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Have A Very Merry Viognier Christmas

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So many of us this time of year want to get home from work, or go home for the holidays, and draw every curtain around, light a fire in the ol’ xmas hearth and pop open a big bottle of red. It’s just natural, especially in sub zero weather, to not want a cold beverage. But sometimes it’s not so much the temperature of the beverage as it is the weight that red’s have in your mouth that make you feel comforted.

Although my Christmas doesn’t involve sub zero weather this year I’ve been drinking some amazing Viognier down under here and have been thinking about not only how great it would go with all that Christmas food, but how great a good heavy white is for all those that either aren’t red drinkers, or who just want something a little more refreshing.

For all y’all who are like “viognier whaaaa?”, it’s a french grape that is so diverse that it really doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I know not everyone are Chardonnay drinkers, which I have beef with and is a WHOLE OTHER TOPIC *wags finger*, so I’m giving you Viognier. Stats? Originally from the Rhone Valley in France, can stand on it’s own or be excellently blended with other grapes, characteristically floral with apricot, tropical fruit and orange nose and palate, low acidity with that creamy unacidic mouth feel, and dry to off-dry depending on the wine maker. All in all very diverse though. So here are three options for that hefty glass of white that might carry you from turkey and ham through to pumpkin pie. God I’m gonna miss pumpkin pie this year.

Options after the jump…


So I feel as though media attention has been relatively brief for something that is so disgusting and horrifying, so I need to get this out there as much as possible because there’s a lot at stake in Uganda right now.

It’s the handywork of lawmaker David Bahati that has hit parliament floor Friday the 18th of December. The battle has now begun. And the fact that a group called The Family Life Network has come out to support this bill, just shows that no matter where you are, something resembling Fred Phelps’ blueprint comes up and rears it’s ugly head in support of hate. So what is it that David Bahati has presented to Uganda Parliament and that this disgusting “pro-family” group is supporting? Here’s how it breaks down in lamens terms as has reported it.

The death penalty. That’s what you’re looking at if you’re an adult over age 18 who has sex with someone of the same gender who is under 18. Or if you have gay sex while carrying HIV/AIDS. Or with a disabled person. Or if you are “a serial offender” who has gay sex often.

Life in prison. If you have consensual gay sex. Even if you do it outside Uganda’s borders.

7-year jail sentence. Anyone who “attempts to commit homosexuality” (i.e. makes a pass). Or anyone convicted of “aiding and abetting homosexuality” (i.e. providing a bedroom). Or anyone “promoting” it (i.e. introducing two partners).

3-year jail sentence. If you failed to report someone to the police within 24 hours of learning they had gay sex.

See now my panic?

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The struggles started right from the moment I hit the airport to check in to my flight on Tuesday night. (PS This is definitely a semi-continuation to last week’s Behind The Cast, but not crucial in the catch-up scheme of things).

See I had come home right from writing my WSET Advanced Wine Knowledge exam to chill for an hour, grab my bags, and go to the airport, so I was already a little on edge to say the least. Well Tim checked in, no problemo. Then it was my turn. See my passport was being denied and they weren’t getting an okay from the Australian government to let me through from Vancouver. I was wracking my brain. Did I stay past my visa last time? What’s going on? The lady said it happened sometimes, don’t worry, and come back in a half hour. I did. Nothing. Another half hour. Nothing. Finally I decided just to talk to the “management” if you could even call him that. He said that they weren’t getting a proper response because the Australian government was having a hard time finding my visa.

“What visa?” I asked.

“This one,” he said, and pointed to a visa in my passport.

Yeah he was pointing to the visitors visa I had from Australia in 2005! I asked him if he had been trying to swipe that all along, and he was. At this point it was half hour until boarding and if I was on edge before, I was a bird popping out of a clock by now. I tried to explain that that was an old visa but couldn’t seem to get through to him. He just kept asking me where my visa was then, and I kept trying to explain that I was only going as a visitor. He kept INSISTING I needed a visa.

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Drunk 4 Y.O. Crossdresser Steals Christmas

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You can file this under weirdest-stories-the-year for sure, but say what you will this story really warmed my heart like a hot cup of eggnog and put me into a cheery Christmas spirit. Not a lot to say on this one except that the Grinch has some serious competition.

Boy’s Mother April Wright is obviously a struggling single Mom and you can hear her version of the story in the video after the jump, but the facts are still there. Chattanooga, Tennessee is the birth place of a four year old toddler that has the super human ability to unlock child proof doors, and a nack for drinking, breaking and entering, and cross dressing.

Okay okay I won’t say much more because the report in the video, right from the screen behind the reporter with a can that says “Beer” beside a christmas tree, is just priceless. It’s true that it may be a faux pas with the amount of guffawing this has caused me, but judge for yourself whether this deserves some concern and pathos, or a chuckle and a cheers.

watch video after the jump

New Contender in 2010 Repeal

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Previously I had written about two big groups, The Courage Campaign, and Equality California duking it out a l’il’ for a 2012 or 2010 Repeal. In a nutshell, EC said “no let’s bide our time”, and CC was all “let’s go for gold!” Well the first update is that both are now no longer having a hand in any sort of 2010 repeal. Even the Courage Campaign has pulled out before it got pregnant, and is waiting until 2012.

Someone else is stepping up to the plate though, and that guy’s name is Love Honour Cherish. Execute Director John Henning is the guts behind the operation and is going full force on a 2010 repeal, and people are happy about it after criticizing Kors and Jacobs of EC and CC respectively of using the same repeated methods to turn Prop 8 around. Well hopefully Henning has some other tricks up his sleeves, and a fresh perspective on the situation and strategies involved.

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Well Monday night hundreds rallied on the Eve of the decision on whether or not Washington DC would pass marriage equality into law. And all were overjoyed on Tuesday when in a whopping 11-2 vote, it was passed! Some council members even said “I do” instead of “Aye” which just makes me smile as big as I can possibly smile. It’s about time some positive light and a little sense of humor at the ridiculous circumstances under which so many states have lost was shed on this issue. Hopefully some of the doom and gloom continues to be over.

So already organizations like the National Marriage Organization have a gone a little apeshit and started email and phone calling and hiring town criers to go rooftop to scream about how the people should have voted and not the government. They will continue to try to overturn the issue I’m sure. But right now, in Washington DC, MARRIAGE IS EQUALLY OURS.

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Well back in August, Patrick wrote an article about the LGBT community being up in arms in L.A. over Buju Banton coming to town. Buju Banton is a reggae/dancehall singer with a huge career and tons of longevity. I remember listening to him in highschool ironically enough, but can’t say that I have, or will ever again turn on his music.

Specifically his lyrics for an old song of his “Boom, Bye Bye” is what mostly set this off. Although not the only homophobic lyrics in his music, this is the song that says how the “faggots get up and run”, how “they have to die”, explaining how exactly he’ll shoot them in the head, even “burn them up bad”. Yeah.

So after a lot of protesting, and successful protesting at that (standing up for what you believe in makes a difference), the concert was cancelled. Well now Buju’s gotten himself into a little more hot water. By a little I mean he’s lookin’ at 20-30 years in the clinker. Buddy was busted with 5 KILOS OF COKE, and now his supporters are screaming “GAY CONSPIRACY!”. Well, maybe that’s not a direct quote, but check out this from the Miami Herald:

“They are convinced it’s directly connected to the concert he had recently,” said Winston Barnes, a Miramar city commissioner and host of a popular Jamaican talk show on WAVS (1170-AM). “What they are saying is that he got off that time and they are fixing him now.”

Barnes tried without success to reason with callers, most of whom also viewed the arrest as an attack on reggae music. “It is one big mess.”

In Jamaica, people clamored for details of the arrest, decrying it on radio and on street corners.

“A lot of people are wondering if it has any links with the fight against him,” well-known Jamaican dub poet Mutabaruka said from Kingston. “We are trying to get more information.”

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Behind The Cast: Reverse Christmas

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So in 2 days, as per my bio on the website here, I leave for Australia. I migrate like the great canadian goose I am for warmer weather in the South and come back in Spring tanned and happy (and hopefully still in shape).

The east coast of Aus is definitely my home away from home, and I’ve spent around 2 out of 6 of the last years there. I can hardly believe a time I took off for an entire year though. I’m a Cancer. A crab. And I like to hide away under my rock. My home is my fortress, it’s where I spend the best part of my money and the thing I put the most thought into. There’s no way I could leave for a full 365 days again, but I’m glad I did that when I did, pre-most of the responsibilities I have now. Well, that, and the fact that being away was what taught me how much I love Vancouver.

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