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Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE Poster

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With New Moon becoming one of the biggest movies in the history of movies (It has already made close to 500 million dollars…COOLAH!) it’s no wonder they are just pumping these movies out. The next installment ECLIPSE comes out June 30th, 2010 and I have a special treat for you.

I have found the first official poster and you can check it out after the jump!

Check out the full poster…

Adam Lambert: “For Your Entertainment” Music Video

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Adam Lambert as we all know, was the runner-up of the most recent season of American Idol- although you’d never know it considering the buzz for this guy. His first single debuted October 30th, and it was one of the most anticipated single of the year…besides of course Lady Gaga’s *wink*. The Idol machine isn’t stupid – they know that no one is really going to care about sweet Apple Pie Kris Allen because well, he just fades into the background. Which is evident because well, where is the guy? My point exactly!

Lambert had his wait for it…HIGHLY ANTICIPATED debut performance at this year’s AMA’s, which was extremely colorful. I say colorful and not controversial because it was nothing really. So he simulated getting head? Didn’t Janet Jackson do that in “IF” way back when? And making out with his keyboardist who was a guy… but in my opinion looked girlier than most of his dancers. So while I didn’t really care much for the “controversy” in his performance, I noticed other things. I noticed the GENIUS save he did when he fell and log rolled but kept on singing! And I also noticed that he was one of the few performers who was given the ENTIRE stage to perform on. Again, HIGHLY ANTICIPATED!

Watch Adam Lambert’s music video after the jump

AMAs 2009: Red Carpet Critique

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Sunday night was the 2009 American Music Awards, and boy was it action packed with some amazing performances and noteworthy comeback performances. As with every award show, second in importance to the awards themselves are the outfits and red carpet fashion. This year, there were certainly some strong trends, particularly with the shoulders.

From Lady Gaga to Janet Jackson, check out the Homorazzi Fashion Police’s Red Carpet Critique of the 2009 American Music Awards by Patrick, Redd and Tommy


Arch Enemies: Fergie & Perez Hilton

Redd: Well played Fergie…. for a change she doesn’t look like a $4 hooker. I love this sparkly Giorgio Armani Privé, it’s sexy and flirty without being too vulgar. Wow! Did douchebag Perez lose some weight? He does look good and he looks cleaner with the bleached blond hair rather than his usual Koolaid colored hair. I really don’t have much to say about the suit I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either kinda like Brussel sprouts.

Patrick: Fergie looks Fergilicious and has certainly got that Boom Boom Boom. Way to show up your McGolden Arch rival Perez Hilton in his Jay Manuel inspired look. Maybe he’s trying to send Tyra a message. I only have one photo in my hand Perez and you are NOT it.

Tommy D: Imagine two of the tackiest people in the world. Then imagine that they actually don’t look too bad! Fergie (who is me, if I were a woman) looks pretty dope. I love her brown hair SO much more. And Perez looks pretty good here. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but he looks sort of handsome. SORT OF…but not really.

More Red Carpet Critiques After The Jump…

Movie Review: Twilight Saga: New Moon

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I’m a stickler for book to movie adaptations. In my entire life, I don’t think I have ever been completely happy with the way a book was transformed into a movie. “White Oleander” lost a lot of story, “The Hours” was a million times better than the movie, and the most recent Harry Potter adaptation…well you know that I was left feeling completely unfulfilled. Even the “Twilight” movie was horrendous. It’s true, the book to film adaptation has always left me wanting more…that is until now.

I got a VERY special invitation from my good friend, and costume coordinator of NEW MOON, Kurtis to come and see the crew screening of the second film in the Twilight saga. Needless to say I freaked out. Knowing how much of a huge fan I was, I’m sure he figured I would probably appreciate it more than anyone on the planet. Now before you think I would give this movie a perfect review just because I love the books – think again. The first movie was real bad…for real. I went to film school for two years, and I made short films better than Twilight. The effects were terrible, the shooting style was lame; it was just an atrocious movie. I’m sure Summit thought the same thing, given that they axed director Catherine Hardwicke (thank god) and replaced her with the insanely talented Christ Weitz. Chris was even there tonight to thank everyone for their hard work, and introduced the movie which I thought was very classy of him, but I digress.  

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VIDEO PHONE: The Music Video

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The highly highly HIGHLY anticipated Beyonce video for VIDEOPHONE feat. Lady Gaga.


Beyonce takes drag queen to a whole new level on this one, and you know what? I ain’t mad at her for it. She LOADS on the makeup, throws on the weaves, wears…not a whole lot. But it is colourful. I’m living for her looks in this clip for sure. She’s giving me Reservoir Dogs meets Mary J. Blige meets Bettie Paige meets Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

And of course, we can’t forget our Lady! As always, she ads a breath of fresh air to Lady B. The one thing I love about this is Beyonce is totally giving Gaga her moment, and Gaga is not trying to overpower the vid. You aren’t going to get geometric outfits, blood, hairbows and neckbraces from gaga, you’re getting slick sexy mama from her.

Take note, I will be learning the chair routine. Will be needing a partner in crime for that numbah!

Music Video After The Jump

Just Sayin’

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Tommy: After we got the word that they wanted to go the O, I made a call to DJ DREW at the club to ask him what time they were closing; he said 3, I said: “PERFECT, we’re bringing GAGA!”

That’s an excerpt from my post back in March “Tommy & Jonny’s GAGA Adventure!” where Jonny and I brought Lady Gaga to the gay bar here in Vancouver after her concert. Now, she’s about to release her next album, just released probably one of the best music videos ever made, and now in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, her performances looks very similar to one of mine as Syren from Vancouver Pride. Haha. Seriously. See the resemblance? When you check out the videos, see her grand entrance, and see my grand entrance. Mmhmm. Told ya so.

See for yourself & compare, after the jump…

Lady Gaga & Beyonce: Telephone/Videophone

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There are some moments in the history of the music when two juggernauts some together to create one of the greatest pieces of music. Run DMC & Aerosmith,  Michael & Janet, Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton. Eminem & Dido. It has been a few years now since the last major duet happened, and all I can say is…good things come to those who wait. In pop music today we have two juggernauts; Beyonce who is just unstoppable, and our newest girl Lady Gaga who has been a breath of fresh air on the scene today.  

When news first hit that Gaga was going to be in Beyonce’s video for “Video Phone” I pretty much got a gay heart attack. Lady Gaga is throwing down her own verse for the remix of the song as well. Just when you thought that that was all we were getting, we got word that Beyonce is making a cameo in Lady Gaga’s songs Telephone. How cute, they even had the same sort of idea for songs. That is where the similarities pretty much end.

Beyonce’s track is very Sasha Fierce. Kind weird, in the same style as DIVA but much sexier. The original is good, the remix with Gaga is great. She ads a really hot verse, and her groans and moans I think are exactly what the song needed.

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Dollhouse Closes It’s Doors

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One of the best shows on tv has sadly gotten the axe. DOLLHOUSE the newest Joss Whedon series is going off the air after the final 13 episodes ordered by FOX. Why was this show canceled? One easy reason, Friday night time slot.

Yes dear readers, Dollhouse was given the worst day on television. Friday night is the graveyard shift for network TV and it really sucks that this show was slotted at 9pm.

The show isn’t a bad show at all. The basis of it is that people give up their lives and identities for 5 years, for an incredible amount of money. What happens is they wipe their current personalities, and put them safely on a shelf. After this is done, they become “Actives” and are given a name base don the phonetic Alphabet. Eliza Dushku the show’s star, is named Echo. Echo has quickly risen in the ranks and become the Dollhouses most popular Active, after Alpha went rogue and slaughtered a whole bunch of active including the former #1 Whiskey. Anyway, anyone can purchase an active for a certain amount of time, and have them implanted with any kind of personality, skill set, fear, whatever. Every week, Echo is implanted with something different that she needs to get through the latest dilemma she was put through.

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