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GMF Vancouver, This is How We Party!

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Ever been bored on a weekend in Vancouver? Who says Vancouver is the city that fun forgot? Let’s change that and head out to support this night! Yours truly will be one of your hosts- dressed outrageously wild of course.

Imagine a world with no boundaries and limitless possibilities… A world where dreams exist and fantasies come true… Welcome to the magical world of GMF.

Join us on Saturday April 11th at PULSE Nightclub, as we shed our inhibitions and indulge in pleasures beyond our wildest imaginations. GMF is the new era in clubbing– a spectacle that will leave you yearning for more.

This unique nightlife experience will surpass all your expectations and arouse your senses with stimulating visuals and heart-racing sounds. Come lose yourself in the worldwide grooves of our local and international DJ’s and Performers. GMF is a world where true beauty lives and imaginations are set free…

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Cuba…the Review

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So, I’m back to reality after an unplanned and totally spontaneous trip to Cuba this past week. Being back in reality sure sucks but a quick getaway refreshes one’s soul. Here’s a slide show video of my Cuba trip:

** Click the ‘HQ’ button below to view the video in higher quality **

I’ve heard many stories about Cuba about what to expect, and frankly, a lot of them were untrue. Here are a few things I was told I’d soon find out for myself:

1. The food is really bland and not very good. – The resort we stayed in actually had decent food and wasn’t too bland. We did bring our own ketchup which was a good call for the wonderful omelettes they made for breakfast. The only ketchup they have is from Brazil and let me tell you… ketchup made in Brazil is horrendous. Ask anyone who’s been to Brazil: Brazilian ketchup is basically sugar, water and some food coloring. It was void of any tomato flavour. I survived on fish and rice mostly on this trip which is great cause I love fish (not that other variety though 😉 and I don’t get to have it as much as I’d like when I’m home.

2. Cubans are very poor and they will steal from you. – Inside the resort was actually very safe. Mind you, I did carry my passport and the very few electronics that I did bring with me at all times: better be safe than sorry! Other than that, our other belongings were safe. Even in Havana, I didn’t feel unsafe in terms of pickpockets and thieves.

3. The hotels are gross and disgusting. – We opted to go the frugal route and went with a 3-4 star resort (Aguas Azules formerly Club Amigo), which ended up to be a good choice. The rooms were very clean and so were the bathrooms. I didn’t need it to be super posh since we were barely in the hotel rooms. We would get up at around 9am, have breakfast, and head to the beach all day until about 5 PM. So we really were only in our rooms to sleep and take a shower.

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True Blood

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What do I do Tuesday nights after I hit the gym, you ask? I’ve been hooked on this show True Blood on HBO who stars Anna Paquin. I’ve always had an obsession with Vampire movies so naturally I was drawn to this HBO series from the creator of Six Feet Under (another great show). FYI, if you’re not into Vampires… Jason Stackhouse is reason enough to watch this show: may-jah cutie! Here’s the synopsis from

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So much for the first day of Spring… You would expect to see flowers blooming, cherry blossoms everywhere, and verdant green grass. Not so much for Vancouver! Yes, we live in one of the wettest places in the North West; eight months out of the year I really feel like I’m living in the wrong city, but the very short Summers we get are oh so worth living in this beautiful province. So, just a little more waiting to get through “Wet Spring”, and into a much drier, happier Summer. In the meantime, I will be taking my double dose of Vitamin D to keep myself from slitting my wrist.

Or, I could also go away! Just booked a last-minute trip to Veradero, Cuba, 2 days ago and I will be leaving this Monday. Goodbye rain… (at least for a week) and hello a week of sun, beaches and cocktails. I’m really looking forward to just soaking up the sun and restoring my tan’s former golden glory (looking a little yellow at the moment). I’m planning to visit Havana, and taking in some of Hemingway’s favourite sites. I will be taking lots of photos over that week and will give you loyal fans updates during my trip! It is my first time visiting Cuba. Yes, you’re jealous but don’t hate 😉 We here at Homorazzi love to travel… so watch out for more travel adventure articles ahead!

Rick & Steve – The Happiest Gay Couple

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I’ve recently discovered Rick & Steve…yes it’s on its second season I’m a bit late but I love it and and totally hooked. Margaret Cho, Peter Paige, Alan Cumming and Wilson Cruz lend their voices to the characters: Rick & Steve (a bi-racial couple), Kirsten & Dana (a lesbian couple) and Chuck & Evan (older guy/younger guy scenario).

We at Homorazzi of course have our very own versions of Rick & Steve which would be Donovan & Brian except they’re funnier, more stylish & fabulous (they could possibly be the happiest gay couple I know). Also we have Adam who reminds me of Evan, the young guy that likes to hunt for the mature man (the cougar in this instance is the hunted). The music for the series was written by the same people that did Avenue Q. Meet the characters here: Rick & Steve Cast BIOs.

What I love about the show is it’s very relevant and up to date on the topics they tackle. Anywhere from gay marriage to blogging. I will definitely be following this series. You can catch this show on LOGO.

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The Jean Jacket Slash Canadian Tuxedo

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img_0435bVictim #1

When was the last time I even saw a jean jacket specially of this variety. That looks like a Levi’s circa 1980’s denim jacket. One of the most hideous things ever created along with acid washed denim. Oh wait…I think they still sell those at Mark’s Work Wear House or something. Not to focus on the one heinous piece of his wardrobe…at least he layered with a hoodie and not a plaid flannel shirt. Also you gotta give it to him for coordinating his colors. The effort is there, it’s just the execution failed. Awful! If you must keep this jacket for sentimental reasons and want to wear it…layer it! Put something OVER it like a black wool jacket, just do us all a favour and don’t ever wear it as exposed as this. BTW, yes I saw this walking about Yaletown. Quel Horreur!

Click Here to see victim No. 2

latina-copyWhat is it with these queens I keep constantly seeing lately with over plucked eyebrows. It’s one thing to be anorexic but to have anorexic eyebrows is a no no. Put the tweezers down and back away from it. You should not resemble some ghetto latina with drawn in eyebrows EVAH!  A more natural eyebrow is sexier any day of the week.

Here are some basic tips to keep your eyebrows tame:

1. Run a comb through it and cut any hairs that are sticking out. This will keep them all one length and less bushy. It’s basically thinning out the bulk.

2. The distance between your eyebrows should not be any wider than the bridge of your nose.

3. It’s ok to pluck your eyebrows but only clean up the stray hairs and follow the natural shape of your brows.

4. If you are incompetent, go to a salon and have them waxed or threaded. Pick one that has experience doing men’s eyebrows. You don’t wanna walk out with emaciated brows.

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Yes…us men (specially the gays) do have a disorder too. Muscle Dysmorphia aka (Bogorexia or Reverse Anorexia) was coined in 1997 to describe this new disorder. It’s causes are not known but is said to be an obsessive compulsive behaviour and partly caused by the media that puts pressure on guys to conform to an ideal body shape. Women have been suffering from this ideal for years and just recently men as well.

How do I know if I have Muscle Dysmorphia?

One might think that no matter how hard you workout…you’re never muscular enough. Your chest isn’t big enough, your arms are not big enough and so forth. This usually occurs in bodybuilders or weightlifters. While most weightlifters report thinking about their progress at the gym about 40 minutes a day. Men suffering from Bigorexia may think about their underdeveloped bodies more than 5 hours a day.

The quest for the perfect body is only one factor that affects gay men in general. It’s one thing to want to look good but it’s another thing to obsess about it.

Do you have friends with an "Adonis Complex"? What do you think is the leading cause of their reverse anorexia?

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