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Concert Review: Deadmau5, Groove Armada, Kascade

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Wow. That’s the best way I could think of to describe the concert I went to on Friday. Well, that or Fucking wow!

After work, three co-workers and I went down to the Heineken Music Hall to watch Groove Armada. I knew a couple of Groove Armada songs from when I was younger, the only one I could remember by name was “Super Stylin'”. So, I’m not really into them that much, but when I was asked to go it seemed like a fun idea, so I got a ticket.

I am SO glad I did. The show had a bunch of other performers, most notably Toronto DJ Deadmau5, upcoming DJ Kascade, and legendary British DJ Pete Tong.

When we got there, the schedule for the performers was posted everywhere. The show started at 9p.m., and went on until 6a.m. SIX A.M.! Oh my god. I know it was a DJ set, but they were still serving alcohol and everything, it was something you wouldn’t find in Vancouver. At least, not that I’ve seen.

We entered the hall and immediately I was impressed with the sound quality. No matter where we were in the giant warehouse like venue, you could hear the sound crystal clear. I’m no audiophile, but compared to the PNE, this was heaven.

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Last week on Days of our… whoops, wrong website, wrong recap.

Last week, on Project Runway, mousy youngster Shirin got bounced for sleeping with Tim Gunn. Or making something gross, one or the other.

Fellow mousekateer Carol-Hannah pulled off her first win with an amazing multi-textured black stage outfit for pop diva Christina Aguilera. Seven designers remain in the hopes of becoming the next great American Designer. Attention all other American designers, you’re worthless.

This week’s challenge is for Christopher to cry as much as possible so that he stays another week. Oh, also, Michael Kors wants them to design an outfit inspired by one of his favourite cities. First off, deja vu on deja vu, but haven’t we already had a repeated challenge this season with the Wedding Dress Challenge? Season two had a Michael Kors inspiration challenge. Admittedly, Daniel Vosovic made one of my favourite PR outfits in that challenge, but nonetheless, STOP REUSING CHALLENGES!

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Now that I’ve settled in to living in Amsterdam, and I no longer feel like a tourist I felt that I needed some activities besides drinking and working to fulfill my life.

Back in Vancouver, in the summer months I played, along with many other cast members, in a gay friendly soccer league called Out For Kicks. I’ve played soccer pretty much all my life. At the age of four, my parents enlisted me in mini-soccer.

I remember crying a lot because I never got to touch the ball (a mix of only child syndrome, paired with my geek-fueled lack of aptitude for any physical activity). In the last game of my first year, I finally started finding it fun. All the players on the field except me were in a giant mass trying to kick at the ball. Someone kicked it out of the flurry of tiny kicking feet right near me. I took the ball and raced down the field. I got to the opponents goal, and kicked as hard as my little leg could kick. I ended up scoring, ran over to the side lines to tell my parents that I now loved soccer, and have signed up again every year since then.

Vancouver was the first city I lived in that had a gay friendly team. When I found out about it, I immediately wanted to join. It’s been one of the greatest things I’ve ever been involved with. Our team has travelled to Montreal, Seattle, and Portland, meeting many awesome people along the way.

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We’re more than half way through the season. Only eight of the original sixteen designers are left, and from last week’s shocking (to me at least) elimination it’s becoming tougher to predict who’s going home.

Epperson was the victim of misunderstanding and poor taste last week and was sent home, while both Christopher and Logan squeaked by with some pretty terrible looks.

Gordana won for the first time with an amazing deconstruction of a wedding dress. She has immunity this week, the last of the season. Winning no longer means you are safe the next time around.

This week’s challenge is to design an on stage costume for pop sensation Christina Aguilera. Oh man, I know more than a few homos who probably bust a nut when they found out Ms. Durrty was the guest judge. Although I’m not her biggest fan, I recognize how major a guest judge she is. Probably one of the biggest. Take that ANTM! Also thrown into the guest judge mix is “Sultan of Sequins” Bob Mackie.

This is an interesting challenge. Not as costume-y as the drag challenge, but still an element of grandeur.

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Protect Your Chicken from Dokken

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Nothing makes me laugh more than random slapstick humour. As high brow as I try to be with my movie watching, one of my favourite movies of all time is Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls. This commercial for Norton Internet Security software is definitely both random & slapstick.

Now, I’ve never used Norton’s protection software and I’ve never had a virus. I guess I could be lucky, but I’m also not ignorant enough to read “Nakked BriTtneY spearsss! XxX!!!” emails, or accept random messages through MSN. I would absolutely put it on my grandma’s computer though.

I’ve never heard of Dokken either. I assume they’re along the same lines as Poison, Warrant, and other hair metal bands that are far long gone.

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New Death Cab & Minus the Bear Tracks

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I rarely have time to catch up on music these days. Work keeps me pretty busy, and I’ve sort of lost interest putting in the effort to discover new bands. I usually listen to albums that came out years ago, by artists that, to me, stay pretty consistent.

Two of my most listened to bands recently released new songs.

Death Cab For Cutie contributed a song to the Twilight sequel soundtrack. I’m not a Twilight fan, but I am a huge Death Cab fan. Singer Ben Gibbard also sang in his short lived side project The Postal Service, which is how I was introduced to them. Gibbard recently tied the knot with actress Zooey Deschanel, and looks like he’s lost a lot of weight. Their songs can be a little depressing, but if you like indie rock, you’ll more than likely find three or four great songs on each of their albums.

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NHL 2009-2010 Season

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Ah October. The month where fall starts to set in, children of all ages get excited for Halloween, and the start of the NHL SEASON!

A lot of good teams are poised to go far this season, and I don’t think it’ll be easy for any one to predict where they’ll all place when the season’s finished. Of course, I’m going to make the early prediction that the Penguins are going to win the President’s Trophy, the Wales Trophy, and finally the Stanley Cup. I wasn’t wrong last year, so it’s pretty much a sure thing.

Aside from the Penguins, (who currently sit at the top of the Eastern division with a record of 4-1-0, their only loss coming from Phoenix… which must mean that Sidney and Geno felt bad for them and let them have at least ONE win this season), the Flyers, and the Capitals both have VERY strong teams this year.

Washington’s main line of Ovechkin and Backstrom is already lighting up the scoring sheet. I’m lucky to have picked Backstrom early in my pool this year. I think the Caps will be a little shaky with goal tending, as they don’t have that top line guy that can pull home 40 wins a year I don’t think. The playoff success of rookie Semyon Varlamov last year may not translate into the regular season and Jose Theodore has been bounced around a couple of teams since starting with Montreal due to a decrease in performance quality. They’re pretty much guaranteed to win the South East Division though, with Carolina maybe giving them a bit of a competition

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Bah! Looks like we forgot to recap last week’s episode, so here’s a little mini recap:

The challenge was to design a dress to fit into the Macy’s line of products made entirely of blue shades. Picasso’s got nothing on these bitches! Kidding, what a stupid challenge. Half my freaking closet is blue, it’s not hard to make something. Choose salmon, or tye-dye, THAT would be a challenge.

Irina’s a little full of herself, and also is kind of being a bitch. But she makes up for it by pulling off some pretty good outfits. She won last week, and the prize was to design a dress for Macy’s. I saw the dress she designed. Barf.

Christopher and Louise were bottom two. Christopher cried a lot, AGAIN. Louise looked sort of like she gave up. Not in her clothes so much, but when the judges started picking her designs apart, her face looked like she’d had enough. In the end, her execution was pretty bad, and she was sent home. I like some of her stuff, and would have rather seen Christopher leave, since it seems like his early success was beginner’s luck.

This week, the challenge was a little more difficult, but also, kind of a re-hash of a previous season’s challenge. Take a divorced woman’s wedding dress and re-construct it into something that they could wear again. They did pretty much the same thing in Season one. This week also sort of reeks of the Lifetime Network’s influence.

The winner gets immunity. The last immunity of the season. Very important!

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