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We’re taking the day off today, so we decided to repost some of our favorite Christmas-themed posts from this and previous years.

If you’re an avid reader of the site, you might’ve noticed there was a shortage of articles Sunday. Reason being was, we were all busy having our Christmas staff party. Given everyone’s busy schedules this time of year, it’s almost next to impossible to find a date that works for everyone. Surprisingly, all but three of us were able to make it yesterday. That’s a pretty amazing feat considering our busy lives and Alex, Kevin and Topher not currently living in the same city as the most of us. Check out the pic above. The only people missing from the pic are Nic (his BF’s sis was in town), Stephen (was there earlier but had to leave for another engagement) and Alex (LA) and Kevin (Toronto).

It was great to have so many of us together to laugh, catch up and reminisce about the early days of the site. Not to sound super cheesy, but there’s this amazing energy among all of us when we’re all in the same room. With our recent accomplishments, it was nice to sit back and relax for one night and pat each other on the back.

In between all the laughs and drinks, we decided to have a gingerbread contest. We split up into two different teams determined by names out of the hat. Team 1 (my team) won the right to pick either the house or the train. We opted for the train. Each team was given only 30 minutes to build, decorate, and come up with a theme for their creation. Now, we need your help to decide which team pulled it off better. Cast your votes so we can declare a winner and give one team bragging rights over the other.

THANKS again to all of you for making such a success in a short period of time. We have the best readers on the internet for sure.

view our gingerbread creations after the jump

A couple weekends ago, eight of us from the Homorazzi Cast took part in a photoshoot for a brand of ties called Knot Theory. Designed by Tanya Huang, these ties are very unique in both form and function and have both men and women standing out among the crowd when wearing them. These modern ties make a statement and are very easy to integrate into your wardrobe and personal style.

When we each met with Huang, she wanted to make sure that the ties and colors we wore complemented our own personal style. There are several ties to choose from in the current collection, and even more colored and embroidered knots, allowing you to achieve countless looks with one tie. In each of the two-part ties, the knot is fastened by way of a chain link which is inspired by old fashioned cufflinks. Brilliant!

We had such a blast during our photoshoot with the sexy & talented photogropher Brodie Soon of Freshworks Photography. We were also lucky enough to have Reel Illusions on set to capture the whole experience in the video below.

The photoshoot took place at OUTtv studios on the set of our upcoming new show! Stay tuned for news on that in the near future. In the meantime, as Tyra would say, check out our “best shots” below and find out where to get your own Knot Theory tie!

Check out the pics and where you can buy these ties after the jump…

Since the majority of the cast members on Homorazzi are Canadians, we thought we’d share each of our plans to celebrate our nation’s birthday (from where ever we are in the world). As usual, we’re all over the place this weekend.

Certainly, Vancouver has gone through it’s highs and lows over the past couple years. Last year, the Olympics brought a level of togetherness and patriotism that I had never experienced before with my fellow Canadians. The Canada Day that followed also reached a whole new level in terms of the vibe and electricity in the city. Unfortunately, our city’s global reputation recently received a big black eye as a result of the idiotic rioters that decided to trash the city after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. It was a disgusting side of humanity I never wish to see again. With that said, something positive did come out of it. The next day, the city came together to clean up the mess and attempt to show what it means to be a true Canadian/Vancouverite to the rest of the world that had us under a spotlight. We picked up the pieces and I’d like to think we grew stronger as a result.

Now, what does each cast member have planned for the occasion? Find out below.

Cast member Canada Day plans are after the jump…

WOO HOO, the Oscars are finally here. It feels like forever since we first started talking about them. There are so many things to look forward to tonight. Will Anne Hathaway and James Franco make us laugh? Which actress will dazzle on the red carpet? On the flip side, who will shock us with their interesting fashion choices? Which movie will dominate tonight and win the most awards? But most importantly… which Homorazzi cast member will predict the most correct winners? I know, it’s so exciting you can barely stand it 😉

Patrick, Dan, Brian, Adam, Jonny, Rich, Nic, Redd and myself have all cast our ballots for tonight’s ceremony. We all love a little friendly competition, and would love to have bragging rights amongst us as the official unofficial Oscar guru at Homorazzi. You can check out all our selections below and afterward, place your votes on which cast member you think will come out on top? Pssst, a little secret. Like ‘N Sync sang, “It’s Gonna To Be Me“.

check out all our predictions after the jump

Last weekend, the majority of the Homorazzi cast headed up to Whistler, B.C. for the 19th Annual WinterPRIDE Gay & Lesbian Ski Week. As always, we had a blast, with the majority of us nestled in our Glacier’s Reach condos in the village. There were people from all over the world in attendance for the week of festivities

Homorazzi cast skied and snowboarded the picturesque mountains of Whistler Blackcomb, felt the adrenalin rush of the tubing park, mixed & mingled at the the apres skis, and ripped it up at Snowstorm, Whoossh, Furrocious, and Snowball. Some of us even jumped off a bridge at Whistler Bungee! Last year’s winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, Tyra Sanchez wowed everyone with her performances, as did Homorazzi’s own Tommy D, performing as his alter ego, Syren.

If you missed out this year, be sure to go next year – especially because next year will be the 20th Annual WinterPRIDE! What a part that will be! Check out the video montage of our weekend below. I figured Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” was the perfect fit for such a pride -filled weekend. Enjoy!

Check out all of our adventures in our WinterPRIDE video after the jump

This past weekend, the cast of Homorazzi took on WinterPride in Whistler, B.C. It was a fun filled weekend (more on what we got up in an upcoming article & video) but on our way back home to Vancouver on Sunday, we had one thing left to do: Bungee Jumping at Whistler Bungee, located 15 minutes south of Whistler Village. Whistler Bungee has a perfect safety record and their jump masters and operators have over 25 years experience!!! It’s good to know you’ll be in safe hands.

After having a late brunch on our way out of the village, Donovan, Brian, Nic, his bf Tyler, Tyrell, myself and our Seattle friends Trevor and Chris headed out to Whistler Bungee. Who was going to be jumping? Nic and our friend Trevor. I myself had done it several summers ago and was in no rush to jump off a bridge again anytime soon, despite how much fun I had. When we arrived, we met up with several of our other friends that had already commenced operation “jump off a bridge”. The setting for Whistler Bungee is breathtaking, set on a bridge spanning 300 ft across and 160ft above the Cheakamus River, with old growth forests and rugged basalt column cliffs all around you. It truly is stunning, and with the snow covering the area, it felt like we were in Narnia.

It was so much fun watching cast member Nic, his boyfriend Tyler (who took another one of our friend’s spot who had bailed at the last minute…ahem…David), and cast member Jonny‘s boyfriend Kodie, along with so many of our other close friends take the jump of a lifetime. Watch the video below to check out our experience at Whistler Bungee.

Check out the video after the jump…

Thanks to the countless Tweets and Facebook updates this morning courtesy of Rich, Tommy, Patrick et al, I learned our own very Jonny Staub has made the Top 100 cut for “Regis & Kelly’s Men of Radio Co-Host For a Day Search“. WOO HOO. What a way to start off a week. It probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise, considering Jonny is one of the best radio DJs in Vancouver. He masterfully plays the hits and serves juicy entertainment gossip during the mid-day time slot over at The Beat 94.5 FM.

Now thanks to his legions of radio listeners and a few of us nominating him, he stands a good chance of making this dream come to fruition. Though voting doesn’t begin til January 10, 2011, you can start spreading the news of Jonny’s quest to sit beside Kelly Ripa on the popular daytime talk show, by going to the search’s official website and tweeting it or by sharing it on your Facebook.

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So many tragic stories in the news lately of gay teens been bullied in school to a point where they feel they just can’t take anymore – to a point where they take their own life. It’s so sad. If only we could tell them to hold on, to let them know that it gets better and life after high school is really where your life begins.

The writers/cast of this site are gay, and we’ve all gone through the sometimes troubling times of high school, so we were very eager to share our stories and contribute to the “It Gets Better” campaign. Because it does. It gets so much better.

If you’re being bullied in school, you’re not alone. There is someone here for you – someone who cares and understands. Call The Trevor Project, a confidential, toll-free, suicide hotline for gay & questioning youth. It gets better!

Listen to Homorazzi cast members tell you how & why it gets better after the jump

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Jonny Staub