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Gay Marriage Defeat In New York State

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Gay lobbyists in New York had spent over 1 million dollars on their campaign to legalize gay marriage in their state, and it fell short very quickly yesterday.

In this relatively liberal state, the vote of 38 to 24 came as a huge surprise and disappointment to everyone involved. A Marist College poll showed recently that 51% of New Yorkers were in favour of gay marriage, but it seems that the senate was not a true mirror image of what the people really wanted and now everyone is calling “not fair”. Some are also wondering why it had to be held in “secret session” without lead up or warning. It happened very quickly.

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Divorce Ban In California?

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Oooh, you know me. Can’t resist a story about a crazy Christian. Although this one has a little twist and leaves you scratching your head a little.

John Marcotte is a Sacramento web designer and the proud owner of, a website dedicated to all things traditional. Marcotte says that he is a devote Roman Catholic, and believes strongly in the sanctity of marriage. He so strongly believes in this, in fact, that he is SURE that there should be an outright ban on divorce in the state of California, because divorce goes against the Christian morals. That’s right. Even if you’re not a Christian, you’re still an American, and this whole stew of Church and State thing is still an issue.

“Hell is eternal, just like your marriage was supposed to be. Jesus still loves you if you get divorced, just not as much as before.”

Yup. He actually said that. You just can’t make this stuff up.

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Tomorrow Let’s Get (RED)

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…and no don’t attack Redd please, although he really should start spelling his name with a couple of brackets. GENIUS! And no, I’m not talking about Christmas, YET, although department stores tell me otherwise.

Tomorrow, December 1st is World AIDS Day, and we can all do our share to fight AIDS in Africa. The (RED) Campaign was co-counded by Bono, lead singer of U2, and is still going strong. He created a brand that every other brand in the world could adapt, from iPod’s to shoes (I own a great pair of Converse’s myself), to designer bags and clothes, to of course the infamous Gap shirts. Buying a (RED) product helps the treatment of AIDS in Africa with up to 50% of the profits going to the Global Fund.

So what can you do today? Well a couple of things. Firstly add (RED) to Facebook immediately because they have a kickass group on there. Change your profile picture to one of the pictures provided to help turn Facebook red in support. Then share the video provided so that everyone knows that all it takes is 40 cents per day to keep someone living with AIDS in Africa alive.

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OOPS!? Surrounded By Homos!

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Okay so I went on a cruise to and around Mexico back in April, and although the ports were fun and the ship, for the most part, was interesting and memorable to be on, I just kinda wanted to inject some life into the people on board. Oh ya, and I think I was the only one in a speedo. Let’s play spot the homo!

WELL, a straight Italian couple must have gotten the shock of their LIFETIME when they were suddenly surrounded by 1500 speedos! What happened? Apparently “Revolution” happened, Italy’s first all gay cruise, and the couple had no idea! The couple didn’t see that there was no estrogen boarding, or that half of everyone were wearing some form of straw cowboy hat. Hrm. Well the cruise from Rome to Barcelona was very uncomfortable for the couple (probably the Kylie on repeat), and now they’re sueing.

Wait, excuse me, they’re doing what?  Yes. Sueing! So here’s where it gets interesting. The couple’s attorney’s are saying that it was a breach of contract, that the cruise line was not advertised in the proper light, that they were duped etc. Really, I think the couple are the dupes. I can only imagine what these people are like. Oh, and although hopefully unrelated to the law suit now, they apparently saw friends on board they didn’t know were gay. Thurprithe!!

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When Comic Strips Get Messed With

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Sometimes (okay most of the time) I find myself with a little time on my hands at work. In said situation is where I found The Best of Craigslist, first reveled in all the FML goodness, and howled a few guffaws at Texts From last Night. I’m always looking for pleasant time wasters.

Well quite a few months ago, a wise woman (maybe my boss, MAYBE), showed me a brilliant website with an equally brilliant concept. Enter: Garfield Minus Garfield. That’s right, you heard it. At you can see your favourite Garfield strips, without Garfield actually in them. Sound boring? WELL IT’S NOT! Did you know that without the orange cat, John actually looks like a schizophrenic manic depressive? I sure didn’t! Sometimes it’s the things he says by himself that are funny, most of the time, it’s the facial expressions that tell me he’s disappointed with himself as a person. Endless fun.

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Is Twilight Anti-Gay?

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So I had no idea, but Stephenie Meyer, the author of this Twilight Series I’ve VAGUELY heard about, grew up Mormon. Her family is Mormon, she donates to the Mormon church and after the $140 million opening of New Moon this weekend, is now nearing Oprah-rich.

So there’s a database of Prop 8 contributers and Stephenie Meyer is not one of them listed publicly, but the New York Times is currently sleuthing around after a tip off that she is indeed putting her fist into the Prop 8 money bowl. This wouldn’t be the first time that someone has decided to strike their name from the record though is it? I wrote a Saturday Submission back in August, pre-cast member days, on how the president of Cinemark is a contributor towards Prop 8 and how I won’t put my money into the company in good conscience. In it I also mentioned Richard Hayne, owner of Urban Outfitters, and how he has decided to strike his name from the records, probably in an attempt to keep the gays shopping at his chain. Honestly, without them, he’d be a squeegee kid.

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Belief systems are not only something I don’t judge, but find FASCINATING. What makes people tick, what makes people think the way they do, and how can someone’s foolery be another’s gold. So here’s my new monthly contribution. This month?……


I really wish there was audio for that.

You might be thinking “Lizard People, seriously, he couldn’t have started with something a LITTLE saner?”, but not a word of lie this is a much more popular conspiracy than I even knew. THOUSANDS of websites dedicated to it.

So the deal is that some people believe that the major politicians, leaders, and heads of big business in the world are actually these shape-shifting lizard people. Some have concluded that they are an alien race from another planet while others, more interestingly in my opinion, say that they are actually native to Earth and around as long as humans have been. Apparently though their continent sunk in the ocean (Lemuria). So if that’s the case, how did we not see these creatures before?

Well actually we have. In pretty much every culture around the world. Wikipedia even has a list of “Reptilian Humanoids”, from Quetzalcoatl, creator of the sky for the Aztecs, to the Chinese and Biblical references to the Serpent or Snake. These ideas morphed, and that’s where David Icke, a renouned conspiracy theorist, picked it up.

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It’s That Beaujolais Time Of Year

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“Scuse me?” (most people are saying right now)….Calm down, I’ll explain!

Beaujolais, for those of you that don’t know, is a little appelation in France. In french wine, it’s usually the area listed on the bottle, not the grape right? So it’d say Burgundy, not Chardonnay. Beaujolais grows Gamay Noir grapes, so anytime you get anything that says “Beaujolais”, it’s Gamay. Now Gamay is a neat little grape, simple really in flavours and textures, no real surprises except that it’s often drank slightly chilled which is odd for a red. It usually pleases those that drink the more popular Pinot Noir.  So we’re talking very light in body, higher acidity (mouth watering), bright ripe strawberry and raspberry flavours, maybe a touch of spice to it, but generally straight forward, uncomplicated, and lush friendly wine.

Once a year something called Beaujolais Nouveau comes out and is released around the world. This can be traced to the early 19th Century actually when the wine would be shipped to local bistros as soon as it was harvested and bottled with big signs announcing “Les Beaujolais Est Arrive!” and everyone would drink the wine young and party and create general mayhem because it was the sign of a successful harvest after all the farmers hard work. It was not only tradition but almost mythical, the Arrive of this wine.

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