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The lead singer of Guns & Roses, Axl Rose is suing Guitar Hero maker Activision for a whopping $20 million. Why you ask? Well, they’ve apparently violated a deal to where they were not supposed to include imagery of Slash or his band Velvet Revolver in ‘Guitar Hero III.’

“[Activision] began spinning a web of lies and deception to conceal its true intentions to not only feature Slash and [Velvet Revolver] prominently in ‘GH III’ but also promote the game by emphasizing and reinforcing an association between Slash and Guns N’ Roses and the band’s song ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’”

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Insane! Literally. A 55-year-old woman was murdered with a SAMURAI SWORD this morning in Brooklyn, and it’s being reported that the killer was 31-year-old actor Michael Brea and the victim…his mother, Yanick. The murder apparently took place at 2:00am lat night at 501 Park Place in Prospect Heights, where his mother lived. He he stabbed his mother multiple times and sliced her head off, reportedly chasing her around the home telling her to repent.

Brea, who had a small role in Ugly Betty and also appeared in Step Up 3D, is also a Haitian-American owner of a Subway Restaurant franchise in Brooklyn, where he was known for giving away free turkey sandwiches on Thanksgiving. Nothing to be thankful for this year.

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Meet Avan Jogia: Miley’s New Man?

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Recently, Miley Cyrus (who’s 18th birthday it is today) was seen making out with 18 year old Canadian Avan Jogia, after the American Music Awards at Hollywood nightspot Trousdale when she celebrated her b-day on Sunday night. Photos surfaced on the web right after (as you can see in the bottom right of the picture above, with Miley wearing only a tiny bra top, leaning onto the bar with Jogia pressing up on her. Girls have a button, and boys have a pole…and wicked touching takes it’s toll…haha. I kid. So, who is this guy?

He’s originally from Vancouver, British Columbia and he got his first break in 2006 when he played Danny Araujo in A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story. Jogia, of Indian descent, then hit the big time when he signed on for Nickelodeon’s hit show, Victorious as hot bad boy “Beck” earlier this year.

Watch a clip of his as Beck in Victorious after the jump…

Janet Announces 2011 Tour

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OMGod! I’M SORRY. I JUST DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS GOING TO BE HAPPENING! I’M SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED! After a year of great experiences, Janet Jackson has decided to go on tour and promote her Number Ones album. She will perform 35 of her Number One hits in 35 cities across the globe in 2011. YAY! I love Janet so much I can’t even tell you how excited this makes me. After her last tour didn’t pull through, I thought for sure she was aimed at acting and quit touring. Now, we are going to be given the experience of a lifetime as Janet is calling it her “largest ever world tour”.

Wow. Just thinking of her concerts in the past that have been GIGANTIC productions, I can only imagine how epic this show is going to be. She even mentions in her announcement video that she wants to perform in arenas and venues that are more intimate as this tour is for the fans. Also, Janet is giving us the chance to vote for what cities she will visit on her tour. You can go to to vote for your city. If its not on the list, you can type it in. Also, the first person who votes for their city will receive an autographed copy of Janet: Number Ones AND her new book. So get voting people! She broke the news in the following video announcement

Check out Janet’s Announcement video after the jump…

I’ve been planning on this post for a while, but after Ryan Reynolds was named “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine, I knew the timing was now. While I’d have to be blind to not recognize he has one hot body, I just don’t get the outpouring of love for the guy. He’s funny enough, and has sexy abs, but he just doesn’t do it for me. To me he’ll always be that dork from ABC’s “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place“.

When I decided to do this post, I knew this would be probably my most controversial. Let’s face it, I don’t attract strong opinions with most of my posts unlike Adam or Tommy. I really don’t think my posts about Nicki Minaj, “The A-List: New York” or black supermodels illicit strong feelings, but that’s all about to change. I’m sure a few of my selections will have people asking for my gay card back.

Before I get to the list, let me preface this by saying I do admit they are genetically good-looking and probably wouldn’t say “no” if any of them wanted a little somethin’ somethin’, but these following five would probably never make it on my laminated list. I’d sooner fill that up with a selection from my weekly crushes or my male model features. Without further ado, on to the list.

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That’s Heidi Montag‘s mom – Darlene Egelhoff (pictured above with her kids Holly, Sky, and Heidi…before Heidi was poisoned by celebrity & Spencer Pratt). She’s launched her own website called “Metamorphosis of a Mother“, where she also lists that she is available for speaking engagements for which she charges $5,000 (free for Church groups as long as travel and hotel are covered). Topics include: Perfect You! (Body Image with a focus on Eating Disorders, Heath and Fitness), Rocky Mountain High (Mind, body and spirit connection: the essential building blocks of a healthy life), Cutting The Chord (Creating a seperate identity from your children), and Sunshine In Your Heart (positivity during difficult times).

I am not OK. I can feel the high levels of stress prickling just beneath my skin, in my veins, increasing my body temperature, causing me to sweat. My stomach is constantly churning making me feel nauseas. I have too many stresses in my life right now….My face drops from a dreamy smile to an expression of pain with the nagging thought of still not having my precious Heidi in my life.

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Even as a gay man, I needed a cold shower after watching Beyonce’s fragrance commercial. Man, does she sizzle in the minute-long clip for her first ever fragrance, “Heat“. The sultry singer slithers, writhes, and slinks in a revealing red dress while giving a sexy cover of Peggy Lee’s “Fever“. There were moments, B verged on having a wardrobe malfunction of her own when her dress came narrowly close to giving a nip slip.

The commercial is so hot, it’s being banned from airing in the UK before 7:30pm for being too “sexually provocative“. On a side note, why 7:30 and not 8:15 or some other time. The time seems rather random, if you ask me. Luckily for us, with the power of YouTube we can watch it anytime of the day.

Here’s an excerpt from a statement given by the UK Advertising Standards Authority:

“We considered that Beyoncé’s body movements and the camera’s prolonged focus on shots of her dress slipping away to partially expose her breasts created a sexually provocative ad that was unsuitable to be seen by young children,”

watch the smoking hot commercial after the jump

Eva Longoria Files For Divorce

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Married in 2007, Eva Longoria (35) and Tony Parker (28) are dunzo. Eva Longoria Parker will now be plain Eva Longeria once again. TMZ has learned that she filed for divorce this morning at the L.A. County Superior Court, citing “irreconcilable differences,” as the reason.

On the divorce docs, Longoria checked the box that says, “Spousal support payable to [Longoria]. If Eva gets her way, she pays her lawyers and Tony pays for his.” Lucky for them (I guess), they signed a prenup on June 21, 2007, which was later amended in June of 2009. I wonder what the amendments were?

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