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Early yesterday morning, Lance Armstrong made the announcement that he had stepped down from as chairman for Livestrong, the cancer-fighting charity that he founded. Lance has been in some hot water for a while with the allegations of him doping during the majority of his cycling career. After officially announcing he would no longer fight against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, Lance was formally stripped of his medals and titles and removed him from the cycling world entirely.

Last week, the agency released a statement which outlined his precise and well-calculated doping regiment which lead to his ultimate career demise. But the downward spiral doesn’t stop there. Nike also released a statement yesterday that they would be cutting ties with Armstrong and remove his name from a fitness center at their world headquarters. However, they will “continue support of the Livestrong initiatives created to unite, inspire and empower people affected by cancer.”

“Due to the seemingly insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong participated in doping and misled Nike for more than a decade, it is with great sadness that we have terminated our contract with him,” announced the company. The hammer has definitely fallen hard over Armstrong’s head on this. Lance’s full statement below.

Read Lance Armstrong’s full statement after the jump.

Who’d You Rather: Thomas VS Bachtel

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It’s Wednesday. Halfway through our work week and ready for a pick me up. This week’s very sexy Who’d You Rather feature debuts two new faces to Homorazzi.com. These male models definitely know how to show off their assets.

Bryan Thomas is a personal trainer and certified nutritionist hailing from Philadelphia who works part time as a fitness, print and underwear model. With looks like that, he should really think about modelling full time. His tight body is definitely a product of how hard he works on his fitness. I think I’ve found my new gym motivation.

Tyler Bachtel is also a personal trainer and meal planner hence why I thought these two would be a great pairing. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California but hails from Dublin, Ohio, His Italian heritage definitely gives him that sexy edge. I love his abs. Check out the boys’ photos and features below and then, cast your vote.

Photos of the men and your vote after the jump.

Rising Artist Spotlight: Katy Tiz

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Looking for some new music this week? Katy Tiz may just be the pop ear candy that you are looking for. Her debut single, Famous has just debuted and it’s definitely a lot of fun. “I’m always the loud one,” says Katy Tiz. And it’s true. But lets be honest. The loud ones usually get heard first. Am I right? This UK export/import is gearing up to release her debut album on Lava/Universal Republic which blends pop synths, hip hop and little bit of reggae. The lead-off single is sure to get everyone pumped up.

At just 17-years-old, Tiz would join her older brother for local acoustic gigs. The duo would trek up to London from the suburbs and play open mics, doing covers and originals. When her big bro decided to pursue production, she focused on developing a style of her own. After flirting with a myriad of genres that didn’t seem right, Tiz came to a pivotal realization in early 2011. “I was trying to mold myself into what everyone else thought I should do,” she sighs. “Then, I decided, ‘F**k it! I’ll make the music I love’. That’s when things started to work out.” Smart move on her part.

Famous is definitely a style of its own. This pop ear worm has some cute little lyrics that will definitely be stuck in your head for a while. She sings out, “Don’t act like you don’t know who I am. You just mouthed it to your friend. No question, you only want to f*ck me ’cause I’m famous, get your friends to tape us.” She’s definitely calling out all the star f*ckers out there. Check out the lyric video and a NSFW Discovery Channel slash Animal Planet version that will make you chuckle.

Listen to Katy Tiz’s “Famous” after the jump.

Last night, the ballroom was lit on fire with a night of firsts. One of my favorite parts was Paula Abdul as a guest judge on the panel. She’s usually pretty crazy and cooky but on last night’s show, she was insightful and nothing but a pleasure. We also received our first 10’s of the season which were very well deserved.

But, the biggest first of the night was the evening’s challenge. Last week, the stars picked new dance genres for each other which included dances that had never been seen before in the in ballroom. The night was action packed and full of surprises but no one is safe until the results are read. Let’s begin with the first set of results.

Bristol & Mark: IN JEOPARDY
Kelly & Val: SAFE
Sabrina & Louis: SAFE
Shawn & Derek: SAFE

More results, performances and elimination after the jump.

Back in June, Cherrytree Records founder Martin Kierszenbaum under the alias of Cherry Cherry Boom Boom released Come Back From San Francisco, his debut solo single. The track immediately became one of my favorites throughout the summer months including the unreal remixes that became available shortly after. Now, Martin is back with his second solo single titled One And Only.

In my personal opinion, this track is way better than the first. The vocals have been tightened up and that driving piano hook throughout has me bouncing along the entire time. But what’s really selling me on the track is the R3HAB Remix. Totally flipping the hook upside down, R3HAB really gives us something to move our feet too.

One of my favorite remixes, Dave Aude is also taking a stab at the track and a quick, one minute thirty second preview has become available to listen. It’s not enough to get into yet, but I know that I’m going to love it. The track became available for download on iTunes today. Give Boom Boom’s One And Only a listen below.

Listen to Cherry Cherry Boom Boom’s “One And Only” after the jump.

Tickle me happy! The Wanted have finally debuted the music video for their latest single, I Found You. The track debuted via radio a few months ago but finally, a visual has surfaced. A lot of people were quick to judge the song and it’s throwback, disco, falsetto nature- the part of the song that I love the most. The juxtaposition that the video creates only makes me love the track, and the boys even more.

Each of the members had fans wheeling all day teasing that the video would show the boys in a whole other light. They weren’t kidding. Definitely assuring us that they are nothing like the other European boy band, *cough* One Direction *cough* the boys took a more, rough around the edges, badass kind of approach and boy, does the brooding look ever look good on Max, Tom, Siva, Nathan and Jay. Woof!

In the clip, the boys do some of their best pensive walking in dark clothing with a canine counterpart. We find out they are on there way to rescue a damsel in distress… or so we think. The boys hit an abandoned complex only to kick some major ass to find their tied up leading lady. I can’t lie, there was a moment where I thought all of the boys were going to share her. That however, isn’t the case. The end definitely has a twist you won’t expect. Check out the new music video below.

Check The Wanted’s menacing new video after the jump.

According to Ads of the World, the was labeled a “bad ad.” Clearly the judging panel didn’t have any homosexual influence because even from the teaser photo above, I know this is a good ad. What this guy is selling, I am definitely buying. I think the folks over at GotStyle knew exactly who their target market was on this one.

If you’re unfamiliar with GotStyle, let me give you a quick briefing. This men’s fashion boutique and lifestyle store came into existence in 2005 and has gained the popularity of many men in the Toronto area. With their second location now open, the crew has even more exciting news. You can now video call with a stylist in the store.

Forget shopping online and just looking at pictures. Now, a live sales associate will help dress you from head to toe and then have it shipped right to your door. This proves to be quite helpful especially in the situation our “naked man” finds himself in.

Check out GotStyle’s ‘Naked Man’ commercial after the jump.

I am SO EXCITED for Paula Abdul to be a guest judge on tonight’s show. She is a talent show veteran when it comes to judging and I think that she’ll actually be in her element with tonight’s challenge. Last week during the results show, the couples chose dances for each other. The catch? Each routine would be different and a lot of the dances have never been done on the show before. To say a majority of the pros will be out of their comfort zone is a complete understatement. Should be good.

Tonight, we are going to be seeing some Bollywood alongside fun dances like the Charleston and Jitterbug. Check out the evening’s performances and scores below.

Check out the evening’s performances after the jump.

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