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Of all the available bachelors out there, Joe Manganiello is the hottest one. At least, according to People magazine he is. The 37-year-old True Blood actor tops the publication’s annual list. “I am part Sicilian. I am passionate. I am a hot-blooded person. If you don’t like spicy, then maybe I’m not for you,” he tells the magazine. Definitely the right amount of spice (and muscles) for me ;)

The issue features 101 single guys for you to drool over. They’ve even included a few openly-gay celebs among the mix. Bravo People, bravo!!! Check out a sneak peek of ten guys who also made the cut below, along with a behind-the-scenes video of Joe’s photoshoot.

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Caleb Bankston appeared on Survivor: Blood vs Water where he placed ninth outlasting his fiance Colton Cumbie. Tragically at the age of 26, Bankston has passed away.

Bankston worked for Alabama Warrior Railway in Birmingham and died when the train he was on derailed on Tuesday. Officials say a safety stand-down has been ordered at the railway before workers return.

On the show, Caleb seemed like a great, calm and personable guy. Condolences go out to Colton and Bankston’s family and friends.


Obviously not! However the above photo from Thelma & Louise is one of the most memorable images from the 90s.

23 years after their female buddy film stormed into theaters, the film’s leading ladies reunited last week and posed for another selfie. Both Susan Sarandon (67) and Geena Davis (58) look as fantastic as ever. They’ve barely aged since their iconic film over two decades ago. Check it out below.

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Who knew Zac Efron was so handy? The 26-year-old Neighbors actor shares footage of himself making skateboards with the Lekker Skateboards team. If you thought Efron was hot before, wait til you see him with power tools working on some wood ;) Naturally, he’s shirtless throughout the entire process. Definitely must-see footage.

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Traditionally, Vogue doesn’t have a great track record for featuring women of color on their cover. Since 1989, only eight women have earned that honor. Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Liya Kebede, Beyonce, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama have been the select few.

Reigning Oscar Best Actress winner Lupita Nyong’o joins that elite bunch by nabbing her first US Vogue cover. She becomes only the second woman of African origin since Ethiopian Kebede to grace the cover. Given the fashion icon that she’s become plus earning People magazine’s Most Beautiful title, I was hoping Lupita would score the coveted September issue.

For the accompanying interview, Nyong’o talks about her run-ins with paparazzi, watching herself for the first time in 12 Years A Slave and her upcoming role in Star Wars Episode VII. Check out those quotes, along with more photos snapped by Mikael Jansson below. The editorial styling keeps in line with her exotic looks. I love the ethnic touches.

On Being Snapped By Paparazzi For The First Time

“For a split second I looked behind me to see who they were flashing at — and it was me! That was, I think, the beginning of the end of my anonymity.”

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Who knew 47 could look so good? Faith Hill sure is one lucky woman. Tim McGraw shows off his ripped physique for the July/August 2014 issue of Men’s Health. I’m sure the fact he quit drinking alcohol helped him lose all that flab. Those beer calories, though tasty, are the worst.

On Quitting Drinking

“When your wife tells you it’s gone too far, that’s a big wake-up call. That, and realizing you’re gonna lose everything you have. Not monetarily, not career-wise, but family-wise. It got to the point where my kids were getting older, and it was way past the point that they noticed it. And I noticed that they noticed.”

In addition to sharing his tips on how he carved his new cut body, McGraw talks about his voice, step father and other juicy tidbits. Check out a few quotes below, along with more photos snapped by Ture Lillegraven.

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Is Terry Richardson a misunderstood artist or a sexual predator? The famed fashion photographer answers that question, among many others for the latest issue of New York Magazine.

Over the course of the past several years, allegations from some models that inappropriate acts have taken place during his sexually-charged shoots have surfaced. Not surprisingly, Richardson defends himself and denies sexually harassing his subjects. Check out some quotes from the issue below.

On Atmosphere Of His Sexual Photo Shoots

“It was never just me and a girl ever. It was always assistants, or other people around, or girls brought friends over to hang out. It was very daytime, no drugs, no alcohol. It was a happening, there was energy, it was fun, it was exciting, making these strong images, and that’s what it was. People collaborating and exploring sexuality and taking pictures.”

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Every year, Queen Elizabeth honors hundreds of people- famous and non-famous alike- for their services to community or national life.

One of the more notable names to make the cut for her annual Birthday Honors list is Angelina Jolie. The Maleficent actress was celebrated for her work against sexual violence in war zones and co-founding the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. The Queen has made her a dame of the British Empire.

“To receive an honor related to foreign policy means a great deal to me, as it is what I wish to dedicate my working life to,” Jolie said in a statement. “Working on PVSI and with survivors of rape is an honor in itself. I know that succeeding in our goals will take a lifetime, and I am dedicated to it for all of mine.”

Since the mother of six is a foreigner, she cannot be addressed as “dame,” and the award was given on an honorary basis. Find out what other celebrities made the cut below.

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