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FML. I mean F < OUR> L. The latest threat to mankind (to add to the list) is the sun. Next week, scientists are meeting at the Space Weather Enterprise Forum in DC to talk about Solar Storms, and how to prevent earth as we know it from being destroyed over the next couple years.

In 1859, a great solar storm swept over the earth. In September that year, telegraph wires abruptly shorted out in the US and in Europe. This resulted in widespread fires. Colorful aurora in the sky (normally only visible in polar regions) were seen as far south as Rome & Hawaii. It was crazy, but it was nothing compared to what it would be like for this to happen now. We rely on technology so much that the aftermath of such solar activity would be catastrophic for the way we live. We rely on satellites for GPS, cell phones, bank transactions, news, etc. A century-class solar storm, the National Academy of Sciences warns, could cause 20x more economic damage than Hurricane Katrina. DISLIKE!

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Ne-Yo Is Living The Champagne Life

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Ne-Yo (aka Shaffer Chimere Smith) just dropped the second single, Champagne Life from his upcoming album Libra Scale. (Sidenote: Ne-Yo’s astrological sign is Libra, his birthday on October 18th). His first single was Beautiful Monster, released just a little while ago and a freaking LOVE that song. The upbeat, electro-pop tune is dancefloor ready (sans remix) and the lyrics are hot. Definitely in my Top 5 songs for the summer so far.

Champagne Life isn’t as upbeat as the first single, but it’s still pretty catchy, definitely sexy, and sounds a little like early Michael Jackson. I haven’t decided if I like the song yet. I am certainly not a fan of the extended talking intro the song has. The cork on this tune should be popped a lot sooner, but I lose interest because of the preachy chatter.

Check out both tracks after the jump!

Hilarious! Dustin Hoffman & Justin Bateman share a kiss while at a Celtics-Lakers basketball game at Staples Center last night – and here’s the proof.

The kiss-cam comes out during half time, and when it focuses on a couple, they must kiss while a romantic song is playing in the background. Instead of kissing his wife, Hoffman turned to Bateman and kissed while on the Jumbo Tron’s Kiss Cam. What good sports! Needless to stay the stadium was roaring with laughter and applause. Looks like it was Bateman’s real life Couples Retreat!

Check out the play by play below!

New TV Show: Melissa & Joey

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Whoa! That’s the famous line from Joey Lawrence as we remember him as Joey in Blossom. Well, now he’s got a new TV show alongside the former Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart – ready for it? It’s called Melissa & Joey. Easy enough. Here’s the rundown:

“Melissa & Joey, a half-hour multi-cam comedy with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence executive producing and starring, finds Hart portraying Mel, the grown-up former wild child of a political family who is now a local politician herself. When her sister ends up in prison and brother-in-law flees after a scandal hits, Mel must take responsibility for her teenaged niece Lennox and pre-adolescent nephew Ryder. Spread too thin to manage by herself, help comes in the unlikely form of Joe (Lawrence) who, desperate for a job, moves in and becomes the family’s ‘manny.’ David Kendall & Bob Young are executive producers and writers; Paula Hart also serves as executive producer.”

Do you think this show will be a hit? “Don’t know about the future, that’s anybody’s guess…” I definitely was a huge fan of Blossom. Catch the series premiere later this summer on ABC – August 17th at 8/7c.

More importantly, do you remember when Joey Lawrence attempted a music career!? Check out his music video for Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix. You know, it’s not that bad. It was definitely good at the time.

Check out the vintage music video after the jump…

Bill O’Reilly Makes Me Mad!

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Bill O’Reilly from Fox is so ignorant that he doesn’t understand why a company would want to have a commercial that promotes equality. Well Bill, that’s why I would never buy a freaking burger from you, shithead.

A couple days ago, I wrote about how McDonald’s in France has a new ad campaign with the tagline, “Come as you are.” Their recent commercial for this is about a teen and his father, that go to McDonald’s – his son gay, but he doesn’t know it. There’s a lot of unspoken stuff going on – but you get it. Especially if you’re gay, you can understand those situations where things are said and if you haven’t “come out of the closet” yet, it can be quite uncomfortable…well this was one of those. “Come as you are,” says McDonald’s. They don’t care if you’re gay or straight because everyone is equal.

Well, what does Bill O’Reilly say to that? “It’ll NEVER run in the USA…Do they have an Al Qaeda ad?”

Are you fucking serious? Comparing gays to terrorists? See for yourself.

Video After the jump…

Movie Review: Marmaduke

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This one’s for the kids. Earlier this week, I tapped into my inner child and checked out the prescreening of Marmaduke. I’d say the movie was Homeward Bound meets Mean Girls meets Superbad… of course not as “adult” funny as the latter two.

Based on a comic strip of the same name (dating back to the 1950s), Marmaduke the movie is about a suburban family that movies to the O.C. from Kansas, as the man of the house has a great job opportunity there. Speaking of great. Great Dane. That’s the kind of dog that Marmaduke is, and he’s main character and narrator in the film. He’s a big dog and he manages to continually get himself in an equal amount of big trouble. Perhaps the dog version of Dennis the Menace – he means well, but it’s just one thing after another.

It’s a star studded voiceover cast, with Owen Wilson playing Marmaduke , and George Lopez playing his sidekick cat, Carlos. Moving to a new neighborhood means that Marmaduke has to face a new community of pooches. The “Top Dog” in the neighborhood is Bosco, played by 24‘s Kiefer Sutherland. He’s the bad ass purebred dog you don’t want to mess with. In fact, all the purebred’s are totally pretentious and rule the dog park. Fergie plays Jezebel, Bosco’s girlfriend who is also a purebred. Of the other non purebreds, Emma Stone (House Bunny) plays Mazie, a dog that helps Marmaduke figure out how things work around there. Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays a small dog named Giuseppe, who is essentially the dog version of same character he played in Superbad – McLovin’.

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Star Wars Kid To Become A Lawyer

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Remember the kid that made that Star Wars video that was one the biggest viral videos ever? If you recall, that was never supposed to be uploaded onto YouTube, but his “friends” put it up, causing a great amount of issues for Ghyslain Raza, the boy in the video. The world was making fun of him. He dropped out of his Quebec highschool and went into a deep depression, and his parents ended up suing the families of those kids that put it up – for $250,000.

Now, 8 years later (holy crap time flies), Raza, now in his twenties, is on his way to becoming a lawyer! He’s a law student at McGill University in Montreal now, on his quest to fight crime with the law instead of a lightsaber.

If you don’t remember the video, or just want to be reminded as to why it went viral, take a look.

Video after the jump…

Weeds Season 6 Teaser: The Plot Deepens

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Looks like Nancy Botwin, played by Mary-Louise Parker, is burying her secrets from the past in the new teaser for the sixth season of this amazeballs show. The catchy little tune is “Terrible Things” by April Smith. Admittedly, I’m quite behind on Weeding myself, but I’m certainly motivated to catch up in time for the season premiere on August 16th on Showtime.

Season 6 brings the Botwins to Grey’s Anatomy – well, Seattle. There, they are starting over with the help of a woman named Linda (Linda Hamilton) and her partner Fiona.

The tagline is The Plot Deepens. When doesn’t the plot deepen in this show! Every since single mother, Mary-Louse tapped into the Mary-Jane sales industry to help her family survive, it’s been a non-stop path to trouble – but it’s been a freaking awesome ride so far!

Can’t wait to see where Season 6 will toke us!

Teaser after the jump…

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