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I didn’t get her during s3, I didn’t get her during Drag U but I finally got an interview with MANILA LUZON! Arguably one of the most popular queens to ever grace the RPDR runway, Manila took some time this morning to chat with me!

Yes, I woke her up (blame the agents booking the interviews) from partying it up after Obama won the election last night, but this was one of my favourite interviews ever. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. Manila dishes on all of the eliminated contestants, and some of the ones that are still in it. She also explains how her new music video with Latrice Royale came to be.

Take a listen to it below, and don’t forget to buy “THE CHOP“…available on iTunes!

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First of all let me say sorry for my lack of review last week. I was drunk with Team RUJUBEE in Seattle. Like really drunk. Like we were all blind by the end of the night drunk. Oy vey, but I’m back this week in full force and ready to spill the T.

I want to start off my saying that tonight’s episode was really weird. Yes it was funny because who doesn’t love seeing Shannel walk on all four and bark like a dog, but to me I don’t understand what this had to do with being a drag queen. I also have some insider information that I will divulge later, but overall this entire episode was very fishy…and not in a good way.

Back in the work room after the last elimination of team Brown Flowers (NOT CUTE! I pegged Nina to be a finalist, she is the fiercest from that show EVER) we learned of the next mini challenge; taking butch queen realness photos. Sure…why not? They’ve done pretty much everything else they could why not just take some weird man photos. Yarlexis took this and I don’t even remember what their prize was? (Was there a prize?)

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OK! We’re gonna go for round 2 with Mimi Imfurst…and this time it totally recorded YEAY!

Sorry for the lack of REVIEW (I’m not going to say recap anymore because I got my head bitten off when my recap included my opinions about the show. YIKES!) this week. I was down in Seattle from Sunday until Tuesday hanging out with Team RUJUBEE, as you can see in the photo below.

I know you’re jealous…it’s totally fine I would be too. It was actually my first time meeting Raven and she’s everything, honestly so funny. So yeah we were there for a couple days and watched the episode there, and by the time I got back and sobered up (which took me at least 2 days…Americans free pour btw) It was Thursday and a review would be silly.

BUT I haven’t completely dropped the ball this week, I’ve got two interviews for you to listen to. We re-recorded an interview with Mimi since last week it didn’t record, and I also spoke to Miss TAMMIE BROWN, and let me tell you she spills the T. I am working on getting Nina as soon as I can, but that bitch Sandy has messed up a lot of people…Nina is coming I promise.

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Well lookie here! I didn’t think we were going to get them this season but HUZZAH! We’re getting ALL-STAR interviews…BONUS!

Early this morning I chatted with the glorious Pandora Boxx and the amazing Mimi Imfurst after they were eliminated from the premiere episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars. We chatted about All-Stars, the pairing system and their new singles. Both of them have recently released a track and they are both great. Pandora Boxx’s is called “Nice Car” and Mimi Imfurst’s (as part of Xelle) is called “Queen“. Unfortunately, we ran into a glitch and the interview with Mimi Imfurst didn’t record (insert sad face here). In place, we’ve included her amazing new music video which also features many of the other contestants from All-Stars as well as her two other Xelle counterparts. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it. Check back next week for my recap on Episode 2 as well as my interview with the eliminated contestants.

Take a listen, and remember to check back next week for more ALL STARS!
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Let me preface this post by saying that I know my public persona is shallow. I don’t really like talking about anything political because I feel my choices are my own. I don’t really like to blog or post about marriage equality or the fight for our rights because for me I’d rather just do something than talk about doing something. On our show HOMORAZZI (Which you can watch HERE) I can throw down about gossip, television, movies the latest dramz between celebrities and I can talk about any party I’ve ever been until I’m blue in the face. But I’m always shied away from really serious topics probably because I’m not a very serious person publicly.

When Hillary Clinton gave that amazing speech, I was late to that party. When Sally Field gave her speech I was also late to that party. I watched and listened and really appreciated what they had to say. Bringing awareness to such important issues is amazing, but it wasn’t until this morning when I watched Lana Wachowski’s acceptance speech for the HRC Visibility Award that I finally decided it was time to say something about it.

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FINALLY! RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars has begun, and in TRUE drag race form it was everything. I don’t know about you, but I can just sit and watch drag race all day everyday. It’s all I want to do. I’m a little disappointed that it’s only 6 episodes, but what are you gonna do.  I’ve got lots to say about it so let’s get right into it shall we?

One by one the all stars are introduced, the budget has clearly gotten higher because the beginning intros were fabulous. We are introduced to the 12 queens from the past 4 seasons that have made the cut and are called all stars. My favorite looks as they walked in were Pandora, Manila, Raven, Mimi Imfurst and of course my personal All Star Nina Flowers, who in true Nina form took the cake as the best look. I have to give major props to Mimi because I don’t think many will (even though in my opinion she totally deserves them) but she looked ferosh. She’s got a new look, a new body and her paint was flawless.

We find out right away that the queens are going to paired up (in groups of 2). Oh yes, they both have to be flawless or else they go home. If either queen screws up, they jeopardize the team. Each of the queens had to pick who they wanted to be paired up with, and if there was a match, that was the team. If not they keep going. They only had to go through 2 rounds and only one pairing was assigned by lady Fate. Here are the teams in my personal favourite order…

Recap & results after the jump…

Last night, RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars contestant JuJubee was performing here in Vancouver at Post Modern nightclub for an event put on by TFD Presents called “Icon“. As you may or may not know, TFD is headed by Homorazzi’s Tommy so while he had her here in the city (for the second time this year), it was the perfect opportunity to talk to her about the upcoming All-Stars season so myself and Tyrell went to check out her performance and capture Tommy’s interview for you.

Chatting outside the club in the historic Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver (ranked the fourth most stylish neighborhood in the world), JuJubee chatted with Tommy about her experience on this upcoming season and what we can expect. As Tommy kept her dry under his um-ber-ella-ella-ella, he asked her about who she got along most with, if she makes the final three, what she thought when Mimi Imfurst walked in the workroom and what’s next for her.

JuJubee also pleads for Americans to vote for Obama and also says what she’d do if she were president. Check out the interview below!

Watch the interview after the jump…

Can you play Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” using your armpit? Can you “Gangnam Style” better than all your friends? Can you play a guitar using your feet? If you’ve got talent and you want people to marvel at it, this post is up your alley. Starting tonight, Oasis (one of our favorite spots in Vancouver) is holding a weekly talent competition, “Davie’s Got Talent“. Not only will you get your fifteen minutes in the spotlight, but you might also walk away with some cash in your wallet. $200 to be exact.

Hosted by drag superstar Joan-E, each week will host a bevy of celebrity judges. For the inaugural show tonight, they have Real Housewives of Vancouver star Reiko Mackenzie and two of our own cast members, Tommy D and Nic on the judging panel. FIERCE. The festivities start at 8:30 pm every Thursday. Even if you don’t have any talent, drop by Oasis to check out those who do. All interested performers, send in your info to [email protected]. May the force be with you.

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