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On Friday afternoon, Donovan, Nic and myself went and checked out SFP 2012 (Summer Playland Festival) here in Vancouver to catch Carly Rae Jepsen live. It’s finally getting hot here in Vancouver so what better way to spend a hot summer day that to watch Carly Rae Jepsen sing “Call Me Maybe,” the summer song of 2012. Well, the song of 2012 pretty much.

After the crowd continuously shouted “Carly, Carly,” she finally came out and kicked off her set. She probably sang about ten songs in total. Some songs were from her current ‘Curiosity‘ EP, including the title track, “Talk To Me” and “Both Sides Now“, while others were older or unreleased tracks from her upcoming album. And yes, of course she ended off her set with “Call Me Maybe” which the crowd went crazy for.

After the show, we got to meet Carly backstage and she thanked us for all for the support in all the coverage on our site, which was really sweet of her! She also told Donovan she like his hat (haha). Anyway, we had a fantastic time and she’s as lovely in person as she is on screen or in your ears. Check out some of the photos below.

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We’re back with another episode of ‘Homorazzi‘, airing today on OUTtv, but we’ve got the full episode for you here below. This is our fifth episode and the first one to air in HD on television. The panel consists of (from left to right): Tommy, Nic, Patrick, and Adam.

In this episode we cover various topics including Paris Hilton‘s DJing debut, Magic Mike, steroid use in the gay community, and some advice about pride parties this summer from Tommy. He has a lot of experience with pride being that he puts on many events and sees a lot.

Also, find out which one of these cast members used to date, who has a swollen ankle and why, who just got back from vacation, and whose been doing “Needles“. Huh? Enjoy the episode below!

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In this most recent episode that aired this past Tuesday night, Patrick, Tommy, Adam and Nic (having returned from his Grindr leave) talk about the latest in Travolta gossip, Snow White and it’s trailer hype, plus TV’s best in spring finales.

The episode starts off with gossip, chatting about a few stories involving John Travolta and Justin Bieber. Transitioning into the late Donna Summer, Tommy talks about her relationship with the gay community and his thoughts on things that happened in the past.

The panel also chats a lot about the recent TV finales and which ones were their faves. Tommy confesses that he literally watched one of the finales over and over, thirty times. Find out what show it was in the episode below. Enjoy!

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Azealia Banks Releases EP ’1991′

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I finally got red headed step child excited for something today in music. I love music, I love all kinds of music, but music has been boring me lately. I’m ready for something different, and we finally have it.

We got this teaser taste of Azealia Banks when her single “212” came out, a fantastically filthy danceable to the nth degree track that I soaked up like baby oil the first time I heard it. I don’t profess I discovered it by any means and was actually shockingly late on the train for it, but repeated it like it was the only thing on my iPod/computer/in the world. So here we are for months now waiting for this seemingly breakout artist to come out with something else. Earlier this month online she released a fantastic track named “Jumanji“, and again I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but FINALLY now we get something more concrete from her – some real getting to know her music. Only four tracks, but it’s something!

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Homorazzi Chats With Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

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On a beautiful sunny day, we had the opportunity to drive out to Bridge Studios here in Vancouver to sit down with friend of Homorazzi, the always radiant Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman.

As hospitable and welcoming as always, we had the pleasure to have Jeffrey take us around to show us his wardrobe, and introduce us to the cast and crew on set of his new film ‘Lucille’s Ball‘. Everyone was fantastic to us, and we even got to talk to the director of the film who’s life the movie was based on.

We’ve seen Jeffrey’s career blossom from his humble beginnings as a nice Canadian boy, to filming Stargate, to modelling in South Africa, working in LA, and now living full time in New York City. We even got to chat with him about a project he’s proud of, a film called ‘The Skinny‘ that premiered in LA just last month. His story is really an inspiration to anyone starting off a career path in and around Hollywood North.

As always with friends and extended family of Homorazzi, we’re happy to see all of his hard work paying off and are always excited to catch up with Jeffrey to see how high his star will rise.

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Wine 101: Bonarda For BBQ!

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Just riding my bike home yesterday through a few different neighborhoods, as my route takes me, I noticed a common thread in the newly summerish air no matter what part of town I was in. Barbecue (or barbaquoi as Chloe Sevigny would say)! That’s right. It’s the time of year where whether beached or patio’d, you bust out the grill for your favourite hunk of meat or fish and give your meal that smokey goodness that weather like this screams for.

Depending on whether you’re grilling a white fish and want a white, or whether you’re used to your big chewy Cabernet for that prime rib, we all have our favourites for this time. Maybe though, just maybe, you’re missing out on your new favourite big red for said cuisine, and you just don’t know it. That grape could be Bonarda.

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May 1st marks the return of the “You’ve Bought Him Enough Drink’s Boy” and local talent Peter Breeze, when he releases his new album Bonnie & Clyde.

Two years after PB’s premiere album “Send In The Robots” killed it on the download ring, the blonde bombshell rises again with a sound reminiscent of his first album, but with more of a backbone this time, giving us a lot of beats, and some dance music we can actually chew on. From front to back, Bonnie & Clyde does not disappoint.

Telling a story of fame, fortune and fabulousness as we could expect, right from the opening Interlude of Forever Wild we’re thrown into the surreal world that Peter and his team paints. Produced by fantastic local DJ Nick Bertossi and co-written by boy wonder and local hidden talent Michael Gordon, we’re given a cast of characters highlighted by completely relevant dance beats and a handful of hooks and lyrics to sing along to. What more does one want from a club album? It’s a fun feed all around.

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Wine 101: NOT Grigio, NOT Sauv

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Listen, I get it. The sun comes out, the weather warms up, and you go to the liquor store and reach for that bottle of Pinot Grigio: a bottle of Santa Margarita or maybe a litre of Bolla, depending on our price range (or level of class). You even go to New Zealand and grab your Oyster Bay or Kim Crawford. Summer is just around the corner and you want that cold acidic crisp glass of white. It’s refreshing. But next time you’re in the Italian section especially, look around, ’cause there’s some cool varietals that no one talks about because most don’t know about them.

One of those grapes is Arneis, and I just have such a heart on for it because of it’s uniqueness.

This little gem comes from Piedmont, a northern region of Italy known on one side for giving us delicious Nebbiolo grapes that bring us Barolo and Barbaresco, and on the other hand delicious sparkling Moscato called Asti. Somewhere in the middle sits our little Arneis, a dry and full bodied white wine, crisp and floral, delicious and just plum different. Why different? Instead of the huge citrus and grapefruit flavours and scents you get from the aforementioned whites you might be reaching for, you get a ton more nutty, floral notes from Arneis. Don’t know if you like that? Well you just might, so try it!

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