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My Top 5 iPhone Apps

In: Gadgets & Tech, Redd

What 5 iPhone apps do you use on your iPhone (obvi) at the moment. Since there is apparently an app for everything, it would be interesting to see what other people have installed on their phones. Everyday I love my iPhone more and more cause it is an amazing device with so much potential. Imagine… everytime you install a new app it’s like a brand new phone all over again. Yes I love my phone so much I talk about it a lot.

So here’s the Top 5 Apps I would recommend you download in case you haven’t already (in no particular order):

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Rumour has it that American Idol runner up, Adam Lambert is being approached by Revlon to be their spokesperson for their eyeliner and man’scara line according to The Weekly World News.

A Revlon spokesperson said,

“We believe he will be the hip new face that would appeal to the young and fabulous and artistic emo boys alike.” Several church groups are calling for a boycott of American Idol and Revlon. One Alabama pastor was quoted as saying, “If we allow our young people to idolize this man, he will turn them all homosexual and our country will die out in a generation or two!”

When asked about the comment the super singing gay boy , Lambert said:

“Oh honey, I ain’t that good!”

I guess if anyone can pull of Man’scara & Guyliner it would be Adam Lambert. Let’s face it, he does look good in makeup. I was never a big Adam Lambert fan but he is kinda hot!


I’ve always known and have been told many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Being semi-health conscious I know I should be having my bowl of cereal & some fruit before heading to work. But alas, I like to sleep in in the morning and end up getting up an hour before I have to go into work and usually don’t have time to eat. I have been like this pretty much all my life and this habit of not eating breakfast started when I was in grade school. I went to private school and the school bus would pick us up at a certain time every morning. I remember as a child laying in bed being dressed by the nanny while I was still sleeping and all I had to do was literally get up, grab my bag, out the door and into the school bus. Breakfast was usually prepared by the time I got up but because I sleep in I don’t end up eating. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Deal with Someone Who is Always Late

In: Random Reads, Redd

I constantly find myself waiting for people who are always late. I am usually 5 minutes early for everything so it really frustrates me that most people have no regard for the other person that is waiting for them. Waiting is not one of my favourite things to do. I tend to be passive aggressive in situations like this and end up getting really mad at the person that’s late.

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What Straight Men Can Learn from Gay Porn

In: Redd, Sports & Health

I came across this interesting article yesterday from my daily blog reads and thought I’d share it with our straight readers and our clueless gay guys. Yes people can be bad at sex…what a horrible thing to be horrible at wouldn’t you think? That’s right up there with bad kissers which is a total deal breaker for me. The article below was originally written by Simcha Whitehill, a New York City girl. It’s actually very interesting and informative.

I’ve tried—and mostly failed—to get my boyfriends to watch guy-on-guy porn with me. Sure, they’re always game to watch pseudo-lesbians paw each other, but they always draw the line at sweet man love! But seriously folks, there’s a lot a guy could learn about lovin’ a lady by watching two dudes go at it. So, since it doesn’t seem like I’ll ever be able to get a man to come around to the hotness that is homosexual XXX vids, I’ve decided to give guys the cheat sheet of things they could learn from gay porn…

1.) We All Want To Feel Someone (Up The Butt): You heard me. Men always take the blame for wanting anal sex, but a lot of women want to stick it to men too. After all, you men have actually got something back there that’ll get you off—your prostate. All I’m sayin’ is, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

2.) Be Aggressive: Gay porn often is a little rougher, while still consensual. Something about a man throwing you up against the wall just to kiss you is sexy to the max. It shows you want to do me, with passion. I’m not made of porcelain, I won’t break. So, feel free to let me know how bad you want it.

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Drunk Texting and Drunk Dialing

In: Gadgets & Tech, Redd

I’m sure everyone has been there. On a drunken emotional and vulnerable night you reach for your phone and start texting people like ex-lovers.  Nowadays communication is so easy and instant that we sometimes don’t think anymore when we send messages or make that call.

Apparently there is an LG phone (LP4100) in Korea that has a built in breathalyzer to prevent drunk dialing. The iPhone has released two apps called The Bad Decision Blocker and Don’t Dial! One app lets you program certain numbers into it and temporarily blocks them for a certain time frame and will be inaccessible until the time is over (hopefully you’ll be sober by then). The other app lets your friend create a password only they would know and can give you when they feel you are sober enough to make the call.

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Through the course of the last month, I’ve taken snapshots around town of people for what they’re wearing, how they look, etc. I know some of you will hate this but chill out, it’s just supposed to be entertainment. Click the images for the full view.


May I suggest mixing it up with another colour? It's too monochromatic.

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SKMPEEZ… Say What?

In: Fashion, Redd

Most of you know that I love to travel, specially to places where minimal clothing is needed. Spain and Cuba were great because we basically lived in our “Sunga” which is a Brazilian version of a men’s swimsuit which is in between a speedo & a square cut. That being said, one of my obsessions is collecting swimsuits, so I’m constantly on the lookout for new ones. I’ve acquired many suits from my travels, through friends traveling to Brazil (the home of the Sunga) & online. I’m excited to find a Canadian owned & operated company with cool designs that I love!

I was surfing the net last week and came across a Toronto-based brand called SKMPEEZ and was impressed with their fun, colourful & unique designs. They offer two different cuts, one being the Squarez cut (a wider more coverage cut) & the Euroz cut (a slimmer “sunga” style cut). They sent us 2 pairs to wear & review for the One Mighty Party at Orlando coming up June 4-9. Watch out for my product review next month complete with pics from the trip. See a video of their Summer ’09 photoshoot campaign on the second part of the post.

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