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Gay Shorts @ The Inside Out LGBT Festival

In: Movies, Nic, Totally GAY!

I do love me some cute short films, and I love the variety that the Inside Out Festival is offering this year. With more than half a dozen programs of shorts, there is no lack of variety showcasing the best of the best country to country. Here is a couple tips on what’s going on in the shorts’ world this year:

1) Gay Shorts: We Found Love – Rue des Roses

Hailing from France, Rue des Roses is a little window into what it’s like for the new boyfriend to adapt to a man with a child.  On Father’s Day, Axel finally gets to meet his boyfriend Mehdi’s daughter Alison. Although incredibly well shot, the film falls flat in performance and heart. What should be a heart tugging story with a happy ending is a one note and emotionless song with completely uncohesive acting, and little to no chemistry. Rue des Roses is forgettable.

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It’s “Inside Out” Time!

In: Movies, Nic, Totally GAY!

Bringing in over 35,000 people a year to view the best of the years’ LGBT films, Toronto’s Inside Out Film Festival is here and begins in just two shorts days. So why attend this year? I have a lot of reasons and there is a lot of great films out this year.

Let’s start with a couple of fantastic parties. Firstly, the opening Gala is this Thursday at a brand new venue, 2nd Floor, where we can expect some great DJ’s and a great dance party to start off this great week.  Secondly, Wrong Bar is hosting Peaches After Party where the lady herself will be DJing after the screening of her film. Thirdly, NEXT Thursday, Buddies is hosting a Cineoke party where you can come sing your heart out, and being an avid karaoke(r?), I plan on busting a few tunes. With parties and receptions in between, this all leads up to the closing Gala at Hotel Ocho Sunday June 2nd. Now, enough about the celebrations, let’s get to some films. Here’s three films I’m looking forward to:

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Three R&B Songs I Forgot I Loved

In: Music, Nic

So I just got a new phone and have yet to put my own music onto it and have been Songza’ing the shit out of life right now, finding a few gem playlists I can’t live without. In the search for everything on the songzasphere I discovered “90′s R&B Wake-Up Call“, and it’s made my everything, everything. After beating it into the ground, I present to you, 3 delicious goodies that I forgot I loved.

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Mary Lambert Debuts New Video For ‘Forget Me’

In: Music, Nic

I previously wrote about Mary Lambert when she did the fantastic collaboration with Ryan Lewis and Macklemore on the “Same Love” video. Macklemore really stepped into the spotlight in my eyes with the bold message he sent out with that song, and, well, now he’s a ridiculous success. Stand up for what you believe in people!

Well Mary is still going strong and pounding out some beautiful melodies, now out with a new video for the song “Forget Me”. The video is also incredibly well shot, and really reads like a short film, and with some great harmonies that remind me of why I fell in love with music like Imogen Heap. She’s really done a great job.

Based out of Seattle, Mary’s bio reads slightly humorous, saying, “Mary Lambert is good at two things; crying and singing”, and after YouTubing some of her videos, and some of her great spoken word stuff, I can see this songstress has a lot going on for her besides her humour, with some serious soul and a guitar. Did I mention she’s a proud lesbian? We love that!

I would love to see Mary Live, and after looking at her tour dates, and I can see she’s so close to being here in TO, performing in NYC this Tuesday the 21st for only $12 at Subculture, and then back to the dear West Coast in Seattle on the 23rd at The Crocodile. AND if anyone is going to Sasquatch, she’ll be on stage with Macklemore!

Go to to check her out.

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And Finally Some New Vampire Weekend

In: Music, Nic

I should have written about this last week because I’ve been boppin‘ and groovin‘ to it all week, but one of my favorite bands, Vampire Weekend has finally released a new track from their upcoming album. Even if you’ve been on this song the last few weeks, if you haven’t, and you’re a fan, you’re welcome.

Although the boys’ first self titled album put them on the map for some great rock tunes, it really was their sophomore album Contra that catapulted them into the mainstream spotlight. I was in Australia when Contra came out, and have incredibly good memories of driving to the beach listening to hits like “Horchata” or “Cousins“. And then the boys left us hanging.

Now almost five years later, Vampire Weekend is finally releasing a new album on May 6th (UK) and May 7th (US), and they’ve given us a killer track that I can’t take off repeat.

Diane Young has all the feel of an organically fuller and more mature Vampire Weekend, with still some of the same notes that make them such a unique sound. They’re touring right now promoting the hell out of themselves and I can’t wait to finally see these guys live. I’m also crossing my fingers and toes that the entire album is just killer and makes me feel better about them being such dead beat dads all these years.

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Friends of Homorazzi, and long time supporters of LGBT rights Kimpton Hotels have announced an amazing contest that everyone and anyone in Colorado should enter. If you’re sitting at your computer in CO and thinking, “I could really go for a wedding right now”, then the Hotel Monaco Denver has the answer.

Since the recent passing of the Civil Unions Act in Colorado, I’m sure a hell of a lot of people have been bolting to the altar. The Hotel Monaco wants to make it easier for you and your partner and throw you a wedding worth upwards of $20,000 just for a hundred word essay and a picture. Cake, DJ, booze, food catered by the amazing Panzano restaurant, vintage furniture, flowers, photography, event space, you know name it, you got it.

Here’s a small brief:

In celebration of Colorado passing the Civil Unions Act into legislation, long-time supporters of the LGBT community, Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco Denver and Panzano Restaurant will award one lucky couple an all expenses paid “Civil Union Celebration” for up to 50 guests at Denver’s most vibrant, bold and seductive hotel and its award-winning restaurant. Everything for the perfect ceremony and reception will be included and the total package will be worth nearly $20k from the flowers, to photographer to dance floor and a honeymoon suite— ensuring that every last detail is accounted for in complete Kimpton style.

It’s actually that easy. Send your essay and picture to by April 26th, only a few shorts days away. A panel of judges will select five couples, and by April 30th, you can go to the Monaco’s facebook page and vote for your favourites. The couple will be announced by May 15th, and bing bang boom, you get to plan closely with the Monaco for a November 30th, 2013 date. FUN!

Just when I thought my fondness for the Monaco couldn’t get any stronger, they go and make dreams come true.

For more info, head over to Hotel Monaco Denver.

Rising Artist Spotlight: CHVRCHES

In: Music, Nic

Ladies and gentleman, Scottish electropop.

In the past couple years, Swedish pop has started a fantastic trend of smart pop, and not the cheesy snack we all love. No, you know what, I’m going to stick with that analogy, because most of it is a little cheesy! But with bands like Niki & The Dove or Little Dragon making music that seem to be an intelligent spin on a typically unintelligent genre, you can see the influence now on different countries coming into the limelight with their own twist on this little revolution.

CHVRCHES are brand spankin’ and although have had two previous singles, have just recently released their first EP comprised of three great songs and two remixes. Although their first video leaves a little something to be desired, Songza has been playing “Recover” all week for me and it catches my attention every time with it’s cute Swedishesque pop sound.

The band is currently working on their full length album, set for release late summer early fall of this year, and after opening for Passion Pit on tour in 2012, they are now set to support Depeche Mode on some of their upcoming tour dates. Not too shabby for a relatively new band. They’re obviously doing something right.

You can get the “Recover” EP from iTunes, and listen to the single below, which I’m going to have on repeat for a little bitty.

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Roisin Murphy Releases ‘Look Around You’ Teaser

In: Music, Nic

My favorite solo female artist of all time Ms. Roisin Murphy is releasing yet another solo single not attached to any album. God bless her. I mean she did warn us years ago, after two incredibly successful studio album after leaving Moloko, and with a new family on the way, that she had no desire to release a full album any time soon, but the fans want more!

Roisin has been putting out solo tracks since 2009, when she released one of my favorite songs of hers “Orally Fixated“. From then it’s just been collaboration after collaboration and tease after tease, and “Look Around You” feat Boris Dlugosch is going to be no exception.

Boris is an original in the German house music scene, and worked with Roisin back in 1999 with a remix of Moloko’s “Sing it Back”, catapulting the single into stardom.

My gorgeous friend Czahn, equally if not more obsessed with Roisin, posted this new mega mix snippet on my wall of the upcoming releases of this song. With remixes by Chopstick, JohnjonRaik and Maxxi Soundsystem, this is going to end up being another cult following for inexplicable fans like me that never really know what she’s going to do next. After years of dangling the carrot in front of our faces, we’re still following her to see how badly she teases us next.

listen to the track after the jump

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