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Sasquatch ’09: Kings Of Leon

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Sasquatch 2009I’m going to be headed to the Saquatch Music festival this year in Washington. I went in ’07, on a trip which can definitely be classified as eventful. Six friends and I all packed into a huge van and drove from Vancouver to the Gorge. A trip that should only take about 5 hours, but due to THREE flat tires we ended up having to crash at some random person’s cabin for overnight on the way there.

The festival itself was amazing. Bjork and Arcade Fire as headliners on the first day was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. They both really know how to put on a show.

I skipped the festival last year. I don’t remember why, but it definitley wasn’t because of the line-up. 2008 had R.E.M., the Cure, The Mars Volta, Death Cab for Cutie, and a lot more.

When I went in ’07, I didn’t really know too many of the bands that were playing. I’m going to try to remedy that this year by getting to know a couple of bands a week and showcasing them here. I’m really excited to see Animal Collective, TV on the Radio, Girl Talk, and NIN, but there are dozens of other performers to watch out for.

Click to read about the Kings of Leon

One Week

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Everyone’s probably already heard about the big blockbuster movie coming out on friday, but I came across the trailer for another movie coming out this weekend that I think deserves a little attention.

One Week is a Canadian film starring Joshua Jackson, and directed & written by Michael McGowan.

When a young man is confronted with his mortality, he takes a cross-country road trip on a vintage motorcycle. One Week tells the story of Ben Tyler (Joshua Jackson), in his mid-twenties, who flees from the confines of his life—an impending marriage, a job he’s not entirely happy with and a recent diagnosis—in order to attempt to live more fully. What starts off as an ill-defined venture soon morphs into a quest for the West Coast.

… here’s the trailer:

Seems like a feel good movie. I’ve been in obsession with Mr. Jackson for many years, and having Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip for a cameo only makes it sweeter. I can’t recall many Canadian movies that I like, or have even seen. I think Porky’s had the record for highest grossing Canadian film for years before Cube overtook it. So here’s hoping this one turns out ok.

Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’ Acapella Cover

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One of these days, I’ll post something that isn’t just a youtube video, but until then here’s something I’m sure at least a couple of the other homorazzi writers will enjoy.

1 singer, four audio tracks, 1 split screen video: enjoy

Britney Spears Womanizer Acapella Cover

Daniel Tosh

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I caught Daniel Tosh‘s Comedy Central special, Completely Serious a while ago. I’m not a huge fan of stand-up comedy, so when I say that after watching it he became my new favourite comedian, take that with a grain of salt. I have rewatched the special multiple times though, and it has me laughing every time.

Some prime clips

State of Nebraska

more after the jump

Song of the Moment: Animal Collective – My Girls

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My Girls – Animal Collective

Animal Collective – My Girls

Clocking in at just over five and half minutes, My Girls is a journey as much as a song. It takes a while to build up, adding layers of vocals and ambiance as it progresses. The lyrics are simple and short focusing on the basic wants of a simple life, a proper house for his wife and daughter (aka His Girls). The “oooh” at the end of the chorus’ last line is, hyperbolically, the best thing I’ve ever heard.

Recommended as a simple spacey pop song. It’s definitely not a club song (at least until the remix comes out), but more background filler for a sunny afternoon stroll. There’s little percussion, but plenty other sounds to enjoy.

Animal Collective are in Vancouver on May 24th at the Commodore. That means they’ll be close to the Gorge for the upcoming Sasquatch festival, so look for them to appear on that bill as well.

Song of the Moment: Matt & Kim – Daylight

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Daylight – Matt and Kim

Matt & Kim – Daylight

I’ve had this song on repeat all day. It’s so poppy and catchy. Reminds me a little bit of Patrick Wolf.

And of course, Matt & Kim were just in Vancouver so if I want to see them I’ll have to wait a while.

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