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The Comfort Wipe

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I think you have more pressing issues if you can no longer reach your hiney. Maybe you should go on a diet no? I mean seriously…as if that piece of toilet paper is going to actually stay on that stick after it has served its purpose.

Lady GaG-Butterface

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Pretty funny parody of Lady GaGa’s Pokerface. Don’t get me wrong…I am totally in love with GaGa. She’s amazing and very talented. But it’s always entertaining to poke fun at poker face pop culture.

Pets and Parenthood

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They say that a good indication parenting skills become evident when you raise a pet. Parenting skills are partly acquired from our own upbringing and a lot of bad parenting practices are passed down from generation to generation. I was raised in a 50-50 environment where mom played the good cop while dad played the bad cop. My dad was the disciplinarian and my mother compensated by spoiling us.

Having a pet is good training specially because there is the responsibility of caring for the pet’s emotional and physical needs as well as behavioural and health issues. Now in no way am I saying I’m the best parent to my pet but I do try my best to provide a loving and protective home for him. Yes, I spoil my dog but I only do because he deserves it. I could not have been any luckier to have such a well behaved dog who does not destroy our home. The amount of joy he brings me is worth every sacrifice (which really isn’t a lot) I’ve had to make like not being out too late on the weekends. He is always there for me and loves me unconditionally.

It makes me sad to see many pet owners that do not spend enough time with their pet. They need exercise and social stimulation. It is very important that dogs are socialized with humans and other dogs. Also, leaving a dog at home for 8 hours is cruel. If you can’t come home in the middle of the day to let them out then you shouldn’t have a dog. Imagine being left indoors for 8 hours or more? Not nice! Would you do that to your own child when the time comes? I am very lucky that I can take my dog to work and on the days that I can’t, I drop him off at my ex-bf’s place and they spend the day together playing and hanging out.

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A-HA TAke On Me (Literal Version)

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Since we are on to literal video translations…here’s another one of one of my favourite videos growing up as a kid. I thought this video was so cool and cutting edge at the time. Now that I look back on it…it was kinda cheezy but still cool in it’s own way lol

I Love This Kid… Adorable!

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Isn’t he just adorable? Pretty smart too. I love how open and comfortable he is with his sexuality at such a young age. I remember being in denial at that age.

My Top 5 iPhone Apps

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What 5 iPhone apps do you use on your iPhone (obvi) at the moment. Since there is apparently an app for everything, it would be interesting to see what other people have installed on their phones. Everyday I love my iPhone more and more cause it is an amazing device with so much potential. Imagine… everytime you install a new app it’s like a brand new phone all over again. Yes I love my phone so much I talk about it a lot.

So here’s the Top 5 Apps I would recommend you download in case you haven’t already (in no particular order):

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Rumour has it that American Idol runner up, Adam Lambert is being approached by Revlon to be their spokesperson for their eyeliner and man’scara line according to The Weekly World News.

A Revlon spokesperson said,

“We believe he will be the hip new face that would appeal to the young and fabulous and artistic emo boys alike.” Several church groups are calling for a boycott of American Idol and Revlon. One Alabama pastor was quoted as saying, “If we allow our young people to idolize this man, he will turn them all homosexual and our country will die out in a generation or two!”

When asked about the comment the super singing gay boy , Lambert said:

“Oh honey, I ain’t that good!”

I guess if anyone can pull of Man’scara & Guyliner it would be Adam Lambert. Let’s face it, he does look good in makeup. I was never a big Adam Lambert fan but he is kinda hot!


I’ve always known and have been told many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Being semi-health conscious I know I should be having my bowl of cereal & some fruit before heading to work. But alas, I like to sleep in in the morning and end up getting up an hour before I have to go into work and usually don’t have time to eat. I have been like this pretty much all my life and this habit of not eating breakfast started when I was in grade school. I went to private school and the school bus would pick us up at a certain time every morning. I remember as a child laying in bed being dressed by the nanny while I was still sleeping and all I had to do was literally get up, grab my bag, out the door and into the school bus. Breakfast was usually prepared by the time I got up but because I sleep in I don’t end up eating. Read the rest of this entry »

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