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Love is in the air in the first promo for VH1’s breakout hit show. Literally!!! A bunch of nude couples are shown jumping in slow-motion, popping champagne, tapping butts and other playful acts.

Though Season 1 only featured heterosexual couples, it appears some same-sex action will go down for the sophomore run. That’s the assumption I have, based on the promo.

Dating Naked premieres on July 22 at 9pm on VH1. Watch the cute video below. VH1 describes it as “a naked slow-motion film celebrating love in all its forms; witness romance at 1000 frames per second.”

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Two years after lifting the ban on gay boys to become scouts, the Boys Scouts Of America’s (BSA) 17-member executive committee unanimously approved a resolution to end the organization’s ban on openly-gay adults working as leaders. The 80-member National Executive Board will meet to ratify this resolution on Monday, July 27.

What does this all mean? It’ll prohibit regional governing councils or non-Troop entities such as boy scouts camps from discriminating against employees and volunteers based on their sexual orientation. It also allows for previously removed leaders to reapply for their positions.

While this is a great step forward, it’s still not perfect. Read below to find out why.

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Who doesn’t love Bill Nye The Science Guy? Probably hardcore conservatives after seeing this video.

The 59-year-old educator recently recorded a video for Big Think. When an anonymous reader asked whether homosexuality is “a product of human’s personal whim as opposed to instinct?” Nye quickly referenced Desmond Morris’ book The Naked Ape which documented homosexual behaviour among primates.

When addressing the reader’s comment about procreation, Nye replied, “I don’t know about you but I have known a great many gay men who are married, who have babies, who have kids. So apparently – I’m not an authority on this. I’m an observer of the human condition. Apparently there’s a spectrum.”

He ends the video with, “So let’s celebrate being alive everybody. Apparently it’s just something that happens in nature and look, we’re all here.” Preach Bill Nye! Preach!

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After watching this clip, it’s evident that playing a game of Russian Roulette is safer than walking on the streets of Moscow, holding hands with another man.

In the wake of the US Supreme Court’s landmark decision regarding marriage equality, two Russian men decided to show the world, the hostile climate the LGBT community still faces in other parts of the world. Followed by a man with a hidden camera, the reactions of Russian citizens are captured for this frightening social experiment.

I wasn’t surprised by the barrage of insults and stanky looks the men received, but I was shocked at a couple of confrontations that were physical. Watch the video below for a sobering reminder that extreme homophobia is very prevalent abroad.

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Sports Stud: Todd Clever

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For this week’s Sports Stud, we’re featuring American rugby union player, Todd Clever who is the captain of the United States national team. He also plays flanker for the NTT Shining Arcs in Japan’s Top League. He is 32-years-old and from Palm Springs, California.

Clever was featured in the new 2015 ESPN Bodies We Want Issue. In his interview with the magazine when asked about his body he explains, “I put a lot into it both on and off the field, making sure I get enough sleep, making sure I get enough nutrients, making sure I challenge myself in the gym and on the field so I can play at the level I want to play at. I’ve never been the biggest guy or the fastest or anything like that. The thing that has really set myself apart is the work rate — doing extras so that I’m fitter than the guy across from me.”

Check out his sexy pictures and videos below.

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It’s game on bitches!!! Andrew Christian pits veterans against newbies for his latest promo video.

Just like in grade school, the participants engage in arm wrestling, human cartwheel races, tug-o-war and other competitions. However, the attire is a bit more revealing with all the guys’ ample junks bouncing about.

Representing the vets are Peter Le, Matt O’Reilly, Steven Andrade and Kevin Benoit. The new blood comes in the form of Arad Winwin, Drae Axtell, Uriel Ramierz (my favorite) and 2015 Trophy Boy Contest Winner Jake Parrick.

RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorite Pandora Boxx cheers the guys on, even offering free blowjobs to the winners. Watch below to see all the sexy shenanigans go down.

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Nicki French is best known for her cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Her dance rendition broke the Top 5 in both the US and the UK back in 1995. 20 years later, the 50-year-old singer is back with another floor-stomping dance anthem.

This Love” finds French teaming up once again with Mike Stock, who worked alongside “Eclipse.” For the music video, Nicki chose to feature an LGBT love story. Definitely fitting, given the recent landmark Supreme Court ruling.

The clip shows an elderly gay couple looking back at their life together while one of them is on their deathbed. Watch the emotional visual below.

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How do I put this on my wedding registry? If there’s a way, I’m walking down the aisle immediately ;)

Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson made a pair of grooms’ special day even more special. The 33-year-old entertainer crashed their wedding held at the W Hotel in Dallas, Texas and surprised them with a performance immediately after saying their ‘I dos.’

Hudson first appeared via taped video message before making a grand entrance, coming behind curtains in a skintight Balmain dress. She performed “I Still Love You” off her latest album J-Hud. She even stepped down off the stage to dance with them. #luckybitches Personally, I would’ve preferred “Spotlight” ;)

“Hi Chris and Scott, it’s me, Jennifer,” she says in the video message before her surprise appearance. “When my friends at the W Hotel and HRC told me about you guys finally being able to get married in Texas, I had to send a message to say congrats and thank you all for the hard work you do to raise awareness for equality.”

It’s worth mentioning that Jennifer works with W Hotels and the HRC for an LGBT marriage equality initiative called Turn It Up For Change. Check out the surprise performance below.

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