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A couple weeks ago, I met the awesome guys behind Vanwolff swim and underwear (Marc & Andrew) when they were here in Vancouver visiting. Then last weekend, I spent some time with them at White Party in Palms Springs and they were gracious enough to give me a pair of swim briefs from their “Prey” collection and I simply love them!

Vanwolff has been around less than a year and have already received a lot of press for their high quality swimwear and unique designs. Their premium “Prey” line includes fourteen unique aquatic animal designs that are engineered and embedded into the fabric. They also have a more basic “Essentials” line that features four vibrant colors using the same innovative style. The swimwear is available in briefs and trunks.

One of the things I love about their designs is all of the detail that goes into it. Every garment features Vanwolff’s signature “woven-in-cording,” meaning each suit comes adorned with an original clever quote (i.e. “I Promise To Behave This Summer,” “Looking for Trouble,” etc.) expertly woven into the drawstring cording. Love that idea – definitely a great way to get a conversation going 😉

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A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity of interviewing Vicci Martinez from Season 1 of The Voice and she was so lovely! We chatted about her album and her hit single, “Come Along” featuring Cee Lo Green. When we spoke, it had only been a couple weeks since she shot the music video for the song while in Seattle and that very day she had received the final cut of the video. Yesterday, the new music video debuted and if you haven’t checked it out yet, do so below!

The out and proud singer performs in front of a crowd with her band while a diverse group of people tell a story of unity and togetherness using different colors of chalk. I still love this song – Martinez’s voice is so sultry and sexy and you can really feel the passion coming through. This marks Martinez’s first music video and she told me she felt that it was a great representation of the song. “We’re all the same when it comes down to it,” she told me. “The point of the song being to find your truth and your freedom and to just be happy and to love each other.”

The video shows various different men and women of all shapes, sizes, races and sexuality all coming together as one as their differences fade away behind the colors of the chalk. I should note that although featured in the song, Cee Lo Green himself doesn’t appear in the video. Enjoy the video below!

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This past weekend, Adam and I attended the 24th Annual White Party in Palm Springs, put on by Jeffrey Sanker. Aside from the amazing weather and sexy boys, one of things I love most about White Party are all of the amazing artists that perform. On Sunday night, an artist named K. Rose performed and I was not prepared for what I was about to see.

K. Rose is currently with Epidemic Music (super-producers of Cool & Dre). The singer/dancer performed her two singles, “Sleep When I’m Dead” and “A Voi E A Me’ (You and I),” as well as a teaser for an upcoming single called “Boo-G-Girl.” Her songs are hot, her dance moves are sick, and she’s definitely has the look. Seeing her perform, I felt like she was the total package and I literally got chills as if I was witnessing a star being born. I even looked around and noticed people’s jaws dropped and one guy beside me kept repeating, “Oh. My. God….” LOL.

Check out the music videos for her two singles, as well as my video footage from her performance at White Party so you can get an idea of how full out she was. I had the opportunity to meet her backstage after and she was so sweet. Enjoy!

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White Party Palm Springs 2013 was everything we wanted. Period.

Patrick and I attended WPPS (as the “kids” in the know quickly informed me is what White Party Palm Springs is referred to as) over this past Easter long weekend and barely survived we had that much fun. Stepping from 55 Fahrenheit and overcast in Vancouver to blue skies and 85-90 degrees in beautiful Palm Springs, California, we knew things were on track the second we got off our plane. Patrick had been working his contacts and even I got into the mix setting up meet and greets, interview and events for our 5 day trip and the payoff was one hell of a time. WPPS is an annual event that takes place in the desert town of Palm Springs and attracts tens of thousands of gay men (sorry ladies, while you’re certainly allowed you will by FAR be in the minority) with its promise of perfect weather, lavish events and exciting performances: and this year had them all in spades. We took our time getting in a day early and staying a day late to fully prepare and decompress after the bang out weekend and boy were our bodies and minds happier for it. No matter what the liver damage or how many shirts we sweat through- it was worth it.

While I won’t give away the details of the performances before the click through- yes, you’re going to have to actually read my review to get to the highs and see the Avicii “I Could Be the One” music video remake that Patrick has been diligently working at this past week of filming to prepare for- I will mention the bigger names and sights to wet your appetite. I had my arms around a 9 foot tall draggin’ Willam who took one look at my Harley Davidson shirt and said: “Bitch, you a queen- you ain’t go no Haaaaarley!”; Patrick is currently sporting a profile picture with the new love of his life Carmen Electra; I may have offered to sleep with Icona Pop‘s impossibly beautiful Aino Jawo; and, Patrick has discovered the newest and greatest thing to come out of the LA music scene. And, that was only the beginning…

Click through to read the WPPS 2013 review and see Patrick and My Avicii Video Remake

By now you know I’m the prankster of the bunch… or at least I love to watch them. When I stumbled upon the work of Jack Vale super early in the morning the other day, it’ had me in stitches as I laughed my head off.

Vale has countless videos of pranks he pulls on people that are super awkward but elicit some of the best reactions from the unsuspecting victims. One of those pranks is “Making People Paranoid.” Here’s what Vale says about this prank: “This is probably my favorite prank to film. My goal is to make people feel as uncomfortable as possible as they listen to me describe to someone on the phone exactly what they are doing and what they look like! I had a lot of fun with this one!”

Watch this and many other pranks by checking out the videos I’ve included below. Hope they bring laughter to your day!

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A new show on Logo called Operation: Vacation debuted last weekend and today (Saturday), the second episode will air and it’s worth checking out!

The concept of the reality show is that one selfless person in every episode will be surprised with a well-deserved dream vacation crafted by travel experts and with the secret help of their family and friends. Operation: Vacation taps into everyone’s inner explorer by taking viewers on the trip of someone else’s lifetime! Changing someone’s life starts with changing their perspective – and this show fjords rivers, hikes mountains, crosses oceans and climbs 30,000 feet-to give back to someone who’s always wanted to see the world but hasn’t yet had the chance. Fun, heartwarming, and inspiring, it’s the Extreme Makeover of travel shows! The show is hosted by Karl Schmid and Claire Newell.

I’ve included the first episode below if you want to check it out, as well as a preview of the series as a whole. Looks like there are lots of tearjerking moments to come!

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As you read this, fellow cast member Adam and I are in Palm Springs at White Party where many of the Andrew Christian models will also be and needless to say, we’re probably not having an awful time while at the pool party the AC models are at. 😉

Earlier this week, a hot new video was released called “Overboard” and it’s worth checking out (if you’re not at work). Yes, this one could be considered a little “overboard” in terms of the nudity and sexual content, but I’m sure you won’t be complaining. The boys start out on a sailboat on a picturesque sunny day and later end up stranded on a beach needing the help of some hot lifeguards… but what kind of help will they be getting?

You’ll have to check out the video to find out how it all ends. Watch the NSFW “Overboard” video below!

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Former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta has just debuted a new dance track called “Again” produced by and featuring Kemal Gordon.

In the chorus, Sutta sings, “And then you do it again / Cause you think it’s a boat to salvation / And then you do it again / Tell me now what you’re running from? / And then you do it again / Cause you needed to feel the sensation / And then you do it again / Look then at what you’ve done before / And then you do it again.”

The 30-year-old pop singer told Billboard that “Again” is a particularly personal dance track. “It talks about the cyclone of energy that happens when the wrong decisions are made in your life over and over again,” she says. “Whether it’s a lifestyle choice or a bad relationship, it talks about a darker part of my life, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m grateful for every experience in my life no matter how good or bad they are. It makes me who I am.”

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