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With Desperate Housewives star Nicolette Sheridan’s lawsuit against Marc Cherry for assault (which by the way the other Housewives seem to be “Cherry” picking and siding with Cherry over Sheridan), and now the same deal with Heidi Montag vs. Adam Divello, it seems there is just as much drama & controversy outside these shows as there is in.

Heidi Montag is accusing The Hills and The City creator and executive producer, Adam Divello for making unwelcome sexual advances to her, ever since her and her giant boobies have been back to filming the show (post plastic surgeries). He apparently has repeatedly touched her ass & lower back. In my opinion, with this being The Hills last season on the air, this is Heidi’s (and Spencer’s) last chance at a cash grab before they become irrelevant. Sorry Heidi, you lost all credibility with me a long time ago. Remember when you accused NBC of torturing you? Seriously?

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Britney Unbrushed

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Britney makes a bold move and agrees to release the un-airbrushed photos for a Candies campaign alongside the retouched versions, “to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect,” according to the Daily Mail. The truth of the matter is, 29 year old Britney looks great without being retouched, and I think it’s commendable for her to put herself out there and show that she’s not perfect.

In the photos, you can see that her thighs & butt are made slimmer, her tattoo is edited out, faint bruises on her leg are removed, her waist is slimmed down, and minor cellulite is removed. With Jessica Simpson’s “The Price of Beauty” reality television show and her using untouched photos herself lately, perhaps the industry may be making a shift. Good for you, ladies!

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Don’t forget to wear your Pink Shirt tomorrow! Tomorrow is Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying Day. Wear something pink to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying anywhere. This day usually takes place the last Wednesday in February, but with the Olympics, it was decided that the day would get more attention on it’s own at a later date.

So where does this idea come from? Two teenage Nova Scotia boys (David Shepherd and Travis Price) along with their friends organized a protest, wearing pink, to stick up for a grade 9 boy that was being bullied. Essentially, they gave pink shirts to every boy in the school. They had gone to a discount store and purchased fifty tank tops, then sent a message out to all of the schoolmates about what was going on and what the purpose of the pink shirts would be.

As the bullied boy walked into school that day and saw everyone being given pink shirts, “It looked like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders,” Price told the Globe and Mail. That was the end of his bullying.

Bombshell Apologizes To Bullock

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In her first TV interview since this scandal broke, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee apologizes to Sandra Bullock on Australian TV. She said she feels bad for what Bullock’s been going through and her embarrassment, and also makes reference to Bullock’s speech at the Oscars, where she said Jesse James has always had her back, when really he was actually behind her back – cheating on her.

She does seems remorseful in her apology, but it’s really hard to take her seriously: a porn star, tattooed from head to toe, that has participated in a Nazi photo shoot. I know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I feel in this case, we already know the content of the book.

I’m torn. What do you think? Apology sincere, or simply for trying to improve her image? Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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Wow. In an attempt to distract from the argument that the recent cases of molestation by Catholic priests (and cover ups) involving mostly young boys is linked to their celibacy, the church insists pedophilia is a result of the disease that is homosexuality. Excuowwwsse me!?

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (aka the Deputy Pope), the secretary of state of the Vatican, had this to say:

“Many psychologists and psychiatrists have shown that there is no link between celibacy and pedophilia but many others have shown, I have recently been told, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia.”

I grew up Catholic myself. Ever since I came to terms with my own sexuality, I have had a difficult time even considering going back to church. I did go back for midnight mass this past Christmas, and I must say I realized that I missed the community of it and the sense of peace & clarity that it brings to the end/beginning of your week. I think spirituality is important & healthy. That being said, because the Catholic church is against who I am as a person and who I can love, I know in my heart they are wrong and I therefore simply cannot be a part of that.

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Last week, Team Cowboys set a new record for being the only team to ever come from last place, complete a speed bump, then come in first all in one lag of the race – while Steve & Allie came in last and were eliminated. It’s getting down to the crunch, with only five teams remaining:

  • Team Cowboys: Jet & Cord
  • Team Lesbos: Carol & Brandy
  • Team Detectives: Louis & Michael
  • Team Models: Brent & Caite
  • Team Cute Bros: Dan & Jordan

In this episode (where there’s a whole lot of heights & hostility), teams have to travel 400 miles by bus & train to Singapore and find the Victoria Concert Hall for their next clue from Allan Wu (host of Amazing Race Asia – I didn’t even know there was such a thing!). Teams are warned that there is also a U-Turn ahead. After traveling by bus, all teams ride the same train. As the train gets close to the destination, Carol & Brandy try to get past the other teams to go to a different car, but The Detectives & Models won’t let them through. “Ladies get their way, bitches don’t,” says Brent. Ouch, it’s getting ugly.

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iPhone App of the Moment: Talking Carl

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For those of you that don’t know me well, I’m the type of guy that will download an iPhone App that’s purpose is purely to annoy your friends with – I’m easily amused and I’m a pest. So far, I’ve downloaded an App that allows you to crank call your friends, disguise your number AND your VOICE – that was fun! I’ve also downloaded one that simply has annoying sound effects: a baby crying, a clock ticking, people screaming – that type of thing. Boy, did I have my fun with that one several times when sitting in the back seat of Adam‘s car while he was driving us to our soccer games.

Well. Now I’ve found my new fave. Talking Carl. It’s been around for a while buy I’ve only come across it just now. Essentially, it’s this red square character that copies everything you say, repeating it in a higher pitched voice. If you poke him in the eye he says “ouch,” if you tickle him he laughs, etc. Imagine being at a party where there are multiple Talking Carls on – hysteria ensues. Friday night, I was at a friends party, so naturally I invited Talking Carl to come along and make his debut. Well, he multiplied. Redd, who was there as well, downloaded it as well as my friend Colby too. There were three talking Carls all copying us, then copying our laugh as we were in tears at how funny this thing was. I know, basically this thing is intended to keep kids amused, but it’s fun to live like a kid now and then – more often then not.

So, how I came across this app is this video that you are about to see. It’s when two Talking Carls get into a fight. You’ll see how. Just remember, Talking Carl copies your voice at a higher pitch. So the higher your voice is, the higher he’ll be. Enjoy!

Video after the jump, and also where to download Talking Carl yourself!

Cycles Of Song: Music For Your Mood

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We all go through it. Adjusting our iTunes playlists to reflect our moods or what we’re going through at any given time. A playlist for working out and motivating yourself to push further and work harder. A playlist while cleaning up your apartment occasionally dancing around in your underwear (maybe that’s just me). A party playlist for when you’re expecting your peeps to come over and prefunk before going out. Or of course, the ones that reflect love, or love lost. Songs that express your feelings about the end of a relationship, whether that’s sadness or anger, or even peace with the new direction. Or, songs that represent how you’re feeling when out of nowhere, you’ve found that special someone.

For me, I definitely update my playlists a lot, and will play a song on repeat a million times until I get sick of them if I love them and they fit with how I’m feeling. I just love music for that. It’s certainly a must for me when I’m working out alone, or out for a run. So, below – I’ve decided to share my current top 5 songs on repeat and you can infer what you will from it.

Let me know what songs are you listening to right now and if you can relate with customized playlists for how you feel at any given time.

My Current Top 5 Songs after the jump…

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