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That’s So Gay

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This post is so gay. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Someone within earshot the other day described the fact that her friend couldn’t come out and party with her that night as “that’s so gay.” I can’t STAND it when people say that. Seriously, ever since I was in high school I shudder when I hear those three words applied to describe everything from poor grades to the price of fuel.

I used to ignore it and think, well that sucks, one day they’ll learn and it’s not really my place to correct people or make them feel awkward. As you can imagine, that got old and I became more comfortable with who I was, and wanted to let people know that I wasn’t okay with that. So when some genius would think up some clever description for my favourite three word phrase sometimes I’ll react to it and tried to make it more of a joke so as to not fully go militant on them. Oh, you think that’s gay? Well the fact that your car’s tire is going flat is pretty f’ing hetero, buddy. It usually elicits a few nervous laughs “Oh, right…”, sometimes a red faced “Sorry, I forgot who I was speaking to.” People should realize how ridiculous it sounds to attach a random sexual identifier to anything that sucks. It is a kind of playful, non-aggressive way to respond that hopefully would cause people to think about it enough to change their habits. But mostly I just give them my ‘unimpressed’ look accompanied by a raised eyebrow that makes my face say: “Excuse me, did you just say that?” 

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I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you have heard about this so-called swine flu pandemic that is sweeping across the world. As of April 28 laboratory tests have confirmed 114 cases in seven countries, including:

  • 19 cases in Canada.
  • 91 cases in the U.S. with one reported death.
  • 26 cases in Mexico with seven reported deaths.
  • Two cases in Israel.
  • Four cases in Spain.
  • Two cases in the United Kingdom.
  • Two cases in New Zealand.

There are new cases cropping up every day. But really how alarmed should we be? At this point its really hard to say. Human to human transmission outside of Mexico is starting to occur, and already has in BC. Today, walking home from work I saw two separate people wearing facemasks. I was going to write a ‘Bitch, Please!’ article about how stupid people look wearing masks when they are walking around on the streets on a warm sunny day because they are scared about catching something that about .00001% of the city actually has (it seriously grates me), but then I thought that maybe these people are actually less stupid and more scared about what they’ve been hearing about this virus. 

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A Simple Kinda Life

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Have you ever just wanted to get away from the city? I’m not talking about a vacation, those are always great, but as far as you go you’re always coming back to your urban jungle. I’m talking about packing your bags, selling your condo, giving notice to your landlord, and moving to a small town to lead a simpler life. Amidst all the drama and gayness, the need to be coiffed and ‘put together’ while performing mundane tasks like grocery shopping, and the speedy pace of life that the city demands, wouldn’t it be nice to just say 

That’s exactly what one of my best friends and his husband did about three years ago. They were tired of the pace of city life and trying to afford a decent lifestyle in a tiny apartment so they decided one day that after they got married they would move to the interior to a small community of around 10,000 people- over 5.5 hours from the big city! Of course they had friends they would miss, but my friend’s husband has family up there and a few opportunities for work came up for the both of them so they jumped on it. They ended up with a big house on a half-acre lot, big garden, a dog and two cats; all for less than it would cost for a fully loaded high-end SUV. And what’s best is that they have never been happier! 

Not only are they able to afford the lifestyle they’d like-they’ve been to Hawaii, Florida, California and Las Vegas (twice) in the last 18 months alone, but they are able to focus more on their hobbies and meet a lot of genuine, non-pretentious people they’ve made meaningful relationships with. My friend has been dabbling with art and creative writing in his studio room and is currently putting the final touches on his first novel- seriously!

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Ghetto Fabulousness 101

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Thanks to my friend Matt B who sent me this link. He is an old friend of mine and has always had this major appreciation for heavier-set African-American women: mostly their culture and their accents. I think we both agree that his affinity is so strong because he was one in a past life. I’m still kinda jealous. Anyway, one of my favourite things about the subculture is not only the size of their weaves, but some of the most creative- yes lets say creative- names for their kids. Take a look at this clip that attempts to address the top 60 names from their perspective:

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Introducing… Stephen

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Today, it’s Stephen’s turn to be in the spotlight. This fifth generation Vancouverite enjoys staying active by running on the seawall, curling with his boyfriend Kevin, Donovan, and Brian, and dancing the night away with everyone! With a background in geography and a keen interest in sustainability and public policy, this self-confessed “news junkie” loves finding new ways to reduce his ecological footprint and tries (too hard sometimes) to be “Switzerland” when it comes to conflicts between friends.

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
To have my own travel show and be paid to explore the myriad cultures and landscapes that surround the globe. Oh, and perpetual retirement would be nice too.

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Why Kylie Rocks My World

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C’mon, we’ve all got one. Depending on who she is- you may not be proud to admit it- but you have all of her albums, you know all the words to all of her hit singles, and most likely the rest of her songs too. She’s that one female artist that just gets us going whether we’re at home belting it out in front of a mirror, on a road trip with close friends, or ripping it up on a Saturday night. For me, that woman is none other than the uber-fab Kylie Minogue.

You’re probably thinking that this is a real fluff-post about some stereotypically gay topic. Well, umm yeah, it is. I think that the the homo/diva relationship is an interesting and dynamic- one that deserves to be explored. How is it that these strong, confident, gorgeous, and powerful women become gay icons? What is it about them and their music that we easily relate to in our own lives no matter what type of “gay” you are and where you identify yourself on the gay spectrum? Who knows? All I know is that Kylie is my girl and she rocks my world.

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The Best of Brunch

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I love Sunday brunch. It is one of my favourite indulgences- I look forward to it all week. It’s that portion of your week where time just stands still for a little while. It’s Sunday, around noon; you’re tired; you’re with a bunch of your friends; and, you can linger over a cup of coffee for as long as you want. My heart never beats slower than it does when I’m brunching. You get to catch up on how everyone’s doing, what their weekend plans were, and there’s always someone who has some sordid tale about the night before.

That being said, a little planning goes a long way, especially if you woke up late and didn’t eat anything because you were saving your appetite for brunch. Of course, your friends were late because they are half hung over, and you are told by the host that your wait will be up to an hour- not that that ever happens! Here are a few brunching tips from the ‘brexpert’:

Click here to check out my favorite places for Sunday brunch

Now That We Can Marry, Who Gets My Vote?

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I don’t know if there’s been much published about this, but this is something I’ve been wondering for a little while. In Canada, over the last decade or so, we have seen the gay marriage issue come and go. Many long and hard battles were fought over the right for the definition of “marriage” to include same-sex couples as case after case and appeal after appeal dragged on in court. In the end, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the law that limited marriage between a man and a woman was essentially unconstitutional and made it legal in the Spring of 2004. It was a proud moment: I remember exactly where I was when I heard the ruling too, and I’m sure many other homos do as well.

There was much political posturing at the time as this issue was forced front and center by the court case mentioned above; all political parties were forced to take a stance on the issue. The LGBTQ community was certainly focused on getting this passed and kept it in the forefront of politicians minds and in the media spotlight. Politicians needed to decide where they stood- voters needed to decide where they stood. Gay rights issues were everywhere. Many a political career was made and lost. It was a pretty damn exciting time.

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