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Fashion: LookBook Style Inspirations OTM

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I usually go through and browse through guy’s fashion looks to see what other people are wearing in different parts of the world. There has been quite a lot of feminine pieces creeping into men’s clothing with flowy fabrics & less structured cuts (go check out H&M right now if you’re into that) along with higher heels for men (we’re talking anywhere from 3″-4″). Although many of these guys can pull it off, I tend to go for something more clean & simple. I know many of our readers are not that much into slim/skinny pants but they’re here to stay. Personally, not many people can pull it off but I do love the look, but because I have athletic legs I can’t really wear them either. Here are Top 5 LOOKBOOK contributors that caught my eye this week. I’m featuring one look from their archive that I’ve taken some inspiration from. Check out each of their links for more looks. Not necessarily from my picks below, but what looks inspire you most? Are you a casual, fashionista, trendy, classic or formal dresser?

Bobby Hicks
25 year old guy from Brooklyn, NY

Not only is he cute but he can also effortlessly put together tshirt and jeans in a very stylish way by completing the look with a fedora. Ok I admit… I’m in love with this guy’s ink. I mean look at that sleeve!

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Music: Top 10 Dance Picks OTM

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of hearing DJ Micky Friedmann spin at Celebrities for Tommy D’s Spring Fever Party. The dancefloor was packed and the energy was amazing as everyone danced to Micky’s dark & sexy beats. Summer really is when I come alive and become 100% more social specially coming out of Winter hibernation. Here are a few remixes currently in residence on my iPod. What are you currently listening to?

Kylie – All the Lovers (Michael Woods Remix)

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Behind The Scene: Robyn’s Dancing On My Own Video

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Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Robyn’s upcoming video to be released tomorrow for “Dancing On My Own”. I love Robyn and her unique music style. I can’t wait for her album to come out! I love songs about heart break and loneliness lol Directed by Max Vitali & Choreographed by Decida.

Christina Aguilera: “Bionic” Track Leaked

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What doesn’t leak nowadays? I think every single leaks first before it actually is released. Maybe this is a new tactic of record companies to reveal just how popular a single will be and how viral the files become.

Last week, we brought you a first listen for “WooHoo“. So this week, here is the “Bionic” leak… what do you think?

I love it! The beats are catchy and it sounds totally original.

Love or hate Christina, she’s here to stay. She has one thing that none of the other pop stars have… which is true vocal talent.

Museum of Vancouver presents Fox, Fluevog & Friends: The story behind the shoes, May 14 to September 26, 2010 at 1100 Chestnut Street in Vanier Park. Opening Party on Thursday, May 13 at 7pm. Tickets available at

Meet John Fluevog, Peter Fox and Ken Rice: friends, collaborators, trend-spotters, businessmen, and artists. MOV’s fashion retrospective explores the story behind their footwear companies, from their early days making the scene in 1970s Gastown to acclaim and powerful brand loyalty on an international scale.

“2010 marks the 40th Anniversary of John Fluevog Shoes and I’m thrilled and humbled that my work is being fêted in Vancouver, the city where it all began,” says John Fluevog of this feature exhibition.

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Video: Facebook In Real Life

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It’s pretty funny and weird at the same time when you put the virtual world into real life context. I mean when would we ever do the things we do online out in the real world? Poking, Farmville, friend requests from people we don’t even want to be friends with, constant mundane status updates… thank god for the “hide” button. This video pretty much sums it up and is funny but also scary when we realize how our socializing behaviour has changed in the last few years.

Fashion: Looks I Love

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I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista at all, but I do know what looks good on me and I can determine exactly what is not working with someone’s outfit choice and what could correct it. I’m not particularly trendy but I do take key trends and put my own spin on them. The trick is to not literally follow a trend but to adapt it to your personal style. Here I will show you 5 looks I like and what key elements I would take from them and how I would interpret them to suit my aesthetic. Which one is your favorite look & why?

Look 1: Monochromatic (tone-on-tone)

This look may not be for everyone but what I love with this is the tone on tone theme where the heather jacket matches in colour but contrasts with the 2 different textures. It’s clean, crisp and fresh paired with white hitops. I tend to usually dress monochromatic and in shades of gray, black & white so I will be trying this look for the Summer in lighter shades of gray.

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I’ve always wondered why Apply products didn’t support Adobe Flash and here’s Apple’s explanation. I’ve never been a huge fan of Flash to begin with because I believe it’s buggy and it eats up so much memory and bogs down websites too a snail’s pace. But what do you think about Apple’s stance on Flash? It just all seems more about control…

Apple doesn’t want to lose control over its products and seems to be getting a little too greedy nowadays. All that said, looks like Flash is not coming on the new iPhone OS 4.0. Don’t get me wrong… I love my Apple products but sometimes I wonder.

Steve Job’s Thoughts on Flash after the jump…

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