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This train just keeps on chugging along huh? They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I guess the originators of “Shit Girls Say” are feeling extra flattered lately. Their Twitter account turned web series has spawned hundreds, if not thousands of parodies. Last week, Patrick gave us a video round up of some of the best ones for you to vote on. Now, two more have emerged onto YouTube and they are actually quite funny.

The first is titled Shit Straight Guys Say To Gay Guys. First, try not to be distracted the dark, mysterious and brooding nature of star Mark Matechuk in the video. He’s so handsome. I digress. While watching this video, you’ll have a giggle or two as you remember hearing some of your straight guy friends ask these questions. Some of my favorite quote highlights are: “THAT’s a rim job?” and “Do you want to see my dick? I just want to know if it’s nice!”

The third video is presented by SoundlyAwake and is along the same mind frame. It’s titled Shit Straight Girls Say To Gay Guys. This video couldn’t be more bang on to what some of us homos hear from the girls in our lives. Wow. Nicola Foti portrays the perfect fag hag in my opinion with zingers like, “You’re gay, you should know these things,” and “I think he’s gay – you should go talk to him!” Check out these new videos below.

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Back in December, I first shared with you Junior Magazine’s December 2011 covers. The Brazilian publication decided to ring out the year in style with two scorching hot men gracing two different covers. Both men have been featured on several times and personally, I’m a huge fan of both. How can I not, just look at them. RAWR. Now that the issue is out, I thought I’d share with you new images found inside the issue.

In the initial post, I asked our readers which Junior cover boy was hotter. Both are extremely sexy in their own right, but Israeli hottie Eliad Cohen topped Lucas Malvacini. With new images from each model’s photo shoot now published, I thought it was time for a rematch. Perhaps, this time Malvacini can exact revenge and top Cohen. Now that’s one video, I’d pay to see *wink*. Check out each stud’s respective sizzling photo shoot below. If they don’t inspire you to hit the gym, nothing will. Thought I’d give some eye candy today to help everyone out with New Year’s resolutions.

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A study released this month reveals that 48% of gay men would sacrifice one year of their life in exchange for getting their ideal body now. This actually isn’t that surprising to me when you consider the often unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves in terms of what we should look like. The study also revealed that nine in ten gay men admit they enforce “unrealistic” images of lean and muscular men in conversation. In comparison to straight men, only one third said they’d take a year off their life for the perfect body. The study was done on 394 men in November and December of 2011.

The research was part of a study commissioned by Central YMCA, the Succeed Foundation and the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE Bristol into how men talk about their bodies. These body image issues in gay men have been around for a long time and I’ve even been close to someone with body dysmorphia and a few people with other eating disorders.

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This may be my favorite Steam Room Stories video yet. Mainly because I totally know this happens, have watched it happen, or have been the guy on the left, instigating the situation. Getting Some Ass is the title of this new webisode from the boys and it lives up to every sense of it’s title. While getting their steam on, cast members Steven Snyder (left) and Joe Fidler (right) discuss Steven’s night prior and why he’s a little sleepy.

Turns out, he was up all night with his girlfriend getting it in. However, he proceeds to say, “she wasn’t the only one who got some ass last night.” Intrigued, Joe pries for a little more information. The result is a conversation between the boys discussing whether or not watching a porn with more dudes than chicks in it is gay and beyond. Want to know what happens next? You’ll have to watch the video below.

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Sports Stud: Lance Parker

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After having just announced the winner of the 2011 Sports Stud Showdown, I’m ready to commence 2012 with the first featured athlete for this year. The first Sports Stud for 2012 is the sexy 26 year old soccer player (and model), Lance Parker. He is an American soccer player, but is currently playing for FC Edmonton in the North American Soccer League. As evident by the picture above, Parker (who stands 6′ 4″), plays goalkeeper for his team. Here’s the unfortunate part: In February of last year, Parker he had signed to play with Edmonton, but he only played four games for the club before breaking his arm while playing against the Carolina RailHawks in June 10. That being said, he is under contract with FC Edmonton for the 2012 season.

Aside from his career on the field, Parker is incredible model material and he seems to be using the gifts God gave him (and that I’m sure he works hard at maintaining). He recently did a photo shoot with Fantasticsmag with talented photographer Scott Teitler and the photos are hot, hot, hot. He has that “All American” look and has the perfect physique. Enjoy the photos below!

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After another year of weekly Sports Stud features concluding with a month long battle for the top spot honor, a winner has clearly been decided. Our other two hottie showdowns have already been decided, with Jonathan D. Lovitz winning the Man Crush Showdown, and River Viiperi winning the Model Behavior Showdown. Although this is the first Sports Stud Showdown I’ve done, in the Winter of 2010, I did have the Olympic Hottie of the Day Showdown, with sexy Canadian Curling Champion, John Morris coming out on top.

The Top 3 guys are made up of two rugby players and one gymnast. Two of them were each finalists in their respective rounds, while one of them was a wild card, so it’s definitely interesting to see how it all wrapped up. Without further delay, let’s see which of the Sports Stud finalists made the podium.

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We’re already a few days into the new year, but I couldn’t resist sharing this eye-tastic 2012 calendar with you. Even if you already have a calendar or have no need for one, you’ll definitely appreciate this post. Who doesn’t love a dozen shirtless male models? Even more so, hot Brazilian ones at that. If you read my Model Behavior features, you know I have a weakness for these spicy South American men. I really need to book a trip there soon to see all this hotness in person.

Photographer Hay Torres with assistance from Brazlian website ParouTudo snapped amateur models and students from Brasilia. This is the second annual calendar from the photographer. The concept of the shoot was simple enough… FUN. In my opinion, fun is the last thing that comes to mind. Instead it’s scorching, lustful, sexy, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang and plenty other similar words that come to mind. See what adjective pops up first in your head after checking out the photos. Be sure to share it with me in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what dirty thoughts run through your head. I’m sure I’m not alone.

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2011 Man Crush Showdown: The Winner Is…

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Another year, another Man Crush champion. In 2010, readers declared Scott Herman the hottest Man Crush in the land. After four weeks of intense battle, we now know who Herman is passing the crown to. Unlike the 2011 Model Behavior Showdown, the Man Crush results were less surprising. Let’s see who earned 2011 Man Crush Showdown honors.

While the top two vote-getters were expected, based on preliminary round results, the hottie that landed in third place pulled of a mild upset. He entered the finals as a wild card and trounced a few preliminary round winners. Did your favorite end up winning the whole shebang? If not, how did they place in the rankings. Check out all the results below.

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