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If you’re reading this article, I’ve survived night 5.

Okay, let’s back up.

Breakfast this morning again was on the road. We left the comfort of the gorgeous Hotel Monaco Denver, packed up Bruce, tossed ourselves into trusty ol’ Beryl, and hit the interstate in our finest attire (it was a jogging pants day). Colorado turned into Nebraska today, and the scenery was. That’s all. The scenery just was. The weather has held out, it was actually very warm to tepid today, and we arrived in Omaha in nine and a half hours with a nice sheen, looking ripe as a plum in the sun.

Okay, let’s just back up a hot minute because I just said the word “Omaha”. The original plan everyone, was to hit Kansas City. The two cities have a similar population of  around 400,000, and driving to Omaha shaves off over an hour from Denver, and over an hour to our next destination. So Nebraska it was. And Nebraska it is. And. Here…..we are…..

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I don’t want to alarm anyone, those back home in Vancouver, or anyone looking forward to our arrival in Toronto, but we have an announcement to make. We’re not leaving Denver.

UGH! Okay we are but none of us are happy about it. We felt the love when we got in yesterday, but staying an extra day in this beautiful city was the best decision we made so far. The weather has been balmy, the streets are clean, the old architecture is amazing, and everyone is so nice it just makes you want to slap them and tell them to grow up!

This morning we had an absolutely delicious breakfast at the amazing Panzano in the Hotel Monaco Denver. Zagat rated, constantly put on top places to eat in Denver, Chef Elise Wiggins has made food so great it’s almost abnoxious. We had the Panzano “Eggs Benedict” which comes on sun-dried tomato polenta, topped with prosciutto, fontina cheese and Hollandaise on basil pestoI can’t even, still. And for the love of all that is good and holy, if you have a sweet tooth, please have the Pumpkin Almond Pancakes.

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The big guy in the sky was on our side all day today. Not only did we wake up in a beautiful hotel room to beautiful weather, but we had our scheiße together at the proper time of 9 this morning, got coffees in the lobby, breakfast on the road, and took off running/driving.

The Utah landscape outside of Salt Lake City is something straight out of Outrageous Fortune, and we spent the day with our eyes peeled for the four fingers, and I think quietly felt like both Steve and I wanted to be Shelly Long. With red sandy cliffs on either wide of us, and a sky as blue as I’ve ever seen, we really did feel like we were driving through the middle America today. As Utah turned into Wyoming, the cliffs turned a beautiful combination of beige and light blue green as the soil changed. And then that was that. The raw Brokeback beauty ended, no mans flat land took over once again. Yawnsville. Someone put on the Taylor Swift.

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Well I woke up an absolute gem this morning thanks to the Denny’s Lounge in Nampa, but woke up nonetheless, which is really what matters. We knew we had a short five and a half hour drive today and still managed to get some food and coffee in our guts before taking off at the prime time of 10:00am.

I will say this much: the road signs that say “Scenic Idaho” are lying a whole lot, but with a lot of flat, dry land behind us we arrived alive and well surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains in Utah at 3:30 in the afternoon, to check into the gorgeous Hotel Monaco in the heart of downtown Salt Lake, close to every theatre, shopping, and city attraction you would look for.

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For all of you that don’t know, I’m en route to Toronto. My Vancouver life has currently come to an end after a decade in the beautiful city that I’ve called home, and it’s time for broader horizons and greener pastures and blah blah blah. So I kissed some babies and shook some hands (in reality I bawled my eyes out for 48 hours off and on), and after 9 goodbye parties and some scathing Facebook updates on how I was never actually leaving and everyone was hungover and broke, I left.

Three of us sold all of our worldly belongings, save our clothing, packed a Ford Explorer I had purchased for a steal and named Beryl, and with two of my best friends and a cat (yup, his name is Bruce and he’s lovely) in tow, we were off yesterday morning with one goal in mind: first stop, Boise, Idaho.

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You’ve seen our show, you love/hate our show and now you could be a part of our show!

With Nic leaving the table we have a seat open and are looking for a new Co-Host! Homorazzi is an Entertainment Round Table show filmed in Vancouver where we dish on all things Gossip, Music, Movies, TV & Gay News! It airs on OUTtv in Canada and as of April are going to twice a month airings!

If this is you, you must:

  • Be able to attend our taping in Vancouver
  • Have an outgoing personality
  • Be really fun
  • Have a strong opinion
  • Know your current events
  • Not take ANYTHING personally
  • Be able to bitch out Adam when needed
  • Smell nice because Patrick has a sensitive nose
  • And NEVER EVER out-gay Tommy.

If you’re interested send a message to Tommy[at] with a photo of yourself (doesn’t need to be a headshot), a brief description of yourself, any hosting experience (not really important but it’s fun to know) and what you love most about our show. Points awarded to most creative submissions!

We’re going to be shortlisting some candidates and putting them through an on air audition! HOW EXCITING…and terrifying (for them, fun for us!) If you want more info just ask us in the comments below. This is open to anyone (except straight people, children and animals…no offense) so send in your submissions and you could be a pseudo television star like we are!

Cody and I talked about this video for a while during the multitude of pillow talk we have while I brushed his hair back from his forehead and listened to his days on set. He was really excited for it, and now my husband has finally done it and released his first single “Baby Get Out.”

There’s no missing the fact that I think Cody Belew is a serious talent, but I really think he hit the nail on the head with a duet and shows me he’s just looking to make good music instead of prioritizing having the solo spotlight for the sake of having the spotlight. Kudos!

Featured in the single and video is another great talent, New Orleans native Meghan Linsey, one half of country duo Steel Magnolia. Leave it up to Cody to find another great talent, and the great thing is this bombshell’s voice accompanies Cody’s so well. I think the single is great, and should do well on the country charts. The video is well shot, the chorus is catchy, I dig. Also, I follow Cody on basically all social media, ’cause I’m clearly head over heels for him, as one husband is to another husband naturally, but I can see him really pushing himself out there and can’t wait to see his career continue to take off from here. So get the single on iTunes, and also go to his new website for all things Belew.

Tune in next week when Cody posts a picture of a goat from Ecuador and I wonder why it’s not on CNN. Yes, I actually know he’s in Ecuador. Sigh.

Video after the jump…

My love for Cody Belew knows no bounds. My adoration is greater than anyone, including my friend Steve who THINKS he knows what True Belew love is like, but is clearly delusional, and just plain wrong. Before this cover I was twitterpated and amazed with him, but after seeing and hearing him sing my favorite Prince song, I’m ready to get on a plane, fly to Beebe, Arkansas, knock on his parents door, and formally ask his Father for his son’s hand in marriage on one knee. You shouldn’t have done this to me Cody. You could have never known the serious repercussions that will result from this.

Now IMHO, The Voice lost the plot last year when my favorites started dropping like flies. I stopped watching religiously after Cody was voted out, but when Dez took a hike, and Amanda Brown, who should have won, left, what was the point? I just didn’t care anymore. What I DID care about however, was quickly becoming obsessed with liking and following Codes (we’re there now) on Facebook, putting his YouTube videos on repeat, and making him my desktop picture. I also got a shirt made that says “I Heart Cody Belew”, and I wear it under all my clothes. So.

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