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Teacher Fired For Being A Lesbian

In: Patrick, Politics & Issues, Totally GAY!

This is certainly not music to my ears. Lisa Reimer, music teacher in Vancouver, B.C. was fired by a private Catholic School called Little Flower Academy, when the school found out that she was a lesbian whose partner had just given birth. She said that she was warned by the school principals not to speak of her partner or new baby, and to keep them off school grounds because otherwise “there would be a witch hunt”.

She had informed the school of her sexual orientation when she requested a maternity leave in December 2009, which she was denied. She was forced to work from home starting this past Monday, because parents complained. Her one-year contract ends in June, but she says was told to stay at home to mark papers and that her classes were cancelled.

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Best News FAILS!

In: Patrick, Videos

It’s fun to laugh at other people’s mistakes (only when they are humorous mistakes of course). Failblog is a good example of that, as is is Failbook. I can even laugh at myself. This past winter while someone was looking for a holiday gift for a friend at my store, I informed them that we “have some good sex,” when of course I meant to say “good sets.” Luckily, that was only in from of one person. When your a news anchor, you can potentially embarrass yourself in front of millions – then wind up on a YouTube/FunnyorDie video compilation! Which brings me to this post.

From the every so credible Fox News, to your local news, to the Situation Room – no one is safe from these little boo boos of the tongue. Here’s a quick compilation of the best News Fails. Accidental profanity and sexual slipups that make you wonder…what was on their mind!

News Fails after the jump…

Ice Drama: Weir vs. Lysacek

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Who doesn’t love a little figure skating drama. I know I do! The first time I ever followed figure skating during the Olympics was only because of the Nancy Kerrigan & Tonia Harding. The latest drama, however, is with two males: Over-the-top Johnny Weir vs. Overly-tanned Evan Lysacek (Dancing with the Stars).

It starts out with what Lysacek said to

“’Stars on Ice’ is really selective of who they hire and they only hire the best of the best to skate. It would’ve been hard of them to justify hiring him, and I think he was really upset because he wanted the financial benefit of the tour. A lot of us in the skating world were really disappointed in the way he reacted, basically whining that he wasn’t chosen.”

Ouch, what a bitch! Well, Weir was on The Wendy Williams Show today (Wednesday) and responded to Lysacek’s douchey statement, referring to him as a “slore” (slut+whore). Hahaha – love it. So did Wendy. Check out the clip.

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WHOA! This is crazy and in our own backyard…and was it inevitable?

North Vancouver’s Bren Tynan, 54 years old, is accused of sexual assault, sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching with a 15 year old boy. And Grindr plays a big part because of the geo-tagging Iphone app’s ability to find who’s close to you. He was arrested in Vancouver by the sex crimes unit and will be in court today.

Grindr users are supposed to be 18 or over to use the application, which allows you to find other gay men in close proximity, with the intention of having sex (as you know). The loophole here is that Grindr users are 100% anonymous because you don’t have to register or provide any personal details when signing up. So, how would they be able to verify age or anything?

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ATTENTION! Kelly Rowland is the Commander

In: Music, Patrick

When Love Takes Over, Kelly Rowland takes her position as the Commander! Long gone are the days of being an army sidekick in D.C.’s Survivor, Kelly continues to take control of her solo career in her newest single, Commander. I can’t Guetta-nuff of her and her collaborations with David Guetta. In my opinion, When Love Takes Over was the song of the year last year (in the gay world anyway) – and Nic thought so too. I even used it for our Portland Pride video! Now, with this new single being released, I’m even more excited about her new upcoming album.

Without even being made aware of this new aforementioned single, earlier today I wrote about how David Guetta has brought new life too dance music with his various high profile collaborations in the past year. He’s on a roll! I also heard a new single today that he produced with Kelis (no not Acapella – another one!), and it’s called Scream.

Be sure to check out both of these hot tracks!

Take a listen after the jump…

Can we talk about how this was the best episode The Hills has seen in a long time? That was awesome – and right off the bat too!

It starts with Lo & Stephanie having lunch. We know what this means! Gossip & setting the stage for drama! Love it! Stephanie comes right out and says “I’m only 23 and I’ve been to jail twice.” Wow – they’re actually talking about some real things that have happened! Then Lo sets the stage for the episode. The whole crew is heading to Miami for the Superbowl! That is, everyone except for Heidi & Spencer… Which reminds me, Lo also fills Stephanie in on Heidi’s crazy plastic surgeries: “Eyebrow lift, ears pinned back, nose job, chin job, boob job, butt job!” says Lo.

Cut to Heidi & Spencer’s place where Heidi is packing her bags for a trip back home to Crested Butte, Colorado, which Spencer doesn’t support. Heidi hasn’t seen her mom (Darlene) since the wedding…which also means Heidi’s mom hasn’t seen what her daughter looks like now (I mean other than in the tabloids). This whole scene was shot as if Heidi was the Hunchback of Notre Dame or some other monster of sorts, with her face not being shown once. Awesome.

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Top 10 Dance Tracks OTM

In: Music, Patrick

As we gear up for the summer, I’ve compiled some of my favorite dance tracks & remixes right now, so as to give you that extra kick at the gym or on your run – and of course on the dancefloor. A combination of remixed top 40 songs, as well as other hot dance songs and sick remixes by Dave Aude and a few others, I also highlight a couple of David Guetta’s songs.

In the past year, David Guetta has really kicked dance music up a notch, working with big names including Kelly Rowland (When Love Takes Over), Akon (Sexy Bitch), Kid Cudi (Memories) and Kelis (Acapella). He even rereleased one of his old songs, “Gettin’ Over You” featuring Chris Willis by adding LMFAO and Fergie to the mix as well! Sadly, this song did not make my list, but the video for it will his best. “I have no workds. This is going to be my best video, I’m sure,” said Guetta to MTV.

10. Memories (FMIF Remix) – David Guetta

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Kelly Clarkson’s Feathers Ruffled!

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

Little Miss Independent may not hook up, but she does freak out! Kelly Clarkson spazzed out yesterday via Twitter about a supposed leaked demo song produced by The Runners (called “Cleopatra”) from her next album. BUT, apparently it wasn’t even written for her.

First she tweeted:

“‘Cleopatra’ is NOT a song on my next record! It was written for another artist! I have no idea how it leaked, it’s a rough demo, unfinished!”

Then a few minutes later:

“I’m so tired of disrespecting, lying, sneaky little trolls that pretend to be human.”

I actually don’t mind the song at all. I think it’s pretty sexy actually and she should release it. That being said, I’d be annoyed if someone leaked my songs too. You’d best not ruffle Kelly’s Twitter bird feathers!

Check out the “rough edit” of Cleopatra after the jump…

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