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My Happy Homo Xmas Playlist

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We’re taking the day off today, so we decided to repost some of our favorite Christmas-themed posts from this and previous years.

Hey fellow homos. How’s everyone’s Christmas shopping getting along? Thankfully, Patrick and I completed a big chunk of our list yesterday afternoon. Getting out of the house to do a few holiday tasks definitely helped get me in the Christmas spirit, something I feel like I have been lacking in this year. If you are like me and need a little holiday pep, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my favorite Christmas tracks to add to your playlist. Here we go. (Please note, this article is being written very tongue in cheek.) Enjoy!

Wham! – “Last Christmas”

This song is a must-have on your holiday homo playlist. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser at any party and will make your spirits gay and bright! It doesn’t hurt that George Michael who’s on our team is the mastermind behind this Christmas tune that we all know and love. See more of my holiday favorites below.

Check out more of my holiday favorites after the jump.

We’re taking the day off today, so we decided to repost some of our favorite Christmas-themed posts from this and previous years.

If you’re an avid reader of the site, you might’ve noticed there was a shortage of articles Sunday. Reason being was, we were all busy having our Christmas staff party. Given everyone’s busy schedules this time of year, it’s almost next to impossible to find a date that works for everyone. Surprisingly, all but three of us were able to make it yesterday. That’s a pretty amazing feat considering our busy lives and Alex, Kevin and Topher not currently living in the same city as the most of us. Check out the pic above. The only people missing from the pic are Nic (his BF’s sis was in town), Stephen (was there earlier but had to leave for another engagement) and Alex (LA) and Kevin (Toronto).

It was great to have so many of us together to laugh, catch up and reminisce about the early days of the site. Not to sound super cheesy, but there’s this amazing energy among all of us when we’re all in the same room. With our recent accomplishments, it was nice to sit back and relax for one night and pat each other on the back.

In between all the laughs and drinks, we decided to have a gingerbread contest. We split up into two different teams determined by names out of the hat. Team 1 (my team) won the right to pick either the house or the train. We opted for the train. Each team was given only 30 minutes to build, decorate, and come up with a theme for their creation. Now, we need your help to decide which team pulled it off better. Cast your votes so we can declare a winner and give one team bragging rights over the other.

THANKS again to all of you for making Homorazzi.com such a success in a short period of time. We have the best readers on the internet for sure.

view our gingerbread creations after the jump

My 5 Favorite Christmas Films

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We’re taking the day off today, so we decided to repost some of our favorite Christmas-themed posts from this and previous years.

Today is Christmas Eve and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the holidays. This year I won’t be enjoying it with my family but instead, partaking in the Christmas festivities with Patrick and his family: a first for us. Last year we spent time with my family back in Manitoba so we thought it only be fair that we both head up to Northern BC this time around.

Even though I spending Christmas with a new family and making new traditions, it doesn’t stop me from keeping a few old ones from yesteryear alive. In the spirit of that, I’d thought I’d share with you five of my favorite Christmas movies that I enjoy watching over the holiday break.

A few of these films have a very special meaning to me and bring back childhood memories while others just literally bring out the kid in me. In fact, Christmas day as a whole sees me acting like a grown-up, five-year-old. Enjoy my list of holiday movies below and please, share your favorites and family traditions in the comment section below. Merry Christmas!

Check out my five favorite Christmas movies after the jump.

If you are of superstitious nature, then today is definitely not your day: Friday the 13th. I learned an interesting fact that Friday the 13th will happen at least once a year but never more than three. If the month begins on a Sunday, then you are destined for a Friday the 13th. The fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia.

According to history, there was no sign of a Friday the 13th phobia before the 19th century. One thesis states that the superstition came from the amalgamation of two older thoughts: that 13 is an unlucky number and Friday is an unlucky day. I also read that during the last supper, there were 13 sitting at the table. Therefore, it brings the idea that if you dine with 12 by your side, death may come to one who eats with you. Crazy theory I know but really interesting when you think that Jesus ate his last meal with his twelve disciples and then was hung from a cross. (Meanwhile, everyone reading this article is cancelling their weekend dinner plans or adding more to the bunch.)

So is there any way to save of us from the perils of the cursed day? In my hunt for research on why this day is so damn unlucky, I also came across some ways to keep yourself safe from the things that may (or may not) happen to you on this day of doom. Try them out, they may be helpful to you.

All 13 tips to improve your luck after the jump.

When I was in high school, I remember how I couldn’t stop watching The O.C.. That show not only had a grip on me but my entire group of friends. We’d watch it together, discuss it during the week, quote the show and even compare it to our own lives. To be fair, our lives were never that dramatic or intense but we couldn’t help but vicariously live through the lives of Summer, Seth, Ryan and Marissa. Since then, there have only been a show or two that have really captivated the same type of audience but they still remain super genre specific, like The Vampire Diaries.

Creator Jordan Ross believes it’s time to step in and revitalize this genre for younger TV viewers. “It is my belief that we, as people, must go through the heartbreak, the discovery, and the suffocating uncertainty of being a teenager. But, most importantly, it is who are when we come out on the other side that truly defines who were, and where we are headed. Nick, Stephanie, April, Max, and Carter are a combination of who we all are at one point in our lives. It is my desire to bring to life a show that can make you smile, make you laugh, and ultimately break your heart. Rock Way won’t be the NEXT anything. It will stand on its own, and it is my hope it will inspire many like its predecessors before it.”

Directed by Matthew McInnis, the pilot has already gained a ton of traction and is boasting quite the star-studded cast. The list includes Stephen Lunsford (“Teen Wolf,” “Switched at Birth”), Drew Seeley (“Another Cinderella Story,” “Glory Daze”), Katherine Mari Stevens (“American Idol”), Molly McCook (“Excision”) as April Ryan, Katie Wallace (“Awkward”), Jeremy London (“Party of Five,” “7th Heaven”), Eric Roberts (“The Dark Knight,” “Heroes”), and John McCook (“The Bold and the Beautiful”). Wanna know what the show’s about? Check it out below.

Check out more details and photos from the show after the jump.

I am in LOVE with Anna Kendrick. This woman is so talented. If you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect, then you’ve never seen the magic that is her rendition of the song, Cups (When I’m Gone). The song spent some time on Billboard’s Hot 100 when the film was released on DVD but now, it looks like Anna is gearing up to take over the radio game with a special radio remix which has surfaced online.

The song maintains it’s funky cup rhythm with the addition of some strumming guitars and some plunky xylophones in the chorus. According to a few sources the track is set to hit radio on March 26. Luckily, we can listen to a version of the single now. Do you think the song has what it takes to stake it’s claim in Top 40 radio? Listen to the track and sound off in the comments below.

Listen to Anna Kendrick’s ‘Cups’ Radio Remix after the jump.

This weekend while driving home from teaching dance classes, I was jamming out to this song on the radio that had a catchy, catchy hook. The track was titled Hey Porsche and literally sounded like a track that didn’t quite make the cut for Flo Rida’s latest album. Color me surprised when I found out who the actual artist behind this earworm was. No, it wasn’t some new hot act out of LA. It was one of my favorite rappers from the late 90′s, early millennium, Nelly.

That’s right. Nelly has unleashed a new track. But, don’t expect to to spitting out and country grammar to this one. Instead, you’ll be wanting to to roll the windows down on your next long road trip and take you on a stroll down memory lane to pop tracks that made us sing along in the early 2000′s. But still, I’m like, WTF?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally digging the track. But from Nelly? Come on! What happened to the Nelly that brought us Ride Wit Me, one of my favorite jams of all time. He completely flipped his sound around. Is he trying to the next/new Flo Rida? I can’t tell what the M.O. behind this single is. Funny, considering that’s the name of his forthcoming album. The track isn’t making much of a wave over here in North America but peaked at #7 in New Zealand. Nelly Furtado and Wiz Khalifa among others have been rumored to be featured on the album.

Check out Nelly’s ‘Hey Porsche’ track and BTS of the video after the jump.

With the Oscars taking over Hollywood tonight, the movie industry is buzzing. In it’s annual tradition, the anti-Oscars or, The Razzies revealed their list of winners (or losers depending on how you look at it) last night. In an almost clean sweep, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 took home seven out of the ten awards.

The vampire themed series took home Worst Director and Worst Movie among others. My favorite award winner of the night however has to be Kristen Stewart. The dead-panned actress won the award for Worst Actress not only for her skills (or lack there of) in Twilight but also for her role in Snow White and The Huntsman.

The ceremony took place at a Hollywood hotel by the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars will take place this evening. As expected, none of the evening’s award recipients made it to the event unlike Sandra Bullock who attended the ceremony in 2009 to accept her Razzie for worst actress in All About Steve.

Check out the full list of Razzie winners after the jump.

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