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Last week, OneRepublic released the music video for their new single, If I Lose Myself which will find it’s place on the band’s upcoming studio album, Naive. When the song first debuted, I immediately became a fan. The track seems to mix a little bit of Coldplay’s anthem-like sound with the breakdown of a David Guetta club banger, without all the extra electronic sounds. Despite the face that the song seems uplifting and powerful, it’s message and backstory is something of another nature.

“Even though it sounds like this euphoric, ‘let’s go crazy tonight‘ song, it’s a bit morbid; it’s about going down in an airplane,” frontman Ryan Tedder told MTV News. “Waking up on an airplane and finding our you’re going down, having that moment of sheer panic, looking out the window, seeing your life pass before you, [but] looking over to your right and seeing the person you love sitting next to you, and realizing ‘It could be worse … the next 90 seconds are going to be pretty thrilling, and this person is with me, so I’m okay.'”

In the video, a group of friends receive an invitation to a secret OneRepublic show in LA. As we follow the crew around the city chasing clues spray painted on fire hydrants and street signs, the video cuts to scenes of Ryan Tedder and the band jamming out to loft-life space full of fans. At the party, there is a ton of wolf and owl projection imagery ending with Ryan singing to the camera with a wolf projected on to his face. Check out If I Lose Myself below.

Check out OneRepublic’s new video after the jump.

Who Is, Betty Who?

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I love when music gives you a little bit a of throwback. Right now, it seems like that may be the trend for 2013 and my man Justin Timblerlake is setting that trend. Yesterday, I came across an artist fresh out of Australia named Betty Who and her new single is nothing but a clean slice of 80’s realness. From the power synth melodies and chords to the way the lyrics and hook were written, Somebody Loves You is sure to take you back to neon colors, fanny packs and leg warmers.

“Betty Who’s anthemic indie pop is an irresistible mix of bold soundscapes, Top 40 hooks, and knowing lyrics,” states her bio on her official Facebook page. “Born and raised in Sydney, she played cello by age four and wrote her first pop songs in her early teens. Her voice is striking, her performances are hypnotic, and a lifetime of world travel informs her aesthetic. With her signature heels and spiked blonde locks, the six-foot-two Aussie can’t help but take you higher.”

Take a glance at her cute video for Somebody Loves You below. I really hope that she catches on here in North America and makes a splash this year.

Check out Betty Who’s “Somebody Loves You” after the jump.

Last night, Adam Levine ditched his bandmates once again to take the spotlight and tackle the hosting duties of Saturday Night Live. Levine already appeared on the show this season with his band Maroon 5 as a musical guest. In his opening monologue, Levine poked fun at himself admitting that he was overachieving and attempting to act. Well, as long as you recognize it buddy. What made his opening monologue so stellar was the spoofing of his reality show, The Voice. Three chairs turned around in the opener revealing former SNL’er Andy Samberg, Cameron Diaz and Jerry Seinfeld. In the end, Levine ended up with his shirt off.

The overall tone of Adam’s sketches where, erm, gay. I mean heavily. Starting with the hilarious talk-show sketch Circle Work alongside Kenan Thomas where the two homosexual hosts dished out gay advice to straight people. They even convinced Jason Sudekesis’ character that was in fact gay. And can I say that Levine played the part really well. The gay themes didn’t stop there. In the sketch Firehouse Incident, Bill Hader took on the role of a jealous ex-boyfriend who loses his mind over Levine hitting on his ex-girl from 9 years ago whom he dated for two weeks. Hader’s character was an overly dramatic homosexual and was really hilarious.

But the icing on last night’s cake was the sketch Adam and Janet where SNL player Bobby Monahan donned a ginger wig and glasses as a Yonker’s living, Maroon 5 fan who fed Levine a few pills to take him home with her. Check out a majority of Adam’s skits below and vote in the poll on which was your favorite Overall, I thought Adam gave a strong performance minus that awful music throw down/rumble with Train, Jason Mraz and John Mayer. Definitely the weakest of the night. Did you watch SNL last night? How did you think Adam did? Share your thoughts below.

Check out some of Adam’s sketches after the jump.

It’s always a tricky thing for me to write about something like my store or my fiance’s music because it obviously comes across biased. It’s the same for Tommy when he wants to write about an event of his. With that said, I do want to write about my fiance’s (aka fellow Homorazzi cast member, Tyrell) new Scorpio album because I’m really proud of him and saw first hand all of the hard work he put into it. Most importantly, I genuinely love the album and am amazed to see how he has grown over the past couple years. He and his producer, Nick Bertossi did such a great job with the album!


From the Homorazzi cast, myself, Adam, Donovan, Tommy, Matt and a bunch of our other friends went to his album release party last week to support him and I was blown away by his performance. He performed seven of the eight songs on the EP and had four sexy backup dancers that kept us entertained the whole way through. There’s one slow song on the album called “Lost In You” that Tyrell wrote for me and dedicated it to me when he performed it that night (*glassy eyes). The song has a ’90s boy band feel (which is what he was going for) and he actually wrote the song with Ken Lewko of Soul Decision fame.

My personal favorites from the album are: “Take You Home,” “Feel Your Love,” “Love Breakdown,” and “Lost In You“. Listen to the album and check out pictures (by Clint Trahan) & videos (by Hammer Records) from the performances below.

Listen to the album & check out the album launch highlights after the jump…

Well, at least I can’t complain there’s nothing to do in this city during the week tonight! Vancouver has this image of being a great city to visit to ski, to climb mountains, to hit the beach and to get the opportunity to pay $6 too much per shot of tequila, but when it comes to live shows of local talent in the pop music domain? Well, we’re not exactly bursting at the scene with opportunities to party like a rock star into the late hours of the night. Tonight that changes.

After two and a half years of fine-tuning and toning his instrument and his style, dance/pop artist Tyrell Witherspoon is releasing his sophomore EP “Scorpio” to what I can assure you will be a crowd of handsome men (I’ve seen the list, and trust me: I’m pretty damn superficial) and fit ladies in Vancouver’s iconic Gastown district at the trendy Electric Owl Social Club. Having watched Tyrell perform throughout the country and most memorably at last year’s Whistler Pride I know that the dancing will be perfected to a tee, the songs will definitely ring true for the crowd attending and the energy will be the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Click through to get the details on the evening and see Tyrell perform past hits

If I could attend any awards show, it’s hands down the Golden Globes. Not only is it the most star-studded, but you can eat and drink while pretending to be interested in some of the acceptance speeches 😉 Admit it, some of them are major snoozefests. Too bad Meryl Streep couldn’t win every category. Her speeches are always hilariously witty.

Going into tonight’s ceremony, Lincoln has the most nominations with seven. Tied in second are Argo and Django Unchained. On the television front, Game Change is on top with five nominations, with Homeland in second with four nominations. Who will be the big winner when all is said and done?

A few of us have shared our predictions in each category. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m the reigning champ amongst the Homorazzi crew. Last year, I predicted the most correctly. That being said, Adam was numero uno for our recent Emmy predictions. Who’ll win this time? Check out all our choices below.

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Every time I see that Timbaland has released a new track, I get pretty stoked. However, nothing has really compared to his epic music realness when he brought us Shock Value and Shock Value Volume 2. One day late for the party, Timbo pulled together some of his good musical pals to great a new track titled The Party Anthem.

When the track first starts, you can’t help but think to yourself, what kind of party is playing this track? It sounds like a broken piano, trailer park kind of party from a horror movie. But then, T Pain drops his auto tuned vocals on the hook and BOOM, we have a party jam. And the song only picks up from there. Lil Wayne’s verse is pure fire but nothing prepares you for what Missy Elliot has up her sleeve. Oh man have I ever missed Missy in the music game. I hope she has a full length album coming.

Rumor has it that Timbo is preparing to release Shock Value Volume 3 this year. I really hope it features some of the club bangers that he has been featuring on Timbaland Thursdays on his official SoundCloud Page. These tracks are what I’ve come to expect from the massive producer. Give a listen to The Party Anthem and tell me if you’re gonna add it to your next party playlist.

Listen to Timbo, Missy, Wayne & Pain’s ‘Party Anthem’ after the jump.

Lance Bass has definitely snagged himself a little hottie. While I scouring the net, checking out photos of various celebs at various parties on NYE, I came across Lance at Kim K’s Vegas shindig. Posing beside him was quite the piece of eye candy. I guess they’ve been dating for a while but I totally missed the boat on these two. If you’re like me and had no idea, then let me introduce you to Michael Turchin. If you’re an underwear aficionado, you may recognize Michael’s face. He’s posed in more than a handful of Timoteo and Andrew Christian underwear ads.

This 25-year-old aspiring actor and model has a few movies currently in post-production but so far, nothing we’ve seen him in yet. On his Twitter account his profile also claims he’s a ‘pseudo radio personality’ (whatever that means) and ‘a nice Jew’. Regardless of his stats, he’s real pretty and nice to look at. Way to go Lance! Check out a few photos of this sexy stud below.

Check out some sexy photos of Michael Turchin after the jump.

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