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Charlie By Matthew Zink is always encouraging his customers to share photos of themselves in their styles using #charliefan. Sebastian Swiatek is the latest fan to catch the underwear brand’s eye. I don’t blame them. The German stud is all kinds of sexy with his furry chest, hairy legs, chiseled physique, etc.

Fingers crossed, Charlie By MZ picks Swiatek to front one of their official campaigns in the near future. He’s certainly as hot as their previous cover boys. Check out more pics snapped by Ralf M. Prangenberg below.

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For their 99th issue, V Magazine brought on Lady Gaga as guest editor. Mother Monster took her role very seriously. During her stint, she created a record-making sixteen covers, dedicating each one to those who have inspired her music and fashion. Long-time collaborators Inez & Vinoodh snapped the images.

One of the covers features a naked Gaga with her fiance Taylor Kinney postcoital. “We made love on this canvas on a Sunday in Chicago. We made love amidst chaos. We talked about shootings. We made love amidst terrorism. And we talked about how people’s hearts are also suffering all over the world as they watch and witness a swell of violence. We made love amidst violence,” she revealed about the intimate photo.

Check it out below, along with some of the other covers.

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Actor, model, certified hottie and now you can add activist to that list. Colton Haynes talks about the gender wage gap in a new video for Funny or Die.

The 27-year-old Arrow actor is dumbfounded about the huge wage disparity in the modeling industry. The clip pokes fun that the highest-paid female model apparently make 95% more than the highest-paid male model. Those poor chiseled jaw-dropping handsome men have it rough, don’t they 😉

“I’m not just a model and an actor, I’m a person who cares about stuff other than the way I look,” Colton says. “Men earning less than women, but doing the same work? How long has this been going on? Do other male models know about this?”

Check out the clip below where Haynes dons a wig to talk about the timely topic. If he really wants to get the message across, might I suggest being shirtless. Sex sells 😉

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Equinox Gym Goes High Fashion With New Ad Campaign

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Equinox isn’t your typical gym chain. It’s all about high-end amenities at the luxury fitness center. Naturally, your run-of-the-mill ad campaign just wouldn’t do. They’ve gone high fashion with their “Commit To Something” campaign.

“We definitely aren’t putting out agenda-driven advertising,” said Equinox Executive Creative Director Elizabeth Nolan. “It’s very much about people seeing the imagery and taking what it seems to them. We deliberately avoid giving distinct narratives.”

“We’re not setting out to create fitness advertising,” she adds. “Our tagline is ‘It’s not fitness; it’s life,’ and the work brings that to bear.”

Under the creative lens of famed fashion photographer Steven Klein, the images are provocative and seductive. From a woman breastfeeding to a hotel orgy, it’s all about sex in the racy visuals. Check them all out below. Naturally, everyone has ripped and healthy physiques.

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Before you decide what snazzy outfit to wear this New Year’s Eve, you might want to consider what to wear underneath. Depending on where you live, there are certain colors and/or patterns that are believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Who knew there were so many traditions below the belt to bring you good luck.

Underwear Expert enlisted model Jared North to highlight traditions from around the world. I kinda hate that I watched this since I’m somewhat susceptible to superstitions. In the end though, as long as I steer away from black, I should be okay. Or one could always go commando, right? Check out the informative vid below.

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I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll say it again. Garcon Model is one of my favorite brands of underwear to wear. They fit fantastically, look great and wash very well.

The company recently presented its new sportswear collection, the Elite Sport. The fashionable line balances function and flare with a new waistband, a sharp sporty look, and contrasting colours.

“We edited down to the essentials, then added a hint of athletic accents and modern colors that work in and out of the gym.” – Garçon Model

The Elite Sport is made of eco-friendly bamboo fabric that is ultra-soft, lightweight and extremely breathable. Bamboo is also the ideal fabric for underwear because it naturally deodorizes, and is extremely durable. So whether you’re heading to the gym or just out and about, this will become your staple underwear.

Porn sensation Jake Bass fronts the accompanying ad campaign snapped by Marco Ovando. Daniel Stilla, Greg Kelley, Kevin Danielczyk and Peter Ward also appear in the promo pics. Check out plenty more images below.

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This is how you sell overhead showers. Hansgrohe taps Kult model Jason Morgan to highlight their new “Rainmaker Select” model. Sex sells!!!

Photographer Petra van Raaij snapped the American model in Balearic Islands, located off eastern Spain, enjoying an outdoor shower. Check out more images below of Morgan from the brand’s HansGrohe Calendar 2016.

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Charlie By Matthew Zink Showcases Sexy New Model

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Without fail, Charlie by Matthew Zink always seem to find the right model to show off their wares. Their latest showcase is no exception. Trevor Signorino is one fine looking stud.

As appealing as the red sports car is, I’m sure most of the brand’s customers would rather ride Signorino than the convertible :) Right? Check out more pics below of Trevor showing off his assets while he shows off the swimwear company’s latest styles.

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