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Holiday Gift Guide 2009: For His Home

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Let’s face it, some guys are harder to shop for than others. Hopefully our 2009 Holiday Gift Guides are giving you some ideas on what to give to the guy who has everything. This group of recommendations will focus on items that could add some needed style to his abode or gadgets to improve the enjoyability of his home. Be sure to keep checking regularly as we’ll continually add new items to the guides right up until Christmas Eve. Get those credit cards warmed up and be prepared to wear them out.



These lightweight portable Logitech USB speakers will upgrade his notebook to stereo quality sound with just one connection to an open USB port- no other cables are necessary. With the convenient carry case, he can take them anywhere he goes. Let’s call a spade a spade, built in laptop speakers are a complete nightmare. These speakers will deliver crisp, quality sound and built in volume control will allow him to adjust the volume with ease. The V20s are compatible for both Macs and PCs. I tested them out last night on my iMac and blasted Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and couldn’t detect any distortion. In fact, I felt more bass on my desk than I had expected. Seriously, it was sorta pimpin’. For portability, style, and quality, you can’t beat Logitech’s V20- you definitely get more bang for your buck.

  • BEST FEATURE:The multimedia controls located on top of one of the speakers. In addition, the carrying case is not too shabby.
  • MSRP: $69.95
  • Website:

more suggestions after the jump


Everyone’s got a nerdy side – but being a nerd is cool, right? Whether it’s the latest gadget he wants to play with or something that will help him be more organized in the new year, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Take a browse at a few of our recommendations that will help plug him into the future. As with other gift guides, be sure to check them often since we’ll be adding new items regularly right up until December 24th. Time to update your Christmas lists with a few more things!



Now this could be considered fashion…but Golla bags are also very practical. They have two types of laptop bags: “Easy” and “Function”. There are several designs to choose from, all upbeat and unique. They are available in 13? and 15? and have two compartments, one which is padded to protect the laptop and the other one for notebooks or whatever else. There are also a couple zipped pockets to keep things secure. The bags are easy to carry and durable, even in winter conditions. Some of the Function ones are geared towards men as well (the Grit and Cast casual bags). Aside from these laptop bags, they also have laptop bags (backpack style) that you should check out too!



Netbook – the next chapter in the world of the web. This device is the more compact, portable, and more affordable version of a laptop. Although it doesn’t have the full capabilities of a computer, it allows you to surf the web, keeping up with news and social networking, and much more. It’s the perfect supplement to his home compute at the perfect price!

  • BEST FEATURE: It’s the perfect size for you to take anywhere! So light!
  • MSRP: $299.99
  • Website:

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Design: PuzzlePerser – Modular Flooring

In: Charge It, Donovan

Currently, Brian and I are looking at various options for an area rug when I came across this innovative idea. German designer, Katrin Sonnleitner, has given Persian rugs a modern contemporary updated twist. I have always gravitated towards creative colorful options when it comes to design and never even entertained the idea of purchasing a Persian rug- until now.

Before I go on, I must also note that I’m obsessed with puzzle games for my iPhone and always enjoyed putting together jigsaw puzzles when I was a kid. So it was perfect when I came across Katrin’s modular flooring product- PuzzlePerser. The Persian Puzzle is made from a recyclable mixture of synthetic and natural rubber. There are over 70 standard colors to choose from but if you can’t find a specific color, specialty colors can be ordered for companies and special orders.

What do you think of the concept? Imagine how much fun it’d be to put the rug together with a few of your friends after an afternoon of drinking? You might even come up with configurations never imagined by the designer.

more pics of the persian modular rugs after the jump

Fashion: The Wide Belt

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A great way to update any outfit is with a wide belt. I’m not talking 2″ to 3″ wide…. we’re going super wide 4″ to 6″. An over-sized dress or even a jacket/coat can easily be updated into a slimmer silhouette by cinching it with a wide belt. Wide belts make it easy to trim off a few extra inches in the waist and work great with knits & plaids for Fall/Winter. A simple wide belt also helps balance out a busy pattern on a dress, breaking it up and adding more shape. Wide belts now come in a variety of styles from stretchy, buckled, studded & jewel embellished. This trend has been around since 2007 and is here to stay. I love the way it punches up a dull & boring outfit and give it that extra something.

I consulted a blog called for some tips on how to wear a wide belt. See tips and photos on the next part of the post.

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Design: Glide Twist Together Lamps

In: Charge It, Donovan

Even though these LED lamps have been around for a while now, I still felt they deserved some Homorazzi love and attention. Known as the “Legos of the lighting world”, these low-power lights make a perfect accent to any room. The lamps are constructed of resin cubes and lock together with a simple twist key mechanism.

The lamps come in two different palettes depending on your tastes- candy and chocolate. The extremely modular lighting fixtures can be used in various capacities. You can have them freestanding on a table, connect them and hang them as a chandelier, or incorporate them into your shelving units.

check out a wicked design shown using TwistTogether Lamps

It’s That Beaujolais Time Of Year

In: Charge It, Nic

“Scuse me?” (most people are saying right now)….Calm down, I’ll explain!

Beaujolais, for those of you that don’t know, is a little appelation in France. In french wine, it’s usually the area listed on the bottle, not the grape right? So it’d say Burgundy, not Chardonnay. Beaujolais grows Gamay Noir grapes, so anytime you get anything that says “Beaujolais”, it’s Gamay. Now Gamay is a neat little grape, simple really in flavours and textures, no real surprises except that it’s often drank slightly chilled which is odd for a red. It usually pleases those that drink the more popular Pinot Noir.  So we’re talking very light in body, higher acidity (mouth watering), bright ripe strawberry and raspberry flavours, maybe a touch of spice to it, but generally straight forward, uncomplicated, and lush friendly wine.

Once a year something called Beaujolais Nouveau comes out and is released around the world. This can be traced to the early 19th Century actually when the wine would be shipped to local bistros as soon as it was harvested and bottled with big signs announcing “Les Beaujolais Est Arrive!” and everyone would drink the wine young and party and create general mayhem because it was the sign of a successful harvest after all the farmers hard work. It was not only tradition but almost mythical, the Arrive of this wine.

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Design: Funky Extinguishers by Fire Design

In: Charge It, Donovan

Proving that anything can be made fashionable, French company, Fire Design, has turned traditional red extinguishers into pop-art masterpieces. They have combined fire safety with design. No longer will you have to hide the functional eye-sores underneath your kitchen sink again. When I first saw these designs, I immediately was reminded of the “Sex and the City” episode where a Hollywood actor wanted to buy a red fire extinguisher from Charlotte’s art gallery. While those could never be mistaken as gallery pieces, these stylish could easily be part of an exhibit.


According to statistics, France has one of the lowest percentages in the western world when it comes to households having smoking detectors. In fact, England (89%), Norway (98%), Canada (94%) and the US (95%) all tower over France’s statistic at 5%. Here are some other interesting factoids pertaining to home fires.

  • 1 fire every 2 minutes
  • 800 deaths and 10,000 victims every year
  • 250,000 home fire insurance claims made every year
  • 2nd most frequent cause of home accident death of children under the age of 5?
  • 1 in 3 people in France will be victim of a fire during his/her lifetime ?
  • 1 glass of water will put out a fire in the first minute, 1 bucket of water is needed in the 2nd minute, and 1 tank of water as of the 3rd minute.

help me decide which one I should get

Fashion: Rubber Boots For Men

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As you know, Vancouver is known for its lush green landscape which it has because of all the rain it gets most of the year. So, I have been on an eternal search for the perfect rubber boot for the longest time and don’t necessarily want to spend more than $60 for a pair but I may have to cave and purchase a pair of Hunter Festival 2009 Boots in either the tall or the short version (unless hint hint… Hunter wants to send me a pair).  Hunter makes great rain boots that fit perfectly into an urban lifestyle without looking like a utility boot.

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