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Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

In: Movies, Tommy D

It happened, I saw an advance screening of TDKR and I loved it. I’m going to get a few things out of the way right away because everyone is asking me the same questions. Once I get that out of the way I’m going to give you the juice. I will try to keep this as spoiler free as I can as well.

  • Is TDKR rises better than The Dark Knight? No.
  • Is TDKR better than Avengers? Yes.
  • Is Anne Hathaway the best Catwoman? On par with Michelle.
  • Is Bane better than the Joker? They are completely different.
  • Is this the best Batman movie? No.
  • Is this the best movie this summer? Yes.

So I got that out of the way, now I’m going to elaborate on this brilliant piece of cinema. First of all this is not The Dark Knight. It’s not even CLOSE to TDK, and if you go into this movie constantly comparing it to TDK you will not enjoy it I promise you that. Do you remember in Scream 3 when Randy gave the rules of the trilogy? Something from past is gonna come bite you in that ass, the body count is WAY bigger etc. etc., all of that applies to this trilogy perfectly.

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Theatre Review: Magical ‘Mary Poppins’

In: Random Reads, The Arts, Tommy D

“I’m always a bit cautious when I go and see a musical based on a movie”. That was from my friend and musical theatre guru Iona Whipp’s main concerns as we were going into see Mary Poppins last night at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I had even bigger concerns because I am literally obsessed with Mary Poppins, and Julie Andrews is a goddess. But I had to shelf my love of the film before I sat down in my seat and enjoy the live production for what it was.

And it was definitely something.

I don’t really think I need to recap the story of Mary Poppins do I? Magical nanny comes into sad household and changes the lives of the children and parents. Essentially that’s it right? That’s the skeleton of this story with so much ooey gooeygoodness it almost gave me a toothache. I think I need to start somewhere because I’m getting all confused. Let’s start with the cast yeah? Mary Poppins was played by Rachelle Wallace and she does a great job. I think one of her biggest strengths was that she let everyone else shine. It’s actually quite interesting to watch. Don’t forget Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way so the story, even though it is named after her, is not about her. She’s practically perfect, what more do you need?

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We’re back with another episode of ‘Homorazzi‘, airing today on OUTtv, but we’ve got the full episode for you here below. This is our fifth episode and the first one to air in HD on television. The panel consists of (from left to right): Tommy, Nic, Patrick, and Adam.

In this episode we cover various topics including Paris Hilton‘s DJing debut, Magic Mike, steroid use in the gay community, and some advice about pride parties this summer from Tommy. He has a lot of experience with pride being that he puts on many events and sees a lot.

Also, find out which one of these cast members used to date, who has a swollen ankle and why, who just got back from vacation, and whose been doing “Needles“. Huh? Enjoy the episode below!

Watch our new episode after the jump…

Movie Review: Brave

In: Movies, Tommy D

BRAVE is the latest Disney/Pixar baby that came out this week and like all their other movies it promised to be an incredible tale with an amazing heroine at the helm of a family picture. Were they right?

I didn’t know much about this movie before it came out other than the heroine Princess Merida had a WICKED head of red hair and is proficient with a boy and arrow. The previews really didn’t give you much information about the film so going into it I was incredibly curious as to what it was about.

BRAVE is the story of a Scottish royal family in the 10thish century. Their first born Merida is princess and instead of growing up as her mother wishes (to be proper and act like a princess should act) Merida has a fondness for hunting, archery, riding horses and getting into mischief. As she gets older she grows even more independent even though it is time for her to choose a suitor from one of the three other clans. For the right suitor to be chosen they had to compete in a tournament, she of course chose archery because she had a plan. She wanted to compete for her own hand. It is here where the conflict arises with her mother who is the pillar of tradition in the family. After the tournament her and her mother have a huge blowup and it is here that Merida finds the house of a witch. She told the witch she wants to change her mother, and change her life.

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In this most recent episode that aired this past Tuesday night, Patrick, Tommy, Adam and Nic (having returned from his Grindr leave) talk about the latest in Travolta gossip, Snow White and it’s trailer hype, plus TV’s best in spring finales.

The episode starts off with gossip, chatting about a few stories involving John Travolta and Justin Bieber. Transitioning into the late Donna Summer, Tommy talks about her relationship with the gay community and his thoughts on things that happened in the past.

The panel also chats a lot about the recent TV finales and which ones were their faves. Tommy confesses that he literally watched one of the finales over and over, thirty times. Find out what show it was in the episode below. Enjoy!

Watch the full episode after the jump…

Movie Review: The Avengers

In: Movies, Tommy D

Today is the day! This is a movie that pretty much every comic book or superhero nerd has been waiting for. After a while bunch of movies of the individual characters and so many years of planning, the mega motion picture THE AVENGERS hits theatres…and I got to see a special advance screening of it.

Going into the Avengers I had to leave a few things at the door.

  • 1. The Captain American movie was meh at best.
  • 2. Black Widow was GARBAGE in Iron Man 2 with absolutely no Russian accent
  • 3. BOTH Hulk movies were terrible and a complete waste of time.

I left those three major points at the door and went into The Avengers with my nerd family, if there were any three people that deserved to see this movie it was them. Let me tell you we were not disappointed.

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FINALLY! I FINALLY GOT HER! After some technical difficulties I finally got my interview with Sharon Needles, probably the most famous person on the planet right now.

I have to say for the first time ever talking to a drag race contestant I was actually incredibly nervous! Don’t ask me why but there it is!

Take a listen below and don’t forget I’m bringing her to Vancouver on JUNE 23! Click the flyer for full details! Thanks again for a GREAT Drag Race season, and I’ll be back for ALL STARS!

Interview after the jump…

I can’t even believe it! I honestly HONESTLY cannot believe it! After 4 seasons and so many queens, RuPaul has finally got it right on the nose! Not only with the WINNER, but with the FAN FAVORITE! This year played out perfectly and I don’t think there is anyone (other than Phi Phi) who is upset by the results.

Yes kids, we have our two winners! The winner of fan favorite this year is LATRICE MOTHERF*CKING ROYALE!

And the winner of RPDR season 4, America’s Next Drag Superstar is…

Find out who won & more after the jump…

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