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The Hills: The End Is Near

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I’m so excited for the final season of The Hills. About a year ago, Donovan introduced me to the faux reality show after we happened to be in LA when Heidi & Spencer got married (which we got footage of and found ourselves on The Aftershow). After that, I was hooked. I went back and watch both season of Laguna Beach, then started on The Hills and watched Seasons 1 through 5, catching up in time to watch Season 6 as each episode aired.

After Lauren Conrad left, and “The Bitch” Kristin Cavallari was to join the show, the potential drama & backstabbing seemed promising. Unfortunately, the season was a snooze and Dono and I had great difficulty in coming up with material for our weekly parodies of the show each week. After the preview for the final season was released, I was officially totally excited to waste my time watching this show once again. Much juicier topics than last season, and more elements from their real lives are incorporated into the show.

Last week they released the promo clip for this season, featuring The Hill’s creator Adam Divello‘s marionettes drama queens having their strings cut, as they free themselves from the world of The Hills. Either that, or as they let loose in what could be the best season yet.

The final season of The Hills commences exactly one week from today: Tuesday, April 27th at 10/9c on MTV.

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Generation Text

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Highschool is certainly a different ballgame nowadays. When I was in high school, cell phones were new to begin with. The cool thing to have when I was a teen was your own phone line at home, but it certainly wasn’t the norm to have your own cell phone until later on.

Nowadays, it’s all about texting. A study by Pew Center’s Internet & American Life Project has revealed the following stats on teen texting:

  • 75 % of teens aged 12 to 17 own a cell phone
  • On average, 50 text messages are sent a day by these teens, with only about 5 calls made
  • 1/3 of teens send 100 texts a day, equating to about 3,000 per month. “Unlimited” texting used to mean 2,000 text messages per month, thinking that no one would actually go over that. That’s certainly changed. “Unlimited” text plans now actually do mean unlimited.
  • 43% of teens use their cells during school hours
  • Gossip Girls send & receive about 80 texts a day, wheras guys only do about 30

Poll after the jump & as well as a CBS Video on Generation Text…

Mom Has Epic Overreaction!

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This is hilarious – it is Vital that you watch it. So Mike has this business/product called Vital Energy (an energy drink that has as much caffeine as two Redbulls). Mike’s mom doesn’t like when these drinks are on the first floor. If she finds one she throws it out. A little OCD that way.

So the scenario is Mike’s parents have gone away to Colorado for the weekend. Their return home did not go as smoothly as they thought and of course are completely exhausted as they arrive. Certainly not prepared for what they are about to deal with.

Mike and his friends thought it’d be a funny prank to layout 26,000 bottles of Vital Energy throughout the house as a joke. Boy did he underestimate how his parents would react. Aiya carumba!

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The Next Generation of Gay Roulette: Woohim

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Add another to the list. This one was brought to my attention from a reader who commented on one of the other Gay Roulette articles. Out of all of them, this one is the certainly the most advanced. I decided to check it out and go through the process so I can explain to you what make this one so different. Here are some of the key features:

For this site, you have to first set up a profile. It’s actually a very quick process. Come up with your username & password, upload a picture, select your city, and submit. That’s all it takes, and your profile is good to go. Like on Facebook, your profile can have a “current status & mood.” You can also put as much or as little information about yourself in your profile. That goes for photos too. You can put up one, or several. You can even upload videos.

From your profile, you can select “Footprints”. This allows you to see other profiles that have viewed yours – so you can see who’s been creeping up on you or who is interested.

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This week country singer Trace Adkins helps joins the panel with the Trumps as one of the judges. The Celebrities congregate at The Bottom Line Cabaret to hear their task from Mr. Trump for this episode. They have one male and one female country singer, that are up and coming. Their task is to choose one of them to work with (after negotiating with the other team) give them a makeover, create a press kit, and help them overall with their image. They will also do an interview with People Magazine, and the teams will be judged on how they prepped the artists. Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne’s still sick, which Holly thinks is not fair.

Cyndi is project manager for the women, while Bill Goldberg is the project manager for the men. As the task commences, the women are already bickering, with Cyndi clashing with everyone as per usual. As project manager, Cyndi being especially controlling in this episode. Girls really want Emily.

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Behind The Cast: Balls & Bathtubs

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I definitely feel a shift in the air as the temperature begins to increase and the sun begins to blaze over us more often. Definitely seems to be both “same old, same old” and “a lot” going on in my life simultaneously. I’ll focus on a couple of fun things that took place in the last couple weeks. One being soccer season starting up and the other, a photoshoot.

Soccer Kicks Off


This will be my 6th season playing in the Out For Kicks (OFK) Soccer League this summer. For a few years, I was a Board member, but this year I decided to take on being a Team Captain with Adam. Yes, Adam. Can you imagine? Best team ever right? LOL. Today, and last Sunday, Adam and I helped to assess everyone’s skill level, so that eight balanced teams of approximately 20 people on each can be made. Our team name? The Plastics (Adam’s idea). So, naturally we had “The Plastics” taped onto the back of our clipboards, making it visible to those we were assessing. We’re huge dorks (or bitches), I know. But seriously, it’s all in good fun – and that’s why I love the league. In the fall, Adam and I also play in the Vancouver Metro Men’s League as well. Actually, Adam’s playing in that league as well over the summer (soccer overkill in my opinion). Also from Homorazzi playing in OFK this season: Dan, Jonny, and Stephen.

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Spring Break(Ups)

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Flowers blooming, spring is a time for fresh starts & new beginnings. Love is in the air. With that in mind, Spring is also a time for Spring Cleaning your home and sometimes in your life. People are re-energized and feel the need for new beginnings in different areas of their life, just as nature does. Self reflection and setting new directions can, in some cases, lead to breakups. It’s now that time of year again. Summer’s approaching and it’s seems like everywhere I look (even in my close circle of friends), as well as on all the latest headlines – couples are breaking up. “So and So is no long listed as in a relationship,” as Facebook would say.

Here’s a list of the celebs that officially broke up this past week:

Ricky Martin Naked

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Earlier this week, the recently openly gay and extremely sexy She Banger, Ricky Martin tweeted a video of him naked. Well, it is actually a promotional concert video from 2007, but it seems he’s bringing it back, considering it fits with his recent public developments. The video features a nude Ricky with tattoos written in Spanish covering his body. The “jerky” way that it’s shot reminds me of something you’d see at a Madonna or Lady Gaga concert in between sets – see, he does fit in as a gay icon! Only thing is, it looks like he’s in a big tanning bed. Haha.

The tattoos translate into English for “find yourself,” “forgive” and ‘change your life.” Well, he must have been watching that video on repeat for three years before it inspired him enough to come out. In all fairness, everyone has a different story and a different struggle for coming out. I imagine he had a team of people threatening him in the past, that if he came out his career would be over. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in show business, but thankfully with people like him (finally), Ellen, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, and more – this is changing. Just because you’re gay, doesn’t mean you can’t play a straight part. Hell, if anything, gays are experts at it, playing the role for the first half of their lives in many cases.

So, enjoy the sexy video of mister Ricky Martin, who I gladly welcome (officially) to our team. I also welcome more of these videos. Thank you. Enjoy!

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