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SYTYCDC Live In Vancouver

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This past Friday, Stephen, Rich, Riley (Rich’s beau) and I sashayed down to GM place to take in all the glory that our So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season Two Top Ten (eff that’s a mouth full) had to offer. Knowing full well that we would be surrounded by thousand of tween girls and their mother’s, we braved it like any group of homo would.

I forgot the extreme ‘innocence’ of 14 year old girls and the cheer terror excitement a simple movement of a curtain can instill in a prepubescent girl vying for the attention of a shirtless male dancer. Needless to say we pushed those little hussies out of the way to make SURE we were seen!

The show opened with a reintroduction of the top ten dancers, and I have to say I needed it! Outside of the winner, Tara Jean, I really couldn’t remember the latest season’s cast. Of course we had fan favorite Cody kicking off the scream fest, followed by Vincent, Everett, Emanuel and Austin rounding out the men. Partnering them throughout the night were the top five girls, Jayme-Rae, Melanie Mah, Amy, Kim and season two winner, Tara-Jean.

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This is a story I came across while perusing my favorite sports website looking for the score in the Canucks hockey game, which is on Pay-Per-View tonight, and as much as I love following my team I’m not about to shell out $17 just to watch a hockey game (its 1-0 Vancouver after the first period if anyone was wondering). Anyway, I came across a very interesting story that has evidently been splashed across the sports pages over the past day or so. Brendan Burke, son of Brian Burke who is the former Canucks GM, current Maple Leafs GM and very influential NHL personality, essentially outed himself in a story written by ESPN reporter John Buccigross.

In the ESPN piece, Bucigross writes about Brendan’s coming out story to his family and how his sexuality has affected his career. Brendan was an up-and-coming goalie in the minors but eventually chose not to continue with his hockey career for fear of his teammates finding out he was gay. Today he is a student manager for the University of Miami’s hockey team.

Brendan’s Dad, Brian, is quoted as saying would stand next to his son “with an axe” and has incredible respect and admiration for him. However, he wasn’t so keen on him sharing his story with the world and being the ‘first’ in the hockey world to come out, “You wish that someone else would carry that burden first and then he can grab and help. But this is what he wanted to do and we support him.”

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Behind the Cast: My Friend the Entrepreneur

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I should probably say this more often, but I have amazing friends. Not only are they loving, caring people I can always count on, but from time to time they can also be incredibly inspiring.

The reason I’m having one of these “be grateful for what and who I have in my life” moments is because recently one of my best friends took one of the biggest risks of his life! After being laid off from his prior job as a high-end furniture and design store manager from a company he grew to embody and embrace wholeheartedly for five years, my friend decided to go it alone with two of his former co-workers and open his own furniture and accessories store.

I know this has always been a dream of his, to have his own store, be his own boss, and growing up together we spoke about it many times: about how cool it would be, one day, if only… yada yada. Truthfully, I never really thought it possible mostly because I never had the balls to drop my comfy 9-5 to do anything like that and I found it hard to imagine someone close to me would be able to do the same. When he told me his intention to go it alone with his two business partners not three months ago, I had to admit that I had serious reservations about the idea, as many others close to him had. Of course I would support him regardless, but as his close friend I worried about his own financial and career situation.

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Imogen Heap: “Just For Now” Live in Rehearsal

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I’m not sure how many of you have seen this video, but when I first saw it I was absolutely blown away and felt the need to show as many people as possible. It’s a rehearsal video of Imogen Heap’s “Just For Now” and it looks like it takes place in a radio station of some sort.

What’s amazing about this video is that Imogen Heap essentially builds the effects, vocals, and beats as she goes along with the use of her synthesizer, records them, and then reuses them. What gets created is this simple, beautiful, raw and organic body of work that involves only her voice, her breathe and her hands she uses to layer one upon another in different harmony sequences. Brilliant!

Regardless of where the video comes from, even if you’re not a fan of Imogen Heap’s work (and  I can’t understand how you couldn’t be!) she really brings live music to a new level here. If you are a big fan and you haven’t seen this clip yet, you are in for a treat! I’ve never seen her live but after this “rehearsal” performance, if she ever comes anywhere near Vancouver you can bet I’ll be there!

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Top 10’s: Top 10 Kylie Songs of All Time

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By now most of you are probably aware that I am one of Kylie Minogue’s biggest fans. In case you missed it, here’s my post explaining why. Last month I had the incredible pleasure of seeing her live in concert for the first time ever! And we were in the fourth row on the floor! Literally, I could have died. My friend Craig, an even bigger fan than I, actually started crying as she hit the stage – I’m not kidding. The concert itself was magical; six costume changes, incredibly hot dancers, killer choreography and effects. Kylie was out in full force! It was definitely the best concert I’ve ever seen. I can’t even handle how amazing she is. If you EVER get a chance to see her in concert anywhere around the globe, do not hesitate to attend, you will not be disappointed!

As the afterglow of the concert begins to fade, I feel like I can finally begin to share my experience (Haha, it’s been over a month now). Since then, I’ve done my best to compile a list of the top 10 Kylie songs of all time; it should hopefully have a few classics in there for the die-hards as well as some more of her recent global successes. I tried to focus not only on her commercial successes but also her artistic experiments and songs and videos that pushed the envelope and showcased something unique and different. It was a daunting task that literally took me many hours and days to finalise, and even now I wish I could make the list about ten songs longer. I urge you to check out these videos and songs on Youtube if you get a chance! Anyway, here they are; enjoy!

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SIDE DISH Episode: 104 HIV+ Dating

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Here’s another segment we filmed over the weekend. In this segment of SIDE DISH, we have Jonny, Stephen and Donovan joined by special guest panelist, Mitch. The four discuss Adam’s much read “Clean and Tested?” article. We decided to dedicate an entire episode on this topic as it garnered a great deal of comments and deserved our full attention.

We also decided to bring on guest panelist, Mitch as he’s newly singled and re-entering the dating scene after a long hiatus. As a person in a long term relationship, I was fascinated to hear the other panelists’ viewpoints about the touchy topic of dating an HIV+ individual. Can you expect to receive full disclosure? Is that fair on the other party’s part? Should their HIV status even be a major factor in the dating decision? There are a few of the situations we discuss in this video.

As always, it was a one take pony- we feel it’s much more real and unrehearsed this way. Heck, we didn’t even know what Jonny was going to throw at us until 30 seconds before filming. Hope you enjoy it and we would love to hear your feedback.

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What is SIDE DISH? Whenever you go out for dinner, you have your main entree and your beverage(s). Sometimes you even order a side dish- something that complements the main mean and satisfies your cravings even more. The articles we post daily are the main course while the SIDE DISH video segments are where we dish out on what’s going on and serve it back to you…extra saucy, burnt…who knows what you’ll get!

In this installment of SIDE DISH, a few of cast members and friends offered to help Brian and I move. Since Brian and I finished the majority of the move prior to Saturday, the moving crew decided to do a few SIDE DISH episodes. The first of the three we filmed, took place on an abandoned lot in Vancouver’s infamous downtown East Side.

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This weekend has seen me spend my time a lot differently than I usually do. There was no gay bar, no Ab Fab or Real Housewives marathon, no crazy drunkenness or late night pizza after the bar, nor any conversations about who slept with whom. What kind of a weekend is that you ask? Well, it’s one where I just happened to have a lot of activities organized with friends from outside my gay circle, and hence, outside the gay village.

Last night I found myself in a sleepy suburban seafood restaurant with some work friends and then headed back to one of theirs for some good old American Idol karaoke. We had a blast! It was a nice change to socialize in a different setting with different people discussing different topics. I love mixing with the many different friends that I have made over the various stages of my life, and meeting some of the new people that are now important in their lives.

In about 15 minutes, a couple of my best girlfriends from university are meeting up with me for brunch. I love keeping in touch with them and their lives, they’re both dating great guys right now, and one is engaged (finally!) and we’ll probably talk about herwedding plans, what we’re doing for work these days, how our arts degrees are either helping or hindering us at the moment, how our family’s are doing; I can’t wait to see them. We still keep in touch, but we may only see or speak with each other every few months, but we always have a great time.

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