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A few weekends ago, some of the Homorazzi cast along with some other close friends went spent the weekend away at Adam‘s cabin on Gambier Island. It’s an annual trip every August, and for the second time at the cabin, I thought it would be fun to organize a “Big Brother” game for us to play the first night we were there.

As you’d expect, while at the cabin, our activities consist of eating, drinking, playing cards, and playing drinking games, so this game is a great way to bring some of those activities together and…encourage us to stab each other in the back. I had announced that we’d be playing it on the boat ride over, and the whispering, plotting, scheming, and alliances began right away – it was hilarious!

Houseguests (Back Row Left To Right: Landon, Jonny, Colby, Patrick, Joel, Matt, Mitch, Adam, Dan; Front Row Left To Right: Kodie, Brian, Donovan)

Who do you think wins? Watch and find out!

Big Brother Homorazzi Edition video after the jump…

Last night, Myself, Donovan, Brian, Jonny, and his boyfriend Kodie (both pictured above with Cyndi Lauper), went to the PNE here in Vancouver to check out Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues concert. The place was full, a mixture of fans, young and old came out to see her in her crazy bright red mop-like hair.

This lady is still as amazing as she’s ever been. Her voice was absolutely phenominal and sided from all the uplifting blues music she performed, she also treated us with “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” and “True Colors”. She even talked about The Apprentice and the reason why she did the show was to draw attention to equality and equal rights for gays, through the “Give A Damn Campaign,” she pioneered. The crowd of course cheered to this.

But that was not the most memorable moment of the concert for me. When she stopped the concert midway through a song…that was unforgettable.

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Summer is just around the corner, and with warm weather and BBQ’s also comes the return of Summer Reality TV. Monday nights are now OWNED by the ABC dating show The Bachelorette. Ali Fedotowsky, this year’s new “single lady looking for love” is in the midst of dwindling down 24 men to just one.

I actually prefer the Bachelorette to The Bachelor for one reason. I always picture myself in the chick’s heals, having 24 men (48 eyeballs) on me. They’re single and successful and they want ME to love THEM. They are willing to pull out all the stops (and chairs at fine dining restaurants). It is them leading the conversations, trying to make me laugh. I just get to be pretty and sit there- starfish style. Lazy? Yes. 100%. While I know it’s far fetched, a boy can dream from time to time, can’t he? LOL.

Anyway, Ali must have been distracted…or possibly a bit dumb on Monday night because I feel as though she may have dropped the ball this sandwich.While my boyfriend Kodie is in love with Jesse, and we both agree that douchey “Dean McDermott” look-alike Craig M. deserved the boot, I was sad to see Vancouver’s Chris Hasek -Watt go home.Mind you, he made a splash in the opening episode- the first to arrive via limo, with a sweet smile and charming demeanor. I liked his style and charisma. Plus, who doesn’t want to root for the local/hometown contestant?

So why didn’t he make it further? What did he really think of Ali? And was all that drama between “Weatherman” Jonathan and Craig M TV drama or actually real? I had a chance to meet up with Chris to get down to the bottom of things when I invited him onto my radio show on The Beat 94.5. Enjoy!

Interview after the jump…

Lip Sync For Ya’ Life – Brian

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Blessed with a great wardrobe, excititng career, good-looks and a relationship that has lasted longer than a flat of extra gum, Brian is our latest victim in the bright yellow 2009 Mazda MX-5!

After nearly getting hit by a moving truck and swerving through construction, we made it to Stanley Park to see which song Brian was going to attempt.

Video after the jump…

Lip Sync for Ya’ Life – Tommy D

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We’re back!

For the record, Patrick was the first to show us that we WERE ready for his his jelly. Brian told us to no longer Call Him Baby, and next up we welcome into the Mazda MX5- TOMMY D!

Tommy is not only a famous promoter, he’s also the face behind the make up when his alter ego SYREN hits the stage. Blessed with a kind heart, and a mouth that not only mimic lyrics, it also speaks the truth constantly!

Before Tommy and I started our one on one, we decided to grab some dinner…drive thru style!

And don’t forget- you get to be the judge…did Tommy LIP SYNC FOR HIS LIFE???

Click here to check it out and also to vote

Lip Sync For Ya’ Life – Patrick

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We thought we’d try something summery and fun (think Mojitos on your favourite patio.) Minus the booze, and throw in a bright yellow 2009 MX5.

The concept came about when I realized that so many of us have fallen in love with RuPaul’s Drag Race. Plus, let’s face it, we can all let our hair down  from time to time and bust out a tune louder than Adam when he ________! Warmer weather along with a convertible that I recently received from work, we decided to give you: LIP SYNC FOR YA’LIFE!

It’s simple, I’ll take out a few Homorazzi cast members, have a little Q&A while we cruise around Vancouver and finally have the selected cast member lip sync! Three envelopes. One choice. One chance, and the best part? You get to judge….

First up, Patrick

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Side Dish: Burn The Floor

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Jonny and I both had the EXTREME honor of going to check out the opening night of Burn The Floor, which is a Broadway show that brings Latin and Ballroom Dance to the forefront. Believe me when I say that this show is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my entire life. The drama, the sex, the costumes, the bodies and most of all the talent coming from these men and women is truly uncanny.

We caught up with three of the dancers from the show in a little Side Dish for you all..enjoy the interview!

Check out Jonny’s favorite performance after the jump…

Side Dish: Send in the Robots

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Hey hey hey!

Well, Nic wrote about this already and now Jonny and I took the reigns and saddled up the man himself Mr Peter Breeze. As opposed to the standard interviews, we wanted to spice it up a bit…so we threw him in our ever popular SIDE DISH!

Listen as we talk about his new album SEND IN THE ROBOTS, Sandra Bullock’s disaster of a marriage, stupid Kesha (I REFUSE to put the dollar sign in her name) and Jessica & Hunter!

Side Dish video after the jump…

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