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Gus Kenworthy made headlines last month when he publicly came out on the pages of ESPN magazine. Since then, every one has wondered exactly what the Olympian snowboarder’s type is. It appears the answer is blond, scruffy and funny.

According to Internet investigators all signs point to Matthew Wilkas. One particular piece of photographic evidence shows Gusworthy’s tattooed-arm in one of the Gayby actor’s Instagram vids. Take a look at that clip below, along with several pics of Wilkas looking fine as well. These two make an adorable couple, if the allegations are true.

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Participating in Movember? How’s that mustache growing coming along?

BuzzFeed’s Try Guys are forgoing growing facial hair and upping the ante to spread prostate cancer awareness, by spreading their cheeks 😉 The four-man troupe get prostate exams to demonstrate how painless and easy the whole process is. “If it takes just one finger up the butt to find out a life or death situation, stick the whole hand up my butt,” as one of them states. Amen to that. Amen!!!

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States. Approximately 14% of men will be diagnosed at some point in their lifetime. For good measure, the doctor (how cute is he BTW) also checks out their balls. After all, testicular cancer is the most common cancer in their age range, 15–34. Check out the amusing and educational clip below.

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Sports Stud: Tim Hutten

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For this week’s Sports Stud, I’m featuring an American water polo player named Tim Hutten. The handsome 30-year old was a member of the United States men’s national water polo team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In the championship game, the USA team won the silver medal, losing to Hungary. He also competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

In addition to water polo, he’s also a singer/songwriter. I’ve included some of his videos, along with some pictures below. Enjoy!

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Spend 2016 With Alex Minsky

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Too many tattoos normally turn me off. Especially the ones that go across the chest. When it comes to Alex Minsky, however, I’ll make an exception. The retired Marine corporal turned model is one sexy stud.

Minsky gets in the lucrative calendar game this holiday season. The one-legged veteran (his leg was amputated after a roadside bomb in Afghanistan) should sell plenty of the Eric Schwabel-snapped calendars. Who wouldn’t want to spend 2016 looking at him every day? Check out several preview pics below.

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Naturally being of Asian descent, I’ve experienced some racism in my life. From subtle digs to a full-on physical altercation, I’ve seen my share of discrimination due to the color of my skin. For the most part, I don’t let racial slurs and comments, and for that matter, homophobic labels, bother me too much. I have pretty thick skin and let them roll off my back.

With the gay community already a minority, you’d think gay-on-gay hate wouldn’t exist, especially towards another minority. But it does and certainly when it comes to dating. It’s one thing to have a sexual preference, but there are ways to go about it without marginalizing an entire ethnic group. Even though I’m not on any dating apps, I’ve also seen racist behavior in this respect due to being part of an interracial couple. Everyone always naturally assumes, I’m the bottom. Not true, just in case you’re wondering 😉

Davey Wavey enlisted Todrick Hall, Ryan James Yezak and other online personalities to react to several racist profile messages. I often sometimes laugh and use humor to navigate through awkward situations. That’s probably the case in a couple of these instances in the clip below.

I hate to admit, I laughed at the comment, “I block more Asians than the Great Wall of China.” At least he’s being creative unlike that blatantly ignorant “Is there a block all black button?”

Check out the clip below and weigh in if you think if specifying race is simply dating preference of full-out racism.

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Someone grab me an oxygen tank stat!!! I’m breathless after checking out these new promo images from Charlie by Matthew Zink. I’d take a private scuba lesson from any of them, any time, any place 😉

The luxury swim lifestyle brand enlisted male models Alex Geerman, Kwaku Fordwouh, Diego Miguel, Walter Savage and Blake Bridges to rock their 2016 resort collection. Some of the skimpier styles barely contain the models’ ample assets. And for that ‘hallelujah.’ Check out the studs all greased-up below.

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It’s no secret that Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are the best of friends. The dynamic duo vacay with each other, hit the town together and often appear on camera side-by-side.

Being as close as they are, people have often wondered if the longtime friends have ever done the horizontal tango. In my opinion, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two had a drunken liaison one night.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, Amber Rose asked the 47-year-old host the million dollar question. Watch below a snippet from the interview to see Cohen’s response. Weigh in afterwards if you believe or don’t believe his answer.

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It’s been a while since I shared an Andrew Christian promo vid. My bad. What better way to get back in the mix than with this hot new promo.

Director Erica Dorsey delivers a steamy clip featuring porn star Arad Winwin. Watching him slowly undress is almost too much. Things climax when he caresses his ripped body while writhing on his bed.

Check out the tasty visual below which features Arad’s bubble butt. That thing most definitely brings boys to his yard 😉

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