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Dear Rick Reilly…

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Of course during our INSANE rise to the top of the international news mountain, there is bound to be some jealous US blogger who is just going to have to throw in his 2 cents…enter Rick Reilly a “sports” writer for ESPN.

It was originally posted by Sean Horlor on his twitter (, and when I read it I just HAD to send him a response. I’m also going one up more and I’m going to post the article link here WITH my response to him, with a few extras added in.

Check out his ridiculous article HERE

Read my response after the jump and PLEASE add your own.

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After last week’s blowout premiere, we are back with episode 2. Let’s just jump right into it!

The first challenge this week was to re-design the RuPaul Doll, well re-design her outfit anyway. The girls are paired up (except for Mystique who worked alone) and gave the glamorous RuDoll a whore makeover. The winning team for this challenge was Pandora & Sahara, and the reward was they were the team captains for the next group challenge. Which is a burlesque group challenge.


Wow, everything is this episode is centered around stripping, being a whore, and making money with you body. Fitting no?

We are introduced to the 2 guest judges this week, Kim Cole (have NO idea why) and Dita Von Teese, who as we know is the world’s most famous burlesque performer. Werk.

Pandora and Sahara got to chose their teams. Here’s the breakdown…

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Monday, February 1st, 2010

I really gotta be careful with my cheat days. I think instead of cheat days I should just do a cheat meal. Like I get one meal on Sunday that I can eat as badly as I want. It used to be the whole day, but three shitty meals on a Sunday, makes for a really sluggish day on a Monday.

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

In my everlasting quest to figure out what the hell is going to fit the best for me, I went to check out this trainer who has a private gym…which I like. Completely private, no judging eyes, no nothing. It was a great session and Bryan is a fabulous trainer. It was fun. I’m got a couple other options to try out and really see exactly what I want to do.

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In this episode of Side Dish, we’ve got host Jonny, along with Patrick, Redd, and Tommy, discussing the upcoming Vancouver Olympics, American Idol, Heidi Montag’s Surgeries, and more. The four of us congregate in Jonny’s kitchen once again to discuss some of the hot topics of the day.

The Olympics are nine days away now and we discuss what some of our plans are for the celebrations and sporting events that are heading our way. And, there have been several guest judges this season on American Idol. Find out what we think about these Idol visitors. What is your opinion on these judges? Lastly, Heidi Montag….(unless she’s changed her name, along with every other physical feature on her body).. does she look good or not? How far is too far?

Oh, and why does Jonny’s dog have a blue stripe?! Find out in this episode of Side Dish!

Video after the jump…


I’m guessing we are going to be able to sum up the whole season of RPDR from that quote. YES MA’AM! They started their engines, and the Drag Race is on people…and we are treated to so much fierceness in season 2 already I can barely STAND IT!

OK SO…remember when Tyra did Top Model 1, and then there was a HUGE difference for Top Model 2? Well this is pretty much the exact same thing. It’s so similar that I actually think they have the exact same amount of contestant difference and everything. Logo threw down with budgets this year girl. Sets are bigger, workroom is larger, and there are 3 more queens.

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Side Dish is back again, this time with your host Jonny along with Patrick, Redd, and Tommy. The four congregate into the kitchen and discuss one of the biggest surprise hits and one of the trashiest shows on television – Jersey Shore. The MTV money maker is gonna be back next season with the cast in a new location, in the same hot weather, not that they even need the sun to tan. Angelina’s even “on hold” (as she thanks God for a second chance). Basically, this means if they need her they’ll keep her and if they don’t, they’re not obligated to use her. Better keep your garbage packed just in case, Angelina!

They also discuss Tommy’s decision to embark on his public mission to lose weight. He discusses the fact that he’s going to be publishing his progress (as you can see in this article) which will also help keep him accountable to readers.

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Tuesday, January 26th 2010
I had my first breakdown of this new project of mine. So my friend Mia walks into the kitchen, and tells me that my roomate Kyle said I was eating bacon when I wasn’t supposed to. Which, for the record, was a complete lie. So I got a bit annoyed. Then I get a message from another friend saying a little birdie told me you ate bacon…and I snapped. Oh my god I snapped to hard and I don’t know why? Bacon shouldn’t be making me upset right? I mean, it’s the candy of meat!

I think the whole reason I was getting upset with it was because it was like I was getting in trouble with the principal or whatever, I was guilty until I proved myself to be innocent. The fucked up thing was that I’ve ACTUALLLY been doing somewhat OK. I’ve actually been getting up super early to go for a walk/run (I almost am running half of it now…that’s a big deal for me) around the lagoon. I’ve been trying to stay away from candy, and junk food, and bacon when I’m not allowed to eat it…so why did I snap?

Then, as soon as that was done, ANOTHER person sent me a message saying “So I hear you’re on a diet!” and I almost freaked…until I realised I posted last week that I was on a diet. Nice one Tommy.

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
214.4 pounds. Going in the right direction. I keep hearing it’s all about diet and I get that, so I’m trying as hard as I can to not eat the stuff I usually eat, but god I am hungry all the time. I’m sure I’m getting hungrier and hungrier because my physical activity has increased, but how the fuck can you live on leaves? A salad is the most unfilling thing ever, and vegetables or a potobello are not good substitues for a steak or a burger. I would KILL for a burger right now, with bacon, and cheese.

see “before” pictures after the jump

Rupaul’s Drag Race 2: Meet the Queens

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Probably the most exciting reality show to hit the gay world since MANHUNT, that male model show, RuPaul’s Drag Race came stomping down the runway of cable television and took no prisoners. The first season was such a huge success, that even the mainstream media latched onto it as fast as possible, making RuPaul, and 9 other Queens, house hold names. One of them, probably the breakout star of last season NINA FLOWERS even made Vancouver a stop during PRIDE last year…and The Province did a HUGE full page spread on the Diva.

They hit the nail on the head with this show. It’s a mix of everything we like as an audience; Top Model, Project Runway, American Idol and mix in serious fag drama, everyone who saw it was hooked instantly. So much so that it became one of the biggest shows on the LOGO network, and was green lit for season two…and they are turning it out this year. Instead of 9, we get 12 queens (3 of which I know, and a few others I recognize from other cities), all fish queens (meaning they are giving you lady) and LOST of attitude.

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