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Once a month, Eduardo Cordova in collaboration with The Light Group host one of the biggest LGBT parties in Las Vegas called Sundanze which is held at Mirage’s Jet Nightclub. Ever since its successful launch with Kelly Rowland in January, then with Kat Deluna in February, I’ve written about the monthly event. So, when I found out I was going to be in Las Vegas during the third Sundanze, I knew I had to work it in our hectic schedule. As an added bonus, British songbird Estelle, whom we love, was on deck to give a live performance. Now, there was definitely no question about it. This was a must-see event.

I’m not even exaggerating this one bit, but the night was epic. No disrespect to the other amazing things I did and saw in Vegas last weekend (and we did a lot), but Sunday night blew my mind. This, coupled with our pre-party at The Chippendales show (more on that later) made for an unforgettable night. I have to give both Cordova and The Light Group props for knowing how to throw a party. Taken from someone who’s written about Sundanze before having attended it, it exceeded my high expectations. I definitely recommend you check it out, if you’re in the area.

Watch Estelle’s performances and our interview after the jump

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! The Episode I’m not in town for (Driving back from Vegas) is the episode I have been waiting all season long for.

Ladies, gentlemen and everything in between two things happened in last night’s episode that I haven been waiting for all season long, but we’ll get to that later.

This week’s challenge was all about hair and wigs, and I thought it was totally a great idea. The mini challenge, the queen had to make a headpiece using only things mopped from the gay beach. It was cute I guess, Raja’s was clearly the best so she won the mini challenge. This is when we found out that the main challenge this week was all about wigs wigs wigs. They had to create three wig looks, classic era, modern red carpet and fantasy hair. Honey, I KNEW who was going to win and who was going home this week right away. It was too obvious and it made me SO happy. As the winner of the mini challenge, Raja got a 5 second head start to pick her wigs before everyone else, and she was on a mission! The res of the queen attacked the wig stand and started working.

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The latest Queen to be eliminated this week is our very own Jersey Girl. And while it was clear that she struggled this week, Carmen grew on me quite a bit. I thought she was all kind of just face and body, but I ended up actually really liking her especially when she started farting in the workroom.

The bitch was shopping for rhinestones when we talked…glamor ALL the way.

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Ok let’s just start this post by the most hilarious news of the evening…Michelle Visage FLASHED the camera. It was absolutely amazing I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m also kind of in the same boat as her with those silicone breast plates, I don’t know exactly how I feel about them yet.

Last night’s episode was the first time that girls all had to record a single. I’m seeing a bit of a theme this season, they are sort of taking last seasons challenges and just putting a slight twist on them. Last season the queens had to sing life to Ladyboy in front of an audience, this season they had to record Superstar in their own genre and lip sync it to the audience. The funny thing is a few of them couldn’t lip sync their own song…doyyyyyyyy.

The episode started with the girls talking about last week’s NO elimination. Carmen was saying it’s because Ru probably thought both her and Yara were to fierce to let go, I think it’s so she could get another episode of it but to each their own 😉

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Homorazzi Chats With Pandora Boxx

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This is kind of wicked. Since Ru decided to get a little lame this week and didn’t eliminate anyone, our interview is with Seasons 2 alumni, and Audience Favorite PANDORA BOXX! As you remember, Pandora was definitely the favorite to win season 2, however she got eliminiated and ended up 5th from that season. Being that only queen that didn’t take herself too seriously, and was definitely the most genuine she stole the hearts of everyone not only on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but on Drag U as well, she totally won the MVP during Season 1. Well, the planet has spoken and it was extremely clear who their favorite is!

We chatted about what she’s been up to, about season 2 and also how bitchy everyone is in season 3. It was SUCH a treat to speak with her! Take a listen below!

Interview after the jump…

Maybe it’s the Canadian in me, but I always find the “Proud to be American” themed anything always a little cheesy. I never really got it, but Americans are UBER hardcore when it comes to patriotism so I guess I’ll let it slide.

Like a said. this week’s theme was all about how proud they were to be American, and what America means to them. This is probably a spinoff of the HIV PSA from season 1, it had kind of the same feel to it right? There are 6 queens left now, and for the mini challenge, they each had to re-design a brazier however the wanted to using a bedazzler, glitter and lots of other shiny things. I liked most of them, except for Shangela’s RIDICULOUS interpretation of RuPaul’s face. Could you SEE the insult in Ru’s face when she told her what it was? She should have just agreed with Ru when she asked if it was corn. What a mess.

Ru chose Manila’s to be the best, even though I kind though Yara or Carmen’s was the best, but that’s just my own thing. Manila’s was cute though don’t get me wrong.

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Movie Review: Red Riding Hood

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So I totally had to fight Donovan for these tickets, needless to say I was dying to see this movie. When I saw the previews for this flick I was so excited because:

a) I LOVE when they take an old fairytale and do a cool update to it
b) The image of Red Riding Hood in her blood red cloak against the white mountain blew me away.

So let’s get to it.

The basic story of RRH is that there is a village in the olden tyme days that is haunted by a were wolf. Over the past 20 years they have figured out a way to keep him happy by sacrificing animals so that it wouldn’t kill any people. Well it’s the time of the blood moon which happens only once every 13 years, when a bite from a werewolf won’t kill you, but it will turn you. The village starts freaking because one of the girls was killed, in fact it was the sister of Valerie (who is Red Riding Hood in the story). The villagers get super angry and go off to kill the wolf, which in fact they do. Except that it was just a regular wolf and not the were wolf. A were hunter comes into town (Gary Oldman) and tells them this, and he also gives them the story of the blood moon. Now anyone who gets bitten must be killed right away.

So how does RRH come into this story, well the wolf actually speaks to Valerie telling her he wants her to go away with her. For some reason she can understand everything he’s saying. Now is when we try to figure out who the wolf is? Is it Peter the boy she loves, Henry the boy that loves her or is it in fact the grandmother who is a weird recluse in the village?

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Alright, before I let you listen I’m going to tell you that Delta Work was like the best interview I’ve ever done up to this point. She was totally open, totally candid, totally honest!

She blew the roof off of last nights episode, and really just let it all out.

And if that bothers you..she probably doesn’t care. I love Delta Work! Take listen below.

Listen to the interview after the jump…

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