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Although I’ve spent nearly two out of the last six years of my life in Australia, I’m still amazed by our cultural differences. I was in a conversation with my roommate/friend Ryan last night and I had to get him to repeat the words “Car Yard” so many times, I thought I was going to punch something. Here we are speaking the same common language, yet a minor wrench can get thrown into the wheel every so often. Thank god it ended in a laughing fit, not in violence.

I started making myself a short list of things that I forget about when I’m in Canada but that become so blaringly obvious to me when I’m here, and things that future travelers to Australia should be aware of before they get here. So I present to you, the most random and pointless list you’ll ever see.

5. Tim Tam’s


Although available in select stores back home now (I’m thinking IGA on Robson and Richards?), Tim Tam’s are god’s gift to cookies. I think it’s in the bible somewhere…in the back…or something. These delicious wafery, just crunchy enough, chocolate filled, chocolate covered cookies are not only addictive, but get better with a beverage. What can be known as a Tim Tam bomb, is biting both ends off the cookie and using it as a straw to either soak up cold milk, or a hot beverage like coffee, which, trust me, I’m so passionate about this now I’m using a run-on sentence, is like an angel is singing every verse of Hallelujah in your mouth. Toss em in the fridge for extra crunch.

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Lily Allen In Brisbane

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I had the pleasure of going to the Riverstage in Brisbane here to attend a delicious little concert. This is the same concert that I found myself watching all of the fantastic bands at Sunset Sounds at, but this was a little different. It was a lot less crowded.

Opening electro-giant Calvin Harris started the night with a fantastic set. I had watched him briefly at the Big Day Out festival on the gold coast, but wasn’t close enough to see how much electricity the guy has on stage. Listening to some of his music, one might think that he stood there rocking back and forth back stage staring at the ceiling, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Calvin rocks when he’s live and in front of you, hopping to and from his keyboard, giving it his all into the mic, and getting you amped to dance as hard as you can. Calvin Harris’ “Ready For the Weekend” album has been a favourite of mine this year and seeing him in person was the icing.

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Sunset Sounds Festival 2010

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I took a much needed break from swimming and suntanning to go to the Sunset Sounds Festival here in Brisbane, Australia last Wednesday and Thursday. The two day event showed up 35,000 people braving the heat, finding shade, listening to great tunes and keeping hydrated….with beer.

There were definitely a few highlights to the event. You can see my coverage and the best acts’ performances in the video below. In a nutshell though the festival was a blast. The surprise band of the event was definitely new breakout artist Art vs. Science. I highlighted my favorite hit song of theirs from down here in the video but they’re entire show even though on a smaller stage was just electric. The crowd was wild, the music was oh so danceable. Amazeballs.


Moby finished up the first night with a sub par performance. Even though a few of the songs hit everyone hard and got them moving, he’s lost his flair. I saw him when I was about 17 at a festival in Vancouver and was blown away by his over the top light show and passion. I saw none of it here. What was good, was REALLY good, and was was mediocre, was incredibly disappointing. The singer for his songs was an amazingly talented woman and showed Moby’s bongo playing completely up.

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I was helping a friend out yesterday with a situation he got himself into. Apparently in the not so distant past he had a little too much to drink in a social situation and ended up making quite the ass of himself. I told him not to feel that bad and that everyone makes mistakes, but he told me that because he was so responsible most of the time, he couldn’t get past the embarrassment that he was the guy that he makes fun of.

This is fair and I can relate. We all like to go out and have a good time, but when you have that one drink you probably shouldn’t have and your better judgement is impaired, we all have to wake up in the morning and face the consequences. So why do we do it?

I learned my limit a long time ago, and yet still, as my friend did, find myself exceeding that. It happens rarely, but it does happen. What’s the appeal of being what me and my friends have now coined “that guy” (in context: “Am I being that guy right now?”). We keep each other in check and make sure to ask each other if we’re being that guy if we have a sneaking suspicion we are and no one’s saying anything. The one that’s too loud, or saying the wrong things. Might be that person inappropriately groping someone they shouldn’t, or acting in a way that doesn’t suit the atmosphere. If one of us is being that guy, we all have an understanding that being removed from the situation and saying “you’re being that guy”, is just a-okay. We usually don’t put up a fight because in those situations, the little person in our brain tells us that maybe we’re not the best judge of the situation at that moment.

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11 Defining Singles in 2009

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As every year comes to a close, I tend to look back and see it as a consecutive pattern of songs, and although things like my Transformer album from Lou Reed or my Best of The Smiths had a long history pre-Nic, Pop songs released within the year often define the blueprint because they are the thing in common that everybody heard at the same time as me. And although there’s still 31 days for music to make a difference in my life I’d like to present the 11 popular singles this year that defined the course of the last 11 months pour moi. I just couldn’t narrow it down to 10. Sue me.

11. Million Dollar Bill – Whitney Houston


Remember when we all thought that Whitney woulda rotted away in her crack bathroom published in National Enquirer, and then she got her gnarly shit together and actually kinda’ wowed us with a return? And it wasn’t like a false wow, like Britney’s Blackout (don’t get me wrong, loved the album, but it made as much a blip as a mosquito on a zapper), it was like a real return, with music videos, and Oprah. I applaud the Houston for sewing herself up and giving us Million Dollar Bill, a song that always makes me want to snap my fingers and put on a fedora.

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5 Defining Remixes of 2009

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Well in follow up to a Top 11 picks of 2009 article I wrote, I decided to put in my three (yes not two) cents about a few remixes that’ll remind me of this year. I’m a little bit of a remix whore at times, and in solid belief that something can always be improved on. Whether it’s from the club, on the beach, or just dancing by myself in my living room, these are the beats that got me through this year shaking what my mother has indeed bestowed upon me.

5. Tiga – Shoes (Mr. Oizo Remix)


….not to mention the video that freaked me out most this year. I feel like I’m watching something pirated that I really shouldn’t be watching. Tiga’s original of this song was hipster heaven, the remix is heaven for the hipster who can dance. Starts off with that wicked little guitar rhiff, and jumps right into a song about shoes, and well, who doesn’t love another 2009 song about shoes (Calvin Harris told us he’s buying them for the weekend this year). Nails, messy hair and gloves round up the things that these people love or hate, but care enough to sing about. Click here to listen to it!

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America Loves Incest, But Not the Gays.

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Well, on my browse around the internugget I came across a rather interesting picture that I just couldn’t help but to pass on to the web world I have access to.

The New York Times published a ballsy infographic with a clear message. The U.S. is ass backwards. Hopefully this will make an impression on you. The two very different graphics side by side show firstly the six (seven including Rhode Island) states supporting gay marriage, and below it the 24 states where it’s legal to marry your first cousin. Excuse me? That’s right. Read it again. The states. Where it’s legal. To marry. Your first cousin.

I want to not be surprised, but I just can’t. Shocking to say the least. The crazy thing is, that some of these states only allow the marriage to take place between these family members when the woman is getting on in years and unable to bear children (age restriction 65), most likely to avoid the momo’s you create when you put same-same genes together! This puts all the pro-marriage groups at a loss for a fight when they say that gay marriage will deplete procreation! Not to mention the ignorant opinion that gay marriage will promote the decline of American morality. Show me the morality first!

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Okay I realize that it’s not my usual subject to comment on celebrity mishaps, breakups, get togethers, and general occurances, BUT I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF ON THIS ONE!

This week, when, yesterday? The day before?….WHO CARES it happened! Girl Taylor broke up with boy Taylor after their three month relationship and just a couple weeks after girl Taylor’s birthday. Maybe her present to herself was making the biggest mistake of her life? Just sayin’ just sayin’!

These two perfectly manufactured teen dream sensations put their good genes together firstly on the set of the new movie “Valentine’s Day” coming out a couple days before the holiday early 2010. Although not out and completely public with each other, they’ve done the whole wholesome ice cream date thing caught by photographers, and have both alluded to their relationship when they individually hosted SNL.

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