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Cali Bans Plastic Bags!

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This is pretty cool! The state Assembly in California voted 41 to 27 to pass a bill that bands single use plastic grocery bags! Way to set the example! This is the first law like this in all of the United States. This forces people to bring reusable bags or alternatively pay 5 cents for recycled paper bags at the checkout.

I’ve also thought that a lot of things, when it comes to being environmentally friends, have to come from the top down in order for it to make a huge difference. Everyone in the country isn’t going to change their habits all at once – unless they are made to do so.

Californians use 19 billion plastic bags a year. That is 552 per person. Wow, that is absolutely ridiculous – but probably totally accurate.

Porn Stars Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush have teamed upwith Fuk!t to help educate people on safe sex and how to use a condom – with a little humor (and sexuality). Learn how to use a condom correctly in this hilarious spoof on a 1950’s sex ed film. It’s the Sex Ed teacher and his student… Chicka-bow-wow!

Brent Corrigan (whose real name is Sean Lockhart) is a 23 year old porn star who’s best known for his role in Schoolboy Crush with Vancouver’s Brent Everett. He also became Cobra Video‘s first rver double anal penetration (by Chase McKenzie and Brent Everett) – yowsas! So far, he’s done 29 films (8 of which were non-pornographic).

Matthew Rush (whose real name is Gregory Rush) is a 38 year old porn star, body builder, and personal trainer. Up until last year, he had an exclusive contract with Falcon Studios, but has since moved on. He was here in Vancouver for the Pride Parade last year. You can see him at the 3:05 mark in the video I took of the parade.

Check out Rush & Corrigan’s PSA!

Video after the jump…

Jennifer Aniston in Scream 4?!

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This latest news (slash maybe just a rumor) is amazeballs! I love that the two best Friends (aka Monica & Rachel) would be doing a thriller/horror flick together! Jennifer Aniston is latest addition to the cast. I was already excited about this movie coming back (love Neve Campbell), but now even more so! I think that having Aniston in the film would be the thing that ensures the movie does well at the box office. I already thought it was going to do well, but would certainly help the movie for sure – considering it’s the 4th in the series – which can sometimes be a gamble. The last time I remember her in a horror flick was Leprechaun.

So – what is she supposedly playing? The Drew Barrymore-esque role from the original (also the Kellan Lutz role from Nightmare On Elm Street) – you know, where the big star gets killed off in the opening scene. It’s apparently a favor for her bestie, Courteney Cox-Arquette who is reprising her role along with her man in real life and in the movie (Deputy Dewey), played by David Arquette.

A-List New York: Meet The Cast

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Gawker has revealed the cast of the what was thought to be called Gay Housewives of New York today, but is actually A-List New York. Two of the cast members Homorazzi has had the opportunity to interview in the past. Reichen Lehmkuhl and Mike Ruiz. I think this show is going to be pretty awesome. Seeing these fabulous, rich, and well known gays do their thing, while dealing with some drama throughout.

Check out the cast. Are you gonna tune into this show?

Reichen Lehmkuhl

Occupation: Reality Star, Actor, Model, Entrepreneur
Info: First famous for winning The Amazing Race, he then went on to date Lance Bass, then worked on the show Dante’s Cove (among other acting roles) and is now currently performing on Broadway. He is dating Rodiney Santiago.

The rest of the cast after the jump…

Fitness Tip of the Week: Washboard Abs

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With summer on the way, I thought it’d be beneficial to share with you some fitness tips on a weekly basis. Although I’m a pretty active guy, I’m no expert so you’ll be getting advice from one of the best personal trainers and instructors in Vancouver – Mike Dirks from West Coast Fitness Solutions.

Despite what it looks like with the torrential downpour outside, summer is on the way. What are people most worried about? What their abs look like when they take their shirt off. Immediately you think situps, crunches, go, go, go. Well, as you’ll hear from Mike, there’s more to it than that. He’ll give you a bit of insight into that, as well as demonstrate his Top 3 Favorite Ab Exercises.

The followed video was filmed after bootcamp this morning…

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French Fries & Guys: I’m Lovin’ It

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I think this McDonald’s commercial from France is great. Rather than focus on their famous combos and food, they chose to focus on something you wouldn’t expect from a fast food company. It’s not really the social responsibility issue you’d think they would choose to spend their McBucks on. You’d think environment, health, exercise, kids, etc. But being gay would not have been one of my guesses.

“Come as you are”. That’s the message from this commercial. When you’re not out yet, things can be touch and certainly awkward. I remember moving away to University, not having come out yet, and talking to my parents on the phone. “Have you found a girlfriend yet,” they’d ask. “No, mom. Not yet.” Those situations can certainly get exhausting. In this commercial, McDonald’s focuses on equality. We’re all the same. We’re all equal. People should be able to love who they want.

Check out this commercial – Supersize with a side of guys…

Commercial after the jump…

This episode was “a little vanilla” as Kristin would put it. It starts out with Stacie & Kristin having a pointless conversation about how they need to find boys and that the friends with benefits thing always leads to disaster. Stacie suggest they need to go out and flirt. Kristin responds, “I’ll go out, twist my arm.”

Next up, token lunch for this episode. Lo goes out for lunch with Mckaela at Della Terra – apparently they knew each other from a past sorority. They talk Lo’s work, and Mckaela expresses interest in working there. They also talk about the history with Kristin and Brody. Lo’s advice? “I’d recommend being friendly with Kristin. It’s sort of a tough crowd.” Love it.

Later that night, Kristin & Stacie go out on a Manhunt to Nikki’s in Venice, because they’re sick of seeing the same people around. A guy almost knocks over Kristin’s drink and guys keep approaching them with the worst pickup lines. Looks like they picked the wrong bar.

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Lance Bass Get’s Dolled Up

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In another photoshoot with photographer Mike Ruiz, Lance Bass puts the cake on the face hard core, revealing a fierce, edgy, and more feminine side of himself – or of Adam Lambert. Bass (who used to date Reichen a long time ago) had apparently been dating Queen Eye for the Straight Guy star Kyan Douglas, but the latest from the NY post is that he’s now dating Sebastien Leal, a trainer and aspiring actor. Wonder if these shots turn them on?

“No Strings Attached…”

A couple more photos…

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