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Your Profile Pic: What You Need To Know

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Are you single? Looking for love? For those of us who use social networking sites/dating sites, the PROFILE PHOTO you post just may be the single most important aspect of your entire profile.

We all have one…we may even have several back logged. Some classic pictures include but are not limited to: Catwalk model-esque, athletic activity, half-naked self shot, killer smile/friendly, Derek Zoolander smirk (Kodie…ahem!)…the list is endless.

For me, I’m happily taken, but I’m down with a profile picture that reminds me of a fun memory (a night out with friends) or a great smile pic. I can’t even remember the last time I posted anything nearly risque (mind you, when you work in media, it’s just an unsaid rule). Keep in mind, if I had Redd’s body, maybe I’d reconsider.

So, if you find yourself “Zbornak-ing” on the couch with a crossword puzzle Saturday night (a la “Dorothy” from the Golden Girls) there’s good news ahead.

Here’s some helpful tips to help you post the best profile picture, from a website called And not just for the boys, you can also help out your sister/f-hag/fruit-fly/fav lesbian too!

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So we’re already into February and no doubt all of your holiday bills have hit the mailbox. With every letter opened, there’s a sigh or two and sometimes, upon reflection, one might think “That REALLY wasn’t worth it”. Or even the almighty “I’ve been RIPPED!”.

Well it’s not only the month of December that presents us with the feeling that some products aren’t worth their price tag. CNN Money has compiled a list of goods/services that will really get your blood boiling. How can they possibly charge that?? And I can almost guarantee that there will be at least two things on record that you have or do. Can a company really charge you over 500% for something that costs them virtually NOTHING?

Check it out, the 9 BIGGEST Rip offs in North America:

9. Text Messages

We all love to use our fingers. Some more than others. Texts are basically free to send and receive. Meaning it doesn’t cost the phone company anything to handle them. But on pay-per-text plans (which, who in the gay adult world HAS), phone companies will charge as much as 20 cents apiece. That’s a 6,500% markup. Suggestion- just pay a flat rate if you’re fast with those fine “digits” of yours.

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In this episode of Side Dish, we’ve got host Jonny, along with Patrick, Redd, and Tommy, discussing the upcoming Vancouver Olympics, American Idol, Heidi Montag’s Surgeries, and more. The four of us congregate in Jonny’s kitchen once again to discuss some of the hot topics of the day.

The Olympics are nine days away now and we discuss what some of our plans are for the celebrations and sporting events that are heading our way. And, there have been several guest judges this season on American Idol. Find out what we think about these Idol visitors. What is your opinion on these judges? Lastly, Heidi Montag….(unless she’s changed her name, along with every other physical feature on her body).. does she look good or not? How far is too far?

Oh, and why does Jonny’s dog have a blue stripe?! Find out in this episode of Side Dish!

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Side Dish is back again, this time with your host Jonny along with Patrick, Redd, and Tommy. The four congregate into the kitchen and discuss one of the biggest surprise hits and one of the trashiest shows on television – Jersey Shore. The MTV money maker is gonna be back next season with the cast in a new location, in the same hot weather, not that they even need the sun to tan. Angelina’s even “on hold” (as she thanks God for a second chance). Basically, this means if they need her they’ll keep her and if they don’t, they’re not obligated to use her. Better keep your garbage packed just in case, Angelina!

They also discuss Tommy’s decision to embark on his public mission to lose weight. He discusses the fact that he’s going to be publishing his progress (as you can see in this article) which will also help keep him accountable to readers.

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Side Dish: The Olympics In Less Than A Month!

In: Jonny, Redd, Videos

It’s been a while, but we finally have another new Side Dish for y’all. The funny thing is, for the first time, it was shot with only two people: Jonny and Redd. Where was the rest of the cast? Hmm, The Philippines, Australia, Amsterdam, Seattle, rehearsing for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, or just busy working. Alas, here is the first Side Dish of 2010.

In this episode of Side Dish, Jonny and Redd duck away from the pouring rain in Vancouver’s Yaletown community to chat about the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics that are less than a month away! They also talk about an incident on the Canada Line, amongst other things. Oh, and first it was Jonny’s voice…now what’s wrong with his eye? Watch the video to find out….

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The Monster Ball & How It Changed My Life

In: Jonny, Music, Tommy D

Tommy’s Experience

At first glance at this headline, you might think that I am completely overexagerating in saying that. The truth is that I am not.

Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour made it’s stop in Vancouver for the first of a three night engagement, and Jonny and I got to go to the show. I am going to thank Jonny until the end of time for that one for real. If you can remember, Jonny and I bonded over Gaga back when she came to the Commodore, and we will forever be bonded by the genius of this incredible artist.

While I don’t want to give TOO much away just yet because I know there are many fans out there who have yet to see the show live, I will say that I walked into this concert not knowing ANYTHING about it, except that she starts off with Dance in the Dark. That’s it, and for me that’s a huge deal. I’m someone who doesn’t like surprises at all. I like to know what is going on, and when, and for how long etc. But I wanted to give this a go…and I am SO happy I did.

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West End: GET OVER IT!

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In today’s Province (a Vancouver newspaper staple) the front page story was all about a new high rise development in the downtown West End. And, to no one’s surprise, some long term residents that are YET AGAIN opposing it.

For years, the West End has served as a safe haven for just about anyone. Gay/Straight, Black/White, Old/Young. 30 + years ago the city rezoned many of the streets into a gridded maze, making it pedestrian friendly, and a lovely place to live/shop and enjoy life.

Fast forward to today- it’s swarming with loads of renters/owners in smaller outdated towers. In fact 75% of the West End buildings were built before 1980. 1980!!! Some of our readers weren’t even born yet!

I wouldn’t be shocked if these words came to your mind after all the pleasantries: Outdated. Old. Bed bugs. 1 plug per room.

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SIDE DISH Episode: 104 HIV+ Dating

In: Donovan, Jonny, Stephen, Videos

Here’s another segment we filmed over the weekend. In this segment of SIDE DISH, we have Jonny, Stephen and Donovan joined by special guest panelist, Mitch. The four discuss Adam’s much read “Clean and Tested?” article. We decided to dedicate an entire episode on this topic as it garnered a great deal of comments and deserved our full attention.

We also decided to bring on guest panelist, Mitch as he’s newly singled and re-entering the dating scene after a long hiatus. As a person in a long term relationship, I was fascinated to hear the other panelists’ viewpoints about the touchy topic of dating an HIV+ individual. Can you expect to receive full disclosure? Is that fair on the other party’s part? Should their HIV status even be a major factor in the dating decision? There are a few of the situations we discuss in this video.

As always, it was a one take pony- we feel it’s much more real and unrehearsed this way. Heck, we didn’t even know what Jonny was going to throw at us until 30 seconds before filming. Hope you enjoy it and we would love to hear your feedback.

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