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We’re taking the day off today, so we decided to repost some of our favorite Christmas-themed posts from this and previous years.

If you’re an avid reader of the site, you might’ve noticed there was a shortage of articles Sunday. Reason being was, we were all busy having our Christmas staff party. Given everyone’s busy schedules this time of year, it’s almost next to impossible to find a date that works for everyone. Surprisingly, all but three of us were able to make it yesterday. That’s a pretty amazing feat considering our busy lives and Alex, Kevin and Topher not currently living in the same city as the most of us. Check out the pic above. The only people missing from the pic are Nic (his BF’s sis was in town), Stephen (was there earlier but had to leave for another engagement) and Alex (LA) and Kevin (Toronto).

It was great to have so many of us together to laugh, catch up and reminisce about the early days of the site. Not to sound super cheesy, but there’s this amazing energy among all of us when we’re all in the same room. With our recent accomplishments, it was nice to sit back and relax for one night and pat each other on the back.

In between all the laughs and drinks, we decided to have a gingerbread contest. We split up into two different teams determined by names out of the hat. Team 1 (my team) won the right to pick either the house or the train. We opted for the train. Each team was given only 30 minutes to build, decorate, and come up with a theme for their creation. Now, we need your help to decide which team pulled it off better. Cast your votes so we can declare a winner and give one team bragging rights over the other.

THANKS again to all of you for making such a success in a short period of time. We have the best readers on the internet for sure.

view our gingerbread creations after the jump

We thought posting this over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect. Quite a while back, Stephen, Brian, Redd, Saleem, Patrick and myself spent a Sunday afternoon/evening assisting our favorite local charity. If you’re fans of the site, “Friends For Life” may sound familiar. During our “Pride Weekend Kickoff Penthouse Party“, we managed to raise $500 from the event. This time we wanted to donate our time and do something more personal.

Originally, Kevin had approached Patrick and myself with regards to volunteering our time to prepare a Sunday dinner. We didn’t even hesitate for a second and immediately jumped on board. We originally booked a date in August to serve dinner. Unfortunately, due to a kitchen renovation, our scheduled day was pushed back to November. With Kevin spearheading that project and the postponement, I completely forgot about it until the three week email reminder I received from one of the Friends for Life coordinators.

Kevin then moved to Toronto, leaving Patrick and I to begin to freak out a little because neither of us really cook all that much, let alone for almost 30 people. I was advised by Kevin that 5-7 people would be ideal to help out with the event as it can get quite cramp and hot in the kitchen. Once we sent out the email asking for volunteers, we received the interest we needed to pull off this task- and some of them even had cooking experience. Now the biggest hurdle was what to make? When it comes to most things, I like to think I can provide some useful input BUT NOT when it comes to cooking. I’m not a very picky or discerning eater, so you can just imagine if left to my own devices what would result from my cooking.

watch our video, look at pics and try out the recipes we used

In honor of Mother’s Day, some of the Homorazzi cast has decided to proclaim their love to their respective mothers on the website. We hope you enjoy the read.


I love my Mom, and just recently we’ve developed a relationship of being less Mother/Son and more friends who can share a good laugh and story over a drink or two. While growing up, I never thought that I would come to a place where I actually WANTED to hang out with my parents, but that day came knocking on my door a few years back after I invited them to my 23rd birthday party and they actually showed!

It dawned on my that my Mom is a pretty rad woman who cares a lot about her family and who’s sole goal in life is to make sure her children and grandchildren have everything in the world they could possibly want, even before her own needs. For this, I take my hat off to her, and say I love you with all my heart.

She hasn’t had the easiest life, but I would like to think that the few beers we shared in sun are well remembered and will keep her smiling!

Thanks for everything Momma, I love you!

– Daniel

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Last weekend, the majority of the Homorazzi cast headed up to Whistler, B.C. for the 19th Annual WinterPRIDE Gay & Lesbian Ski Week. As always, we had a blast, with the majority of us nestled in our Glacier’s Reach condos in the village. There were people from all over the world in attendance for the week of festivities

Homorazzi cast skied and snowboarded the picturesque mountains of Whistler Blackcomb, felt the adrenalin rush of the tubing park, mixed & mingled at the the apres skis, and ripped it up at Snowstorm, Whoossh, Furrocious, and Snowball. Some of us even jumped off a bridge at Whistler Bungee! Last year’s winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, Tyra Sanchez wowed everyone with her performances, as did Homorazzi’s own Tommy D, performing as his alter ego, Syren.

If you missed out this year, be sure to go next year – especially because next year will be the 20th Annual WinterPRIDE! What a part that will be! Check out the video montage of our weekend below. I figured Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” was the perfect fit for such a pride -filled weekend. Enjoy!

Check out all of our adventures in our WinterPRIDE video after the jump

Lights Out! It’s Earth Hour 2010

In: Politics & Issues, Stephen

So what are you doing between the hours of 8:30 and 9:30pm – tomorrow, Saturday, March 27th? Hopefully you, like millions of others around the world, will be participating in Earth Hour 2010. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, Earth Hour is a global event that takes place annually to encourage communities, businesses and governments around the world to switch off non-essential lights and appliances for one hour to take a stand against climate change and raise awareness about the amount of electricity that we use on a daily basis.

Earth Hour started as a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) initiative in Sydney, Australia back in 2007 where 2.2 million Sydneysiders participated and managed to decrease their entire city’s power usage during that hour by over 10%. Since then, hundreds of cities, provinces, states, and countries have taken on the challenge and urged their citizenry to participate in a global Earth Hour.

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Behind the Cast: Queen of the Curling Rink

In: Behind The Cast, Stephen

Last weekend was one of the biggest of the year for me: it was the Pacific Rim Curling League’s (read: Vancouver Queer Curling League) annual curling bonspiel (tournament) at the Vancouver Curling Club. To all those that are unfamiliar to the sport, all you do is throw heavy 40 lb stones down the ice, sweep them till they end up where they’re supposed to, then head upstairs for a pitcher of beer with the opposition. You can also drink before, during, and after depending on the club, but that’s for the true hardcore hoosiers.

You see, curling is something that runs very deep in Canadian culture. In fact, most small towns on the prairies will have a curling rink before a hockey rink – it literally is the centre of town! Canadian gays love curling because it is all about socializing and drinking, oh and a bit of sweeping and physical exertion… not much though. In fact, there’s a bit of a gay curling circuit (who knew right?) where participants from gay leagues in large cities across Canada travel from gay bonspiel to gay bonspiel drinking, curling, socializing, and partying their way through. It’s a lot of fun – in fact I’m headed to the Calgary bonspiel for the first time over Easter long weekend so I’ll report back on how that goes!

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Sex Now Survey: Now Available To All!

In: Sports & Health, Stephen

A number of years ago I volunteered for a local community-based gay men’s health promotion agency in Vancouver. I co-facilitated the youth group that met bi-weekly. During that time the agency was looking at different ways of focusing health promotion specifically for gay men as we are a high-risk group for a lot of STI’s. One of their most successful initiatives, among others, was the Sex Now Survey: a comprehensive anonymous questionnaire that provided insight into gay men’s sexual habits for the purposes of future gay-focused health initiatives. In other words, its a survey about YOUR personal and sexual well-being as a gay man.

Originally the Sex Now Survey was created solely for the Vancouver and BC areas for those specific health communities. However, the survey itself, as well as the results were considered ground-breaking and they garnered national and international attention. Now it’s available to everyone around the world, however they are only capturing trends within different regions of Canada.

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Thoughts on Looking Back, and Looking Ahead

In: Stephen

Everyone likes to talk about Resolutions at New Years, what they’re going to do differently, what they’re going to change in their lives. It’s a great time to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a new calendar year. What many people neglect to do at this time of year is to look back and realize how you got to the place you are now, what actions led up to you being here and now. Not only are we looking forward to 2010, a whole new decade, but we are also leaving 2009 and that whole decade behind. Knowing the past, the decisions you’ve made, the challenges you’ve faced, successfully overcome, and ran away from, ultimately helps to shape the best way you can face the future ahead and meet your resolutions to become closer to the person you want to be and have the life you want to lead – which is what we are all trying to do this time of year!

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