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It’s a testament to how amazing an artist is if their music stands the test of time. “Finally” was released over twenty years ago and still has the ability to motivate droves of people to the dance floor whenever it’s played. No wonder the track is one of the biggest dance and house records of all time. CeCe Peniston even re-released the single last year on its 20th anniversary including a diverse range of remixes produced by the Joyriders and a number of cutting edge producers.

Recently, yours truly and Nic had an opportunity to sit down with the dance diva pioneer before a performance. Given I’ve been a fan since the 90s, we jumped at the chance to meet the 43-year-old in person. Plus she’s been an avid supporter of the LGBT movement for many years, including posing for the NOH8 campaign. Gotta show love for those who love us back. She was as delightful and divalicious I had envisioned. There were no airs about her and was a joy to talk to. At one point during her interview with Nic, she jokingly sassed me because I was being too loud chatting up a storm with her people. LOL. God, love her.

After visiting her backstage, we staked out our spot on the dance floor to catch a good view of her performance. Whether she’s performing in front of 100,000s of people or in an intimate venue, Peniston gives it her all. She engaged with the crowd and even brought up a few on stage to dance with her. I thought I was going to lose my shizz, when she sang “Keep On Walking“, definitely one of my favorites. Mixed in with classic tracks, CeCe belted out new material including her latest single, “Celebrate“. Naturally, she ended the evening with various versions of her signature hit, “Finally.” This drove the crowd cray cray as they couldn’t get enough of it. Check out Nic’s interview with her below, along with my favorite tracks from the incomparable Ms. Peniston.

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Curious to know why Homorazzi’s Nic is holding a pair of lady garments in his hand with Colby Keller? Even though I was there to witness everything, I’m still surprised how everything transpired. Definitely the most interesting interview I’ve ever had the pleasure to film. Never in a million years would I’ve thought I’d begin the evening in a handicap restroom with one of my good friends and a porn star, whose films I’ve “enjoyed“. Most random Pride ever, and I’ve been to plenty around the world.

Colby Keller who’s appeared in many films for Randy Blue, Sean Cody and Falcon Studios to name a few was in town to celebrate the inaugural issue of DIXX Magazine- a bi-annual arts and culture magazine that examines culture where art and sex collide. It’s for the homo hipster, the new dandy, the art fag, the butch queen and everyone in-between. With all that mind, Keller was the perfect choice to be cover boy for the issue.

When we heard he was in town, naturally Nic and myself jumped at the chance to chat with him. Upon meeting him, the first thing that crossed my mind was how tall he was. I’m 6’0″ and found myself looking up into his beautiful eyes ;) Speaking of beautiful, Colby was much more striking and handsome in person, and that’s not just the beer talking. He really is. And extremely nice to boot. Check out our fun chat with him below.

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iPhone App OTM: Songza

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So, Songza rules. Especially at work right now, I’m not sure how I lived without it. Even yesterday I was cleaning up the house feeling pretty low energy and Songza all of a sudden lifted my mood, because, well, you tell it how you’re feeling. What?

This music app is a wide data base of songs trying to fine tailor to how you’re feeling or what you’re doing, and away it goes. You can either access it from on your computer, or listen to it through your WiFi on the app on your phone.

Right now I’m at work and decided I needed something other than the regular radio. So on goes my Songza app, and here’s the screen that comes up…

The screenshot & more on the app after the jump…

Liquor 101: Once You Go Black….

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There’s a new boy in town in my liquor market here in BC. It may be not new to you, but JC it caught my eye, and now it’s flying off the shelves and into the public’s glasses. I mean, if Coke can do Crystal Pepsi (REMEMBER?!), why can’t we go the opposite direction and make Vodka dark. That’s right. Let’s make Vodka Black.

Blavod is a vodka based out of the UK and the brainchild of a guy named Mark Dorman who was sick of the same crystal clear (but seriously, REMEMBER CRYSTAL PEPSI??!) distilled Vodka. Probably a playful guy, Mr. Dorman thought of the possibilities of having a drink for consumers that, really in a nutshell, looked bad ass. So off he went to make some great spirit, and then, after some research, found a South Asian herb called Black Catechu derived from Burmese Acacia trees. I know, a lot of information, but, he pretty much found that it gave his spirit an inky blackness, AND, get this, imparted no other flavouring to the spirit itself. Bam! Blavod was born.

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Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To: RAC Edition

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Who? Right? That was me up until two weeks ago, and then just last weekend I had the opportunity to see Remix Artist Collective live at the Waldorf here in Vancouver and they pretty much blew my mind. Why? Because this isn’t remix in the thumpa thumpa boomtickity nnss nnss beep boop beep kinda’ way. This is rethinking remixes.

Oddly enough, coming up on a year ago, I wrote an article about my thoughts on remixes that weren’t typical remixes. Now that I’ve found RAC I feel not only justified, but like I’m right and you’re wrong. KIDDING! Calm down! *smirk*

In all seriousness, RAC, either live, or on your iPod, can make you do a lot of things. Dance, relax, run around, chill – they have a little of something for everyone. These are remix artists for music lovers. These boys (André Allen Anjos, Andrew Maury and Karl Kling), go back to 2007 where they whipped up a ditty with a Shins song, and BAM, they’ve been doing it ever since.

Give a listen to the Remix Artist Collective after the jump.

Seattle born hip-hop artist Macklemore, creator of such hits as Wings and The Town, has a real and human way of telling a story through his genre of music. But this time he’s decided to a tell the story of something that he’s experienced even though he himself is not gay.

Macklemore has been known as a “socially conscious rapper” dealing with real life issues and real life stories told from the heart. He was catapulted into the limelight when he released his single Otherside, a song dealing with his personal experience in drug addiction. Shortly after cleaning his life up, he teamed up with Ryan Lewis and the two have been collaborating ever since.

Well now the two have released a song from their upcoming debut LP “The Heist“, set for release later this year. “Same Love” deals directly with the inequal rights of same sex marriage, and features spoken word and folk singer Mary Lambert, another Seattle native. The three have teamed up with the Music for Marriage Equality campaign, and the single will be available at from the 24th to the 31st of July will all proceeds from the single going towards marriage equality in Washington.

listen to the track after the jump

The thing that always shocks and surprises me about New York is the sheer volume of life. No matter how many times I go to the gorgeous and seemingly insurmountable Big Apple, I’m always in awe of the energy and breadth of things to do and see, so I make a point of going somewhere completely different everytime I go so that I don’t feel like I’m retracing my steps and wasting my time.

On a recent trip to the east coast, Donovan, Brian, and myself hit up some night life, something I’ve failed to do to the full degree in NYC. The trip took us to areas off the beaten tourist path, staying at the wonderful Hotel on Rivington in the Lower East Side, and avoiding Times Square for once, except to run (nearly late), into one of the last performances of Priscilla, we poked our heads into neighbourhoods of Chelsea and Hells Kitchen for spots to eat and drink and dance.

Bob Pontarelli now owns not just one, but three of the biggest hot spots for gay night life in NYC, and it didn’t take long to figure out why his two bars, Barracuda and Industry, and his restaurant Elmo, were so popular.

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On Friday afternoon, Donovan, Nic and myself went and checked out SFP 2012 (Summer Playland Festival) here in Vancouver to catch Carly Rae Jepsen live. It’s finally getting hot here in Vancouver so what better way to spend a hot summer day that to watch Carly Rae Jepsen sing “Call Me Maybe,” the summer song of 2012. Well, the song of 2012 pretty much.

After the crowd continuously shouted “Carly, Carly,” she finally came out and kicked off her set. She probably sang about ten songs in total. Some songs were from her current ‘Curiosity‘ EP, including the title track, “Talk To Me” and “Both Sides Now“, while others were older or unreleased tracks from her upcoming album. And yes, of course she ended off her set with “Call Me Maybe” which the crowd went crazy for.

After the show, we got to meet Carly backstage and she thanked us for all for the support in all the coverage on our site, which was really sweet of her! She also told Donovan she like his hat (haha). Anyway, we had a fantastic time and she’s as lovely in person as she is on screen or in your ears. Check out some of the photos below.

Video after the jump…

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