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The Jersey Score: A Gay Porn

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I’m sure some (or all) of the original cast would be into doing this film, but alas it has been cast by a team of professional porn peeps in a porn-star studded cast of pepperoni.

Dean Coxx (Straight…to bed) will be playing “The Stimulation” and Kevin Cavalli (aka John Espizedo in porn) as Pauly G. He also starred in the STRAIGHT version of the Jersey Shore porn parody of Jersey Shore. The movie/porn seems like it’ll be incredibly hot and certainly a hit as these guido’s salami have a big following.

“There are plenty of abs and hair gel but “Sorry Snookie” there are no girls in sight in this all-male, all-guido, all-straight boy testosterone fueled f!@# party. Dean Coxx of makes his very first and only appearance on film for another studio in the leading role.”

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Despicable! Ramin Setoodeh (pictured right) of Newsweek Magazine wrote an article essentially state that gay actors shouldn’t play straight characters. I extremely dislike that mentality! So does Ryan Murphy (pictured left), the creator of Glee and Kristin Chenoweth (who plays April Rhodes on Glee). Murphy is calling for a Newsweek BOYCOTT in an open letter, until the author of the article (who is gay himself) publicly apologizes for the homophobic article where he humiliates Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes, amongst others, using the word “queeny.”

“I would like to join my good friend Kristin Chenoweth on her condemnation of a recent Newsweek article written by Mr. Ramin Setoodeh, in which Setoodeh basically says that out gay actors should go back into the closet and never attempt to play straight characters. This article is as misguided as it is shocking and hurtful. It shocks me because Mr. Setoodeh is himself gay. But what is the most shocking of all is that Newsweek went ahead and published such a blatantly homophobic article in the first place…and has remained silent in the face of ongoing (and justified) criticism. Would the magazine have published an article where the author makes a thesis statement that minority actors should only be allowed and encouraged to play domestics? I think not.

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This episode would’ve been completely lame (which it kinda was) had there not been a few really, really good (but short) scenes. Ah well, what can you do. It’s the final season, I’ll stick it out.

The episode starts off with Kristin & Brody patrolling down the beach discussing if they’re going to Spencer & Heidi’s birthday party for 6 year old Enzo. For reals? Enzo should be dunzo as part of this show already! “The Pratts are a bunch of crazy, crazy kids,” says Kristin. Continuing on with their chat, they discuss Audrina & Ryan and what their relationship status is, because you know, Brody only sleeps with friends and is ready for round two with Audrina. He says,”Would I hook up with her? Yeah!” Then he and Kristin cuddle on her towel in the sand. Lame.

Next, Lisa the party planner is meeting with Heidi to discuss the ridiculous plans for Enzo’s birthday party. Spencer shows up (looking oddly younger than usual – haircut or his crystals? With a bit of hesitation, he’s still going ahead with the party. Heidi insists, “We’re working on your spirit!” They may be working on their spirits, but definitely not their sanity.

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Lavigne vs. Lohan

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

“Hey, Hey, You, You…I don’t like [you, Lindsay]! The two young “ladies” had a huge fight in front of guests at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont reported the New York Post, ending with Lohan trying to get Lavigne thrown out.

Avril was at her table with her boyfriend Brody Jenner (of The Hills) when Kristin Cavallari Lindsay Lohan came up to the table to say hi. When she came up, Avril told her off saying, “Get the hell out of my face, you are fake, you are a loser. I don’t like false people. Stay away from me and my friends.” Wow – I think if Avril and Lindsay were on the “Glist” from Glee, Avril would have definitely earned some points for doing some major Plastic sabotage on Lindsay. Go Canada! Put her in the Burn Book, Avril!!

A source told the NY Times:

“Lindsay was furious and screamed back: ‘Don’t threaten me!’ She then stormed off to security and tried to get them to kick Avril out. They refused to force Avril to leave. Lindsay eventually stormed off.”

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It’s down to the Final 6 and it’s time to shake things up apparently. As the episode starts, we get some dramatic star wars-like music because we’re about to step inside Mr. Trumps NYC apartment. Wow. This guy lives like a king…in the clouds. Gold, statues – very Trump. I’ve actually been to his place in West Palm Beach, Florida (Mar-A-Lago) and the decor was very similar. Anyway, to make it interesting, because Sharon and Maria had said that they disliked Curtis, they were put onto a team (Rock Solid). This means Holly, Cyndi and Brett make up Team Tenacity. Yikes, neither of these are likely their “ideals.” That being said, I’d rather been on team Rock Solid.

In this weeks task, they’re each given an apartment to refurbish, paint, fix, and celebrify – meaning the spare room in the apartment would be the “celebrity” room for them to be creative with. Reluctantly, Holly steps up as PM for their team, going up against Sharon against Rock Solid.

“She and I, it’s like Oil & Vinegar.” Says Cyndi about Holly. You can definitely see where this one’s going. In an effort to keep Cyndi in a box, Holly does just that. She gets Cyndi to work on the celebrity room, giving her free reigns with her creativity. All Holly says is that she wants it red. The rest of the place, Holly wants it to be a “Balinese style” – serenity and acceptance. Ooooh, sounds so excited. Not.

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This coming Saturday, May 15th, support the Friends For Life Bike Rally in Toronto. Homorazzi’s Kevin is actually participating in this event for such a great cause: The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). This organization “exists to promote the health and well being of all people living with HIV/AIDS by providing accessible and practical support services. It is Canada’s largest direct support service agency for people living with HIV/AIDS.” Kevin is embarking on this 660 Kilometre bike ride from Toronto to Montreal. All you need to do is spend this coming Saturday at a great event, to help support this great cause!

There’s gonna be a BBQ, silent auction, and some great live entertainment. The silent auction will have several items to choose from, including theatre tickets, a winery tour, art, and much more great stuff! For only five bucks, you also get to enjoy a tasty grill from the BBQ, sponsored by Gladaman’s Den and the Church and Wellesley Hero Burger. A steal! You’ll also get to enjoy Toronto’s top talent: DJ Craig Dominic and performances by Trevor Campbell, Yura, Ryan G. Hinds, The Cinnamon Hearts’ Rani Rhinestore, Wrong Note Rusty, and Heroine Marks.

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Can I just say that I am soooo happy with how this season turned out?! You agree?

As the final three teams (Models, Cowboys, and Cute Bros) arrive into San Francisco, their first few moves pretty much set the scene for this final lag of the race. Firstly, the Cute Bros get their cab first after getting off the plane, while the Models get a cab that takes them to the wrong place and has no idea where he’s going. “That one no cab know,” says the Cowboys cab driver as they drive past the Model’s cab. “Now we’re gonna lose because of this dumb ass,” says Caite. I always say how much the cab driver has to do with this game – and it’s proven to be true, time and time again.

The Cute boys get their clue first and head to the first Road Block which is the Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. They must climb the tower to get clue – which Dan does for their team. As Dan reaches the ground with their clue, Cord is ready to head up for the Cowboys. The Models aren’t even on the radar at this point – fewf.

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I’ve lived in Vancouver for quite some time now and one think I haven’t done is the Vancouver Sun Run. This year it was time. Thanks to my friend Lisa (who’s birthday it was today), she organized our participation this year. It is one of the largest road races in North America and “the largest 10-kilometer race in the world”. The primary mandate of the Sun Run is to “promote health, fitness and community spirit and to support amateur athletics”.

It was a beautiful day for such an event – but that also made it quite hot! I hadn’t trained or prepared for a long distance run, so I was actually quite happy with my time overall. I managed to make it with the following results: 44:49. Pace was between 4:29 and 7:13 and placed 1104 overall, 221 in division.

Video after the jump…

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