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Here we have The Paradiso Girls newest video, “Who’s My Bitch?” It’s their second single from their debut album, “Crazy Horse”. In the video that was shot April 7–8th, the Pussycat Dolls naughty girls let loose in the dance studio, busting out some hot dance sequences to the super catchy lyrics & beat. Their last single, Patron Tequila was a total hit! This song isn’t as good, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Donovan, Nic and I got to watch them perform this live back in the fall. These girls are hot! I can’t believe it’s been that long and their album still hasn’t come out yet. It’s expected to be released this fall. The fact that they’ve released their second music video is promising though. I think these girls are awesome.

Check out the video after the jump…

Matthew Morrison Is Going Solo!

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When Glee breaks for summer, the sexy Mr.Will Schuester is going to put together his first solo album, having a huge following as a result of the groundbreaking show. Matthew Morrison explains to EW, “I’m writing all the music for it. It’s me and a big orchestra behind me.” His style on the Mercury Records produced album is described as a “dance heavy” – a cross between Michael Buble and Justin Timberlake. Sounds hot! That’s exactly the cross I’d picture it being – maybe a little Robin Thicke as well. He’s going to be working on the album in London.

Catch the season finale of Glee on Tuesday, where Schuester’s New Directions club goes head to head with Vocal Adrenaline at the highly anticipated regional competition. Big guest stars include Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban to name a few. Lea Michele & Matthew Morrison will be performing together at the Tony Awards on June 13, airing on CBS.

His CD is due to come out this fall. Can’t wait to hear it!

“It’s like rain, on your wedding day!” I’m sure it was nothing but sunshine for our lovely Canadian superstar, Alanis Morissette who got married in LA on May 22nd! It was a small private ceremony (we were Uninvited apparently), marrying rapper Mario Treadway (MC Souleye) in their home – a week before Morissette’s 36th birthday.

Although Alanis was with Ryan Reynonds before Treadway, this is her first (and hopefully only) marriage – same for Treadway. This also comes around the time that there have been rumors circulating that she is pregnant. I think the two of them look super cute and I hope they have a happy marriage and are blessed with a lovely family.

She’s got one hand in her pocket, and the other one’s wearing a wedding ring! Ok, ok – enough song references.

The Commander is letting you know that she’s no longer a Destiny’s Child, she’s a Grown Ass Woman, another track on her third studio album. Produced by Stargate, it’s actually one of her favorite tracks on the album, although we’re not sure if it’s going to be a single or not. It definitely has potential. It’s a slower song, kinda reminds me a little of JoJo’s “Too Little Too Late,” actually – and if you recall, that received HUGE radio play.

I’ve never heard the phrase Grown Ass Woman, but it sounds like Kelly’s trying to make it happen. After all, from here on out, she’s our Commander! At least for this summer, as she continues to release these hot tracks.

In other news, Beyonce’s Dad Matthew said today in a press release that Destiny’s Child will NOT reunite:

“Contrary to rumors online of a Destiny’s Child reunion, there are no plans for the group to reunite for a performance or album. The rumors are false. Destiny’s Child made an unprecedented impact in contemporary music, becoming one of the best-selling groups of all time. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams have each moved on to successful solo careers. The members remain close, but will not reunite as a group.”

Meh. They’ll obviously reunite one day. There is always a reunion.

Give Grown Ass Woman a listen after the jump…

First Look: Eminem – “Not Afraid”

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The Real Slim Shady declares that he’s back, he’s clean, and he’s Not Afraid in his newest music video released over the weekend. Eminem (who has sold more records in the last 10 years than anyone) is also looking really good these days and I’m digging the black hair! Since cleaning his life up – saying goodbye to drugs (and overeating), this icon has his head on his shoulders and is ready to make music once again – and music videos.

The song itself is empowering, but when it’s matched with the strong dramatic visuals (directed by Rich Lee) you get in this video (Eminem standing on the edge a building overlooking Newark), it’s really quite effective. As he walks through the city, pondering his new direction, he reaches a point where there’s a cliff….and he jumps off of it and takes flight, Superman-style.

I look forward to seeing what he comes out with next! Have a look and let me know what you think.

Video after the jump…

In Case You Missed It: JLo & Les Grossman Get Right

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Just in case you weren’t able to check out the MTV Movie Awards last night, I thought I’d share with you this sweet performance by Tropic Thunder’s Les Grossman (Tom Cruise) and diva Jennifer Lopez.

Tom Cruise earned some points with me for this. With all that Scientology mumbojumbo coupled with his self righteousness, I had written this clown off a long time ago. I have to say, I really do like him in a comedic role like this where he’s not afraid to get ugly – not afraid to Get Right.

After Cruise gets the crowd going on his own (with a bit of help from Ludacri … his wife Katie Holmes nervously watching in the audience), we get some fierce dance breaks with JLo and Cruise together, as she makes a dramatic silhouette revealed entrance.

Check it out!

Video after the jump…

The World’s Got Talent

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Now that Simon Cowell has finished his final season on American Idol, he’s onto bigger and better things. But what can be bigger than American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent? THE WORLD’s Got Talent. Yowsa!

Cowell is reportedly working on this show (with NBC and ITV), which would air next year, that would feature talent from over 80 countries worldwide. The winner would get one million pounds!

A source told The Sun:

“This has been Simon’s dream. It will be the biggest reality show the world’s seen. There is a huge wealth of talent out there. The best acts cross language barriers. Look at last year’s winners Diversity – anyone from any country would be impressed by what they do.”

I think this could be incredible! I love the idea of bringing the world together for one show, rather than having a bunch of country specific competitions.

FML. I mean F < OUR> L. The latest threat to mankind (to add to the list) is the sun. Next week, scientists are meeting at the Space Weather Enterprise Forum in DC to talk about Solar Storms, and how to prevent earth as we know it from being destroyed over the next couple years.

In 1859, a great solar storm swept over the earth. In September that year, telegraph wires abruptly shorted out in the US and in Europe. This resulted in widespread fires. Colorful aurora in the sky (normally only visible in polar regions) were seen as far south as Rome & Hawaii. It was crazy, but it was nothing compared to what it would be like for this to happen now. We rely on technology so much that the aftermath of such solar activity would be catastrophic for the way we live. We rely on satellites for GPS, cell phones, bank transactions, news, etc. A century-class solar storm, the National Academy of Sciences warns, could cause 20x more economic damage than Hurricane Katrina. DISLIKE!

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