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It’s recently come to my attention that it’s been ages since I shared a “Chloe” clip. Shame on me. I used to be obsessed with Drew Droege’s hilarious videos impersonating Ms. Sevigny. His pronunciations always cracked me up.

Droege recently uploaded a clip educating the world about the abomination that is litter. The pseudo PSA is ridiculous but that’s what makes it amazing. I also included a vintage clip from Drew about the month of March. Check both clips out below.

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GLAAD previously announced the nominations for their 2016 Media Awards. The organization just revealed that both Demi Lovato and Ruby Rose will be honored at the ceremony with special awards.

The “Neon Lights” singer will receive the Vanguard Award which is presented to a member of the entertainment community who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for LGBT people. Find out which honor Rose is receiving below.

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Jillian Michaels is infamous for screaming at people at the gym thanks to stints on The Biggest Loser and Losing It With Jillian. But there are more facets to the 42-year-old reality personality than being a fitness tyrant. She showed a softer side on her E! series, Just Jillian, especially on the season finale.

Michaels proposed to longtime girlfriend Heidi Rhoades. She began with a video montage which told their journey together. The clip ended with their friends and family holding up signs that read, “Will you marry me?” PS. Their daughter Lu and son Phoenix are beyond adorable. She then got down on one knee and asked the question herself.

You don’t have to watch the show to get a bit teary-eyed. Not ashamed to admit, I got a little misty. Watch the touching proposal below.

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The Wachowski Brothers are now the Wachowski Sisters. Their words, not mine.

Lana Wachowski, formerly Larry, came out publicly as transgender in 2012. Four years later, the other Wachowski sibling has done the same. Andy Wachowski introduced Lilly to the world in a statement issued to the Windy City Times. Reportedly, he did so because he was threatened with being outed by other media.

The Wachowskis are the masterminds behind The Matrix franchise, V for Vendetta, Cloud Atlas, Speed Racer and Jupiter Ascending. They’re also responsible for the supremely fantastic series, Sense8. I can’t wait for the Netflix show’s second season and their future projects. Read Lilly’s poignant statement below.

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Who doesn’t love watching the kiss cam during a sporting event? I’m not ashamed to admit I do. If you do as well, you’ll like this one.

During Sunday night’s Chicago game, A Blackhawks fan double dips. He gets a smooch from a girl and also a guy sitting behind him. Even more interesting is that the guy was wearing a rival Detriot Red Wings jersey.

However, the best part is watching the reaction of the person sitting beside him. Check it out below.

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Steve Grand Takes A Shower To Sell T-Shirts

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Remember that time when Steve Grandwhined‘ about the media being more interested in his shirtless pics rather than his music? DUH, of course we were. Thankfully, the 26-year-old country singer got over that hang-up. He changed his tune and recently admitted that he’s proud to use what his mama gave him to his advantage. Sex sells!!!

That’s what ‘Merica Bassackwards Tees is banking on. They enlisted the openly-gay personality to promote their new Pride Edition tee which features a map of the United States backwards. 10% of profits will be donated to a TBD LGBT organization(s). Sounds shady but whatever. LOL.

Check out the promo clip below which shows Steve showering for the entire world to see. At least for those who happen to be lurking behind those trees.

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The above picture doesn’t really need much explanation. If you’re in the mood to check out Trevor Signorino showing off what his mama gave him (and the countless hours at the gym), definitely proceed ahead.

Once again, Charlie by Matthew Zink chose wisely to rebook the 6’1″ stud. His greased-up assets look great in the brand’s Grecian-inspired blue swimwear. Anyone else in the mood for a dip?

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Sports Stud: Conor McGregor

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For this week’s Sport Stud, we’re featuring the sexy Irish MMA Fighter, Conor McGregor. The 27-year-old is from Dublin, Ireland. At this point in time, “The Notorious” is the current UFC Featherweight Champion and the former Cage Warriors Featherweight and Lightweight Champion.

Last May when Ireland had the referendum on gay marriage, McGregor spoke out and said, “We all deserve equal rights.” He explained, “We’re all human here at the end of the day — regardless of color, gender, sexuality. Any of that. It’s all meaningless. We all deserve the same rights. It just feels right to me.”

Check out his photos and videos below!

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