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As if their promotional material wasn’t hot enough, Charlie by Matthew Zink ups the ante with their provocative leather collection. Brace yourselves to be titillated.

Once again, the brand taps Diego Miguel to model their wares. Instead of skimpy swimwear and snug-fitting underwear, the Brazilian puts on leather shorts made from genuine lamb skin. If you’re looking for a stylish new harness, Charlie by MZ has them too. Check out more promo pics below.

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When it comes to boy bands, the ongoing joke is that there’s usually one member that’s gay. One Direction, we’re still waiting 😉

In the case of X Factor UK alum Union J, there’s two. George Shelley (second from left) took to YouTube to put an end to internet speculation about his sexuality.

The 22-year-old singer prefaced his coming out by revealing he’s been on a personal journey and wants to start 2016 with a clean slate. “I’ve been reading a lot of speculation online as to whether I’m, straight, gay or bi.” He adds, “It’s all these labels and it’s a little bit old-fashioned and this is why I’m not going to label it myself. I’ve had girlfriends that I’ve loved, in amazing periods of my life, but I’ve also had boyfriends.”

Shelley joins his bandmate Jaymi Hensley (far right) as another member of the LGBT community. Hensely is engaged to his long-term partner Olly Marmon. Check out Shelley’s coming out vid below, along with a couple of videos from the One Direction-like group.

watch his coming out vid below, along with music videos from the band


Remember that Diet Coke ad where women took a break from their office duties to watch a construction worker take off his shirt to enjoy a sip of his soda? That launched model Lucky Vanous into the stratosphere. Folks, meet Brock O’Hurn.

Icelandic Glacial Water taps the Instagram stud, famous for his man bun, for its new spot that pays an homage to the iconic ad. Watch below O’Hurn peel off his wetsuit and unleash his signature bun. Be forewarned, it might leave you a little thirsty 😉

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Sex sells and that’s exactly what Braves was banking on when they released their “Dust” music video. Sadly though, I’m pretty sure no one remembers the track but instead the surprise ending at the end.

Model Shaun Ross emerges from the ocean and reveals he’s packing major heat. For those hoping that was the real thing, you’re sh*t out of luck. The director reveals that Ross was actually wearing a prosthetic all for the sake of art and shock value.

If you thought Mark Wahlberg’s fake member in Boogie Nights was impressive, you haven’t seen nothing yet. Watching the Shaun’s faux dong sway back and forth in slo-mo is oddly hypnotic 😉 Watch the NSFW video below to get an eyeful.

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During the New Now Next Honors earlier this week, LOGO took the opportunity to reveal the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8. It’s about friggin’ time 😉

The premiere will be a supersized 90-minute extravaganza on Monday, March 7. As it turns out, the premiere also marks a drag milestone as it features the 100th episode and 100th drag queen to sashay into the work room. Expect an unpredictable season full of head-turning twists.

“This is an amazing time to be producing television,” said executive producer RuPaul Charles. “The fact that ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ is celebrating its 100th episode is undeniable proof that there is an insatiable hunger for authentic, unfiltered and ribald voices that not only challenge the norm, but help redefine mainstream media.”

The drag queens will be competing for a $100,000 cash prize and more importantly, the coveted title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar.”

The ones that made a solid first impression for me right away include Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls, Acid Betty and Derrick Barry. If you’ve been to Las Vegas, you’ll recognize Barry. Girlfriend does a sensational Britney Spears impersonation. If she makes it to the Snatch Game, you just know Barry will bring out his best Brit. Meet all the 12 fierce queens vying for your hearts this season.

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Betcha his junk does indeed smell like roses. You can just tell, there’s no funky aroma down there 😉

Once again, Simons taps Pietro Boselli for their underwear lookbook. I can certainly see why. The Italian stud fills a pair of boxer briefs like no other. Check out more pics below of Pietro lounging around only in his skivvies and the occasional top.

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It’s been eons since I last posted about Yanis Marshall. For those who aren’t familiar with him, the French dancer became a YouTube sensation when he danced in high heels all over Paris to Spice Girls tunes. Then along with Arnaud and Mehdi they wowed audiences on Britain’s Got Talent.

The trio recently uploaded a new video on their YouTube channel paying homage to Britney Spears. They updated the choreography for her hit, “Baby One More Time,” with sultrier slash sluttier dance moves. Check out the fierceness below.

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Sports Stud: Samuel Mikulak

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Last week, Donovan wrote an article about the U.S. Gymnastics Team training in Brazil and all of the hot pictures they’ve been posting. Some of the gymnasts in the article I have already previously featured as Sports Studs (Jake Dalton, Danell Leyva, Brandon Wynn, etc.) So this week I decide to feature someone else from this sexy crew.

This week we’re featuring another American artistic gymnast and his name is Samuel Mikulak. The 23-year-old is a seven-time NCAA champion in gymnastics, winning the all-around and several other titles in 2011, 2013 and 2014 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics championship and was a member of the U.S. men’s gymnastics team that competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Check out his photos and videos below!

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