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What’s funnier than watching a mocumentary about two fashion experts losing their jobs and turning to porn? Porn Start is! Well, okay, it’s the same thing, but NOW you don’t have to make it up in your head! You can just watch it!

The latest comedy from local Vancouver DJ/filmmaker talent Mark Kenneth Woods of House of Venus fame reads pretty clearly:

When Vance and Pepe, two hosts of a reality makeover show, find out they’ve been canceled, they devise a plan to use their fame to break into the gay porn industry. Sensing a train wreck is near, a documentary crew follow the “famous” reality TV duo as they try to create a gay porn based on “Showgirls” and “Twilight” but find out that making it big is a long and hard…um, process.

Sounds like a saucy recipe for fun. Not gonna lie, the trailer cracks me up more than a little bit.

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Summer to Fall: Songs for Transition

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The sun may be shining, but the air is cooler. I dunno about you, but I only have my windows and doors open half the time now. I consider taking a light jacket or hoodie when I leave the house. And I don’t think I’ve worn shorts for a couple of weeks. Fall has fallen upon us.

As soon as the seasons shift, so does my choice of music. Traditionally, cooler weather brings strong bouts of Roisin Murphy’s “Ruby Blue” album, or a marathon of The Smith’s Greatest Hits. Although these are in circulation in my world right now, I’ve found a small playlist I’ve made is helping me remember a busy, sweaty summer, and getting me amped for for the changing leaves.

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5 Things NOT To Do At A House Party

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IT’S FALL! And between the changing of the seasons and the epic closure of The Odyssey (*holds fractured hand*), the autumn and slightly cooler weather SCREAMS the return of the epic house party.

Now I know we’ve been partying in bars and drinking on the beach all summer but being invited into somebody’s home for a good time involves a bit of couth on everybody’s end, despite a debaucherous couple of months. So here’s a few simple tips to keep everybody from some September embarrassment.

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Where Will All The Drag Go?

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With the closure of The Odyssey in just under three weeks looming, I find more and more people that share my love for Drag in this beautiful city asking themselves this same question.

You can say what you want about The O, but that club truly had the best drag cabaret setting in all of Vancouver, and was home to the most influential and historical drag queens of it’s time. I had a discussion with the incredible Joan-E not two weeks ago about what will happen when the ol’ hump ‘n’ dump shuts down. I haven’t been in this city, been part of this culture, or seen as many things happen, as she has after performing for nearly 17 years. So when I brought up my concern about being curious to see how the community absorbs everything when everyone disperses after September 5th, she told me she had seen it once before. After Celebrities shut down the first time, the city just didn’t absorb anything. People stopped going out as much.

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Ya Know, I Just Don’t Like Katy Perry

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I’ll admit it. When Katy Perry (…ya…I’m gonna call you Caty), first came out, I was on it like a homosexual on a new beautiful female solo pop act. Katy debuted with the mildly offensive “Ur So Gay” in 2007, and with a rare, ego boosting nod from Madge herself, so I stood up and paid attention. It was funny, I think Vancouverites could relate to the then still trendy scenester boys and the scarves she was singing about. She followed up with the continuing theme of passive and again mildly offensive same sex themes when she broke number one for seven consecutive weeks on Billboard when she crooned about kissing another chick, and her controversy gave her the fame she needed.

Beth Ditto was the one to finally go on record about what was in the back of some of our minds. I know I was thinking it.

I hate Katy Perry! She’s offensive to gay culture, I’m so offended. She’s just riding on the backs of our culture, without having to pay any of the dues and not being actually lesbian or anything at all. She’s on the cover of a fucking gay magazine.”

Some thought this a little farfetched. I had discussions with friends about it. The jury was split between homophobia, and camp cheek. But Beth’s point was noted. Was it really the perogative of a straight person to be able to use decades of fighting for rights and to be taken seriously, to make money and gain fame, or was this a great way to put free sexuality into the mainstream? Regardless, it came down to personal opinion and the single was a hit.

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The Odyssey Is Finally Closing

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Well, after what has seemed like years of the historic Odyssey Nightclub in downtown Vancouver closing, it’s finally happening. The Odyssey has gotten word of it’s closure and the last night it will be open will be September 5th.

The club has fought long and hard after BC Housing declared that the site would be used for social and supportive housing in May of 2008. A site was originally set for the club to relocate to Denman St. in the westend of Vancouver, but locals and the city made sure that it never happened after complaints, protests, and petitions. Yet after a letter writing campaign to the mayor and city, headed by General Manager Will McGuire, and backed by all of us at Homorazzi and the GLBT public and supporters, BC Housing had to admit that they were not ready to make the move and start the project, thus the club was bought more time.

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Top 6 Current Feel-Good Summer Songs…

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…because I couldn’t just make it 5.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new music. I don’t just wait for music to come to me, I seek it out. Thankfully I have friends with like interests and we’re always trading. If you’re also like me, you have music for every mood. Well in case you haven’t opened your blinds in 48 hours, summer has FINALLY arrived in the Glass City here, and my blood is boiling for some feel good summertime music. So here are the songs that I most likely won’t get sick of until September, and that’ll carry me through camping trips, ocean swims, oily sunbathing, and a lot of frisbee in the park. In no specific order….

Radar Detector – Darwin Deez

This little ditty is brought to you by an American Indie singer from New York who’s relatively up and coming with hair that would put any psychopathic Golden Girl to shame. Oh god bless the indie kids. This is in heavy circulation on Triple J, my favourite station hailing from Australia, and when you hear it you’ll understand why. It just cries for some 30+ weather, a bad tanktop, maybe a sweaty Biltmore type night, and a couple of cheap ass beers. I’m glad I’ve adjusted my radar to Deez and stoked to hear what else he comes out with now.

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5 Greatest Trash Talk Shows of the 90’s

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I don’t think they make talk shows like they used to. Really, the 90’s was the peak of trash television. It was a style that people actually bought into before we became smarter consumers and viewers. Before Oprah gave everyone a car, before Ellen became wholesome, and FAR before Wendy Williams yelled “HOWYADOIN?”, we had a few stars that shone a greasy glow in TV land, and I, for one, will never forget them.

5) Sally Jesse Raphael

You can’t even say the words “90’s” and “talkshows” without mentioning her and her big red glasses. After starting out with the best of intentions in legitimate journalism, Sally did the same thing everyone did in that decade, and slipped into some seriously good trash television. Reunions. It was all about the reunions. Bringing adopted brothers, stray daughters, baby’s in baskets, all back together again in a big family cake topped with a liberal helping of kleenexes. Sally’s voice really made her unique, something that defined her from a few other female hosts with far less balls. You can get Sally’s podcast on her website if you miss her definitive resonate and quasi-androgynous tone.

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