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Behind The Cast: Week…? WHAT HAPPENED?

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Well, I haven’t had an update for two weeks, and it’s been brutal. Remember the Olympics? Yeah didn’t do anything but go out and party. Like really bad, didn’t really exercise, didn’t really watch what I was eating…well I was watching it. Hot dogs and pizza, late night munchies, drinking at the bars with all the people from out of town. So what the hell was I going to do? Simple answer. I bit the bullet and got a trainer.

Funny enough, I got a trainer that I SWORE I would never get. It’s a HE and it’s a ‘MO. I SWORE if I ever got a trainer I wouldn’t get a guy because well male trainers are hot. And what would happen if got forbid you’re doing a squat and OOPS! You get a bit farty. Believe me I’ve hear/smelled/seen it happen. I personally think it’s hysterical, but that’s because any kind of potty humour really just cracks me up. I also swore that I would never get a gay trainer because come on now…I don’t need my people to know I’m a weakling. It’s all about smoke and mirrors, no vulnerability. I’m a Leo for crying out loud! PROUD PROUD PROUD! Well, without even wanting or looking, I found Bryan. Remember I wrote about him a couple entires ago? The trainer with the private gym which is amazing? So after my first session with him, it was actually he who snapped a little sense into me. Plus he has the same horrible humour as me. So it worked.

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Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce: Telephone Music Video

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Its your Gaga expert back for yet another review of the goddess we know as Lady Gaga. Up next, the much anticipated and long awaited music video for single number 2, Telephone ft. Beyonce. Here’s what I think about.

I LOVE IT…& I hate it.

I hear gasps all over the place I know. Why don’t I just flat out love it? Well the reason I love it, is also the reason I hate it. I’m starting to sound like a bonkers ancient chinese riddle I know but hear me out. This video’s epic-ness is the reason for both. I don’t know which I should explain first but here it goes. Telephone is arguably the best song on The Fame Monster right, and featuring Beyonce (who I consider is the black Gaga, and Gaga is the white Beyonce), this song is true pop perfection. Being constructed a bit differently than most pop songs, the listener doesn’t know why the song is so effin good, but they know it amazing, and that is why I hated the video. For the simple reason that the actual track was just cut up so much in the duration of the almost 10 minute long video. It’s not even a really bad reason but there it is. As opposed to this being the Telephone music video, this was more of a short film featuring the Telephone song. If that makes any sense. It doesn’t necessarily mean the video is bad, because my GOD it is not at all, I just wish there was two versions. The epic 10 minute version, than another version that is just the length of the track…does that make sense or am I just blowing smoke out of my ass?

watch the video after the jump


Just a note, I didn’t forget last week, there was no episode last week. So I got a week off from a recap.

After one of my faves left last week, I was only praying to god that it wasn’t another one of mine gone this week. The episode opens up this week with Ru telling the girls that they need to wrap up a white box whichever way seems fit. But they must use something OLD from their drag collection, something NEW from the wrapping paper given, and must BORROW something from another queen. They each represented themselves, and Raven was the winner. She actually borrowed Juju’s raven headpiece so there you have it.

After the mini challenge, Ru brought about the elimination challenge this week…did you happen to notice what it was? OLD, NEW, BORROWED…and BLUE!  The blue part was a card inviting each of the girls to their own wedding. This week, they had to take a photo as a bride AND a groom. Cute right? Being the winner, Raven got to choose her wedding dress first, then she got to choose the order in which the girls got to pick Of course she picked Morgan first, then Juju (for helping her) then the res came after. They each had to take the wedding dress they got and make it their own however they wanted to.

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An Olympic Hero

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There are very few moments in a country’s history when we are presented with a hero. The last time I can really remember something of that magnitude happening was Terry Fox who if you don’t know, was a 21 year old man who had his leg amputated from cancer. This 21 year old man decided to run across Canada with one prosthetic leg. Even to this day, the name Terry Fox elicits feelings of intense patriotism, and always give you a burst of courage.

When we started these Olympic games, we didn’t have a clue that we would be presented with another such hero. Under heartbreaking circumstances, a new hero emerged…her name is Joannie Rochette.

Joannie Rochette is a 24 year old figure skater from Quebec and the only real contender for Canada in women’s figure skating in a very long time. She placed 5th in Turin in 2006, and is a Silver Medalist in the World Figure Skating Championships. Every step of the way, her mother was right beside her. Being poised to be top 5 in Vancouver 2010, Joannie embarked on what is now one of the most inspirational stories in Canadian history. You see, 2 days before Joannie was set to compete, her mother died of a heart attack soon after arriving in Vancouver. It was the most horrible news she could’ve heard and Canada along with the entire world, mourned the loss with her.

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I have to tell you, this has got to be the FUNNIEST episode of RPDR that I have ever seen. I always watch it first thing Tuesday morning and this Tuesday I was pretty tired. This episode completely woke me up.

So their first challenge was a spoof on the Price in Right called The Queen is Right. Same idea, items are presented and the girls have to figure out the cost. The closest without going over wins. Raven won the whole caboodle, and her prize was a call home to her mom. Nothing really to entertaining happened in the first bit. It was the elimination challenge that made me crack up.


The challenge this week was called Snatch Game…a take on Match Game. See what they did there? Each of the queens had to impersonate a celebrity, and had to be funny. Here was the breakdown.

Morgan – PINK
Jessica – RUPAUL
Sonique – LADY GAGA

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Tuesday Feb 9th

Yesterday was crazy. I actually didn’t even realize how hard I worked until I got home at 11:30 and laid down and crashed. I woke up early on Monday and did my run which was great. Then I went to work which is always kind of a wahh wahh because when I go into the office I end up sitting pretty much for 7ish hours at a desk. Now if you don’t do that, you don’t actually realize how bad it is for you. I just know that sitting down constantly and not really moving really doesn’t help. I mean that’s how a lot of people get out of shape. I know my mother is like that. Funny enough shes at the heaviest she’s weighed right now, and it’s because she gets up goes to work. Sits on her ass for 10-12 hours working, then goes home and is so tired and ends up sitting on her ass on the couch and falls asleep. Everyday for like the past 20 years. Mind you my mother still looks fucking FANTASTIC for 55 years old. She doesn’t look a day over 40ish. But she’s getting rounder. I gave her the same speech my roommate gave me.

“Right now, you’re at the point where you can either say fuck it all and just become obese, or you start doing something to get back on track.”

And the thing is when someone tells you that, you’re not really surprised. I wasn’t. I told myself every morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror, “Come on just do SOMETHING”.

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I never thought I would get grossed out by deep fried food but OH YES it happened this week…wrech. This week episode is completely based on fried food, and western themes.

    The first challenge of this week had to do with eating things blindfolded and figuring out if they were chicken…or what? The two queens to 3 points would win. Well Mystique, Morgan and Pandora were the best three, so they into sudden death mode. They were presented with a basket of deep fried goodies (including brains, rabbit and frog) and thr first two to eat them the fastes were the team captains. Mystique inhaled it, and Morgan (after puking) made it second. So we’ve got our team captains.
    This week’s elimination challenge was a commercial challenge. They had to sell Disco Extra Greasy Shortening, so gross right? Morgan and Mystique chose their teams. 

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It seems as if it’s been 100 years since Videophone came out, and 150 years since Bad Romance came out, and we are all anxiously awaiting the next video from the Lady featuring Beyonce…and I am HAPPY to report that I have got PICTURES!

In true Lady Gaga fashion, she is giving you hair telephones, and rotary dials, and Miss Thing is looking FIERCE in her US Dance ensemble.

The video is based on Quentin Taratino glamourous violent movies, and features Beyonce breaking Gaga out of jail. Funny enough, Beyonce’s Video Phone was also inspired by Tarantino. I love how they are both like staying like a real pair with these two tracks and videos and I am SO happy they are doing this as the next single, you KNOW it’s going to be even bigger than Bad Romance.


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