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Our Valentines Day-themed pics were such a hit, we decided to do it for St. Patrick’s Day too. For one day of the year, everyone channels their inner Irishman to join in the festivities. Whether it’s enjoying a pint of green beer, sipping on a McDonald’s shamrock shake or wearing a splash of green, most people do a little sumthin’ sumthin’ on March 17. As a side note, did you know blue was the color originally associated with St. Patty’s day before green took over. Interesting, right? I just can’t imagine drinking blue beer. LOL. As if green liquid is any more appealing.

I personally love this day for a multitude of reasons. One, even if it’s midweek, people love to party this day. Two, I can pull out my awful Irish accent without too much judgment (too much being the operative words). And thirdly, green is one of my favorite colors. So, wearing a splash of green isn’t a lot of effort and actually suits my skin tone. Hopefully, you enjoy our pics. Can’t wait to snap our Easter-themed pics. I call the glittery bunny ears.

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Out of all the 27 minutes I’ve used up for various things in my life, nothing has ever hit me over the head as hard as the video I’m posting for this article. Also, I’ve never seen anything spread this fast on Facebook in my life.

If you’ve seen it on your feed, and you haven’t pressed play yet, I’m giving you another opportunity. It will be in front of your faces, and you will have a choice to participate in prospective change or not. I’m highly recommending that you do. This is proof that a few can make a difference, and that such a genius concept can be so simple.

In a nutshell, Joseph Kony was posted as the #1 World’s Worst Criminal by the International Criminal Court. Joseph Kony, a Ugandian guerilla group leader, leads his team, the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). He is guilty of abominable crimes, including abducting what is estimated at 66,000 children to fight for the LRA. He leads a child army who are forced to kill their parents, mutilate the faces of their enemies, and forced into sex slavery. The odd thing is as you will see in the video, Joseph is just one man, backed by no one.

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Well I’m not Jewish but OI!!!

Take a breather before you read this one because it might get ya’ as angsty as I am right now. And breath and…

SO! One Million Moms is on another hate mongering campaign and this time they’re not even going after real gay people. For anyone who missed the Ellen debacle , pretty much in a nutshell, a nutcase group of women tried to petition against our power lesbian and all around good person Ellen Degeneres as a JC Penney spokesman. And they lost. Which ruled.

Well now, following suit with Kirk Cameron, Anne Coulter, Westboro Baptist Church, and every other homophobic douche canoe that can’t keep their outdated redneck pieholes shut, O.M.M. is on yet another rant but this time trying to put Toys ‘R’ Us in the hot and hateful seat.

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An Open Letter To Rihanna

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Dear Rihanna,

You’ve done this to me, your unconditional fan, and it’s not my fault. You’ve now officially set yourself up to be hated. You’ve done the impossible, and changed my opinion of you in mere seconds so drastically, that my head is still spinning, and not because it was thrown against a car window. Too soon? Well, you’re telling me that apparently it’s not. So open the flood gates, and make it rain. It’s all fair game now.

Loved your whole album, really thought Talk That Talk was amazing. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t been so excited for anything from you since Music of the Sun and your single most holy grail Pon de Replay. That’s saying a lot. So trust me when I tell you that I gave your album a good hard listen two or three thousand times, even defended you when you released Talk That Talk as your single (not your smartest choice, but you’re my homegirl Ri). I especially liked the taste that Track 5 left in my mouth. It was dirty really, and gritty ghetto fun. Had all the makings of a good filthy classic. But at 1:18 long, it was cut too short. Again I publically defended you for your creative choices but secretly wished and dreamed a little dream that one day you would release a full length version of Birthday Cake. And then I found out you had plans to. And then I cheered and peed and danced because I was excited.

And then you released it. Featuring Chris Brown.

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My faith in music has been restored this month. After a stagnant, stale couple of musical months I find myself reinvigorated by great indie bands like Fujiya & Miyagi, Queen of Hearts, and Katy B. Even though I still Ladi Dadi on a daily basis with Wynter and Aoki, a late winter has me hipstering a little more than I’m used to. And so follows a slightly skinny jeans and unwashed hair playlist to suit my mood. Nothing too new, but songs you should know if you already don’t.

1. “Somebody I Used to Know” – Gotye

I’ve spent a lot of time living in Australia, and I was listening to Gotye over there years ago before I even knew who he was. Makes sense considering he had a whopping five years between his last albums! Gotye is truly an artist, and one that tugs on your heart strings and makes you dance at the same time. A few days ago, when it was Australia Day, Triple J, the greatest radio station on earth, as usual had their hottest 100 of the year to celebrate. It was no surprise this song got number 1.

More songs I can’t stop listening to after the jump.

Talented dancer, friend of Homorazzi, and total babe Mark Kanemura headlines a great fundraiser this Saturday the 14th in LA for all our westcoast American friends, and it’s for a fantastic cause!

If you’re in the LA area this weekend, are at an advanced level of dance and wanna get your groove on, or just feel like hanging out with Lady Gaga’s principal dancer and watching some people sweat it out for a good cause then get your tushy down to the EDGE Performing Arts Center from 5:30 – 7:00 pm and bring some moola! The class is all monetary donation, 100% of the proceeds go towards charity, and whether your participating, watching, or just swinging by, they’re taking any donations you can spare for The Trevor Project. This past Christmas, while in his home state of Hawaii, Mark hosted a dance class for The Trevor Project raising $2040 and a whole WHACK of prezzies and goods as you can see with his smiling shining face above.

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Ryan Gosling Is Perfect (In Airports)

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I’m not a reblogger. People can get their own hits, and I like writing my own stuff, but I just can’t take it. I sat here and thought “should I repost”, and after hitting Share on Facebook, I have to SHARE more with the world. Ryan Gosling is perfect.

Is it his doe eyed smile? Is it his perfectly not-too-quaffed hair? His smoldering brutish jaw line? His all too buff veiny tanned…..oh god. OH GOD.

The good people of (courtesty of Just Jared) have put together the ultimate Ryan Gosling picture article for us, and it’s perfect for a couple of reasons. Reason A) It’s Ryan Gosling. He could crap in the street and I’d faint like a Backstreet Boys fan in the 90’s. But more importantly B) because this is just him in everyday life. No fancy cameras, no lighting, no makeup. Pure and unadulterated Gosling Glory (I wouldn’t mind him a bit adulterated though YA KNOW WHA’I’SAYIN’ *HIGH FIVE!*). Ahem.

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My Top 11 Music Videos of 2011

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I AM A MUSIC VIDEO ADDICT. I’m the first one to view it, first one to post it, and what’s better than seeing visuals to a song that make you love the song even more than you thought was possible. It was a big year for highly visual music videos and I have no lack of material to add to this list. This is MY list and if you disagree then comment below and tell me what your favourites were this year.

11. Kanye West & Jay-Z, “Otis”

Two Words: Mercedes Maybach

Check out the rest of my list after the jump.

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