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The nominees for the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards have just been announced. As you may or may not know, the awards recognize outstanding images of the LGBT community in news coverage and entertainment media. In addition, the awards complement and fund GLAAD’s work to share the stories of LGBT people through the media. We had the pleasure of covering last year’s award show and red carpet in LA and look forward to doing the same this year.

Some of the nominees this year include Glee, Modern Family, Pretty Little Liars, Anderson Cooper 360, Lady Gaga, J. Edgar, and more. In addition, some of the nominees being recognized for the first time by GLAAD include Dancing With The Stars, Conan, The Voice, The David Letterman Show, and The Big C. Conan and Letterman mark are receiving nominations for Outstanding Talk Show episode, making it the first time late-night talk shows have received a GLAAD Media Award nomination. Man Up!, which ended up getting canceled, received a nomination for Best Individual Episode for “Acceptance”. In total, there are over 151 nominees in 35 categories this year.

The Awards will be held in New York City on March 24, Los Angeles on April 21 and in San Francisco on June 2. Check out the video presentation of the nominees, as well as the full list below.

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Man Crush: Brandon Quinn

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Today is Thursday and you know what that means on It’s Man Crush time. Last week, I gave you two hotties to fawn over to make up for the fact I missed the prior week. You’re only getting one today, but he’s sexy enough to tide you over til next week’s selection. Meet Brandon Quinn. The man who captured my virtual love this week.

I first came across Brandon a few months ago when I was on the Lifetime press site looking for Project Runway pictures. Once logged in, a picture of him popped up promoting his show on Lifetime. I never heard of “Against The Wall” before, but after seeing him shirtless, I knew I had to catch a show and investigate further. Coincidentally enough, Quinn plays a cop on the Lifetime serial.

Born Brandon Quinn Swierenga, the 6’1″ stud was born in Aurora Colorado. Prior to appearing on “Against The Wall”, Quinn guest starred on numerous shows including “The O.C.”, “Charmed“, “The Vampire Diaries” and “Entourage” to name a few. For those curious to know more about his personal life, he’s married and has one daughter. He met his wife Rachel Catudal in Montreal, Canada where he briefly lived. Even though he’s taken, it doesn’t mean we can’t lust after him and admire his sexy body which you can see in all its shirtless glory below. Enjoy.

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Male Models Get Sticky

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When in Milan for Fashion Week, what is one thing you must make sure you do? According to photographer and director Luca Finotti, it’s round up the hottest men in male fashion modelling and have wet and sticky liquids tossed at their face. Sounds dirty and sexy right? Well Luca did just that while in Milan and the result is a sweet and sexy video for all of us to enjoy.

Starring a few models that Homorazzi knows and loves including River Viiperi and Andrea Preti, the boys stand shirtless and unsuspecting in front of a black backdrop as a rainbow pallet of liquids and powders gets doused upon their heads and faces. As you can see form the above picture, it looks like River Viiperi (our 2011 Model Behavior winner) is enjoying it just fine. Check out the Taste.It video below.

Check out #Taste.It after the jump.

Fulfilling a promise to their fans after reaching 500,000 of them, former X-Factor UK contestents “Jedward” have uploaded a video of them dancing in tight pants, underwear, and at intermittant points, completely naked holding only a sign in front of their privates. The twinky-looking twins literally dance their pants off to LMFAO’s “Sexy And I Know It” track.

I went to look up some info on these 20-year-old twins on Wikipedia, but of course I forgot that they are offline today protesting SOPA. All you need to know really is that when they are actually wearing clothing in the video, it’s super tight. The men continuously thrust their crotches to the camera throughout the video and seem to be having a gay old time…

Which brings me to my next observation. Apparently neither one is gay (ahem… at least so far). “Some people ask us about that but we don’t really care what people think. We like lots of girls,” John has said to Telegraph. “We have a lot of gay fans. We don’t mind what people say. It’s no big deal — we are always just ourselves. We don’t get annoyed with people. We don’t care what people think.” Kudos to them! Enjoy the video below.

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If you don’t remember Haley Joel Osment, he was that kid who saw dead people in “The Sixth Sense“. After “paying it forward” and starring as a robot in “A.I. Artificial Intelligence“, Osment has relatively kept a low profile and been out of the spotlight for the most part. While not as buff as another former child star (Jonathan Lipnicki) who recently resurfaced, Haley Joel is all grown up and apparently gay. Well, at least for a new movie role he is.

The 23-year-old actor returns to the big screen playing Chip Hardy in the new independent movie “Sassy Pants“. Hardy is the emo boyfriend of Diedrich Bader’s (The Drew Carey Show) character. “Sassy Pants” is a coming-of-age comedy that follows Bethany Pruitt as she struggles to break free from her smothering mom without any help from her deadbeat gay dad to realize her dream of attending fashion school. Ashley Rickards of “Awkward” fame takes on the title role while “Breaking Bad’s” Anna Gunn plays her mother.

The film looks cute enough, but feels like a mashup of similarly-themed movies like this. Think “Welcome To The Dollhouse”, “Juno”, “Adventureland” and countless others. That said, I still want to check it out based solely on my curiosity to see Haley Joel Osment play a ditzy boy toy. At first glance he’s virtually unrecognizable seeing that he has piercings, buffer bod, hairier chest and sporting an awful Kate Gosselin-type hairstyle. The horror. Check out the trailer and pictures of Haley Joel from the movie below.

see Haley all grown up and “gay” after the jump

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka don’t want to be the poster children for the perfect gay relationship. However, when you read their personal love stories about how they found each other, it’s hard not to have a heavy admiration for the couple. In the lastest issue of OUT Magazine, both Neil and David take a spin at writing down their love story and sharing intimate moments from their first encounter, to raising children.

One thing rings true in both of their renditions – they are madly in love with each other. Sure, like any couple they fight to which they both admit. But with the addition of two beautiful twins, they both proclaim the fights aren’t as big as they used to be and as Neil says, ” what’s the point? We’re in this for a major long haul.”

Neil remembers meeting David for the first time on a street corner with his friend Kate. At the time, David was seeing someone else in a long distance relationship. Neil wasn’t going to get involved and wreck the house, but he couldn’t help but be drawn to this guy. David says in his version that after he broke it off with his long distance boyfriend, a week later, he and Neil went on a date and the rest is history. Now, he says “without him, I can’t breathe. Check out a few more excerpts from the couple’s mini-love story below.

More from Neil & David’s article and pics after the jump.

Who’d You Rather: Tebow VS Brady

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NFL Playoffs are in full swing gearing up for one of the biggest days of the year – the Super Bowl. I saw a few requests online to have this pairing take place so I am happy to make all your wishes come true. This Wednesday, the battle is between Denver Broncos’ QB Tim Tebow and New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady. In advanced, you’re welcome.

Tim Tebow, 24, seems to making headlines less for his football skills and more for “relationship” with the divine – and the intervention that seems to be bestowed upon him when all the chips seem to be down. Tebow joined the Broncos in 2010 and is their current quarterback donning the #15. Tebow is a spokesman for Nike, Jockey International and FRS Health Energy. In 2008, he graced the cover of Men’s Health.

Tom Brady, 34, has played in four superbowls and won three of them. He’s also won two Super Bowl MVP awards and holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single season. Brady is unstoppable. Brady has played for the Patriots since 2000 donning #12, and playing quarterback. Brady endorses Nike, Sirius and Visa. Check out photos of the men and vote below.

Photos of the men and your vote after the jump.

Comedian Todd Glass Comes Out

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Todd Glass was somewhat of a comedy prodigy, kickstarting his career at the early age of 16. He refined and perfected his craft with material that often mocked the conventions of stand-up comedy. His jokes are satirical and irreverent but always funny. After moving to LA, Glass quickly became a favorite hitting guest spots on Home Improvement, Friends and Married With Children. Todd has also been seen a few feature films including Martin Lawrence’s Rebound. More recently, he’s appeared on Louis CK’s hilarious show, Louie.

In a recent podcast with Marc Maron titled WTF, Todd used the platform and the opportunity to come out of the closet. Lauphspin reports, “after a relatively short introduction, wherein Maron tells his listeners that Glass, 47, wanted to come on the show to say something important, the announcement was made. “He decided that this was the place to do it,” Maron said at the top of the interview. Glass then jokes that he was just there to promote his own podcast. “I thought you were gay,” Maron responds. Glass went on to say, “I have a very hard time saying that. And don’t get this wrong. I don’t want anyone to be ashamed of who they are—especially younger people. I always hated using that term and that’s partly why I’ve always been sympathetic to people who don’t [want to be labeled certain things]. I hate that word. But I like it better than the other word—homosexual.”

Check out more of Todd’s coming out statement below.

Read what Todd told Marc during his coming out after the jump.

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