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Well, since Stephen went ahead and wrote about the hockey story I was going to write about this week, I guess it’s my job to now write about being Eco-Friendly.

It’s my belief that not everyone can be 100% perfect at anything, but as long as they’re trying they deserve some acknowledgment. That goes for many aspects in life, but especially when it comes to looking after Mother Nature. It’s so easy, and I’d even say cowardly, to brand someone a hypocrite for not doing every possible thing. For example, encouraging people to recycle while at the same time driving a car to work instead of taking public transit may seem like conflicting ideals, but the point is that it’s about helping in as many ways as possible, doing the best you can. It’s not about being perfect.

I try to consciously make an effort to produce less waste, and consume less, but when I come across an article like I did today: “Top 10 Green Living Myths“, it makes me question if I’m doing anything good at all.

The author lists ten different ways people think they’re helping the environment, when in actuality their eco-friendly actions could be causing more harm than good.

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Here we go, it’s all come down to this final episode. 13 weeks of challenges and eliminations.

Last week we saw the “getting to know the finalists” episode. Althea and Irina have more drama. Carol Hannah prays to the porcelain god that she’ll be well enough to finish her collection. And Tim Gunn pretends that he likes going to meet strangers out in the freezing cold New York Suburbs.

The end surprise twist is that they to create a 13th look, and they each get a sewing helper. Since the filming was about 8 months ago, the internet has already published all the final collections. This is the first season there were no dummy collections (to try and throw off speculating who made the finale). Apparently, the designers didn’t open their shows so the audience didn’t know who’s collection was who’s.

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While watching the latest episode of Pot Psychology over at I noticed that the song playing in the background was slightly familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but after a couple of minutes I figured it out! It’s an R & B cover of the Dirty Projector’s “Stillness is the Move”!

I did a little internet searching and discovered that the cover is by Beyoncé’s little sister Solange. I’m a huge fan of the original of this song. The tiny guitar plucks, mixed with haunting groovy female vocals is quite engaging.

Solange gives it the R & B treatment by changing up the guitar, and adding a slow beat. The vocals of the song really do transfer well to Solange. Although the original is more indie rock, it has this certain cadence that fits naturally in the cover version.

Solange seems to have her ear into the indie rock scene. She previously sampled spacey instrumentalists Boards of Canada. I don’t really like the BoC sample, but if she continues to cover less mainstream songs with the success of “Stillness is the Move”, I’ll be listening.

Check out both versions.

Click here to listen to them both, after the jump…


Last week, we found out our final three. Congrats to the ladies: Althea, Carol Hannah, and Irina.

Based on the challenge alone, Gordana really should have beaten Althea, but as the sparsely attending Nina Garcia ironically stated “I don’t know who she is as a designer.” Well, maybe if you showed up to more than a handful of challenges, you might know that. Recently, Nina gave a quote saying she regrets missing any episodes, but it was a choice between PR and the Paris runway shows, and she chose Paris.

This week’s episode is the first of two finale episodes. We get to see Tim visit all of the designers homes, and we also get to see all of the designers reunited after months of work.

Althea speaks about the tension between her and Irina, but I think it’s more the producers baiting her into talking about it, as it the tension doesn’t really come across when we see the designers together.

The designers all leave the LA space, back to their homes. Tim comes to give them all advice mid-way through their collection design time.

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Community: 2009 Best New Show

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Move over Glee, there’s a new Best in Show. Take your Diablo Cody-esque writers and shuffle on down the road. NBC’s Community is the best new comedy I’ve seen since 30 Rock premiered 4 years ago.

I just spent the last 20 or so minutes watching the pilot for the series about a pathological lying sweet talker’s journey into community college. Well, probably more than 20 minutes, because I kept having to rewind to rewatch some of the more brilliant lines.

There’s so much to this show that I love after seeing only one episode. They hit all my buttons; Multi-camera set up , unique ensemble cast of supporting characters (including Chevy Chase, and The Daily Show’s John Oliver), a healthy dose of relevant pop-culture references, and what’s that? A Matt & Kim song in the background? I think I’m in heaven. I’ll admit, I don’t always understand the shows and movies that I watch. I enjoy Mad Men, but hell if I know what’s going on half the time. The point of No Country For Old Men? Point me toward the the nearest Film Studies class please. I like this show because I get this show. It’s a show for people who love quirky, flawed characters, and the inane stupidity that gets them into situation-comedy trouble, mixed in with smart writing that isn’t afraid to through in a quick one-liner that maybe only 10% of the audience will catch.

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Project Runway Season 6 Episode 12 Recap

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Oooh, last challenge before Bryant Park! Anybody remember Ari Fish? Or Mitchell Whatshisname? Over the last eleven weeks, we’ve seen the same number of designers miss their mark.

Last week, lady favourite Logan made a hideous mess and was sent packing. Five designers remain for the last challenge, which for the third week in a row, is an inspiration challenge. Damn, I was hoping for a drag queen / female wrestler / these are high end designers, but let’s kick one out because they can’t do niche pieces challenges.

Irina and Althea are a little awkward toward each other because of the plagiarism accusations of last week. Meanwhile, Christopher can whack off as loud as he wants now, as he’s the last man / boi left and is alone in the apartment. I bet he cries during that too.

The inspiration for the challenge this week comes from the Getty Center. LA mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa greets the designers on site to introduce the challenge (oh please don’t let him be the guest judge this week).

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Ah, facial hair. Some of us wish we could grow it well, and some of us wish we never had any to begin with. I have a pretty think beard that grows fairly fast. I usually don’t like shaving at all, but instead use a beard trimmer every couple of days. If I let it get too long, it starts to itch, but if I shave right to the skin, I look like a little kid.

In the month of November, men from all across the globe are participating in “Movember” (November + Mustache = Movember), or “No Shave November” to promote awareness for men’s health. Participants start clean by shaving on the first of November, and go the whole month without shaving their mustache.

The idea is that men (or a hairy woman, I guess there’s no real limitation) can register on the official Movember website and collect donations. The charity depends on what country you register in. Here in the Netherlands, proceeds go toward the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Cancer Research Fund. In Canada it’s Prostate Cancer Canada.

After a week or so, when your mustache starts to come in you can explain to all the people who start giving you weird looks what the event is about, which can help spread awareness. I don’t know any one personally that’s been affected by prostate cancer (knock on wood!), but I do know that men over 45 should get checked anally annually. So go remind all your male friends and relatives to get this done.

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Project Runway Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

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Last week on Project Runway, the designers were handed a challenge from occasional judge and consistent bitch Michael Kors to design an outfit inspired by a city. The usual top performers performed well, and again Christopher was in the bottom three. And AGAIN he was safe.

This week, with six people left and one more challenge after this one, the designers had to make a look based off one of their winning looks… Oh, except for Logan, because he never won. I’m sorry, why is Epperson not still in this competition?

I was impressed with most of last weeks looks. Here’s hoping this week can produce something good as well.

At the beginning of the episode, Logan and Christopher verbalize what we’ve all noticed. The boy talent this season is lacking. Out of the six designers left, these two are clearly the worst and I think they know it.

On the runway, all the designers are facing away from the catwalk so that their past outfits can be set out on the stage. When they turn around, Heidi let’s them know that the challenge is to make a companion piece that compliments and enhances their best previous look. I enjoy the premise of this challenge. It makes sense as a fashion challenge. Designers have to be able to make a cohesive look in a collection, so this should give a hint as to who will thrive at Bryant Park.

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