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Just Sayin’

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Tommy: After we got the word that they wanted to go the O, I made a call to DJ DREW at the club to ask him what time they were closing; he said 3, I said: “PERFECT, we’re bringing GAGA!”

That’s an excerpt from my post back in March “Tommy & Jonny’s GAGA Adventure!” where Jonny and I brought Lady Gaga to the gay bar here in Vancouver after her concert. Now, she’s about to release her next album, just released probably one of the best music videos ever made, and now in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, her performances looks very similar to one of mine as Syren from Vancouver Pride. Haha. Seriously. See the resemblance? When you check out the videos, see her grand entrance, and see my grand entrance. Mmhmm. Told ya so.

See for yourself & compare, after the jump…

Lady Gaga & Beyonce: Telephone/Videophone

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There are some moments in the history of the music when two juggernauts some together to create one of the greatest pieces of music. Run DMC & Aerosmith,  Michael & Janet, Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton. Eminem & Dido. It has been a few years now since the last major duet happened, and all I can say is…good things come to those who wait. In pop music today we have two juggernauts; Beyonce who is just unstoppable, and our newest girl Lady Gaga who has been a breath of fresh air on the scene today.  

When news first hit that Gaga was going to be in Beyonce’s video for “Video Phone” I pretty much got a gay heart attack. Lady Gaga is throwing down her own verse for the remix of the song as well. Just when you thought that that was all we were getting, we got word that Beyonce is making a cameo in Lady Gaga’s songs Telephone. How cute, they even had the same sort of idea for songs. That is where the similarities pretty much end.

Beyonce’s track is very Sasha Fierce. Kind weird, in the same style as DIVA but much sexier. The original is good, the remix with Gaga is great. She ads a really hot verse, and her groans and moans I think are exactly what the song needed.

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Dollhouse Closes It’s Doors

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One of the best shows on tv has sadly gotten the axe. DOLLHOUSE the newest Joss Whedon series is going off the air after the final 13 episodes ordered by FOX. Why was this show canceled? One easy reason, Friday night time slot.

Yes dear readers, Dollhouse was given the worst day on television. Friday night is the graveyard shift for network TV and it really sucks that this show was slotted at 9pm.

The show isn’t a bad show at all. The basis of it is that people give up their lives and identities for 5 years, for an incredible amount of money. What happens is they wipe their current personalities, and put them safely on a shelf. After this is done, they become “Actives” and are given a name base don the phonetic Alphabet. Eliza Dushku the show’s star, is named Echo. Echo has quickly risen in the ranks and become the Dollhouses most popular Active, after Alpha went rogue and slaughtered a whole bunch of active including the former #1 Whiskey. Anyway, anyone can purchase an active for a certain amount of time, and have them implanted with any kind of personality, skill set, fear, whatever. Every week, Echo is implanted with something different that she needs to get through the latest dilemma she was put through.

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Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance: Music Video

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Here it is folks, Gaga’s new video for Bad Romance. In true Gaga form, it is full of strong imagery, fashion, sex, love, and everything in between.

If you have missed any of her live performances over the past 6 months, she is throwing in all the outfits from her most memorable performances including the MMVA spark bra, the SNL atom suit and the VMA blonde wig.

The video starts off with Gaga holding court with her subjects from what I am assuming is the Haus of Gaga. Cut to the start of the video in the Bath Haus of Gaga which I’m sure is a nod to gay life. She goes through so many version of her most memorable outfits over the past while, and even throws in a product shot of her new headphones. It’s a pretty strong video, with a pretty fierce middle when she rocking the McQueen shoes that we have all been gagging (no pun intended) about.

Funny enough, with all the ferocity in the video, my two favorite parts of it, where I think she looks the most stunning, is the closeup on the white background where she’s crying, and the mirror shot with the long blonde hair and black outfit.

Check out the video after the jump…


It’s a big music day isn’t it here? Well Donovan is all about Rihanna, but I’m going to throw down for the yin to her yang. My favourite (and I’m sure she’s yours) Lady Gaga!

The Lady premiered the song in a little snippet on Saturday Night Live in an piano medley during her second set. I was a bit late on this one, and found out there was a leaked version, with some guy yelling stuff in the background as a vocal watermark, and loved the track.

But the final mastered version, is SO INCREDIBLE! One thing that I’ll always remember about Gaga, is that she said somewhere that she will never release a song without a good hook. Honey, we’re all hooked again! This song I’m SURE will skyrocket to #1, which is where it belongs.

An pick up her 2 disc re-release of The Fame (called THE FAME MONSTER) out November 23rd, coincidentally the same day as Rihanna.

Check out the single after the jump


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After a few months, Lady Gaga is going BACK on the road. And I am pleased to report this tour is going on SANS KANYE WEST as you all know.

OK, so the dates have been release, and she is in Vancouver for 2 nights. December 9th and 10th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. Interesting Venue choice no? I think it’s right up her alley. In the press release, she states that The Monster Ball is going to be a “pop electro opera”, and what better venue in Vancouver to have an opera than the Queen E!

Check out the full release and dates below!


Dates and locations after the jump

Behind the Cast: What Goes Up…

In: Behind The Cast, Tommy D

I’ve never made it a secret about my checkered past. Hell, there’s no way I could if I wanted to. But what I’ve learned from it, is that I have to respect what happened to me, because no matter what, it helped me become who I am today. It has been exactly three years since my life changed, and after three years I can finally say that I think I have kicked my demons.

My name is Tommy, and I am a recovering addict.

My story isn’t such a stretch. Young guy comes out, and one weekend goes out to get high. Then the next weekend does the same thing, until it becomes a habit. Then a habit becomes an addiction, and so on and so forth. For me, being the addict wasn’t the hardest party, but being in recovery really was.

I didn’t lose my job, my home, my car. I wasn’t smoking out of lightbulbs, living in the alley. I didn’t lose any possessions, but I did lose my mind. That was enough for me.

It was October 9th 2006, thanksgiving weekend and I had overdosed twice in one weekend. I woke up in the hospital on Sunday morning, and then again on Monday morning after what I sort of remember being a very psychosis driven trip. I “lost the plot” as it’s called. I was talking to plants, chasing people that weren’t there, imagine scenarios that didn’t exist. It was pretty much the biggest mind fuck I’ve ever experienced. After waking up in the hospital on Monday morning and walking back to my apartment, I just looked up at it, and realized I couldn’t go back to that life. It was that moment that I made the hardest decision of my life. I dialed my mother and said a few simple words that forever changed mine and her life, “Mom, I need you to come get me right now. I have a serious drug problem and need help” She was there within 15 minutes.

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Is GAGA Pulling Out?

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I don’t really know how reliable this website is, but there have been reports the Lady Gaga will be pulling out of Kanye West’s FAME KILLS tour. If she does, West is sure to lose a whole bunch of money.

MEDIATAKEOUT.COM has been reporting that Gaga is thinking of pulling out of the tour because of all the baggage that Kanye is bringing, probably because of that horrible MTV stunt he pulled.

An announcement is supposed to come as early as TOMORROW!

No major entertainment news source is reporting this just yet, not TMZ, People etc., so who knows HOW true this really is…I kind of hope it is. Kanye is really the reason why I’m not interested at all to go see that show.

I’ll keep on top of this.

Check out the tour dates/locations (if it happens) after the jump…

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