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The first images of Thom Evans as the new face body for D. Hedral surfaced a couple of months. The second batch featuring the 28-year-old former rugby player have been released. Set in a similar desert-like environment, the Scottish stud looks even better with his hair pushed back. God, I sound like Regina George(Rachel McAdams) in Mean Girls.

Can you believe 90210 star Jessica Lowndes gets to have her way with him anytime she wants. The two debuted their brand new relationship at the first weekend of the 2013 Coachella Music Festival. Lucky beyotch. Check out Evans showing off D. Hedral’s seamless underwear below.

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Original Penguin Spring 2013 Campaign

In: Donovan, Fashion

Even though Original Penguin’s latest ad campaign has been circulating online for several weeks now, I thought I’d share it. I just love the color palette, prints and styling. It’s all definitely on point for spring and summer 2013.

Photographer Danielle Levitt does a great job of using Nashville, Tennessee’s local haunts to complement the brands threads. The feel of the entire campaign certainly evokes that summer feel. Pictured left to right are models Wendell Lissimore, Dusty Reynolds, Daniel Ness and Chris Colton. Check them out in Original Penguin clothing below.

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Gregg Homme Releases One Night Stand Part 2

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

The first part of Gregg Homme’s new promo video ended with a cliffhanger. It showed model Philip Fusco receiving a booty call text in the wee hours of the morning. He quickly tidies his apartment and takes a shower to freshen up. And by freshen, I hope it included a certain place ;) Part 1 of One Night Stand ends with him stepping out of the shower.

The underwear company just released the second part. All nice and clean, Fusco opens his underwear drawer to pick the perfect Gregg Homme brief. Obviously, he tries on a couple to find just the right one to entice his late night gentleman caller. The doorbell then rings and… uh oh. Just like Reese Witherspoon, Fusco has a run-in with the law. Watch Part 2 below and find out how the fantasy continues. Hint. It’s a “happy ending.”

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By Post Street Launch Party

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Fashion

On Sundays, we try to give more insight of us behind the scenes. Try being the operative word, since I just looked back and it’s been awhile since I wrote something about the cast. My bad. Today, I wanted to put the spotlight on a friend of many of us on the cast.

Meet Anna Thorsen. She’s the Editor-in-Chief of The Recently, she launched a new venture called by post street. It’s a limited edition t-shirt and music company which features fashion icons and house & hip hop deejays. The project is a collaboration between Anna and Vancouver street artist, Kat Thorsen (her mom). How adorable is that, right?

by post street held their launch party last weekend at 1181- one of our favorite YVR hangs. Anna is sandwiched between some of the lounge’s hot bar staff. Side note: Carson, to her left, is one of my besties ;) The one on the far right is DJ Adam Dreaddy whom we’ve featured on the site before. He provided wicked tunes throughout the day.

During the event, by post street debuted their first limited run tees, Collaboration 1 [KAR]. A great time was had by all. It was one of the best #sundayfundays I’ve had in a while. Collaborations will be released monthly and will feature podcasts made exclusively by the “DJs-of-the-month” to download for free. 3% of by post street’s net-monthly profits will be donated to Vancouver Friends For Life. Check out the tees below, along with a picture of my friends and myself at the event.

check out the t-shirts and a photo of me and my friends at the launch after the jump

Travis Hanson Channels Brad Pitt For New Editorial

In: Donovan, Fashion

Travis Hanson, without a doubt, is one of my favorite male models of the moment. I’m sure you can tell, based on the amount of fashion spreads I share of the Wisconsin-born stud. For his latest editorial, he’s smoking hot… literally. I much prefer Travis this way, all tough and badass instead of his previous hipster chic look with those ultra-tight pants.

Hanson channels Brad Pitt for The Fight Club-themed photoshoot. In essence, he’s asking himself the rhetorical question, what would Tyler Durden do? Photographer Charles Quiles decided to use one of his favorite movies for inspiration. Check out the super smoldering outcome below.

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Mr. Turk Goes To Coachella For New Photoshoot

In: Donovan, Fashion

In honor of our very own Matt heading down to Palm Springs for the second weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, I thought I’d share this photoshoot. Mr Turk photographed models Felix Bujo and Philippe LeBlond as they head for their Coachella adventure. Dressed in the company’s colorful shorts, swimwear and tanks, the two definitely have the unofficial music festival dress code down perfectly.

I have to admit, prior to stumbling upon this photo series, I had never heard of Mr. Turk. Naturally, I had to check out their threads. The brand’s spring collection is rich in color, prints and textures. A few of the pieces are too loud for my liking, but they have some really fun pieces. Next time I’m going on a tropical vacation or destination wedding, I’ll keep the label in mind. Check out their Coachella photoshoot below.

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Anthony Greenfield For Fashionisto Editorial

In: Donovan, Fashion

I noticed I haven’t done a fashion post in the past couple of days. My bad. Hope you enjoy this spring fashion editorial exclusively shot by photographer Benjo Arwas for The Fashionisto. The spread stars Anthony Greenfield enjoying the Los Angeles weather. Regular readers of my Model Behavior series might recognize the Michigan-born male model from a feature I did on him. He’s one hot sexy mo-fo.

In the Fashionisto editorial, Greenfield wears chic colorful blazers, nautical-themed tops and preppy shorts while showing off that slightly hairy chest of his. Garments shown in the spread are from Burberry Brit, American Apparel and Gucci to name a few. Check out the impeccably styled shoot by Wilford Lenov below.

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Model Behavior: Thomas Davenport

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

I honestly had such a dilemma on whether to highlight Thomas Davenport in my Model Behavior feature. Not because he’s not cute, because he’s totally adorable. But rather I couldn’t decided if I should give him to Patrick for Sports Stud or include him in my Man Crush series. Normally, he’s not my type but I find myself kinda crushin’ on him. I’m obsessed with his hair.

Davenport hails from Australia. Even though his comp card claims he’s blonde, I sense he’s more of a ginger. Just check out his armpits ;) Currently, he’s represented by Chadwick Models (Sydney) and Giant Management (Melbourne). When he’s not posing in front of the camera for clients like Levi’s, he’s a personal trainer and boxing instructor. Check out his portfolio below. If you like tattoos, strawberry blond hair and pale skin, Thomas is the man for you. Enjoy.

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