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The X-Factor: Bootcamp Round 1

In: Tommy D, TV Shows

It’s getting better, but still a little bit of a mess. I guess I’m just spoiled with the UK version (which is turning me out right now btw you should all check it out if you want to see XF at it’s best)

We found out that around 160 acts made it through to Bootcamp…160!?! Way to show us only 10 good auditions over the past two weeks. That irritated me, but anyway moving on. The first round of bootcamp consisted of everyone dancing. I don’t know why, it’s kind of stupid to have Stacy Francis or the other 40+ singers doing a dance routine. They will NEVER dance in their careers come on now. I guess they just wanted to show off Brian Friedman, who I have always had a ladyboner for. He’s SUCH a fox.

After the (pointless!) dance off, they all had to sing a little song for the judges. Some people were good, we saw Stacy Francis go a LITTLE overboard with her note. While still being impressive it should ended about 10 seconds earlier. And others were awful, like that guy who sang “Creep” in his original audition. I guess now it’s getting down to the wire so they are realizing that it’s a big chunk of money they have to give away…and they need someone with TALENT! After those auditions, they were cut down to 100, and we saw Chris Rene and his sister reunite for the first time ever. I STILL don’t like him, I don’t know why. I mean…whatever .

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The X-Factor Episode 4: Glad That’s Over

In: Tommy D, TV Shows

I’m gonna try not to swear so much in this update, the powers that be have to bleep me out more than a cast of the Jersey Shore ;).

Last night was the FINAL… FINAL night of auditions and thank God. It’s really a shame how the US version is differing from the UK version. In the UK version, the auditions are incredible. They actually show people who can sing as opposed to showing the fools who can’t sing. And at this point in all these reality audition shows, the ones who CAN’T sing are clearly actors or something the producers set up and it needs to stop. It’s making the show unwatchable (and that’s coming from a MEGA fan) and it feels like a waste of time.

However it is now time for the real show to begin. With the end of last night’s auditions we are going to BOOTCAMP next week. Bootcamp is like an intense singer training, I think they are going to have dancing, singing in groups of people to see who shines more, I believe there is a mini song writing challenge as well. It’s where you separate the “good from the great” as Paula said. There are lots of amazing singers who don’t make it through boot camp.  I’m hoping Chris Rene will get weeded out but he won’t, he’s good TV. Stacy Francis will need to hold her own, and Melanie Amaro has pretty much solidified her position in the top 4 girls…duh.

I’m liking the camaraderie between Paula and Nicole, I think it’s cute. Simon is getting REALLY funny, or he was last night. LA Reid is still the coolest person on TV. I still hold to my prediction that he will mentor the winner. I really believe he will.

OK – Here’s my faves from last night.

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The X-Factor Episode 3 Auditions: Dramarama

In: Tommy D, TV Shows

I feel awful, and I’m gonna tell you why. I have been championing this show since i first heard it was coming for like 1.5 years. Seeing the UK and even the AUS versions, I thought for sure they had it made in the US. Well, either they are f*cking with us, or Simon Cowell has lost his goddamn mind.

I can’t handle anymore boring or bad auditions. It’s no surprise that this show is already losing viewers. I mean, yes they are getting 11 million people, but still no where near what Idol gets. X Factor, you HAVE to step it up.

The only possible reason is that they are doing this awful auditions now so that when they get to bootcamp and the judges houses the talent just blow us away. But it’s not going well X Factor, not at all. I’m still gonna watch religiously but you GOTTA step it up. Judging from the promo for tonight’s show you’ve got some good talent on, don’t f*ck this up Simon. It’s too good of a brand to mess up.

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The X-Factor Episode 2: A Star Is Born… Maybe Two

In: Tommy D, TV Shows

Night two of The X-Factor was unfortunately NOT the best episode of the series I have seen. I don’t know what’s going on with the US version. There are very few features and barely 1/4 are the good ones. I have a theory they are trying to build up the momentum, but if they keep showing episodes like last night with mainly bad auditions or joke auditions, they are going to lose viewers.

Here’s my two cents so far. There aren’t very many standout boys I’m seeing right now. I am loving the 30+ though and a couple of the girls really stood out last night.

Here’s a quick little recap of my faves from last night…

Watch my fave performances after the jump

The X-Factor Xplained

In: Tommy D, TV Shows

With the premiere of last night’s episode of X Factor USA, I think a lot of people still don’t get the brilliance of this show, including our own Patrick who thinks it just like any other singing competition. Which at first, to the untrained eye it is. You got the audition process, and the judging voting to see who goes through and who doesn’t. What you will notice is that the auditions are done in front of thousands of people which aids in the decision of the judges. Believe me, after watching years of XFUK auditions, some of the acts are absolutely terrible but because the audience cheers for them they get put through. Don’t forget what they are trying to do, find an act to sell lots of records. So audience reaction is major.

So what makes this show different from the others then?

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The OTHER Tyra Got Locked Up!

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Tommy D, Totally GAY!

Well well well, not very becoming of America’s Sweetheart and The Next Drag Superstar now is it?

This morning I awoke to read the news that Season 2 RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Tyra “The Other Tyra” Sanchez got busted, arrested and locked up for marijuana possession while driving a car in the lovely state of Georgia. PEACHY!

Mini Ru Pt.2 had a friend with her and they were busted for less than an ounce of weed on them. But here’s the kicker, they were first pulled over for having illegal tinted windows, and the cop could smell raw weed in the car, searched, found it and booked em. HA!

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Bare: A Pop Opera Review

In: Random Reads, The Arts, Tommy D

I first came across bare about 4 years ago. Funny enough I was searching for stuff about WICKED and one of the alums of that musical Jenna Leigh Green who played Nessarose was in a musical called bare. She played IVY and her song “All Grown Up” was all over the YouTube dear. It was incredibly haunting and her voice was mind blowing. So I started searching more about this pop opera and pretty much fell in love with it before I even saw it live.

Cut to four years later, and Vancouver’s Fighting Chance Productions (who did a great RENT 2 years ago) put on the western Canadian premiere and I was so jazzed.

BARE is a story of a Catholic High School and tells the tale of a few of it’s seniors. It pretty much unfolds like most high school stories do. Popularity, acceptance, sexuality, love, heartbreak all of that plays a major role in this musical. Love triangles galore, a hilarious nun and a scene stealing fat sister make this story one that pretty much hits close to home for anyone who lived through those awful high school year.

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Well Potterheads the time has come for the 8th and FINAL movie in the highest grossing movie franchise in history. I was so nervous for this movie because as an UBER fan I wasn’t sure what they were going to keep, what they were going to omit and how they were going to bring it to the screen. It’s a very odd feeling watching a movie and knowing pretty much exactly whats going to happen. I mean I know the ending of the series and everyone who read the books knows too…so how much do I write about?

I guess from this point on you’ll have some spoilers….well kind of spoilers because let’s face it everyone knows what happens.

In my last Harry Potter review I wrote about how amazing Part 1 was, how it set the tone perfectly and ended at the exact spot that it should’ve, well as soon soon as the lights went down pt2 picked it up and it did not stop. If there is one word to describe this movie, I would say that it is INTENSE. David Yates kept in every major point from the book, everything that needed to be in there to move the story ahead was. What he omitted I actually didn’t even care about, and the way he explained the Horcruxes was perfect.

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