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FlameCon – NYC first LGBTQ ComicCon

In: Tommy D, Totally GAY!

If you keep up with my Instagram, Facebook and our show on OUTtv, you know that last month in October. Part of my trip was checking out the brilliant New York Comic Con and while I was there I found GeeksOUT.

GeeksOUT is a group that has been organizing queer nerdy events around the country where we can all meet up and geek out (get it?). We chatted a bit while there and I found out that they are starting a brand new con called FLAME CON! It’s their biggest project ever and they need our help. Yesterday they launched their Kickstarter campaign and have already raised half of their goal, so let’s help them raise the rest of it yeah?

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Movie Review: The Maze Runner

In: Movies, Tommy D

Movies like The Maze Runner aren’t brand new concepts. Dystopian future where the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of teenagers. We have the Hunger Games as Divergent which are both great franchises, and both female led. The Maze Runner is essentially the same kind of story but this time with all boys.

The movie starts fast right away. You are thrown into the maze when Thomas is sent into the Glades to meet his fate. He is greeted by the boys who have already been trapped there led by Alby. He takes Thomas around and shows him the ropes of the mini civilaztions, tell him that everyone has a role to play and they get along fine. That’s when Thomas starts noticing the Maze. No one knows where it came from or what it is, only that the get out of where they are they have to find the exit.

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World Pride is coming to Toronto and it is time to celebrate like the world is watching!! PITBULL Events are throwing two huge events and you are not going to want to miss out on these incredible events.

Their first giant party is going to be the PITBULL WORLDWIDE party at the Liberty Grand (25 British Columbia Dr.) on Friday, June 27th. Headlining this incredible event will be the Grammy nominated CHRIS COX (US) who will be providing a full night of big room sounds and incredible beats. We also have the legendary DJ HANSOM from Europe who will be playing at the same time. Opening up for them will be DJ Del Stamp (VAN), Toronto legend Deko-Ze and DJs Aural and Alessandro will turn the incredible outdoor courtyard into a Pop Paradise. An enhanced sound and light system will be in all three spaces so get ready to be blown away.

Dozens of Go Go dancers in incredible outfits will make sure that the party is going strong and providing incredibly stunning visual shows. Expect some incredible Go Go performances by International Porn Stars Aleks Buldocek, Draven Torres, Jon Shields and many more.

Following up this giant party will be the PITBULL – GOES WILD at the Phoenix Concert Hall (410 Sherbourne St.) on Saturday, June 28th. The Phoenix is going to be turned into a giant jungle themed party with incredible decor and a bigger than life sound system. Get wild with a club full of hot men, great music, and incredible times at what is going to be the wildest pride party in Toronto this year.

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Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

In: Movies, Tommy D

Four and a half years ago I woke up my lazy ass up at 8 am, drove to the burbs, and sat down in a movie theater full of screaming children for a 10 am screening. It really was a special level of hell for me. What I didn’t know at that time is that I would be sitting down and watching a movie that would become one of my Top 5 Films of all time. That movie was How to Train Your Dragon. The story of Hiccup and Toothless: two opposite species brought together by curiosity and love.

Four and a half years later, I got the email to wake my lazy ass up at 8am drive to burbs and sit in a theater full of screaming children at 10 am for the sequel to one of my favourite movies of all time.

If you haven’t seen the first Dragon movie, it is an absolute must. Click here to read my review of the original in this series so I can spare you the details of recanting it now. In short: A viking who supposed to kill dragons can’t do it; ends up befriending a dragon; and, they change the course of viking history forever. Simple story, but best movie ever.

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They Crowned the Clown and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly, at one point, I was getting a bit nervous about the finale because Adore was picking up a bit of steam. I even heard that they filmed a fourth ending with Bianca and Adore both winning. Thank god that wasn’t the result, could you imagine splitting the money! Bianca would’ve been pissed!

I thought the reunion was pretty good. My favourite looks were definitely Milk, Trinity and I REALLY liked how Jocelyn was just so happy and bubbly. Laganja looked a RIGHT mess: what the hell was with that wig? Gia was her usual annoying self, Magnolia got booed, I totally forgot about Kelly Mantle & Ben DelaCreme won Miss Congeniality which I wasn’t really happy with. I understand why she won though. She was eliminated way too early and people got pissed off so they had to give her something. Personally, this year it should’ve been Joslyn Fox or Trinity for congeniality. They really were the only two who stood up for people and gave them pep talks.

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So, can we just crown Bianca Del Rio already? Honestly, this whole season has been leading up to her getting that crown and that cheque- it’s not even funny. Even when you think she’s going to mess up (like today) she pulls it out and dominates the challenge!

The final contest for everyone today was RuPaul’s music video. They had to learn Sissy choreography, do a couple of improv acting bits and even a treadmill catwalk. Bianca, Courtney, Adore and Darienne all worked it out hard for the final challenge and each had their strengths, but it truly is Bianca Del Rio that has risen to the top of the season.

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What the hell was that?

I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so completely screwed by an elimination! That was complete and utter bullshit I can’t even tell you. I think the last time was when Chad Michaels beat Latrice Royale for the final 3 in season 4. What a crock of shit.

I read a lot of people’s reviews online because I wanted to see how we are all feeling, and while this season has some of the strongest competitors ever with Bianca, Adore & the now eliminated Ben; it’s been the biggest mess since All Stars. I have no idea what RuPaul is thinking with the eliminations. I have no idea what the JUDGES are thinking with what they like and don’t like. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the absolute brilliance of Bianca, I would’ve stopped watching this season a while ago. Ok maybe not, but still, I’m kind of over it.

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I KNOW you missed me last week but I was moving my life, so it was utter chaos and I couldn’t write my recap. Here is the quick version: Courtney won & wore wings on the runway; Trinity got kicked off after she had to lip sync against Adore; Joslyn had a meaty tuck and completely missed the ball on the runway theme; Bianca was amazing as always; Ben was a fly; and, they did a talk show challenge where they had to interview Chaz Bono and Georgia Holt.

There was also an episode before that where Ben and Darienne had to lip sync and no one went home. It was really stupid because Darienne should have been sent home.

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