe not.)

At a recent event, Blake told MTV that his friendship with Adam has become quite apparent to their fans on social networks. “It’s funny, ’cause I get on Twitter, one of my routines during the day, if I’m home is, I wake up, get a cup of coffee, turn on the Weather Channel and I’ll look at what people are saying to me on Twitter on my phone, and it’s always something abbot me and Adam, the bromance.”

But it sounds like Blake would like to actually consumate the bromance. See below.

Blake’s admission to wanting to kiss Adam after the jump.

We love love love the boys from Steam Room Stories over here at Homorazzi. The cast recently kicked off their third season of the sexy web series and introduced a few new cast members. So far, the boys have released five episodes in their new season and I’ve got them all here for you to watch and enjoy.

In the latest vids, the boys have a discussion with Siri on the iPhone 4S, rob candy bars from fellow patrons towels, discuss being single on Valentine’s Day, decide who should send the last text and wearing deodorant. And of course, all the vids contain some serious eye candy as we watch the boys perform their scenes in their white towels. Check out the first five episodes from the new season below.

Catch up on Season 3 of Steam Room Stories after the jump.

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