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Katie Melua: The Flood (Of Hot Men)

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The music video for a new single called The Flood, from Georgian/British singer/songwriter/musician Katie Melua, features a flood of hot men dancing to her dramatic lyrics. Hot, ripped bodies. Tight black underwear. Body contact. Oh, the song is good too!

One interesting fact about Melua is that she holds a World Record for playing the deepest underwater concert (303 metres below sea level) on the Norwegian Statoil’s Troll (which is a platform in the North Sea). Melua, along with her band, had to do extensive medical tests & survival training before flying by helicopter to the rig. As she put it: “It was the most surreal gig I have ever done”.

In 2006, Melua was both the UK’s biggest selling female artist, as well as Europe’s. The single “The Flood,” is off of her fourth studio album called “The House,” due for release on May 24th, 2010.

Check out the beautiful/hot video after the jump…

The Lost Boys of Afghanistan

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Behind the scenes of a country already inflicted by war, an ancient tradition has resurfaced across the country and PBS has uncovered this sad story. This tradition had been banned by the Taliban when they were in power, but now it seems to be happening again. It’s called “Bacha Bazi,” which translated means “Boy Play.” Orphaned boys or those purchases from poor families are dressed up in women’s clothing and are taught to sing & dance for “all-male parties”. Hundreds of boys, as young as eleven years old, are involved in this child abuse. They perform in front of successful businessmen and former warlords, to which they are auctioned off to the highest bidder for a night of sex. This sexual exploitation can sometimes lead to murder.

Najibullah Quraishi (don’t ask me how to pronounce that) is an Afghan journalist who was able to investigate this illegal practice. Sometimes, the authorities that should be the ones protecting these children and preventing it from happening, find themselves participating in it.

Take a glimpse into the the dark world of Bacha Bazi. So sad.

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Annie Lennox just released a video explaining why she is wearing an HIV Positive T-Shirt (and why she was wearing it on Idol Gives Back last night).. It’s part of the SING Campaign. First of all, she says, the good news is she is not HIV positive. That being said, 22 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa are. She’s wearing the shirt in solidarity with them because it’s very hard for those people that are HIV Positive to be open about their status – to tell their friends and family. The goal is to normalize the “disease”. There is a lot of secrecy and silence with HIV. People are afraid to come out and say that they are HIV Positive. She says that being HIV positive doesn’t have to have the stigma. It should be like any other disease and people shouldn’t have to live in fear and secrecy. I mean, of course it must be that much hard to deal with something like HIV, or any disease for that matter, on your own. She says the shirt is “a tool for fighting stigma.

I think this is a great cause. There are a lot of organizations to help people HIV, and others to search for the cure. And I’m glad there’s this one too. The stigma doesn’t have to be there and we all need to help eliminate it. No one should feel ashamed or afraid to come out in the open about something like this. Can you imagine if people who had cancer or diabetes (or any disease) and just kept it to themselves because there was a stigma associated with it. How hard would it be to always have the on your mind and be trying to keep it from people.

I feel like I can empathize with people in this situation because I am gay. It was extremely difficult to live with a secret of being gay for so many years. It’s a burden (like the HIV stigma) that need not exist. Check out Annie Lennox’s video explanation & support for this program.

Video after the jump…

Mean Girls in the White House

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Leave it to me to find this… and also find it absolutely homolarious. As you may or may not know, there was a time where many of the cast of Homorazzi were totally obsessed with quoting this classic movie. It was more pre-Homorazzi, but whatever. We even decided to film our own versions of our favorite scenes one random night a little over a year ago.

Looks like we’re not the only ones that find the lines from Mean Girls timeless. A site called “Mean Girls in the White House” has surfaced: to rule girl world, you have to get political. Random pics from the White House coupled with some of the best lines from Mean Girls. So invite you to check out the rest of the pics on their site. It’s just gonna be a few cool people so you better be one of them, biotch. The site is so fetch!

PS: Check out some of the bloopers from our Means Girls filming (post a few “beverages”).

Bloopers after the jump…

Heather Locklear Arrested!

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

According to TMZ, TV Bitch Queen Heather Locklear was arrested on Saturday night at about 4am. Someone had reported that they had heard a crash by North Ranch Country Club in Westlake Village, California, and police responded accordingly. So how did she get arrested you ask? Well, read on…

So the police weren’t actually called by the witness until 7:48pm later that day. When the police came, they found a “knocked over ‘no parking’ sign and obvious signs of a car that went up the curb, striking the sign,” reported TMZ.

With a bit of investigation, the police figured out that it was Locklear’s car. She lived very close to where the accident occurred and when they went to her house to check out the car, the damaged BMW sealed her fait and she was arrested for a hit-and-run.

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Today, Facebook had it’s annual F8 Conference in San Francisco, California. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg introduces the conference discussing what the themes of the announcements will be, and where Facebook currently is in terms of performance. I watched the live feed this morning, and here’s the rundown…

First a quick few updates for policy updates for Facebook Connect:

  • One Step Permission for Connect
  • Policy for not caching data for more that 24 hours is now removed
  • Having one credit currency for apps and purchases

Then Zuck moves onto the issue of the Facebook stream. What happens when you post something that you like, like a restaurant you went to for for example, it’s gone in a matter of hours. Some people see it, a lot don’t.

Essentially, there are three big announcements/focuses that are discussed during this conference:

  • 1. Open Graph: Connecting people, social networks, companies, objects, etc.)
  • 2. Social Plugins: Enabling you to provide personalize experience to users
  • 3. Simple: Making things a lot easier for users and developers.

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Kylie Minogue is back, as she’ll be releasing a new single called All The Lovers, on June 28th, 2010. This single is part of her 11th studio album called Aphrodite, which comes out a few days after the single, on July 5th. Fans are eagerly awaiting the goddess of love, beauty, & sexuality’s new album, as her site crashes today as a result of too much traffic. She tweeted this on her Twitter today:

“Aaahhhhhhhh … you’ve overloaded the system!!! arrgggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!… That is the strength of your combined power!!!!!!! OMG (Oh my God)!!!”

Are you excited?

Click here to check out the Top 10 Kylie Songs of all time.

Cirque du Soleil à le Michael Jackson

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Montreal-based performance company Cirque du Soleil has announced they’ve made a deal with the Jackson family to have a Michael Jackson inspired show set for 2011. Co-executor John Branca filled TMZ in on the details. TMZ reported the following details on the joint venture:

Co-executor John Branca tells TMZ, the first show will open in fall of 2011 — and will travel throughout North America including the Staples Center in L.A. … the same venue where MJ’s memorial was held.

The show will be heavily focused on dancing — honoring the legendary moves of MJ. It will also feature Jackson’s songs and have the trademark Cirque du Soleil acrobatics.

In 2012, a second show — in partnership with MGM MIRAGE — will open in Las Vegas which will be far more theatrical with emphasis on technology and 3D. “It will be a theme-park-like show,” says Branca.

Sources say the shows will be worth a fortune to the estate. Cirque and the estate will split costs and profits 50-50.

Check out the video announcement of the Michael Jackson / Cirque du Soleil Tour.

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