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Jake Gyllenhaal is practically a superhero. The 34-year-old has shape-shifted numerous times in his career, going from a muscly Persian Prince to a gaunt frame for Nightcrawler back to a bulked-up physique for his latest, Southpaw. Gyllenhaal talks to Details about his physical transformations inside the publication’s August 2015 issue.

“People have a lot of other sh*t they have to do that’s more interesting and more important, so I don’t blame them for being like, ‘Oh, wait, how many sit-ups did you have to do?’ Or, ‘Oh, wow, what did you eat to lose that much weight?’ But you’re missing the point. Nightcrawler was ironically about the trouble with that question. It was about why people only look at how much weight you lost, as opposed to what’s at the heart of what you’re doing. In that world, where we just focus on those things, somebody like Lou Bloom thrives. In fact, he rules.” – Jake Gyllenhaal

Photographer Mark Seliger also snapped Jake for an accompanying fashion editorial. Check out the pics below, along with another quote from the interview.

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You’d think after losing numerous business relationships and publicly being raked over the coals for using the ‘n word,‘ one would think that one would be wiser. Some people just never learn.

Paula Deen shared a photo earlier today featuring the 68-year-old celebrity chef dressed as Lucy from I Love Lucy. Posing beside her was her son Bobby in brownface as Desi Arnaz. Naturally, social media lit up, accusing Deen of racial insensitivity once again. One user even wrote, “How long before Trump adds Paula Deen to the Presidential ticket?” Timely and hilarious :)

The photo has since been deleted from Paula’s account, but as everything ever posted on the Internet, it lives on in screenshots. Check it out below and weigh in if you think Deen made another huge misstep. She’s definitely has some ‘splainin’ to do.

UPDATE: A rep for Deen claims the picture was uploaded by her recently-fired social media manager and not by Paula. In fact, the rep says the photograph was snapped during a Halloween episode of Paula’s ‘Best Dishes’ that aired in 2011.

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The Efron Brothers FTW!!!

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Move over Liam and Chris Hemsworth. Step aside Chris and Scott Evans. Dave and James Franco who? There’s a new set of brothers staking their claim as the hottest brothers around.

Zac Efron shared a photo of him and his brother on Instagram last night and it’s got everyone buzzing. Simply captioned #brothers, the elder Efron rides piggyback on his younger bro Dylan. Naturally, the two siblings are shirtless.

I have to say, I’ve seen pics of Dylan before, but his new scruffier and ripped persona has me taking a second look. Dylan just might be hotter than Zachary ;)

This isn’t the first time Zac has talked about his brother on social media. Two months ago, the Neighbors actor share a poem written by Dylan when he was in the 6th grade. Check out the oh-so-cute poem Dylan penned about his famous brother below.

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He’s officially off the market folks ;)

Matt Dallas first announced his engagement via Instagram in January 2013. In the same post, he publicly came out as gay as well. Two years after that huge announcement, the 32-year-old actor finally walked down the aisle.

The former Kyle XY actor revealed he married his musician boyfriend Blue Hamilton over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. He shared a pic of the two of them, standing outside a courthouse holding their marriage license. Check out the photo below which he captioned, “Introducing Mr. & Mr. Dallas.”

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Apparently, the 2005 horror film, House of Wax, didn’t stretch the heiress enough. It appears Paris Hilton is a far better actress than anyone ever gave her credit for.

According to TMZ, the 34-year-old celebutante might’ve been in on the prank. The media outlet reportedly obtained a contract from the Egyptian production company involved in the prank.

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Channing Tatum Vogues For Vanity Fair

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Channing Tatum could easily give those queens duking it out at the Streetstar Festival a run for their money. The 35-year-old has surprisingly fluid voguing moves.

It’s just one of the seven dances the Magic Mike XXL star busts out for Vanity Fair. I can almost guarantee you’ve seen permutations of these moves on the dance floor by drunk wedding guests ;)

Tatum executes all of them in just 30 seconds. Not many can make the “Funky Chicken” look sexy, but somehow he manages to do so. Check out the clip below.

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Like so many people, Arnold Schwarzenegger added a rainbow filter to his Facebook profile picture, after the US Supreme Court’s historic ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Not surprisingly, not all of his fans took a liking for his support of the LGBT community.

When one young homophobe threatened to ‘unfollow’ the Terminator actor, the former bodybuilder fired back with the perfect reply using one of his most iconic movie lines.

Naturally, Arnold wasn’t the only one to receive flack, but his response was so perfect I couldn’t resist sharing it. Check out the exchange below.

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Had anyone else been the target of this prank, it would’ve been downright cruel. Is it wrong that since it’s Paris Hilton, I find it okay. In fact, I found myself laughing hysterically during her freakout.

The 34-year-old heiress thought she was boarding a plane for a 15 minute aerial tour of Dubai. Unbeknownst to her, the Egyptian Ashton Kutcher, Ramez Galal, had an elaborate and terrifying joke planned for his Egyptian show, Ramez In Control.

From nasty smells, to fellow passengers jumping out of the plane’s back door to frightening nosedives, Paris’ reactions are what everyone in her place would’ve done. Pure terror and shrieks. I probably would’ve been freaking way more, in her defense.

Not surprisingly, she’s shaken up immediately after finding out that it’s a hoax, but it appears she’s mellowed out since. Check out the clip below, after a recent tweet describing her experience.

“Scariest moment of my life. I really believed the plane was going to crash & we were all going to die,” Paris tweeted after the video was released online.

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