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How To Take The Perfect Naked Selfie

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Taking the perfect selfie is very important. In essence, you’re telling the world this is as good as it gets. When it comes to showing your goods, it’s even more important.

Even if your intention is to show it to only one person, you can’t be naive to think that it won’t make the rounds the second you send it out. Gays love to share naked pics of their hookups. So if you’re going to show your dick, it’s best to present it in the most flattering way.

Adult Magazine filmed a tutorial on how to take the perfect naked selfie. From lighting to angles and everything in between, they’ve pretty much have it covered. Check out the clip titled “Long Exposure” below. Be forewarned if you’re at work because there’s a couple shots of erect penises.

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“Can I blow my load in your Chamber of Secrets?”

That’s just one of the gems Levi Michaels recites in his latest YouTube video. Along with Brian Corey, the gay porn star delivers a barrage of amusing pickup lines.

Inherently, pickup lines are cheesy, but these ones raise the ante. Personally, I love hearing a well-executed and well-timed one. No matter how cheesy. Hell, if a hot guys delivers it, I might even entertain it.

Check out some naughty one-liners below inspired by Harry Potter, Pokemon, Disney and the 90s. Weigh in afterward on which ones are you favorite.

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Some guys were made just for porn. And that couldn’t be any truer with regards to Kris Evans. Every inch of that muscular tall frame is equipped for sex. The Bel Ami model is packing everywhere and then some. Whether he’s your type or not, there’s no denying he’s a Greek god come to life.

Evans along with his Bel Ami stable mates appear in Addicted Swimwear’s latest ad campaign. Photographed by Dylan Rosser, porn stars Mark Ruffalo, Jean-Daniel, Brian Jovovich, Jack Harrer and Andrei Karenin model the Spanish brand’s latest sleek designs. Get an eyeful by perusing plenty more promo pics below.

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Well it’s that time again! I’m going to be coming back every week to Homorazzi to misspell all of the words, use all of the wrong grammar, and talk about how much I absolutely can’t stand someone on television! It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap time!

After what seemed like 3 years, RuPaul’s Drag Race FINALLY premiered tonight on Logo/OUTtv. Way back when in December, we were introduced to our 14 lucky queens all vying for the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar; Donovan made a post about them because I was too lazy and quite frankly a bit uninspired by most of the new batch of girls. While I did enjoy the stark white promo ads and simple trailer, most of the contestants to me really fell flat. Now, before you jump down my throat, I spent the time to watch all the interviews and fun little trailers WOW released many times so calm your tits. I did my homework as I do every single year so it’s not like I’m coming into this totally new. This ain’t my first drag rodeo!

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“Every life together starts with a question,” the advert states. Actually, it starts with the answer. You can’t really start anything with a big ole fat ‘NO’ can you?

Just a few weeks ago, Tiffany & Co made headlines by featuring a same-sex couple for the first time in one of their engagement ring print ads. It featured a real-life gay couple living in NYC. The campaign was met with extremely positive feedback.

Now comes along a commercial showing the same couple along with other lovers just moments before the proposal. For all you America’s Next Top Model fans, Cycle 10 standout Fatima Siad appears in the clip as well. Check out the feel-good visual below.

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Andrew Christian’s Glittery New NSFW Promo

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When it comes to parties, I’ll throw one for any occasion. Birthday, going away, baby shower, holiday, Summer kickoff, you name it, I’m always game. The one fete I will never hold at my abode is a Halloween one.

Firstly, I hate dressing up (even though I do) and the clean up.. don’t even get me started. Picking up and removing all that makeup, glitter and other random costume-related items off my furniture would be a nightmare.

While watching this new beautifully-shot visual by Andrew Christian is mesmerizing, I can only think about the headache these poor models had to endure removing all that glitter from every crevice of their bodies. Though, if they need a hand next time, I’m willing to ensure every last flake was taken care of ;)

Your usual cast of favorites including Topher DiMaggio, Pablo Hernandez, Murray Swanby, Cory Zwierzynski, Peter Le, Rocky Santos, Brian Prince Roman, Jonny Manzanares and Andrew Christian himself make an appearance. Check out the latest clip, aptly titled “Glitter,” below shot once again by Jeff White.

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Sports Stud: Marco Borriello

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For these week’s Sport Stud, we’re featuring an Italian footballer / soccer player named Marco Borriello. He plays as a striker for Genoa and is known for his eye for the goal and his ability in the air. He has played for several other clubs including Milan, Roma, and West Ham United to name a few.

The left-footed hottie is 32-years old and was born and raised in Naples, Italy. He is sponsored by Nike and I’ve included the video of a commercial that he did with them. He has some hot tattoos and has done some sexy photo shoots in the past and I’ve also included some shots from those as well. Enjoy!

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Malcolm Ingram, best known for his award-winning work in Small Town Gay Bar, is back with another documentary. The Canadian indie director, this time, puts the spotlight on the wide world of sports.

The documentary, Out To Win, features a collection of high-profile LGBT athletes– some who have come out during their career and others after. It’ll also chronicle the history of LGBT individuals in professional sports and showcase aspiring LGBT athletes from around the world.

Based on the trailer, Jason Collins, Martina Navratilova, Brittney Griner, Billie Jean King and Billy Bean are some of the athletes taking part in the project. Out To Win premieres at the SXSW Festival next month in Austin. Check out the recently-released teaser trailer below.

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