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Fitness Update

In: Behind The Cast, Patrick

Okay, so Tommy has been MUCH better at these fitness updates than I have. Good job, Tommy! Actually, one of our loyal readers (Jared) commented on an article a while back, calling me on my lack of updates on this. Haha. So here’s an update, a few months from the start date. Three to be exact. To be fair, the Olympics were smack dab in the middle of this, as was my birthday and apparently every other friend’s bday as well, so I know I could have done better. That being said, I’m quite happy with my results so far with Rick Bulley, my personal trainer from Steve Nash | Fitness World. The first few months we were focusing on building muscle size – so heavier weights, fewer reps type thing. Recently, we’ve switch to focus on toning, so more reps at a lower weight. We also have incorporated TRX on one of the training days as well which I really love.

The figures don’t lie. Diet is more than half the battle. If you’re not eating right and your drinking beer celebrating the Olympics, you’ll pay for it. So that’s what I noticed. My lower abs paid the price for all of that. Now, I’m focusing on eating better, getting back into my interval runs, and lucky for me, soccer is starting up in May as well. I’m gonna rip it up so that my next update will have some more exciting new results. Along with summer being around the corner, I’ve had some extra inspiration lately along with some fresh hot tunes to keep me pumped.

Measurments & Body Comp after the jump…

iPhone App of the Moment: G.I.R.L.

In: Gadgets & Tech, Music, Patrick

Can’t keep up with the latest & greatest songs & remixes? I know, it can be tough if you don’t have a gay roommate DJ like me. Even then, what do I do when he’s not around? Well, thank goodness I was informed about this App: GIRL. There’s a website with the live internet radio station, but there’ also an iPhone App too! The best remixes, the hottest songs – all with the push of a button on your phone. Great for working out, or if you’re having people over and are worried about preparing a party iTunes playlist. No need. Plug your iPhone (or iTouch or iPad) in, and presto.

YOU GO G.I.R.L. – There’s an APP for that!

Take the mix with you on your iPhone! Get the G.I.R.L. iPhone free on iTunes® . Over 75,000 downloads and counting, GayInternetRadioLive was the FIRST gay internet radio station to release an iPhone app and it remains one of the most downloaded gay apps to date. (Droid and Blackberry apps coming soon!)

Find out where to get this App, after the jump…

Clash of the Titans: Muscles, Medussa, & More 3D

In: Movies, Patrick

Get your glasses ready because another 3D movie hits the big screens today, and I had the chance to check it out earlier this week: Clash of the Titans. Sam Worthington who made his big break on Avatar, is back with his second big blockbuster as the lead in this war between the gods and man. Wiki explains the remake of this 1981 (when I was born) film much better than I could.


In ‘Clash of the Titans,’ the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on earth. Leading a daring band of warriors, Perseus sets off on a perilous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, he will only survive if he can accept his power as a god, defy his fate and create his own destiny.

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Chelsea Handler Handles Michelle McGee

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Just when you think you can’t love Chelsea Handler any more than you already do, and can’t dislike Michelle McGee anymore either, this happens. Michelle McGee, as you recall, is that tattooed Nazi bimbo floozy that was Jesse James’ “mistress” behind Sandra Bullock’s marriage blind side. Well, recently, Chelsea Handler had said that McGee “doesn’t read magazines and she basically has one on her face.”

In response, McGee had written on her Facebook: “Use some of that botox from your forehead and used it on your flabby underarm skin.”

To which Handler wittily replies in the following video. Her opening line? “First of all, look at my forehead you dumb bitch!”

Check it out. It’s amazeballs!

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Too Far: DEFEC8 Campaign

In: Patrick, Politics & Issues

Ok, we all know Adam Bouska’s NOH8 Campaign right? Well, a guy named Steven Paul just crapped all over it. Literally. He says:

“One day last week I was on Facebook and I came across another fucking (NOH8) picture and I’m like, ‘Ahhhhh! I’m sick of seeing it. I get it guys, I get it. I wanted to come up with something that was a slap in the face to this fucking campaign. I just thought this is a clever play on words, it’s disgusting, and it will get peoples’ attention.”

That’s right, this campaign is full of pictures with people with crap on their face in, suggestive poses, and it’s totally disgusting. Sure, I understand his point that the NOH8 turned into a lot of glammed up self promotion for a lot of familiar faces, and really, not a lot of action. But, does this help anything at all? Hell no. This is a total insult to gays and everyone fighting for equality, in my opinion. Instead of putting all the effort into publishing that revolting garbage, the Steven Paul could have come up with something that actually helps, and perhaps something more clever than Adam Bouska’s for that matter. If he wants to challenge Adam Bouska’s campaign for it’s flaws, the least this guy can do is man up and come up with something at all useful himself.

Poll + more gross pictures after the jump…

First Listen: Not Myself Tonight”

In: Music, Patrick

After all the build up it finally released. So…what do you think of Christina Aguilera’s new single, “I’m Not Myself Tonight”, from her upcoming new album, Bionic? The song, produced by Polow Da Don, is described as “fiercely energetic” and I have to agree. Sort of a more evolved, with the times version of Dirrty.

The album comes out June 8th. Hopefully the video is as sexy & edgy as the song & accompanying images are.

Listen to the full single & VOTE as to whether you like it or not, after the jump…

Beating The Westboro Baptist Church

In: Patrick, Politics & Issues, Videos

This is great. Turning something so absolutely negative into a positive – instead of being negative back, or instead of doing nothing at all. Really inspiring.

The Westboro Baptist Church, in case you don’t know, is a hate group that made themselves into a church to be able to get away with their harassment of gays, Jews, military families and more. The group is led by a terrible human being named Fred Phelps. On March 8th, five of these haters hit Chicago.

UIC student Jason Connell used the appearance of the hate group to raise money for queer rights groups such as Human Rights Campaign, International AIDS Foundation and Chicago based Jerusalem Open House. Donations were named in honor of the Westboro Baptist Church and community thank you cards will be sent from the non-profits to WBC leader Fred Phelps. Connell called it a, “Lemons to Lemonade” situation.

Video after the jump…


Okay people, it’s finally coming to a close. If you’re like me, after last season, you’re might not be up for one more, but trust me – after you see the trailer for the final season, you’ll change your mind. There seems to be less B.S., more aspects of their real lives that we see in the tabloids. It’s not over ’til it’s over…

  • Spencer completely flipping out and subsequently pretty much in tears about his marriage
  • Heidi crying to her mom about wanting to leave Spencer
  • Audrina Patridge dating singer Ryan Cabrera
  • Heidi discussing plastic surgery with her mom
  • Kristin dealing with drug abuse rumors (Kristin Coke-allari)
  • Stephanie Pratt to be dealing with sobriety (Post her DUI)

Check out trailer for the final season after the jump…

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