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There’s a reason I like New Years, and it’s not because I love spending too much going somewhere I could go any other weekend for half the price. It’s not because I love looking for one of the few cabs that Vancouver actually has at 2am in the freezing cold. And it’s definitely not because of all the hype that leads to all the let down of being just another drunk night on the town.

I love New Years because I believe in rebirth and self improvement, and it’s really the one thing in my life that I’m sure of: that change is inevitable whether we cause it or not, and that the only thing that we fully have control over in this world is ourselves. So I look forward to every January 1st, not just because it’s my ex’s birthday (HAPPY ALMOST BDAY TIM!), but because it marks a place where I can go inside, do some self analysis and see where I want to be by this time next year. Yes, I realize I could do this at any ol’ point of the year, but we as humans mark naturally by ceremony, and I don’t think there’s any thing wrong with that.

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Courtney Love’s Peter Breeze

In: Music, Nic

Hearing Celebrity Skin brings me right back to highschool, and every girl I was friends with (and me), obsessed with Cobain’s widow and Hole as a whole. Vancouver wild child Peter Breeze has covered the tune and even gotten props now from Courtney Love herself!

Peter Breeze came onto the scene when he released “Fuck Talk (Buy Me A Drink)” last year as his club single and music video debut, and everyone was telling everyone and their mother to Buy Them A Drink! With producer Maxwell Maxwell, Peter followed up his popularity with his first full length album Send In The Robots last March, and online sales went through the roof, including a special performance attended by, and praised by, original club kid James St. James himself in LA. The album gave us some great dance tunes, and another great single and video for X-Rated Angel. Peter rocked the Rapture party and The Odyssey last summer at Vancouver Pride and began the ride into glory, glitter, and fame.

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Ballerinas Are SO The New Vampires

In: Fashion, Nic, The Arts

It’s been a LONG TIME coming that those blood sucking children of the undead climbed off the trendy train. I’m not really anything other than neutral that this trend became popular quite honestly. But really, who hasn’t watched True Blood and loved it, (just the raunchiest show on television), and what prepubescent teen, or Tommy D, hasn’t done the Beatles cry over Twilight (my warm soft spot for those films ends at Lautner). After only a few examples, we can see that the pop culture phenomena that IS vampires, post Anne Rice, has been riding high the last couple of years. But WE ARE ON THE BRINK OF SOMETHING NEW!

The dark side of Ballet has taken over, and we can thank a few seemingly unrelated groups for the next craze. Anyone who has not seen Black Swan SHOULD. It’s an incredibly suspenseful, demented, and claustrophobic film that I can see someone (PORTMAN PORTMAN PORTMAN) thanking the Academy for very soon. But something caught my eye and hit a nerve (mixed analogies?) when I first saw the trailer for it. I thought it seemed like a slightly underplayed theme that had serious nuclear potential, and then I noticed I wasn’t the only one who thought so. The tutu is IN.

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I dunno about everyone else, but I’m a little hard up for music lately. Haven’t found anything that’s made me sweat or tingle, or cough at the very least, but there are a few ditties I’m enjoying (I think I overuse the word ditty in these articles and I do apologize to the Irish), so here’s a couple picks. Take ‘em or leave ‘em. I’m taking ‘em.

Fold In Your Hands (Keljet Mix) – Passion Pit

Do I love Passion Pit more than a bowl of Moosetracks icecream?? The answer is actually no. Although I appreciate their music, I like PP, but only love a small portion of their songs. I do however love most remixed Passion Pit, and love the remixes Passion Pit does themselves (best California Gurls remix out of the bunch IMHO). Keljet’s given us a great XX remix, and a pretty good Temper Trap remix, but they nail it with this one. It’s got just enough pep to be clubby, and just enough integrity to not be over the top. I liked it the first time I heard it, and loved it by the third.

A couple more tracks to check out after the jump…

The Brief On Dylan Ribkoff Underwear

In: Charge It, Fashion, Nic

Get used to this name. You’re going to be seeing it a lot. Dylan Ribkoff is the one to watch in the underwear game, (wait…is there an underwear game?). Google this name, and it’s everywhere right now, and rightly so with the soon to be iconic bright colors and sexy pouch designs.

This quality brand name is not only hot product, but made right here in Canada, which is always a bonus in my li’l Canadian book. And after making contact with Dylan and his team, I saw some classic Canadian hospitality immediately. Being in the service industry for so long, I notice exceptional customer service when I see it, and these guys didn’t disappoint. They were pleasant to deal with, completely professional, and incredibly speedy. And so the story goes, I got a chance to sample a couple pairs of Dylan’s product (oh how unfortunate I KNOW).

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Fashion Up-And-Comers: Sly Guild

In: Fashion, Nic

Being back and forth to Australia the last few years, it’s hard not to notice the extreme diversity in fashion on the other side of the world that we see none of here. I always make sure to have a little extra room on my credit card, and I’m always prepared to buy another suitcase on my way home.

While in New Zealand at the beginning of the year visiting a friend, I picked up a couple of items from a company called Sly Guild. Upon returning back to Aus and especially upon returning home, I continued to get more comments and compliments on the two pieces I picked up than anything else I’ve bought overseas. Visiting the website last month, I was, again, blown away by their spring/summer line (opposite seasons over there), and opted to email Blair and James, the dream team behind the Guild. I got a sense of their humble attitudes, and asked them a few questions to see what inspires them, and how they see their future going in the fashion world.

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My undies changed again this week. Last week I gave you some gooders, but I’m feeling confident you’ll like ‘em this week too.

What do I have? I have a mashup that catapults me back to highschool, another track from a hiphop artist I can’t get enough of, and an 18 year old who scored a track meant for Kylie. Here we go!

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Luciana’s a powerhouse, there’s no denying it.

Her start as an artist in the frontline began when she teamed up with Bodyrox for the 2006 dance single “Yeah Yeah”. You may not know you know it, but you know it. After rocking the top of the dance charts with Bodyrox (and creating annual singles with them), Luciana continued to become the “ft.” artist on many other dance tracks. She teamed up with Super Mal for 2007′s “Bigger Than Big”, with Mark Knight on “Party Animal” the same year, and now she’s nailed her biggest hit yet with Static Revenger and Richard Vission with “I Like That“.

“I Like That” has already conquered the UK, and gone twice platinum in Australia, knocking Beyonce and Lady Gaga off #1, and now Luciana has decided it’s time to dominate North America.

Check out the Interview & music video after the jump…

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