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With three studio albums to his credit, Justin Bieber boasts he’s “never made a bad song“. While I admit I like “Somebody To Love“, “Baby” and “Boyfriend“, I’m sure there are a few clunkers in his discography. It’s definitely a bold statement to make considering his upcoming album hasn’t hit stores yet. I chalk it up to misguided youthful arrogance. Remember when you were 18 and thought you knew everything? Lest he forget, he’s still a little man boy.

Bieber made the boastful claim to GQ magazine’s June 2012 issue with Michael Fassbender gracing the cover. Ridiculous comment aside, Bieber has a few “interesting” things to say about the music industry, partying and Kim Kardashian. Along with the entertaining interview, Justin poses for a fashion editorial snapped by photographer Peggy Sirota. Even though he still looks like a lesbian, you can see he’s growing up and becoming a man. Check out a few pics and quotes from his piece in GQ magazine below.

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The Andrew Christian models are back at it again. Their last video really pushed the boundaries and as much as I love to see their bare booties, I’m glad this one isn’t as extreme so that we aren’t crossing the line with what we post as well. It’s not bad when there is a censored and uncensored version, but last time both versions were SO naughty… with a capital N.

In this new video, the boys take turns shaking their booties for the camera, almost like a “dance off“… except in this case it would be an “ass-off“. The song playing in the background is called “Punch That Kitty” by Glamorous Monique and Gordy Cox. I’m so glad that Jason Medina (shown above), one of my top three favorite AC models is in this video as well.

If you want to pick up a pair of what the boys are wearing, you can find that on the AC website here. Check out the video below. Enjoy!

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Model Behavior: Anthony Greenfield

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If you have a thing for guys with piercing green eyes and a slightly hairy chest, then you’re going to love this week’s Model Behavior. Anthony Greenfield certainly has those features and plenty more appealing physical attributes. He’s definitely one of the hotter male models I’ve featured in a while. At least in my opinion he is.

Greenfield was born in Flint, Michigan and attended Michigan State University. He began his modeling career with one simple phone call. He was working at a sushi restaurant when he received a call from Cosmopolitan telling him he was nominated for their “Most Eligible Bachelor” feature. And the rest, they say is history.

Currently, Anthony is signed with Major Models. Some of his recent gigs include walking for a Parke & Ronen runway show and print ad for Brooks Brothers. He’s appeared in several photo spreads, including a couple for gay publications. You’ll be happy to know, he showed off his cut buff body for French magazine Tetu and UK’s Instinct. Photos from those spreads along with plenty of shirtless pics can be found below. Hope you enjoy this week’s Model Behavior.

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If you like to stand out from the crowd or simply like to have fun with your fashion, we’ve found just the thing. Our friends over at Beyond Big Brandingfilled us in on a pretty freaking cool brand of socks called Richer Poorer and I LOVE THEM! The designs range from classic patterns to bold and modern prints – something for everyone and for every occasion. Oh, and one size fits all.

You can put on a pair of striped socks with jeans and a white t-shirt for a classic look, or use a vivid pair to achieve a more look to complement your favorite outfit. Even when you’re wearing something more dressy, why should your tie be the only splash of color you have fun with, right?

As a bonus to encourage Homorazzi readers to step into these stylish socks, BBB has offered a 25% off discount on Richer Poorer socks for until May 30. The PROMO CODE to use is: Homorazzi1 – (and it is case sensitive). You can check out the Richer Poorer socks here:

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I swear, 2012 is the year of the underwear campaign videos. They’ve been popular before, but thanks to Andrew Christian (in my opinion), everyone’s had to kick it up a notch in terms frequency and uniqueness.

In this new video by aussieBum, the brand has Xander (the hot model) walking in slow motion through a field in the outback, on a “Journey” somewhere, which happens to be the name of this latest design that is available in “Hipster” & “Brief” in various vibrant colors.

The text that appears on the screen to spell out their ideology with this theme is as follows: “It’s your life. It’s your journey. Inspired by yours/ours/everyones… Journey“. Enjoy the video below!

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Lana Del Rey Glams It Up For S Moda Magazine

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In a previous post, I admitted that I don’t really get the whole Lana Del Rey thing. Her music hasn’t really connected with me, as of yet. That said, her recent collaboration with Azaelia Banks is bringing me a lot closer to Team Lana. Can’t get enough of that “Blue Jeans” remix. Despite my lack of love for Del Rey, I have always maintained she is one gorgeous lady. She proves that point in her latest magazine photo shoot.

Shot by Simon Emmett, the 25-year-old singer graces the cover of S Moda magazine. Wearing looks by Ferragamo, Balmain and others, Lana sizzles in a series of pictures for the Spanish weekly publication. You may not like her music, but you can’t deny the girl can take one fierce photo. Check a few of them out below.

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French men’s underwear and swimwear brand, Hom has just released a sexy new campaign that features 8 famous Olympic swimmers from France. They include: Frederick Bousquet, Romain Magula, Grégory Mallet, Maxime Bussière, Florent Manaudou, Camille Lacourt, Dorian Gandin, and Fabien Gilot.

I’ve also included the behind the scenes video of the photo shoot shot by famed photographer François Rousseau. The video shows the eight guys hanging out together in their undies, pouring water on each other and soaking up each other’s hotness… or something like that.

Given that they’ are all Olympic athletes, their bodies are fantastic. Also, given that their from France, they’re not afraid to get touchy with each others, as evident by the picture above. Enjoy the behind the scenes video and get a good look at all of the swimmers in one of the ads below.

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BREAKING NEWS: Here is the official press video where Anna Dello Russo talks about the up-coming special collection of accessories for H&M. She also shows around some of her favorite inspirations in her private home.

Anna Dello Russo’s H&M collection is available from October 4, 2012, at the peak of the global fashion weeks tour, in around 140 stores worldwide and online. The collection features jewelry, sunglasses, shoes, bags and a trolley.

Check out the video on the next part of the post.

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