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House Of Nuance Presents #artlive Vogue Ball

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Ever been to a Vogue Ball? Not even sure what Vogueing is? Well you should climb out from under your mossy rock, and if you’re in the Toronto area, you can see the art in the flesh at the #artlive Vogue Ball this Saturday at the Harbourfront Centre World Stage.

I’m gonna’ let the House of Nuance speak for itself:

Don’t know what our kind of Ball is? A Ball is a bit like a competitive fashion show, but with more dance, fashion, and fierceness than could possibly be contained by that label. The vogue dance form was born and evolved at a Ball. Ballroom legends have trained all the hottest supermodels in how to walk. There are more categories than can be counted and each one gives an opportunity for a unique artist to shine for that one moment. Is tonight your night? Pick your category and come storm the runway.

With 12 different categories, including one with no judges where you can just stomp your life away and have the fiercest time of your life, there will no lack of energy, competition, and more fun than you can try to sachet away.

The greatest part is, the Ball is only $10, so there’s really no excuse not to click here and get a ticket immediately.

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Who The F##k Is Nancy?

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Sometimes people you know do weird stuff you don’t know about. Sometimes, bam, they get a puppy, or boom, shave themselves a mohawk you have to pretend to be happy about. Sometimes they make a web series. There’s something happening on YouTube you should be watching. In the line of other great webisode series, hilariousness has come out of Toronto and it makes me giggle. That series is “Who the F##k is Nancy“.

Alex and Jo are two extremundously gay men trying their damnedest to get famous, and whether it’s brushing shoulders with Lohan, trying to get party invites from ex 1G5G cast members, or making a sex tape, the two will do anything to find their inner celebrité.

The duo have amahzing chemistry, and between Jo carrying the straight man with a facefull’o'makeup and Alex doin’ the slapstick, the two definitely have potential careers in comidé. Give these two a chance! By episode 2 the boys find their stride and crack me, and hopefully you, the fud up.

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Nic’s Top 11 Music Videos of 2013

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This list is definitely a fine line between artistic integrity, videos that were influential to pop culture,  and things that just made me happy despite popular consensus. But covering and considering all those bases, here we go. Agree or disagree, here were some great visuals to great songs this year that made it 2013 for me, and maybe you, but mostly me.

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Founded in 1979, The Rhubarb Festival here in Toronto has been paramount to the city’s art scene, and going on sale in January with performances from February 12-23, The Rhubarb Festival has been hailed as the “go to event for thought-provoking, political, adventurous entertainment”. Being in the city for only less than a year, I’ve been profoundly and pleasantly surprised at the inspired and  creative theatre here in Toronto, namely in the LGBT community, none more striking so far than The Gay Heritage Project, an unreal performance that just finished its run and moved a lot of people in this city continuing an already great season for Buddies In Bad Times. Needless to say, I am very excited for my first Rhubarb year.

To put an unnecessary grey cloud over the matter, however, The Rhubarb Festival this year, a festival that creates a lot of buzz in the arts community, has been denied funding by The Department of Canadian Heritage, to the shock of all involved. Although this has happened once before, after being previously denied, Buddies, the oldest and largest running queer theatre in the world, was given clear instructions on the criteria missing so that they could quickly receive funding on a project that aims to preserve local heritage. This year, no explanation was given:

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Dragbook Brings the Queens Togetha’

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A missed market has been filled with the new and fabulous Dragbook where finally all of the queens and fans of the queens can get together on one social media platform!

In the style of Facebook (some website you might have heard of), an easy to create online profile gives you access to the newly started community base for drag queens, for fans of drag queens, and people playing looky loo from the corner. Whether you’re at Micky’s every week, are Willam’s number 1 fanclub moderator, know every Li’l Kim lyric (WAIT, SHE’S STILL A WOMAN?!), or have watched Drag Race once and wanna’ know the scoop on the scene, Dragbook is looking like the new place to come.

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Watch Haim’s The Wire Video & Sheryl Crow Cover

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For people like me who didn’t know that this video existed the last couple weeks, here!

My love for Haim knows no bounds, and everytime the girls come out with something I’m always a little hesitant that they’re finally going to let me down, and yet they never do. The new single of their (finally) upcoming album, one of the now most anticipated of 2013, Days Are Gone, is killer, with a more lighthearted video than we’re used to from the girls.

In the video, all three of the girls, Alana, Este, and Danielle, break up with their boyfriends, including Lonely Island’s Jorma Taccone (marry me), and the boys all have extreme meltdowns. Featuring Haim’s signature catchy sound and harmonies, I call Hipster Girl Power.

Also, the girls were recently on Australia’s Triple J Radio (the best radio station on earth), and did an extremely excellent cover of Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough” in case you missed it.

Catch both of the videos below, and although containing quite a few songs Haim fans have already heard, the girls album will finally drop on September 30th.

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Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame came out as a gay man on Wednesday when he put his thoughts on paper and shipped it out to Russia. Excuse me?

That’s right! Wednesday, Miller wrote a letter to St. Petersburg International Film Festival, declining an invitation as a “guest of honour” because of his sexuality. The letter explained:

…as a gay man, I must decline.

I am deeply troubled by the current attitude toward and treatment of gay men and women by the Russian government. The situation is in no way acceptable, and I cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly.

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AB Soto has been making the rounds on the scene for a while now, and with singles like “Honey Boo Boo” and this year’s “Keep It Movin’“, he’s gotten a lot of attention, and not just because of his loud fashion. His music has been making people dance and his style has been making eyes pop all across North America, and finally he’s making his Vancouver debut at Vancouver Pride this year, performing at the very popular and always sweaty Hustla: Pride Meltdown.

I had the chance to ask the ever sweet and talented AB a couple of questions about what inspires him this week in preparation for his Vancouver debut:

What inspires your fashion?

“I like to break all stereotypes. I believe you can say a lot about a person by the way they dress. I like to push the envelope.”

What inspires your new music?

“I find inspiration by writing about what is happening around me. I get inspired by all types of music: Pop, House, R&B, 90′s Rap.”

What inspires your live shows?

“I’m inspired by fashion, art, music, and dance, but my message is most important. My music is for the people.”

You can catch AB Soto Live at The Cobalt on Aug 4th for Hustla: Pride Meltdown at Vancouver Pride this year. Get your nearly sold out presale tickets here, and make sure to download AB’s latest Fag Out Vol. 2 right away. Happy Pride season everyone!

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