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Douglas Booth is a known entity across the pond for his roles in Great Expectations and The Pillars of the Earth. Stateside, Douglas Booth is mostly known as that guy who appeared in the Burberry ads with Emma Watson. He’s practically unheard of unless you saw that hot mess of a movie LOL starring Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore. I could only stomach 30 minutes of it while bored one night browsing Netflix. With high profile projects in the pipeline, the 21-year-old Brit’s star status is about to soar.

This Fall, Booth takes on the iconic role of Romeo in another movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s most romantic work. Next year, he’ll star in Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic, Noah starring Russell Crowe. He’s currently filming Jupiter Ascending with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis.

GQ taps the rising star for a Fall editorial showing off the upcoming season’s hottest trend- cargo pockets. Yup, the utilitarian look is back but in a sleeker and more fashionable silhouette. Check out his spread shot by Matthew Brookes below, along with a few quotes from the accompanying interview.

On Wardrobe Malfunctions During Filming Romeo & Juliet

“I swear I split my pants a million times down the crotch when I was fencing. The poor costume girls had to spend many an hour, fixing up my crotch.” 

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It’s seems just like yesterday when Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman adopted little baby Connor. All grown up now, this celebrity kid is hoping to blaze his own trail. The 18-year-old has built up a resume as a DJ, playing parties with Nervo and Steve Aoki. Ready to take on the music industry, Connor recently debuted his first single “Closer To Heaven” which features former Metro Station front man Mason Musso on vocals with Cruise producing the EDM track. Give his debut a listen below and weigh in afterward.

“I was trying to make an upbeat commercial dance music track,” Connor Cruise explained to Billboard. “When I made the track I had Mason’s voice in mind the whole time. When it came time to put a vocal on it, having him was perfect.”

listen to the track after the jump

Last season, Stephen Amell was The CW’s prize pony. Single-handedly his abs made Arrow the network’s breakout hit. Hoping to replicate the same sort of success is Stephen’s younger cousin Robbie Amell. The 25-year-old stud stars in the network’s most promising freshman series, The Tomorrow People. The CW is pairing up the Amells for their Wednesday nights. Talk about the perfect hump day.

Robbie talks about his show and being paired up with his cousin for the latest issue of Bello Mag. In addition, he poses for photographer Aleksandar Tomovic for a sexy photoshoot. Abs must run in the family, because Robbie is sporting a nice set himself. Check out quotes and photos from the publication below.

On CW’s Amell Nights

“It wasn’t until we were doing a promo for Wednesday nights where I kind of leaned over and said, do you realize how insane this is? For one of us to be the lead of a show is massive. For two of us, that’s crazy. For two of us to be on the same network? That’s completely insane. Same network, same night, one after the other is impossible.”

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You’d think with Rush hitting theaters on September 20, the talk would center more about the car racing flick than playing Thor. After all, the Marvel Comics sequel doesn’t open til November. There’s plenty of time to promote that film. I suppose though, since Chris Hemsworth and Thor are more synonymous, Esquire magazine is hoping that’ll sell more copies. They’re probably right. Check out Hemsworth’s interview below, along with photos snapped by Matthias Vriens-McGrath.

On Playing Thor

“You talk to the comic-book fans, people who’ve been there since the beginning—you know, since the sixties—and you realize the religious significance of this thing. And there is a kind of work that follows. You do your research. You listen and learn what you can. But then you let go. Eventually you’re down to it. You gotta make this guy your own.”

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I never thought I’d see the day. Has hell frozen over and I didn’t get the memo. Just two days after wrapping up the summer leg of her Mrs. Carter Tour, the 31-year-old singer debuts a brand new look. Gone are her signature long luscious locks and now she’s sporting a short blond pixie haircut.

Whatever is she going to do with those high-powered fans? Speaking of the wind blowing machines, I wonder if this new drastic change has something to do with that mishap recently at her concert which found her weave stuck in a fan. Perhaps she has a phobia regarding those machines now?

Check out a trio of Instagram selfies below showing off her new look.

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Before we get to the whole Paula Deen debacle, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how great Oprah Winfrey looks on the cover of O magazine this month. The 59-year-old is beyond fierce and from what I read, it wasn’t an easy task. Reportedly, that wig weighed in at 3.5 lbs. All in the name for fashion, I suppose. Anna Wintour would be proud.

While promoting her new film The Butler, Winfrey, not surprisingly, has been questioned about the Paula Deen controversy. The media mogul opened up about her disgraced friend as well as her experience in regards to racism to Entertainment Tonight on Monday. Here’s what she said.

“In the very first days I tried to reach her and then I decided to stay out of it as I saw it blowing up. In time she will be fine. For me, it all just felt kind of sad,” Winfrey revealed. She said, “I think Paula Deen was sort of used as a symbol, but I think lots of people use the [N-word] inappropriately all the time.” She explained she wanted to have a sitdown with Deen, saying, “I just really want to know what happened.”

read what O says about being called the n-word after the jump

Just like James Bond, every one has their favorite Superman. Whether Christopher Reeve turns your crank or Henry Cavill gets your engines going, you’ll appreciate this image. Some enterprising individual morphed photos of five actors who’ve donned the Man of Steel’s cape. Along with Cavill and Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling and Brandon Routh’s features were used.

The result is a little creepy yet oddly fascinating. Actually, it’s kinda remarkable that you can see a bit of the guys in the photo. The image has been kicking around for months, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here it is.

check out the composite after the jump

Maybe it was lowered expectations, but I thought Lindsay Lohan did a solid job as guest host of last night’s Chelsea Lately. She was playfully goofy and appeared at ease taking light-hearted jabs at herself. From her brief lesbian relationship to recent court-ordered vacation aka rehab stint, the 27-year-old actress somehow found a way to add a self-deprecating personal anecdote, no matter which celebrity the show’s comedians were making fun of. From dissing Kristen Stewart to poking fun at Justin Bieber to Harry Styles, all roads somehow led to Lohanville.

One of my favorite moments occurred when discussion took place regarding gay-rights activists dumping vodka to protest Russia’s controversial “gay propaganda” law. LiLo joked, “Waste of good vodka” before claiming she’s now allergic and as a result, ends up in jail or rehab if consumed. “Rightfully so,” she further added.

And while not always the best interviewee, Lindsay showed she could helm her own talk show. She looked like a natural while interviewing new Arrow stud Dylan Bruce. As a side note: How hot did he look? And more importantly, how in the world did Lohan get so lucky to sit across this stud as her first post-rehab gig? Check out their adorable interaction below, along with Lohan’s opening monologue. Overall, a solid first step in what will hopefully be a legitimate comeback.

watch Lindsay’s guest hosting duties after the jump

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