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Yes, I’m aware what date it is. Yes I know when TO Pride was. But after waking up in a wheelbarrow in Tijuana it took me a while to find my way home. But actually Toronto Pride was a little like that this year.

I was thinking of calling this “Toronto Pride 2013: Sea of Tears” after Willam didn’t show for the weekend, but then it really did feel like the Pride that “Never Ended” because he did in fact show up the weekend after. Okay, let’s back track.

Pride Thursday I didn’t get a chance to go to the Green Space at the 519 and see Jinkx Monsoon perform. The crowd apparently was unreal, the show great, but being a little disappointed I bucked up and moved on because it was Pride, and this was the Pride when everything just worked out for me as you’ll see. I had a great time at Fly later that Thursday for Prism’s College party, and if you’re not a circuit queen, this is the Prism party to go to next year. Every age and shape shows and has a great time, the music is dece, it’s a Thursday and there’s still a great party, so there’s that. And the great thing is Shangela killed it on stage. Went to meet a friend for a cocktail upstairs though, and lo-and-behold there was Jinkx sittin’ pretty anyways, so got to have a bevvy with her after missing the show and she was an absolute dream and a truly lovely person. Nic – 1. Highlight of the night was having Shangela throw, literally throw me her phone in a panic and yell the password at me, and then tell me to bolt for the balcony to film her on stage because no one had been assigned to. I’ve never been so panicked! She may be 4 feet tall, but she gets what she wants with that voice! The footage was gotten.

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Fifth Harmony Releases Video Teaser

In: Music, Nic

I smell burning toast. I may not make it typing through this article. But what a way to go out.

I follow Fifth Harmony on every social media available to me, and FINALLY the girls have released a video teaser for “Ms. Movin’ On” on Facebook today! It’s happening. It’s really happening!

For the last month, “Ms. Movin’ On” has been on repeat, and I could not be more thrilled that the girls put out a killer first single, and it looks like the visuals are not going to disappoint either. Not only does Lauren look stunning, (LAUREN 4 PREZ!), okay all the girls look goddamn ridiculously gorgeous, but the video looks bright, colourful, girly and fun as the girls romp around an amusement park and sing into their microphones. Camilla’s signature bow, Dinah’s side sweep, Normani front and center, Ally’s bangs, it looks like they’re giving me everything I want.

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Breach Gets Hairy With ‘Jack’

In: Music, Nic

I call instant classic on the dancefloor. Calling it.

English DJ Ben Westbeech just released a hairy video for his new track “Jack” under the name Breach. Breach has had some success with tracks like “So Good Today” and “Hang Around“, but “Jack” is the shining star and the newly released video is no exception

Mixing a strange combination of the weird, wonderful, and sexy, the video for Jack gives you a little something no matter if you’re blonde, brunette, or ginger. With a flick of the switch, an alternate and furry universe is unleashed, including a blonde body suit that I don’t know how to live without. It is my birthday in a week, jussayin‘. I would. The video hits the breakdown with a sexy great red head climax (gingers are so in right now), and hints that going native might be comin’ back in style.

The track is a little haunting, makes you wanna’ move, makes you wanna’ learn choreography and grow your hair out. This all in all is one of my favourite tracks and visual accompaniments of the summer. Get into it.

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Homorazzi Toronto Pride 2013 Picks

In: Nic, Totally GAY!

Pride week has kicked off here in Toronto this week and Church-Wellesley Village and beyond is on fire right now. Just driving or walking down the streets, you can feel the frequency the city is vibrating at. Although I’m sure we’ll be stopping in for a beer at Woody’s and a drink at Crew’s this week here and there, here’s a little pick of what’s different and going on around the city. Whether you’re staying central, or partying West, these should be a blast and make it feel like Pride.

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Rising Artist Spotlight: AlunaGeorge

In: Music, Nic

An artist that gave me one of my favourite down low tracks last fall has come back in full force with an amazing new song and video, and if you haven’t heard AlunaGeorge yet, then jump on the wagon because these guys are ones to watch.

I first got to know AG last October after they released a great track called “Your Drums, Your Love” accompanied by a great video, and the track quickly made it’s way onto my repeat list. Then the London duo, still yet to release an album, scored their first chart maker with “Attracting Flies” earlier this year. All these two talented artists, lead singer Aluna Francis and producer George Reid, are doing are gaining momentum and doing a damn good job of it. Well a track they had actually released late last year finally has a killer new video, and I’m thinking big things for it.

You Know You Like It” has everything from edgy mellow electronic and a beat that you can still dance to with that 90′s R&B feel (and with amazing remix potential), to a great video with the beautiful Aluna, and dear George with those baby blues. This video and song is sex on a stick, and I’m fully looking forward to the team releasing their first studio album finally in July, hoping that they’ll keep living up to the expectation they’ve set.

If “You Know You Like It” is any indication of what they can do, then I’m thinking to keep your eye on AlunaGeorge.

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The Face Of Furry Creek Hits The Mark!

In: Nic, TV Shows

The newest brain child of friend of Homorazzi’s Mark Kenneth Woods, known for the Deb and Sisi series, premiered on OutTV two weeks ago, with the second episode just airing this week. This latest mini series follows a group of delinquent characters all vying to win the title of spokesman for their hometown in a television competition testing their, *ahem*, “skills”.

Premiering to mixed opinions, the comedy series actually does something that I haven’t seen OutTV do before, and new blood and fresh ideas on that network are always welcome in my books. With more extras on the internet than there is actual television show, after every episode you can go online to, for instance, watch the audition videos after the first episode, or catch the blogs the characters have created in a, mostly, disastrous attempt to win that grand prize. Not only do you get an entertaining show, you also can delve into the internet side of the show and get to know the characters a little more in a non-live “After Dark” style thing.

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Just recently, after a public outcry, Apple pulled a dangerous anti-gay app called “Setting Captives Free.” The discriminatory app preys on those struggling with their sexuality in hopes of getting them to sign up for the 60 day course on how to not be gay. The website advertises that:

Our Christ-centered courses are free of charge and help people just like you escape impurity, over-eating, substance abuse, gambling, smoking and more.

I know, you’re already all riled up after only reading that one sentence. Well, you can help! launched a campaign to get both Apple and Google to pull these apps, and although Apple responded in just 24 hours, Google has not yet. Google has a great history of doing the right thing in these situation, and although I have no doubt they will respond  as Apple did, we can sure speed up the process.

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Gay Shorts @ The Inside Out LGBT Festival

In: Movies, Nic, Totally GAY!

I do love me some cute short films, and I love the variety that the Inside Out Festival is offering this year. With more than half a dozen programs of shorts, there is no lack of variety showcasing the best of the best country to country. Here is a couple tips on what’s going on in the shorts’ world this year:

1) Gay Shorts: We Found Love – Rue des Roses

Hailing from France, Rue des Roses is a little window into what it’s like for the new boyfriend to adapt to a man with a child.  On Father’s Day, Axel finally gets to meet his boyfriend Mehdi’s daughter Alison. Although incredibly well shot, the film falls flat in performance and heart. What should be a heart tugging story with a happy ending is a one note and emotionless song with completely uncohesive acting, and little to no chemistry. Rue des Roses is forgettable.

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