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Earlier this year I highlighted Nic Pletts in my Model Behavior series. At the time, I mentioned that he had an equally hot brother named Campbell. I had no idea that they were twins. Even better. Two is always better than one ;)

The South African pair have been tapped by Marcuse Swimwear to front their new ad campaign. Check them out modeling the latest from the Australian brand below.

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Matthew Terry Is White Noise In Details Editorial

In: Donovan, Fashion

Gotta hand it to Matthew Terry. Months after his heavily-hyped appearance in Calvin Klein’s first Super Bowl commercial, the sexy male model is still booking major editorials. His latest finds him in the June issue of Details Magazine. Photographer Milan Vukmirovic masterfully snaps Terry in a spread titled “White Noise.”

Matthew is his usual handsome self in threads impeccably styled by Matthew Marden including pieces from Paul Smith, Dior Homme, Marc Jacobs, Boss and Diesel to name a few. Check out the images below.

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Maybe he was lonely on set during all those underwear shoots, but D. Hedral decided to hire sexy Brazilian model Paolla Rahmeier to keep Thom Evans company for their beachwear campaign. Unnecessary if you ask me.

While there’s no arguing the fact that she’s stunning, I find her a tad distracting. The 28-year-old former rugby player needs to have the spotlight all to himself. Perhaps, I’m just being a bitter Betty and purely jealous of the fact she gets to manhandle him... and get paid doing so. Lucky beyotch. Check out more images captured by photographer Daniel Jaems below.

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I’m a sucker for random facts. Just witness me watching an episode of Jeopardy and you’ll see I’m a vault of useless and sometimes useful information. Naturally, when I came across this BuzzFeed fashion history tutorial, I had to tune in. If you’re curious to know how your wardrobe was invented, including underwear, jeans, socks and much more, watch the short informative video below. If that doesn’t interest you, perhaps the shirtless male model laying on his back will ;)

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If you can’t grow scruff on your chest, this hair-raising fashion piece might be an alternative ;) Growing out hair in the right places is certainly en vogue these days. I admit, I’m a sucker for a guy with a little fur.

Approximately over one million strands of male chest hair were required and took a team of fashion designers over 200 hours to create this piece. If you want it, it’s going to cause you a hefty sum- £2,499 to be exact. Wing Co.- a milk drink for men- commissioned the making of the jacket as a protest against the widespread ‘manning-down’ of British men, typified by clean-shaven chests and emasculating fashion. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that they chose a model manscaped within an inch of his life to show off the jacket. NOT.

As a side note, I wonder exactly how the designers obtained all the chest hair and more importantly from whom? I’m curious to know what kind of fragrance the jacket emits. A sensual musky smell or some nasty musty stench. Inquiring minds want to know. Check out a couple more images of the jacket below.

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Who’d You Rather: Lodoli Swimwear Edition

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

One can never have too many bathing suits. And if you do? One can never get tired of looking at handsome fit men modeling them. For our latest Who’d You Rather battle, I thought I’d pit two brothers against each other who were featured in Lodoli Swimwear’s most recent ad campaign.

Marin (left) and Nick Vrnoga De Gregorio (right) were tapped by the European label to show off their new lines: Water; Bi Color; Steel; Olympic; and Bomba Aqua 2. The collections features push-up briefs and boxer brief cuts in an assortment of colors. Check out the ad campaign titled “Jungle Fever” snapped by Danijel Galic below and be sure to cast your vote on who’d you rather afterward. Enjoy.

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He’s given men impeccable suits, stylish specs, fierce footwear and pretty soon you can add makeup to that list. This Fall, Tom Ford plans to expand his makeup line to include products for men, most notably concealer. It always surprises me that some of the least likely guys you’d expect, have a cosmetic product or two in their toiletry bag.

His upcoming line for men will include nine multifunctional skin-care and grooming products. The aforementioned concealer along with a face cleanser, moisturizer, eye treatment, purifying mud mask, bronzing gel and more. I’m curious to check out his products. Ford also plans to add two new fragrances to his Private Blend collection, which will launch along with the grooming line.

Ford isn’t the only one getting into the men’s makeup game. Marc Jacobs is also throwing his hat in the ring with a forthcoming makeup line, which includes unisex products. Let the battle begin.

Do you use any makeup products? Do you think either Jacobs or Ford will succeed in their new ventures? Sound off below.

Parke & Ronen Tap Torben King For Summer Campaign

In: Donovan, Fashion

Parke & Ronen never fails in picking the right model to front their campaigns. This time around they’ve tapped Soul Artist Management stunner Torben King to flex his muscles for their Summer 2013 lookbook. Photographer Justin Violini does a great job of highlighting King’s best assets. Check out the fruits of their collaboration below. I need a dip in the pool to cool off. You might be in the same predicament as well after checking out Torben’s toned physique.

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