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Sandwich! The Real Story…

In: Behind The Cast, Rich

Here on, “sandwich” has become commonplace. As others have blogged, it’s not because we’re craving a cold cut, a club or a hoagie… oh dear this is going sideways… it’s because “sandwich” is the new “woof”. Let me explain. In bear land, “woof” is what one hot bear says when he sees another hot bear. But, we all aren’t bears and we certainly can’t walk down the street “woofing” at cute straight strangers. That could become awkward. So instead, we “sandwich”.

It’s a complicated word with a very simple background. Contrary to earlier reports, sandwich was not born from the Homorazzi womb. Homorazzi members absorbed it from their homo cousins in Victoria. I know I brought sandwich over to Vancouver, but I didn’t know how it really started, so I decided to ask around. It was my dear friend BK YouKnowWho who had the answer.

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A Little Heart in Politics

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Politics can get heavy. I can get heavy talking about politics. Like last week when I ranted all over Facebook about Marc Dalton. He’s a Liberal candidate in the upcoming BC election who once compared homosexuals, a.k.a “these people”, to gambling, abortion, drunken driving, and pornography. To him, this “lifestyle choice” is about morality. Ugh. Puke. He apologized, but he’s the same guy who said he would vote against same-sex marriage when he ran for federal office three years ago.

Thankfully, at the other end of the spectrum is Spencer Herbert. I’ve blogged about him before. He’s my gay MLA in Vancouver-West End. If you live there, you’ve probably seen the posters and t-shirts popping up everywhere. Spencer decided to add some much needed whimsy, fun, and flare to this election race. He’s still talking about important issues like tenants’ rights, but he’s doing it with a ton of colourful character.

Check out the YouTube video for his latest campaign, We Heart West End.

Drunk Driving vs. Facebook Follies

In: Politics & Issues, Rich

It’s not very often I start the day angry. I’m usually a pretty happy-go-lucky morning person. Just ask my boyfriend Riley. He hates it. But, yesterday morning my day turned sour as I did my morning read through the online news. Ray Lam, a gay candidate with the NDP in the upcoming provincial election had stepped down because the media got hold of two photos from his Facebook page. I’m not going to show the pictures because they belong to him, but you can check out the CKNW story here.

First things first, he should have removed the photos if he was running for political office… obviously. This isn’t even his first time making an effort at it. He tried to run for Vancouver City Council last fall. He should know better. But, since when did silly, flirty and fun photos become an offense so bad you can’t run for political office? Bill Clinton got caught lying about blow jobs in the Oval Office, but kept his job. Our own Premier, Gordon Campbell, got arrested while on vacation in Hawaii for drunk driving. He was CONVICTED. He didn’t resign. In fact, the people of BC seemed to get over it. He was reelected in 2005 and stands a good chance of being Premier again in 2009. What’s worse – photos from a night out with friends or your mug shots after getting ARRESTED?

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Puerto Vallarta– Homorazzi Hot Spot

In: Rich, Travel & Leisure

Beaches? Check. Boys? Check. Bars? Check. Booze? Check. And, don’t forget all of your favourite little swimsuits from AussieBum and Priape. Puerto Vallarta is a gay paradise.

In February, I made my way down to PV for the third winter in a row. I love it. I will go next year and every year after that if I can. I will be one of those old gays wintering down in my condo on the cliff looking over beautiful Banderas Bay.

Puerto Vallarta, on Mexico’s west coast, has been a gay mecca forever. Sure, there are tons of frat boys and sorority girls boozing it up at the all-inclusives near the airport, but dominating Old Town are flocks of homos.

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Sunny Fong: Can our fave pull it off in the end?

There are only three designers left in season two of Project Runway Canada. There is a clear favorite: his name is Sunny Fong, and I adore him. I’ve got some love for Jessica Biffi and her wannabe gangsta self, but she just doesn’t measure. And then there is Jason Meyers… how the hell is he still here after that heinous Post-It challenge? Ugh. Seriously!? Adejoke unfortunately got ripped off by a classic reality TV twist.

But, more about Sunny and his season-long domination. I’ve never quite seen anything like it on a competition-based reality TV show, and I watch A LOT of reality TV. Every look he has thrown down that runway has been brilliant, fending off attacks by the mean girls one by one. He listened to the judges, created new silhouettes when he needed to, steered clear of the drama, and rocked his cute little leather holster all season long. Seriously, how cute was he phoning home to his boyfriend? Sunny for the win!

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Introducing… Rich

In: Behind The Cast, Donovan, Rich

In honour of Rich’s 30th Birthday Party this weekend, he will be the next Homorazzi cast member we’re going to feature. Most of us met Rich while he was still living on the island- no not Manhattan island, THE Vancouver Island! He would often come up every other week and party with the boys from Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, PV… You name it: Rich did it (try switching “it” for “him” there and the joke still makes sense… kidding Rich!) When we all first heard he was moving to Vancouver, we got worried that we’d go through Rich Overload. Luckily for us- and for him- we did not. Rich brings to the panel his expertise in Politics, Top Model and all things He-Man and Shera- along with his infamous Wonder Woman twirl. Hope you enjoyed the mini-roast. Happy Birthday Rich!

What is your Horoscope Sign?

What is your Dream Job?
Ian Wright, host of Lonely Planet.

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We’ve all done it. Or, I guess I should say, I’d like to believe we’ve all done it: I’d better not be the only one! You meet that amazing guy at the bar, you text him the next day, you day-dream about how your two last names could be so elegantly hyphenated together… and then you Google.

Sometimes Facebook just isn’t enough- especially when that perfect new guy has redonk privacy restrictions. What does he REALLY do? What dirty little secrets is he keeping? What pictures hasn’t he shown me? Just how gushingly amazing is he? What does Google know? It’s not creepy: it’s curiosity.

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It doesn’t matter if you lean to the left or right… or go straight up the middle, Vancouver’s West End has someone we can all get behind. There’s a sentence that could make your gramma blush, but I’m not talking dirty; I’m talking about politics; I’m talking about a young, vibrant, outgoing and outspoken politician; I’m talking about Spencer Herbert.

At the end of the day, I don’t really care who you vote for, or who you support- I just want you to get engaged, find out a little more about your local politics, and vote! I really like Spencer and I think- at the very least- he deserves a bit of your time. So here is your chance to find out a little more about Spencer Herbert, our openly gay representative running for reelection in the riding of Vancouver- West End.

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