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By popular demand, Foodsluts at Doll & Penny’s Café , the serial is now a book!

When Tony Correia moved to Vancouver in 1988 with the return portion of plane ticket purchased from a classified ad, he didn’t think he would last six months in the city. Twenty years and a popular newspaper serial later, comes Foodsluts at Doll & Penny’s Café, his memoir about the notorious drag cabaret located on Davie Street in the heart of Vancouver’s sleepy West End.

Set in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Foodsluts follows Tony as he explores Vancouver’s counterculture during the height of the AIDS crisis. With a cast of characters that include drag queens, prostitutes, go-go boys and the religious right, Foodsluts revisits a period in Vancouver’s history that has all but been erased. With queer spaces in Vancouver disappearing faster than developers can build glass towers, Foodsluts paints a portrait of a vibrant gay enclave in the heart of a conservative stronghold that you have to read to believe.

Check out the full book cover and some sample illustrations on the next part of the post.

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I haven’t had a vacation in almost a year so I decided to head down to Miami with some friends this past Easter weekend. I’ve never been and heard that it was fun. I found a flight for under $500 return and we rented an apartment just off of Lincoln Road Mall. I met up with three friends from Montreal and several friends from Toronto were also down there at the same time. It was fun to have a big group specially hanging out on the beach all day.

Check out more pics on the next part of the post.

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I’m excited about SKMPEEZ new styles for Spring Summer 2012. Not to mention they’ve also revamped their website. I’ve loved the designs and fit of this company from day one and they have been great friends of mine. I’m all about supporting Canadian businesses and the best part is they are based here in Toronto.

They new swimsuit styles are to die for specially the new BANDZ style which is a leaner cut than their previous styles and features a 2″ waistband which is super sexy! I’m off to Miami for Easter weekend and I am definitely gonna sport my BANDZ ZAP style swimsuit on the beach.

They’ve also ventured into men’s underwear, aptly names UNDEEZ and not only are the styles great but they are also very very comfortable. Trust me, I know. I have 2 pairs and I’m loving the stretchy fabric and wide waistband.


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We all know that Madonna is even better remixed when it comes to shaking our booties at the club. Here are a few remixes of her 2nd single “Girl Gone Wild“. Of all the tracks in the new MDNA album, “Gang Bang” and “Girl Gone Wild” are my two most favorites.

Check out the remixes on the next part of the post and vote on which one you like the best.

If you know of even better remixes, post them in the comments section. Enjoy!

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Jean Paul Gaultier is Coke‘s new Creative Director, taking over last year’s Karl Lagerfeld. With his new role there will be limited-edition bottles, cans and retail displays.

In a series of three odd but brilliant videos titled, “The Serial Designer“, Gaultier plays a saviour to marionette women in fashion emergencies.

The video below is titled, Episode 1: The Serial Designer Rocks Out, where the fashion genius transforms rock chick Irene from fashion hazard column inches to the hottest headline. Following that one, there are other videos you should check out. Enjoy!

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H&M has been teaming up with bloggers to get them to pick and style their favorite pieces from the Divided collection.

I think it’s a great idea to be able to show non-model people how to dress & style certain pieces and translate them from runway to street.

The hat-loving British blogger Carrie from is trying out some cute and sassy looks using the H&M/Divided Collection. Check out the video on the next part of the post.

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Earlier this month was my birthday… my first birthday celebration in Toronto. There were also a few friend’s birthdays on the same month so a lot of social things happened. So here’s what went down and some Toronto spots to check out.

Feb. 13 – Monday was my friend’s birthday and we had dinner at a place called 416 Snack Bar which is just North of Queen Street West on 181 Bathurst. It’s a small place but it didn’t take us long to get a table. The food was great, they’re more like tapas which included steamed buns, Korean fried chicken, steak tartare and etc.

Feb. 14 – Single me spent Valentine’s day having Lychee martinis at my place with one of my friends. It was so nice of him to keep me company making sure I wasn’t alone. Tipsy Tuesday!

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I love to travel as you know and here’s a great deal from my friends over at OUT Adventures!

Show a little love – for a free trip?

No joke. The guys at OUT Adventures are putting an interesting spin on their Valentines Day deal this year. “We recognize that not everyone is in a relationship (like Redd), and really wanted to include singles in this promo.” says Robert Sharp, Co-Founder of OUT Adventures “So we are offering 2 for 1, or 40% off for singles on a select number of trips. All you have to do is show us your love of travel by sharing a travel photo of you on our Facebook wall or on Twitter.”

Crazy, right? You do have to like OUT Adventures on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to be eligible though. Some of the trips they are offering are Peru, Turkey, Morocco & India. Check it out at and post your photos, if you want a chance to travel for FREE!

More information on the offer at OUT Adventures website.

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