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Katy B Covers Beyoncé!

In: Music, Nic

Well in case you didn’t hear, this week, UK electro songstress Katy B scored her first number 1 album with Little Red!

Katy B has been one of my favourites of unique British ladies with an electronic sound you can never really pin down, and if there’s one thing she’s never been, it’s dull. Her 2011 album “On a Mission” produced some of my favourite songs, and with hits on her new “Little Red” like Crying For No Reason, and 5AM, the girl has finally, and deservedly, reached the top.

Recently in a live studio version for Rinse.FM, Katy attacked a cover from the biggest pop star in the world, and a song that’s really shaping up to be a modern classic.  Starting with American singer-songwriter Tinashe’s “Vulnerable” and melding seamlessly into “Drunk In Love“, Katy B strips it back, and gives it a little soul with the piano and back up vocals. Above all else, Katy, as usual, gives a flawless live performance. God I love this girl.

Check out Katy B’s acoustic cover of Drunk In Love below. It’ll make you feel a feeling.

Video after the jump…


Dear Toronto,

This is a very lucky week for you whether you knew it or not. You thought Family Day would be the highlight of your week, but you were wrong. Very dear friends of Homorazzi and downright hilarious sex pots Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy are in town this week, and performing this weekend, and yes it will be the greatest thing to do in TO, and no you will not regret it and yes they will both put out to each and every male and female that attends (they love their fans).

In case you’re unfamiliar with this duo, The Ryan and Amy Show has been going on in Vancouver for a while now, and performing together for 7 years, and with a bagajillion videos on their YouTube channel now, pretty much anything they touch turns to funny.

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The Rhubarb Festival is On Now!

In: Nic, The Arts

Not really knowing what to expect is kind of the main flavor of the Rhuarb Festival. It being my first time stepping into anything Rhubarb related, I got to witness with fresh eyes exactly how surprising those flavours can be.

I had an absolutely inspired evening at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre this week, witnessing 35 2-3 minute plays (“give or take 10 minutes”) for their 35th anniversary show, and got to see a bundle of artistic endeavours from the 70’s through to present time, all having previously participated in the Festival. What a great way to induct me into the local arts to see its journey through all of the artist’s eyes throughout the years.

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Rising Artist Spotlight: The Preatures

In: Music, Nic

Although a little under my radar, this band has made up for lost time very quickly while I was listening to Triple J (THE BEST RADIO STATION ON EARTH) and catching up on their annual Australia Day Hottest 100 of the year. Right under veterans like Arctic Monkeys, Lana, Lorde, and Daft Punk, and sitting at pretty number 9 in the top ten, The Preatures found their place.

Hailing from Sydney, this fivesome is headed by lead singer Isabella Manfredi’s silky folky vocals. Backed by a lot of danceable rhythms, this pop group is doing pop just right in all the right places, paying homage to the late seventies and early eighties honouring something that feels like Fleetwood Mac and The Pretenders had a baby and it knew how to groove.

Still without a full length album (lest we not forget Haim was exactly in this place last year as well), The Preatures have a couple of EP’s, their latest being the 5 track “Is This How You Feel” that isn’t short of substance for so little music. Their lead single of the same title is hitting me in all the right places.

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“Show Your Love” On Valentine’s Day

In: Nic, Random Reads

Single? Couple? Open? Married? It’s complicated? No matter your relationship status, there’s something for you to do on Valentine’s Day this year besides sit in bed with a box of turtles and a Nicholas Sparks movie. Oh, just me? Cool.

The Haus of Jaja is a new group of guys doing some great things and making waves in the LGBT community here in Toronto and they’ve picked V-Day to throw their first event and chosen the LGBT Youthline to help support.


With proceeds going towards such a great cause, an equally great event is necessary, and Jaja is nailing it with a night of dance and romance, great music, a great TO drag host, and a bounty of entertainment including underwear balloon boys, (what does that mean? You’ll just have to come and see, I may be one of them).

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House Of Nuance Presents #artlive Vogue Ball

In: Nic, Totally GAY!

Ever been to a Vogue Ball? Not even sure what Vogueing is? Well you should climb out from under your mossy rock, and if you’re in the Toronto area, you can see the art in the flesh at the #artlive Vogue Ball this Saturday at the Harbourfront Centre World Stage.

I’m gonna’ let the House of Nuance speak for itself:

Don’t know what our kind of Ball is? A Ball is a bit like a competitive fashion show, but with more dance, fashion, and fierceness than could possibly be contained by that label. The vogue dance form was born and evolved at a Ball. Ballroom legends have trained all the hottest supermodels in how to walk. There are more categories than can be counted and each one gives an opportunity for a unique artist to shine for that one moment. Is tonight your night? Pick your category and come storm the runway.

With 12 different categories, including one with no judges where you can just stomp your life away and have the fiercest time of your life, there will no lack of energy, competition, and more fun than you can try to sachet away.

The greatest part is, the Ball is only $10, so there’s really no excuse not to click here and get a ticket immediately.

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Who The F##k Is Nancy?

In: Nic, Videos

Sometimes people you know do weird stuff you don’t know about. Sometimes, bam, they get a puppy, or boom, shave themselves a mohawk you have to pretend to be happy about. Sometimes they make a web series. There’s something happening on YouTube you should be watching. In the line of other great webisode series, hilariousness has come out of Toronto and it makes me giggle. That series is “Who the F##k is Nancy“.

Alex and Jo are two extremundously gay men trying their damnedest to get famous, and whether it’s brushing shoulders with Lohan, trying to get party invites from ex 1G5G cast members, or making a sex tape, the two will do anything to find their inner celebrité.

The duo have amahzing chemistry, and between Jo carrying the straight man with a facefull’o'makeup and Alex doin’ the slapstick, the two definitely have potential careers in comidé. Give these two a chance! By episode 2 the boys find their stride and crack me, and hopefully you, the fud up.

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Nic’s Top 11 Music Videos of 2013

In: Music, Nic

This list is definitely a fine line between artistic integrity, videos that were influential to pop culture,  and things that just made me happy despite popular consensus. But covering and considering all those bases, here we go. Agree or disagree, here were some great visuals to great songs this year that made it 2013 for me, and maybe you, but mostly me.

check out my list after the jump

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