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I’m sure Jennifer Aniston doesn’t think it’s a stretch that Angelina is set to star as the “Mistress of all Evil in Tim Burton’s next flick, Maleficient. Similar to Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland, the mastermind will be shaking up the Disney story of Sleeping Beauty with this next project. In 1959′s “Sleeping Beauty,” Maleficent was portrayed as a green-skinned, sinister fairy who was the self-proclaimed the ‘Mistress Of All Evil.’ “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The name Maleficent actually does means ‘evil doer.’ She can morph into various terrifying forms – like a fire breathing dragon. She’s the one who gets Jennifer Aniston Princess Aurora to “prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. She’s viewed as the darkest of all the Disney villains. Angelina can be dark – she used to carry a vile of Billy Bob Thornton’s blood around her neck. That’s dark.

Linda Woolverton will be writing the screenplay, while Tim Burton will be directing it. Can you imagine if they actually did get Jennifer Aniston to play Princess Aurora? That would be amazing, but it’d only happen if In Touch magazine was in charge of the film.

Maleficient’s Best Lines after the jump…


Last week my favorite couple (that was never going to make it to the end) Jeff & Jordon of Big Brother were evicted from the house eliminated from the race at the 6th pitstop. The teams remaining are Team Detectives, Team Lesbos, Team Dad & Daughter, Team Cowboys, Team Cute Bros, Team Models.

The teams all leave together and fly from France to the beautiful Seychelles. To Mahe, Seychelles to be specific. They’ve got to race to the kiosk when they get of the plane and take a number. First three teams to get their numbers each get the first 3 helicopters to the Island of La Digue. Lucky for Team Dad & Daughter, Team Cute Bros, and Team Models, they are the first three teams. The rest of them have to leave an hour later.

As the first three teams fly there, it’s fitting that The Cute Bros with gay Jordan are followed by a rainbow. “We got a rainbow following us,” says Jordan. Meanwhile, as the models fly over, Caite says, “I just wanna get the mean lesbians out.” Sorry toots, I’m on Team Lesbos on this one. You’re just plain annoying. In fact, your BF Brent would probably sooner have you eliminated before them.

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Seriously, is every episode two hours long? Yeesh. Well, to recap, last week it was too bad for Sinbad, with him being fired by the Trumpster. Brett Michaels, who everyone thought was going to be sent home, goes back to the suite and completely vents to his team about the fact that he feels they are throwing him under the bus for no reason. I see where this is going. Perhaps he is the “Poison” on their team after all.

This week’s task: All about identity theft. It’s Norton Antivirus partnering up with LifeLock for a new combo pack to prevent identity theft. They have to create a 4-page advertorial to showcase the bundle. They have to choose one celebrity from each team to be the spokesperson. They’re judged on creativity, brand integration, their celebrity spokesperson, and their overall presentation. The guys project manager is Michael Johnson and the women have Summer Sanders. Both Olympic Gold Medalists – should be interesting.

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Miss The Olympics?

In: Behind The Cast, Patrick, Sports & Health, Videos

It’s been a while since the Olympics came to a close now. I was going through all this video footage that we hadn’t used yet, and I certainly wasn’t going to let it go to waste just because it was a little delayed. Actually, putting together this video yesterday really made me miss the Olympics.

As tiring as it was at time trying to do as many things as possible while the Olympics were here, it was all worth it. From performing in the Opening Ceremonies with Dan, to pulling an all-nighter with Donovan and meeting the hosts of the today show and some of Canada’s Gold Medalists, to celebrating the Men’s Hockey gold medal win on the streets, which happened to be the eve of my birthday as well. I had the time of my life and I will never forget it.

The video is a glimpse at the experience some of the Homorazzi cast had during those amazing few weeks.

Video after the jump…

First Listen: A Preview of Christina’s New Single

In: Music, Patrick

Man is she ever teasing us. First a countdown to her album artwork, then a countdown to the lyrics to her new single, then now a 15 second preview to the track itself. Release that Genie In A Bottle of a song already you Dirrty girl!

So it sounds hot. Again, changing her sound a bit which I like – keeps it fresh and exciting. I was reading elsewhere that some are saying the song does kinda sounds a little Britneyesque. I can see that a bit – but just because Christina’s not belting out (cause she can as we all know), doesn’t mean she’s copying Britney. She can have fast paced beats with a sexy, out of breath voice too. What, she’s not allowed to wear hoop earrings either? AND, just because she has blonde hair doesn’t mean she’s copying Gaga.

I’m totally up for the return of Christina. Bring it!

15 second preview of the track after the jump…

WTF: When Dog Eats Cop Car

In: Patrick, Random Reads

Just because the cops are referred to as the pigs, doesn’t mean their vehicles are edible! Holy crap! This bad ass beast of a dog tears the bumper of the cop car off with his teeth! Are you kidding me?

How embarrassing must it been for the cop to go up to his boss with a bill for car repairs, for a dog eating his car. It’s kinda like the “my dog ate my homework” excuse, except real – and much more violent.

This Chattanooga police officer’s vehicle got more than it bargained for when it came in contact with Winston the dog. See Winston eat the cop car’s front bumper, before taking a bite out of several tires.

Video after the jump

Man Crush: Dancer Tyrell Witherspoon

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This week’s Man Crush is an incredibly hot and talented dancer from Winnipeg, Manitoba here in Canada. His name is Tyrell Witherspoon (like Reese). Although not Legally Blonde, you may in fact recognize him from Season One of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. He made it to the finals in Toronto, but was eliminated in the first round. Two seasons later, with a whole lot more experience, he’s ready to do it again, having gone to the auditions for Season 3 earlier this year in Halifax. Season 3 for So You Think You Can Dance Canada airs Summer 2010.


He’s 23 years old and keeping himself very busy! He currently teaches Hip Hop at Kickit Dance Studio in Winnipeg and picks up other side jobs here and there. These odd jobs include teaching hip hop in gym classes and schools throughout the city, choreographing high school musicals, first dances for weddings, and so on. At the moment, he’s choreographing Hello, Dolly! for a high school just outside of the city and getting ready to head out to Edmonton for 2 months. There, he’ll be apart of Beauty and the Beast at the Citadel Theatre, which runs from May 1st-30th. Yep, there’s more. After that, he will be in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat back in Winnipeg during the summer.

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Lady Gaga Telephone Parody (feat. Beyonce)

In: Patrick, Videos

This is actually really funny. Actually, funniest spoof I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a spoof on the recently released Telephone (feat. Beyonce) video. The premise is the same, but this parody is more about Lady Gaga trying to make Beyonce be in her weird video, with B being kind of hesitant.

Favorite Line for Fake Beyonce: “This video seems goofy, you should just do it alone, besides I’m getting sick of all these songs about phones.”

Favorite Line From Fake Gaga: “Then we start to dance and there’s dead people ev-ery-where, as u-su-al, I have lots of crazy crap in my hair.”

Check it out after the jump…

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