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What is SIDE DISH? Whenever you go out for dinner, you have your main entree and your beverage(s). Sometimes you even order a side dish- something that complements the main mean and satisfies your cravings even more. The articles we post daily are the main course while the SIDE DISH video segments are where we dish out on what’s going on and serve it back to you…extra saucy, burnt…who knows what you’ll get!

In this installment of SIDE DISH, a few of cast members and friends offered to help Brian and I move. Since Brian and I finished the majority of the move prior to Saturday, the moving crew decided to do a few SIDE DISH episodes. The first of the three we filmed, took place on an abandoned lot in Vancouver’s infamous downtown East Side.

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Bruce Wayne? Or Boi Wonder?

In: Fashion, Jonny

It’s that time again….choosing your Halloween costume for 2009.

I know, I know, odds are you’re going to a party or a bar. Adam, no doubt has a few tricks and <ahem> treats up his sleeve!). But what happens when you and your boyfriend can’t settle on the right costume, or want to wear the same one?

Case and point, the dynamic duo of Jonny and Kodie. Or in this instance BATMAN and ROBIN.

I’m not going to lie to you, there’s a small age difference (like we care), however every once in a while, I fear that I’m the T.R. Knight to his now former boyfriend Mark Cornelsen. Kodie never makes me feel any less than who I am, however during costume selection we both agreed the caped cruisaders would make “an awesome” idea. Both announcing at the same time “I’m Robin”!!

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WAILHALLO (That’s “hello” Brenda Dickson style.)

I’m Fine…

Surgery went well (removal of polyps off of my vocal cords). Kodie and my girlfriend Mandy were outstanding and could apply for nursing school IMHO. Kodiekins even bought me my Quatchi doll (Score 50 points Kod)! My awesome surgeon, Dr. Dickson said that while it may be a bit of a recovery, for the most part I am young and healthy and everything should be fine. I was like “Oooooh a Doctor called me young! Score!”

I sound like a broken record, but for the record, I’ve been silent for almost 7 days, otherwise know as 158 hours. I think I now have a glimpse into what it must be like to be deaf, or have the need to sign. As a mute, I find that more people smile at me when I try to charade questions to them. They also then try to sign back and act silent- that part I don’t really get. You can talk you jackass!

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Hawt Topics is BACK!!! Well, sorta. This past Sunday night as the sun was setting, Jonny, Patrick, Nic and myself headed down to English Bay to film an episode of our still untitled weekly video group segment. Our previous name “Hawt Topics” drove me up the wall. At my previous position as VP of an online teem magazine, having a URL with a misspelling was such a hindrance in so many ways. With the new name, we are looking for something short, succinct yet catchy and fun- sounds like we’re asking for the world. Haha. I know when we hear it, we’ll know and immediately fall in love. Thanks so much for your previous suggestions and hope you keep them coming. We truly do appreciate it.

In this episode of the untitled show, we welcome our newest addition to the cast, Nic and other cast and site changes. Nothing groundbreaking but just something to get our feet wet again.

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To Ink Or Not To Ink?

In: Fashion, Jonny

EVERYONE HAS TATTOOS NOWADAYS! –  and for the longest time, I’ve wanted to get more. The last time I got inked was back in 2000 and I was living/working in Calgary. I know it’s not exactly a new concept, but there is something so appealing about having art on your body that will last a lifetime. This also happens to be my DILEMMA. I can’t for the life of me choose something “new” that I think will be cool 20-30 years from now…. I don’t have kids yet, so I’m not getting my daughters name (“Calliope”), and I sure as hell am not getting “Mom” (even though I love my Mom). I just haven’t been inspired by something so badass and sexy that I believe elevates my body….what am I left to do?


Recently, my best friend Zack told me about an article he read that talked about how it’s rebellious NOT to get a tattoo nowadays, because everyone has one. I’m pretty sure my parents could care less, nor would my bf if I rocked some new ink, so that’s not really my issue….again, I just can’t think of something that would be cool enough to settle on. I just don’t wanna regret it….I already know some people who have made hasty tattoo decisions (Sharmane in High School, Farshad’s ex girlfriend’s name on his neck)…..but I’ll leave those for another day.

That’s why you have to be careful! A mistake like that will stay longer than a bad beacon/fico score!

With that in mind, here are some tattoo’s I found that I’m almost 100% positive will cause regret…

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Air Canada: Go EFF Yourself

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Aren’t you glad that I’m taking the bullet for this one? I wonder- has ANYONE ever had a wonderful experience with this company? For me, not so much.

To their credit I will give them this. They are the country’s largest airline, and have been around commercially the longest. Many of their planes have touch screen television, movies and music. For the most part, they have a dedicated unionized staff….and at one point, they even had Celine Dion give them some extra love via a paid endorsement. I wonder if they’ve ever lost her luggage? And afterwards, did she muster up the spirit to have her heart go on?


I think credit is due where it is deserved. I also feel that if a chef has undercooked your meal, and you’ve paid for it, you’re allowed to send it back. Too bad you can’t send upper management at Air Canada back to….say…..kindergarden to get a better level of understanding.

Here’s a brilliant thought. People. Customer Service. Kindness.

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I just have to say- when Patrick and Donovan told me that we were making some slight changes to our site, I was most excited about this one: Our Sunday Behind The Cast. It gives you and I a chance to get to know each other better, and possibly provide you with a bit more personal insight into what’s really going on. In my line of work (and in general as well), I find it most rewarding when I can connect with people…and I mean REALLY connect, even if it’s brief.

So it has been a busy couple of weeks, and while I’m happy when things are eventful…I waaaay prefer a chill lifestyle (just ask my man Kodie or my puppy Tacos.)

Best Friend’s ’til the end


My poor, straight best friend Zack broke up with his girlfriend for the 4th time in 5 weeks. I think this time it will stick. While I’m sad for both of them, let’s face it, Zack is his own person. I’m always happy to be his best friend, thank GAWD I don’t have to date him. Let the healing begin.

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Elise Estrada’s latest music video has been released and it features Homorazzi’s own Jonny Staub as the jerk boyfriend. The song is called One Last Time and it is the 7th single off of her debut album, having had the other 6 reach Top 10 status and two #1’s!

Jonny is the douche in the video, as the two live the fabulous life, but have their share of problems. Jonny is constantly texting other girls, while Elise competes for his attention. The chorus says, “I just can’t make you love me.” Um, Elise, I hate to break it to you but Jonny plays for the other team. That’s why you can’t make him love you.

We interviewed Elise Estrada at the Junos a few months back. We also watched her perform. Very sweet and very talented. Elise is also going to be hosting a new TV show on Much Music called Love Court, debuting on August 28th. This show actually looks quite funny…kinda like Video on Trial, but for dating. A couple is selected to go on a date, but what they don’t know is that a panel of comedian judges are watching their every move and judging their dating skills. At the end of the date, one will be found guilty of crimes against love and sent to the love lockdown.

Click here to watch the music video

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