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Apparently, Laura Dern (Jurassic Park) was caught off guard on Friday when her two time Grammy winning boyfriend, Ben Harper filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. If he really is doing this out of nowhere, he’s a major douche-a-saurus! He is requesting the judge not give her spousal support and he wants joint legal and physical custody of their two children – Ellery, 9, and Jaya, 5.

They’ve been married since 2005, and had been dating for five years prior to that. Now, there relationship is extinct. Harper says that he and Dern separated back in January, but that doesn’t add up considering people that know the couple have said they’ve been living and traveling together and were even intimate as recently as last week.

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Eminem On 60 Minutes Tonight

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I’m really looking forward to checking out the Eminem interview on 60 Minutes tonight. How often does Eminem sit down and talk and set the record straight. Who’s interviewing him? Anderson Cooper! Silver Fox! That makes it even that much more interesting, considering Cooper has been speculated to be gay and have a partner, while Eminem has made countless homophobic remarks in his lyrics and to the public.

Eminem will be shedding some light on his home life. “Profanity around my house? No,” Eminem informs cooper, when he’s asked if his real life vocabulary matches that of his songs. “I’m not saying there’s not glimpses of me in the music, [that] there’s not truth in…things that I say, but this is music, this is my art.”

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Holy Batman, or should I say… HOLY CAPTAIN AMERICA. Chris Evans is looking smoking hot in these candid pics from on set. Evans always had a hot body before, but man did he hit the gym hardcore for his new superhero role. Seriously, look at those guns– they’re lethal weapons. He can wrap me up tight in his arms any day of the week and then some. The boy is certainly packing some heat.

Captain America: The First Avenger” will focus on the early days of the Marvel Universe when Steve Rogers volunteers to participate in an experimental program that turns him into the Super Soldier known as Captain America. The film also stars Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Dominic Cooper, Sebastian Stan and Hayley Atwell. It is slated for a July 22, 2011 release and will be presented in, surprise, surprise… 3D. I’m so over that gimmick.

view a couple of more pics of Chris Evans after the jump

If you watched “The Real World: Sydney” and thought Dunbar Merrill Flinn was one hot piece of ass (I did), well today is your lucky day because you actually get to see it in all its glory and then some. The reality star who starred in the nineteenth season of the reality show and various RR/RW challenges for MTV, has done a bit of moonlighting for another network. Dunbar will be appearing in an episode for Playboy TV’s “Foursome’s” third season.

“Foursome” is a reality dating show similar to “Blind Date” and “The 5th Wheel”, except the participants actually have sex on TV. YOWZA. Dunbar isn’t the only reality vet on this season of “Foursome”. “Big Brother” 11’s Michele Noonan, Heat from “I Love New York” and Pumkin from “Flavor of Love” all participate in varying degrees in the sexcapades on the show.

I wonder what chain of events brought Dunbar from an Ikea-furnished house down under, to a Hollywood Hills mansion to have sex on camera. To be perfectly honest, I don’t care because we finally get to see what he’s packing. And let me tell you, it is niiiiiiiiiiice. Read my mini-review after the jump. If you prefer your Dunbar fully clothed, you can him on “The Challenge: Cutthroat” currently airing on MTV.

watch Dunbar detail the threeway sexcapade using Barbie & Ken dolls + screencaps from his FOURSOME episode after the jump. Don’t worry, it’s safe for work

I must’ve missed the memo regarding Eva Longoria’s new career as a musician or comedienne? Why else would the producers hire the gorgeous actress to take on hosting duties at this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards. I suppose being a “Desperate Housewife” for several years, more than qualifies you for the position. Katy Perry hosted the event for the past two years.

The two-hour awards show will be held in Madrid, Spain on November 7th, 2010 and air on MTV2. Scheduled to perform at this year’s music bash are Kings of Leon, Ke$ha and Kid Rock. Eva is one lucky beyotch to score a free trip to beautiful Madrid.

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Toni Braxton: “Unbreak My… Bank”

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43 Year old, Toni Braxton has her “Hands Tied” and has just filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. She has sold more than 40 million albums in her career, but in the documents filed, it shows she’s only worth between $1 million and and $10 million, against a whopping up to $50 million in debt.

Interestingly enough, this is the second time she’s filed for bankruptcy. She filed for bankruptcy back in 1998 as well. Earlier this year, the IRS filed a lien against her for $396,000.

According to TMZ, in addition to money owed to DMVs in TWO different states, here are some of the creditors she thinks she owes money too…

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First Lady, Michelle Obama has officially been ranked the most powerful woman in the world by Forbes Magazine. I guess being married to the most powerful man in the world (depending on how you look at it) has something to do with it.

She was popular amongst the citizens right from the get go and she hasn’t let them down. She’s more involved in policy than Laura Bush was, but she has stayed away from hard policy (unlike Hillary Clinton). As Forbes put it, “A fashion icon and an athletic mother of two, she’s Jackie Kennedy with a law degree from Harvard and street sense from Chicago’s South Side.” Well said. 54% of Americans view her favorably.

Some of the top 10 most powerful women in the world are in our face & ears all the time, consisting of TWO talk show hosts, TWO pop stars (that have done a duet). Others include successful political or business women. For Top 10, keep reading…

Top 10 World’s Most Powerful Women after the jump…

Now THIS is bizarre. A Seattle man, James Burns, is offering $10 million (with the help of others) for Weezer to break up. He made his announcement on ThePoint.com (a site dedicated to helping people raise money). He just doesn’t like them and doesn’t understand while they’re still around.

If he fails to reach his $10 million goal from people donating to this less than worthy cause, he will refund all contributions, minus thepoint.com’s 5% fee. Patrick Wilson, the band’s drummer, took to Twitter and said that if they can make it $20 million, they’ll do it. HA!

He tells the local weekly, The Stranger:

“[They] are everywhere 15 years after they’ve been musically relevant, whether you try to avoid them or not. If I’m going to be really real, this is a roundabout effort to figure out why the media is still interested in this band despite them not releasing a decent album in over a decade (or I would say, ever.) … Even my girlfriend, the world’s biggest Weezer apologist, concedes that they should have packed it in after side one of The Green Album.“

His mission after the jump…

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