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Justin Comes Out on Ugly Betty Tonight!

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Tonight Justin finally comes out to everyone on Ugly Betty

Recently, Justin had his first gay kiss with his classmate, Austin in a groundbreaking episode for TV – but hadn’t come out of the closet yet to his family & friends.

In tonight’s episode, Justin has an intimate slow dance with Austin in front of his mom (Ana Ortiz) cousin Betty (America Ferrara) and friends Marc (Michael Urie) & Amanda (Becki Newton).

Marc Indelicato, who plays Justin, told US Weekly the following:

“I really am not doing this for myself. I’m doing this for everyone out there that doesn’t have a person to talk to, that doesn’t have a [mentor figure like] Marc St. James to chat with them,” Indelicato told Us Weekly. “I went into [filming] saying this is history, we’re making history now, and I’m so happy that it happened.”

Check out the promo clip of tonight’s episode after the jump…

Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey

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Jambo! Wow, for once there’s something serious and grown up coming from Lindsay. She’s just released a one hour documentary of a journey she took to India to investigate child trafficking and why it’s happening. If I had the opportunity, this is the type of thing I would like to do if – I could just pick up and leave and go help those less fortunate. Perhaps later in life I’ll be able to do something like that, but I’m glad that Lindsay (that has more or less tarnished her reputation with her unprofessional-ism on set, bad girl persona in the tabloids, and apparent substance abuse) has taken the time to share an important story (and perhaps enlighten herself and repair her image in the process).

As the capital Delhi prepares to host the Commonwealth Games, she talks to young boys just rescued from factories in the slums. When she learns that many have been sent away with traffickers by their own parents, Lindsay sets off to find out why.

In West Bengal, parents, child victims, and a former trafficker share their stories and reveal the desperate poverty which fuels this cruel trade in children.

As India’s economy is booming, Lindsay asks what can be done to stop this abuse.

Documentary videos after the jump…


This reality show get’s a reality check. ABC’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition is scaling back on the mansions because the lucky recipients of their homes are finding that they can’t keep up with the cost of maintaining the luxurious houses. Ever wonder what happens to these financially challenged families after they move into their their house? Along with a giant house comes giant utility bills, huge mortgages, increased property taxes, and more.

Now they’re scaling back on the homes and making the homes more energy efficient with solar paneling, etc. and not putting in a pool unless the person needs it for rehabilitation or therapeutic reasons. Makes sense to me. The homes are now usually around 2,800 to 3,000 square feet. Back in ’05, a featured a house in Lake City, Georgia, was essentially a castle – it was 5,300 sq ft with 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 5 fireplaces (WTF!) and an outdoor kitchen. That’s just insane.

If you want a laugh, check out this old Mad TV extreme spoof about this reality show…

Come & Get Your Candy From Your Kitty!

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Ooh, here’s a hot song (and accompanying music video that has just recently been released) for the dancefloor if you haven’t heard it yet. It’s called “Candy,” from Agros Santos ft. Kimberly Wyatt.

Kimberly Wyatt – sound familiar? Well, when you watch the video you may recognize her too. She’s a former Pussycat Doll and she’s now a stray cat with Agros Santos in this hot new song, while her former lead pussycat battles on Dancing With The Stars. After Jessica Sutta, Kimberley was the second Pussycat to leave the group. She’s currently recording a debut album expected in 2010. One of the singles is called “Not Just A Doll.”

Check out the hot video after the jump…


This is pretty big news! Rihanna just announced that she’ll be going on tour with the Britney bashing boozer, Ke$ha this summer for her “Last Girl On Earth” tour. I’m sure that’s the Last Girl On Earth that some of you would be wanting to see alongside Rihanna. I’m gonna have to agree with Tommy on this one – she really does suck in her live performances. She better just play the track in the background because she will sound like hell..a, ella, ella, eh, eh! Anyway, Tik Tok…better get your tickets as soon as they’re available!

Check out her announcement below:

Concert dates, venues, & presale dates after the jump…

Guys Acting Like Girls & Vice Versa

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These guys & gals are hilarious. The NYC sketch comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team are at it again with this video of straight men acting like women, and a second video of girls acting like guys.

Guys as Girls watching The Biggest Loser while talking about what they want to eat (or not eat) and Girls as Guys watching the game while not wanting to talk & be harassed by their girlfriends every two seconds. Very stereotypical situations (I think??) for straight couples. Haha. What do I know.

Check them out!

Videos after the jump…


Last week, Team Lesbos almost got Team Cowboys booted by beating them to the pitstop. Lucky for those two farm studs it was a non-elimination round, but they will have to complete a speed bump in this episode to make up for it. There are six teams left – away we go!

The teams have to board a 2am ocean charter to the airport, then they’re off to Penang, Malaysia to find the Snake Temple for their next clue. Lucky for Team Dad & Daughter, it’s somewhere warm as they don’t have any other clothes anymore, having forgotten their bags behind. The Daddies (as Caite refers to the Detectives) and The Models, reaffirm their unified quest to get The Lesbians out. Caite says she’s gonna “U-Turn the shit out of them.” Miss-Probably-Voted-Yes-On-Prop-8 Teen California certainly needs to turn down the bitch factor against The Lesbians.

This episode has a lot to do with cabs. Seriously, this is one reason why I think I would stress out too much on this show. Too much is riding on the cab driver you get. “Your cab can cost you $1 million,” as Louie puts it at some point during the episode (or $500,000 after tax). Anyway…

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Oh how I love spending two hours with Sharon Osbourne & Cyndi Lauper every week, and yes, even on Easter. I’m being sarcastic – but those two do make this show though. So, after last week’s episode, the teams are brought back in the boardroom right away and have to pick a project manager on the spot. Michael Johnson immediately says caveman-governor Rod (who can’t type or text) for the men, while Victoria’s Secret model, Selita Ebanks volunteers herself.

Well, things are a bit different in this episode as Trump tries to shake things up a bit (contrary to his famously retarded hair-do). For the first time in Apprentice history, the Project Manager will not be physically working with their teams. In fact, Rod & Selita have to immediately leave right away on a plane to an undisclosed location. Their limo picks them up and away they go. They arrive in Orlando, Florida. The task is to create & present a three dimensional interactive display to Harry Potter Fans, as they promote the newest attraction at Universal Orlando.

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