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I am dying for Justin Timberlake to finally release his new album in the next month. After warming up to Suit & Tie, I was ready for a track like Mirrors to really remind me why JT is so good at what he does. *swoon* This past week, Timberlake has pimped out his latest international single not only once, but twice. He first hit the stage at the 2013 Brit Awards to sing out the power ballad and last night in Germany, performed the same track on the famous game show, Wetten dass..?.

Dressed in suit and tie (or untied bowtie), Justin wins over the crowd with his smooth vocal, sans dancers. The crooner even heads into the crowd mid-performance to sing to a few lucky audience members. Highlight? Two girls running up to him to take a picture on their iPhone. Justin is completely caught off guard but like a true professional, keeps singing and smiles for the pic before heading back to the stage.

Following his performance, JT channeled a little Elvis Presley attempting to perform his song, Suspicious Minds. While attempting to perform with hair curl and all, Timberlake can barely keep it together long enough to perform the whole song. Even with silliness injected, he still kills the impersonation. Check it all out below.

Check out JT perform ‘Mirrors’ live after the jump.

OneRepublic Preview ‘Native’ Album

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I have been a fan of OneRepublic from the day I first the track Apologize on the radio. How many years later and I am still jamming out to this pop/alt rock band. After the group released the track Feel Again last year, I knew that this new album was going to be pretty solid. And then this January, the group dropped their International single, If I Lose Myself and I immediately fell in love and was ready for Native.

Yesterday, the band released a first little album teaser. I would have to say that the sound of the album is mix of their old sound and songwriting mixed with a little bit of the The Killers and Coldplay. Stand out tracks aside from the two previously released singles including What You Wanted, I Lived and Can’t Stop. This album is definitely going to be a must-have for me this Spring when it drops on March 26.

Check out the track list and listen to the album sampler after the jump…

I have to admit, I was a little devastated when party rockers, LMFAO called it quits. Who was now going to provide me with some seriously addictive party anthems for pre-gaming or heading to the bar? Thankfully, the boys have been working on music separately to quench our musical thirst. After SkyBlu released a few singles, it was time for Redfoo to do the same. Last week on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he debuted his new single, I’ll Award You With My Body.

The pulse-pounding, electro driven track is exactly what you’d expect to hear from the former party-anthem creator as he raps out, “if you do that girl like, ah, I’ll award you with my body.” Personally, I cannot wait to bust out some serious moves to this on the dancefloor at the club this coming weekend. If you were a fan of Sexy And I Know It, then this jam is for you. A solo album is expected to be released sometime this year. Give a listen to his new track below and tell us what you think

Check out Redfoo’s hot new single after the jump.

Usher Premieres New Track, ‘Go Missin’

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Diplo and Usher are back at it again. The two teamed up last year to bring us the sexy, falsetto driven jam, Climax which debuted at the lead-off single for Usher’s last album, Looking 4 Myself. Does this new track mean we can look forward to some more new music and even better, a new album?

The electro-synth driven track shows off more of Usher’s signature falsetto style while he sings about some serious sexual chemistry between him and his lady of choice. Usher premiered the track on SoundCloud and made it available for free download, a pretty rare notion from major label artists these days. Give a listen to Go Missin’ below and share your thoughts.

Listen to ‘Go Missin’ after the jump…

OMG! Remember O-Town? I have to admit, I became a little obsessed with them in the early millennium. I was a faithful watcher of the series, Making The Band and immediately had an instant crush on Ashley Parker Angel. How could you not? That voice, those eyes, that smile, THE HAIR! He was a total heart throb. After his days with the famed boy band ended, Ashley went on to record a Top 10 solo album.

Ashley also starred in his own MTV reality series titled There And Back which followed his pursuit and struggle to become a solo artist and shake his then, boy band image. We also got a chance to see his relationship with then-pregnant fiancé (who are no longer together) and the birth of his son, Lyric. In 2007, Ashley starred as Link in the Broadway’s Tony Award winning, Hairspray. He was doing such a great job in the role, the producers asked him to extend his contract four times.

In addition to music and acting, Ashley is also an ambassador of The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. What a guy! Check out the photos courtesy of my friend, Michael Freeby as well as Let U Go, his hit solo single and a video throwback to O-Town.

Check out more photos from Ashley’s shoot after the jump.

I have been waiting for this day for a long time and finally, it has arrived. One of my favorite UK artists, FRANKMUSIK, has finally released a new EP just in time for Valentine’s Day. The new set titled Far From Over contains four brand new tracks that are sure to please the fans that Vincent Frank garnered when he first popped up only five years ago with the album, Complete Me.

This afternoon, I received a voicemail from Vincent himself saying that he’d love to chat with me on Skype to talk about the new EP, how to download it and raising money for his charity partner, Oxfam. Needless to say, it was great catching up with him again and I can tell that he’s definitely a really good and inspirational place. One thing we chatted about was how he felt his second album, Do It In The AM was somewhat of a misstep. Having listened to his new material, I think Vincent has definitely hit the nail right on the head. 2013 is definitely going to be his year.

If you want to download FRANKMUSIK’s new album, check it out HERE and don’t forget to make a charitable donation to Oxfam in the process.

Listen to ‘Far From Over’ and watch the ‘Map’ video and our Skype chat here…

Hello boys and girls. Hope you’re all doing well this fine festive day. Since Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and affection, I thought this would be a perfect day to profess our love to all our loyal readers (new and old). We would be nothing without you and appreciate each and everyone of you taking time out of your hectic days to visit us. Hope you all have a great Valentines Day. xoxo the Homorazzi boys.

view some of the cast members’ v-day pics after the jump

Josh Duhamel is very handsome- there is no denying that. But nothing makes a man sexier than when he has a few dance moves in his back pocket to win you over on the dance floor. On last night’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Josh and Jimmy cut a rug together with a little back beat courtesy of Jimmy’s late night band, The Roots. What got this conversation going? Talk of Fergie, Josh’s beau.

“Here’s my one concern I would have being married to Fergie—dancing. Does she make you dance?” Jimmy asked. “She’s a good dancer.” Josh replied with “We’ve danced, but I keep the expectations low.” That suddenly lead into Josh asking Jimmy to dance with him. After Jimmy displays he’s go-to move, the back-up to the bar, the boys got up infront of the desk and decided to show off.

After watching the clip a few times, I can’t help but want to hit up the club with Duhamel and test drive a few of those moves with him. Am I right?

Check out Jimmy & Josh’s dance party after the jump.

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