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Marriage Is So Gay

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I want one! Supporting Marriage equality, a company is selling branding T-Shirts with the phrase “Marriage Is So Gay” on them, with a portion of the proceeds going to organizations that support marriage equality. In fact, when you order one online, you can choose where you want your money to go: Marriage Equality USA, Human Rights Campaign, or Freedom To Marry.

The other cool thing is that the shirts are all numbered. “Starting with number ‘1’ each t-shirt’s label features a unique, handwritten number noting the number of people sporting the tee to date.” They plan on hosting an equality party when the number of people supporting marriage equality (by getting one of these shirts) reaches 100,000. As of today, they are at 9,365.

Their tagline? “We love our friends. We love marriage. We think marriage is so gay.”

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Britney’s Telephone Demo

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Originally, Lady Gaga wrote Telephone for Britney, but after she made the demo, the Princess of Pop passed on the song. Some parts I dislike, but when you consider it’s only a demo, she’s actually pretty good for the song. That being said, I have to say that the Lady Gaga / Beyonce combo was definitely the way to go. released the previously-unheard Britney version and released it over the weekend, apparently paying someone $750 for the copy.

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Well, last week after a two week episode, no one was sent home so this week someone better leave in a freaking limo. Their task this week is for Clockwork Home Services, where they have to come up with three 30 second radio commercials, one for each brand: heating & air conditioning, plumbing, and electricity. They’re judged on originality, brand integration, and the livee performance of the commercial. Bret is the PM for RockSolid while Summer steps up to the plate for Tenacity. To my delight, Trump promises that someone’s gonna get fired, maybe two. Also, Eric Trump (another on of his kids) is there for the first time as Trumps eyes and ears – his hair slicked back of course.

The teams get into their vans and drive to their respective studios. Team RockSolid has already started perving out as the brainstorm for the challenge. “Can I suck your plunger Mr. Franklin?” says Sharon.

Both teams meet with the execs, and essentially are told that humor doesn’t really work for them, as they want to stay away from making “cracks” about plumbers.

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Yowsers! It’s getting down to it. I only want The Cowboys or The Cute Bros to win. As this episode starts, you can be sure a team is going to be eliminated in this lag, as last week was a non-elimination round, keeping the Detectives alive for another lag of the race. The four teams are in Shanghai, China and en route to what will be the 11th pit stop in the race. The remaining teams are:

  • 1. Team Cowboys: Jet & Cord
  • 2. Team Models: Brent & Caite
  • 3. Team Cute Bros: Dan & Jordan
  • 4. Team Detectives: Louis & Michael

The Cowboys get to leave first. The first clue is located on the “Garden Bridge.” It’s a lot harder to find than it sounds, as the locals only know it by another name. The Models arrive to the clue first, Cowboys second. Now, they have to go across the city again to the Longhua Temple, but can’t travel by taxi. Meanwhile, the Cute Bros can’t figure out how to find the Garden Bridge, so they decide to wait for the Detectives and work with them, knowing they have a speedbump to complete ahead.

Models arrive at temple first for the Roadblock. Caite has to count the statues in the temple…with every wrong guess, she has to wait 10 minutes before guessing again. There are 523. Her first guess? 520. And…10 minute break. Then she guess 522. And…another 10 minute break.

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Behind The Cast: Homorazzi Does Soccer

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Today, five of the Homorazzi cast are embarking on another summer season of soccer with the Out For Kicks Soccer League here in Vancouver – beginning with our kick off BBQ at Second Beach in Stanley Park. Teams are announced while enjoying some good only BBQ food – for me, this will be the first BBQ of the year!

This year, Adam and I decided to be Team Captains. I’ve previously been on the board 3 out of the 6 seasons I’ve played in the league (Adam was also on the board with me for one of those), so this year we thought we’d do something different.

This past Thursday, we had our Team pickings with all the other captains. Adam has been in LA with Dono & Alex all week, so I was left to pick our teammates on my own. It was actually a fun experience, but a little nerve-racking. I picked the people I wanted to get first and also tried to get as many friends on our team as possible, out of the 160 people play this year. There are 8 teams of 20 in total.

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For Forty Cents…

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Here’s the latest video campaign…and it’s a good one. It really puts things into perspective and makes you think.

BonoWatch Bono, Penelope Cruz, Hugh Jackman, Don Cheadle, Gwen Stefani, Gabourey Sidibe, Jane Lynch, Dakota Fanning & so many more friends of (RED) show the power of what 40 cents can buy. The Lazarus Effect Campaign: 40 cents = 2 lifesaving pills … With the help of 2 antiretroviral (ARV) pills that cost around 40 cents a day, a person with HIV can transform their life in as few as 40 days. Doctors call it “The Lazarus Effect.”

Camelbak: Wear Your Water

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If you’re a cyclist or long distance runner, what’s your strategy for remaining hydrated? Carrying a water bottle around? I was recently sent a Velobak (pictured above), from the company that invented “Wearable Hydration” – Camelbak, to try it out. It actually came at a good time, because I’m preparing to participate in the Vancouver Sun Run on May 9th, which is a 10km run in beautiful downtown Vancouver, B.C.

So what exactly is the Velobak? Essentially, in my own words, it’s a shirt that has a compartment in the back for filling up with water & has a mouthpiece/straw in the front for you to drink from. Although I’m not a cyclist, I do occasionally go for a long distance run now & then. It’s definitely important to stay hydrated when going for long distances, so when I went on my last 10km run, this was really awesome to have. The shirt is super fitted, but comfortable and breathes nicely. The mouth piece is easily accessible, yet not in the way. Most importantly, the water flow from the pack to your mouth when you need it is perfect – you’re not just getting a wimpy flow of water, which is often the frustrating part with some water bottles and products like this. Luckily, that was not the case!

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Christina Aguilera: Not Myself Tonight Video Debut

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Thumbs up! After tons of teasing, Christina released her video for “Not Myself Tonight” today at midnight and I love it. It’s Madonna Human Nature meets Lady Gaga Bad Romance meets Britney 3. I know a lot of people are gonna say she’s copying Gaga, etc. but I don’t feel that is the case. Of course in the world of pop, they all influence each other. Gaga doesn’t own the blonde hair look, or the “fierce outfit” look” and so on. This is Christina, and this is her video. She do whatever the hell she wants, as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, the edgy video incredibly sexual (with both men and women) and there’s a lot going on at once. Several looks for Xtina and even some singing in the rain with some hot shirtless male dancers – that never hurts!

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