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Love, Set, Match. Janko Tipsarevic definitely scores a Grand Slam win with this hot underwear photo shoot. Sure Novak Djokovic is currently the No. 1 player on the ATP tour, but Tipsarevic wins the title of hottest Serbian tennis player, especially after this modeling stint. The 27-year-old is the new face body for under apparel company Extreme Intimo. For their latest ad campaign, they asked the tennis pro to drop trou and show off their latest line and his sexy toned body.

Speaking of hot body, Janko recently credited his best showing at the US Open due to his recent 100% dedication to tennis and his fitness. Judging on the pics and his recent results, his refocus has paid off ten fold, or in this case in a six pack. With Rafael Nadal stripping down for Armani Underwear and Spanish player Fernando Verdasco showing off his Calvins for their X campaign, pro tennis players seem to be the athlete models du jour. I love me some tennis, so keep it coming. Check out Janko’s pics below.

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While her BFF Rihanna is hawking Armani Jeans, Katy Perry is also busy with her very own endorsement deal. Since Perry loves to change her colorful wigs as often as we change our underwear, it’s only natural GHD Wigs tapped the singer to be the face of their products. Famed photographer David LaChapelle snapped the images for the company’s holiday 2011 ad campaign. Thought LaChapelle had retired from commercial photography a couple years back. Guess, he’s back.

To promote GHD’s new limited edition style Scarlet, the ad campaign chose to revolve the images around a popular Disney animated film. Perry poses for two visuals where the singer dons the personas of Snow White and the Evil Queen. What is up with all the recent Snow White love as of late. First the two rival motion pictures and now this. I digress. The Scarlet wig is inspired by the 20s and art deco era. The retro style falls in line with all the looks that were seen in all the fall/winter collections. If I was a girl SLASH drag queen, I’d totally get one.

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Rihanna may be taking an Irish farmer’s advice to cover up too seriously. Instead of disrobing, the Bajan beauty is actually putting clothes on for her new Armani Jeans commercial. The black and white short film was filmed in New York by director Johan Renck. It features the 23-year-old singer channeling her inner spy. Overall, it’s a youthful sexy clip which should make Giorgio Armani happy. It’s exactly why the designer picked RiRi to become his brand ambassador:

“Rihanna is a great artist. Her personality, charisma and energy made it a pleasure to work with her. She perfectly embodies the contemporary and youthful spirit of Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans.”

The film noir-inspired clip begins with Rihanna sitting in the back seat of a limo. She’s waiting for something or someone, but exactly what, we’re not sure of yet. Then, a hot mysterious man drives up and gives her a bag. Inside, obviously, is filled with Armani Jeans clothing. She puts them on and then sultry steps out of the limo and walks to an elevator. The doors open up and then… surprise, it’s the mysterious man. I wonder what kind of “trouble” will take place behind closed doors.

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A while back our favorite photographer, Mike Ruiz gave me the heads up that he was working on a sexy new book with 100% of the proceeds going to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC). To my delight, this morning he sent me some of the photos, a video montage, and information on how you can attend the book launch! From the teaser below, “Pretty Masculine” is pretty awesome, and it’s all for a great cause. So what exactly is this #prettymasculine concept? Mike explains:

Pretty Masculine is the apogee of my latest effort to capture humanity out of context. It is the culmination of my desire to incorporate my hyper-stylized and fantasy-driven style of photography and reinterpret the male ideal from a new perspective. It has been my intention to open a forum of sorts and, in so doing, inspire thought and dialogue with respect to finding alternative ways of looking at the world around us. In this case, to look at masculinity beyond what might be considered the stereotypical man.”

The photos are stunning. Check out some of the photos below and watch the video invitation on where and when the book launch will be. You’ll be happy to know that most of the male models in the book will be in attendance. The book becomes available at this coming Friday, October 7th. Until then, tantalize your tastebuds with the teasers below.

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What better way to show off designer shoes than to have a baker’s dozen of gorgeous men model them in their underwear. That’s exactly what Dolce & Gabbana did for this sexy photo spread for Antidote Magazine. Appropriately enough it was for the magazine’s Shoe Issue. Snapped by Italian fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura, the fashion editorial features Dolce & Gabbana’s favorite male models looking seductive in bed. Like McDonalds, the smiles are free but the shoes and underwear cost a pretty penny.

Some of the models featured include a couple of guys featured on before. Adam Senn was part of my Model Behavior series and Noah Mills a former Man Crush of mine. Based on my initial reaction to a few of these guys, I’m sure a handful of them will pop up on one of my weekly features in the near future. Titled, “Boys, Boys, Boys“, the fashion spread features Arthur Kulkov, Corey Baptiste, Guy Robinson, Jae Yoo, Justin Halley, Paolo Anchisi, Sam Way, Sam Webb, Sebastian Lund, Tim Ruger, Travis Bland and the aforementioned Senn and Mills. Be sure to vote on your favorites after inspecting the guys closely.

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Since it’s the last day of September, I thought I’d get you excited for next month with Instinct Magazine‘s annual Underwear Issue for October’s edition. Shot by photographer Bradford Rogne, the magazine comes to life with the behind the scenes footage of the shoot (set to “Get Fresh With You” feat. Laza Morgan by Teddybears) included below.

The photo shoot takes the three sexy underwear models (Lewis, J.R., and Courtney) to Los Angeles Athletic Club where they try on some of the hottest and newest designs from some of your favorite brands, including: Diesel, Pistol Pete, Andrew Christian, and Calvin Klein. Shooting in several locations within the building, we see the boys on the rooftop, change room, working out, hanging out by the pool, and pretending to use the urinal.

The October Issue, with 20-year-old cover model Jeremy Katz gracing the front, it on shelves now. Tease your tastebuds buy watching the video below. PS. Oh yeah, there are also some great new underwear designs too. LOL.

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Model Behavior: Tobias Sorensen

In: Donovan, Fashion

Hello all you modelizers. This week’s featured male model was a little delayed due to me feeling under the weather today. After spending five days in Las Vegas with little to no sleep and hitting it hard with a great crew of friends, my body finally told me to eff off and punish me with a cold. Personally, I blame all the recycled air from the casinos and plane for my plight. But enough about me, let’s get on with this week’s featured Model Behavior post.

As promised last week, this week’s selection is courtesy of a suggestion by one of my fellow writers, Redd. So you can thank him for this tasty Danish dish. Tobias Sorenson is a 23-year-old male model born in Denmark. With his extremely sexy scar on his left cheek, Tobias has become a favorite for designers looking for a bad boy edge. Sorensen has been featured in ad campaigns for Iceberg, D&G, Diesel, H&M and Zara. A few publications, Tobias’ face and body have appeared in are Details, GQ and Euroman.

Currently, he’s represented by Ford Models and is a huge money maker for the agency. I have no doubt, he’ll continue to rule the male modeling world and become Denmark’s most notable export since the Vikings. Check out Tobias’ scar and other sexy parts of his body in the pics below.

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How’s that for a life achievement at only 22 years old?! Male supermodel, Sean O’Pry (represented exclusively by VNY) is now ranked number one male model in the world by For the past few years he’s been ranked number two after Mathias Lauridsen, but now he’s numero uno. He’s modeled for all the biggest designers and done countless runway shows. I should also note that in 2009, he was named “The Most Successful Male Model” by Forbes as well.

So, just how did he get into modeling? He was “discovered” of course! In 2006 when he was only 17 years old, O’Pry was discovered by fashion-icon Nolé Marin (who was also been a judge on ANTM) was scouted from his prom photos on MySpace. Wow – how random is that!? And by that I mean MySpace actually proving useful – LOL.

So what’s O’Pry known for? Well, if you couldn’t already tell by the photo above, this Georgia state stud is famous for his pillowed lips and hooded blue eyes.

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