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Shania Twain To Take On Las Vegas!

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

What is it with our Canadian powerhouses that takes them Las Vegas? City of Sin? More like City of Sing. Okay, that was lame. Anyway, first Celine Dion, now Shania Twain! Sources have informed that the country pop superstar is in negotiations to have a permanent show at Caesar’s Colosseum in Las Vegas! That’s very exciting! “Can only go up from here!”

This actually makes a lot of sense considering Shania Twain is also supposed to have a reality show on Oprah‘s OWN network. What a great idea to follow her on her post marriage journey embarking on a new adventure in Vegas! I’m in!

So in doing this post, I was reminded as to how incredible this women and her music is. I went through and listened to some of her old songs realizing that I still knew all the lyrics and that yes, I’m still a huge fan after all this time! In the poll below, I narrowed down a list of her hits to 15 – that’s right 15! All of those songs were so good that I couldn’t eliminate any of them. What is your favorite Shania song? Vote!

Vote for your favorite Shania Twain song after the jump…

Love is in the air in Hollywood. Two celebrity couples, with their fare share of baggage, just announced their engagements. I have no doubt, both announcements probably illicited a bit of ire and crying on their respective exes.

First up, 98 Degrees’ frontman Nick Lachey finally plans on making it official with girlfriend of four years, Vanessa Minnillo. This will be the second wedding for the 37-year-old stud, who’s first marriage to Jessica Simpson ended in a highly-publicized breakup. Even though Simpson and Lachey’s marriage had already fallen apart by the time Minnillo entered the picture, Jessica has been cold to both Nick and Vanessa.

Considering they divorced in 2005, you would think Jessica would be over it by now, given the fact she is madly in love with her new super hunky ex-NFL boyfriend. But recent events would state otherwise. A few weeks ago, “Miss Chicken of the Sea“, bumped into the two at a restaurant and according to a few reports, she wasn’t happy and made a scene by talking trash loudly about the couple. What are the odds that Jessica announces her own engagement within the next few weeks? You know she wants to beat those two to the altar.

read all about the drama for both couples after the jump

Former Bachelorlorette Contestant Dead

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

According to NBC News, 35 year old Julien Hug, a handsome bachelor on Jillian Harris‘ season of “The Bachelorette,” was found dead yesterday (Wednesday, November 3rd) at around 11:00am in Riverside, California – and it looks suspicious to me. He was found in a remote area off Highway 72 near Pinyon Pines. He had been missing for a few days prior. They haven’t confirmed the cause of death and have yet to perform an autopsy. So sad.

The San Diego resident was on the 2009 season of the show, along 30 other contestants. He received a rose the first night, but after the second night when he got the third most votes from the other guys for who they wanted to vote out most, and he ended up getting sent home.

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Talk about a “Genie in a Bottle”! Recently separated and star of the upcoming film, Burlesque, Christina Aguilera had to work this past Halloween. Sad, huh? Not at all. According to TMZ, she was paid $1 million for one hours work, which means she made $16,666 per minute! INSANE!

Who’s behind the paycheck/performance? One of the richest men in the world, Charles Brandes, who is one of the more closely followed value investors working today. He apparently throws an who throws an annual super expensive and elite Halloween bash at his San Diego home every year. He had the former Disney diva perform on Saturday night between 7:30 and 8:30pm, and paid her the hefty salary, as well as any expenses for hair, makeup, and travel.

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Details On Audrina’s Reality Show!

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Last week, Audrina shockingly got the boot off DWTS causing her mom to go into a drunken angry rant, all on the same day that her reality show was made official. Now, she’s given some more details on her new reality show to OK! Magazine. Woohoo!

“Well, it’s not going to be set-up. It’s going to be my life. I’m really going to open up and take them (my fans) on that journey with me and trying to make it in Hollywood. [On] The Hills, I was kind of in a bubble. That was my Hills life. This is going to be more about me and what I did when I wasn’t filming The Hills with my other friends and with pursuing my career.”

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Currently touring with the Jonas Brothers, Disney Star Demi Lovato has just dropped out of the tour and checked herself into treatment. No, not rehab for drugs, but for her “emotional and physical issues”. Yikes! I’m surprised this doesn’t actually happen more often – I would think that being on tour on such a strict schedule and routine with such high expectation of you would definitely take it’s toll. Her rep sent a statement to TMZ, stating:

“Demi Lovato left her tour early this weekend in order to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time…Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help. She is doing just that…[Demi] regrets not being able to finish her tour, but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future.”

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Hollywood is all about making money. In order to do that, studios weigh in a lot of factors. Some of them being which actresses are the most bankable, who’s right for the part or which lady is the current “IT” actress of the moment. For this particular list, Forbes gathered data from their annual Celebrity 100 list to calculate each actress’ estimated earnings for each film. In other words, which actress gave more bang for the buck.

In order to quality for their list, the actress had to have at least three films released within the past five years and opened in at least 500 theaters. That way arty indie flicks don’t bog down the ladies’ averages. So without further adieu, let’s see which actress offers movie studios the best return on their investment.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

Return of Investment: $17 per dollar she’s paid.

Coming in fifth place is Carrie Bradshaw’s alter ego, Sarah Jessica Parker. With both SATC movies bringing in boffo business at theaters, those two films alone bring up her average. Parker isn’t always a safe bet though. You need not look any further than “Did You Hear About The Morgans?”. I caught that flick during a flight over the Atlantic. Let’s just say, had I been in a theater, I probably would’ve walked out.

see which actress is number one after the jump

I guess no one is buying their B.S. anymore – literally! The National Enquirer‘s publisher has announced that it intends to file for bankruptcy protection in about two weeks. The publisher is American Media, which is also the publisher for Shape, Men’s Fitness, and Star magazines. They plan to get out of the Chapter 11 in less than 60 of the filing. I wonder if they’ll write a store on their own story!

The supermarket tabloid, National Enquirer was founded in 1926 and is best known for their outrageous, and mostly unbelievable stories about celebrities, and they pay for news story tips. When it was most popular, the circulation of the mag was at 6 million, whereas now it’s at about 1 million. As of 2010, the mag sells for $3.49 on Newsstands and in the U.S. Subscription rates are $1.90 per issue for 52, and $2.40 per issue for 26.

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