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The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Award Winners

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Just less than 24 hours after the Producers Guild Awards named Argo Best Picture, the film has racked up another huge honor- Best Ensemble Cast. That award is the Screen Actors Guild Awards equivalent to Best Picture. Once the underdog, the Ben Affleck flick is shaping up to be the Oscar frontrunner.

I have to say the Best Picture race is one of the most competitive in years. Early in the awards season it looked like a two-way race between Zero Dark Thirty and Les Miserables as they steamrolled through the critics awards. Then Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln came on strong, nabbing several major accolades including the most Oscar nominations at this year’s Academy Awards. Now it seems its Argo‘s race to lose. Ever since Affleck was snubbed of a Best Directing Oscar nomination, the film has been the beneficiary of a huge wave of support. With less than a month of voting left, the race could flip once again. Thankfully, this year’s Best Picture Oscar isn’t a foregone conclusion yet.

Speaking of sure things, Daniel Day-Lewis and Anne Hathaway continued their way on the road to Oscar glory. The two picked up another Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress award respectively. Meanwhile in Best Actress, the SAGs made the race a bit clearer. Jennifer Lawrence beat Jessica Chastian, giving the Silver Linings Playbook actress an edge at the Academys. Both ladies won at the Golden Globes, but were separated by drama and comedy categories. If any Oscar precursor has the best record with the acting categories, it’s the SAGs. That said, they got it wrong last year when Best Actress went to Viola Davis, but Meryl Streep earned her third Oscar statue. Check out all the film and television winners below.

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Who’ll Win The Coke On Super Bowl Sunday?

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All you white powder-loving druggies, calm down. It’s NOT that type of coke, but Coca-Cola ;) Side note: Did you know that the beverage is sold everywhere in the world except two countries- Cuba and North Korea. Had no idea until I wrote this post. Learn something new every day.

We’re a week away from the big game and while some are looking forward to the battle between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, others are hyped about Beyonce’s halftime show and Destiny’s Child reunion. For this huge consumer, it’s all about those big budget commercials. I.CANT.WAIT!!!

The soft drink company recently unveiled a teaser for their Super Bowl spot airing next Sunday. Titled “Coke Chase,” the commercial features three groups- Cowboys, Showgirls, Badlanders- vying for what seems to be the only drink in the desert. Who will win? Well, that depends on you. Through a series of ads airing on Super Bowl Sunday, viewers can voice their preference through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms or on

Being a huge Priscilla: Queen of the Desert fan, I obviously cast my vote for the showgirls. Check out the commercial created by Wieden & Kennedy below. FYI: Dan Wieden, one of the founding owners of the agency coined the iconic “Just Do It” Nike tagline.

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Holy friggin’ hotness. With his Greek god-like physique, it’s only fitting I share this video of Mikey Rannelli this Sunday. It is the day of worship after all ;) The MINT Management-represented male model steams up photographer Marco Ovando’s lens, among other things ;)

With every turn, every tug of his Baskit underwear and smoldering look into the camera, your body temperature will rise. I can only imagine how scorching it was in the boiler room where all this took place. Jericho’s “Weekend Players” serving as the soundtrack to the clip doesn’t help to cool things down either. Cold showers were definitely needed by everyone after this shoot. What I wouldn’t have given to assist in whatever was needed *wink* on set.

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At the Producers Guild Awards held on Saturday, January 26, Argo walked away with the night’s big honor. If things fall in line like they have the past five years, the Ben Affleck-directed movie should also earn Best Picture at the upcoming Academy Awards. The Artist (2011), The King’s Speech (2010), The Hurt Locker (2009), Slumdog Millionaire (2008) and No Country for Old Men (2007) all achieved the Oscar-PGA double header. The last film not to do the same was 2007′s Little Miss Sunshine who lost out to The Departed at the Academy Awards.

Ever since Ben Affleck was snubbed for a Best Director Oscar nomination, there’s been an overwhelming wave of support for his film, Argo. Many feel that he was robbed of a nod. The thriller has gone on to win Best Picture honors at the recent Golden Globes and Broadcast Film Critics ceremonies. At this point, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln isn’t looking as sure of a thing.

Typically, the film with the most nominations including directing and acting categories, tends to revel in Oscar glory. Will Affleck have his vengeance on the Academy directing branch when all the various branches weigh in on Oscar night? I think the answer might be yes. Check out what else the Producers Guild honored in the movie and television categories below.

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I’m a little surprised this hasn’t happened before. If you think about it, Taylor Swift is the quintessential Disney princess archetype. With her tall frame and long blond locks the 23-year-old singer can easily fit in with Cinderella and Aurora. The “We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer is the latest to take part in Disney Parks’ Dream Portrait series. She wore a purple and pink gown to embody Disney princess Rapunzel with the caption, “Where a world of adventure awaits.”

Once again, famed-photographer Annie Leibovitz captured the visually stunning pic for the amusement park. Using her unique vision, Leibovitz masterfully transforms well-known celebrities into famous Disney characters. The Disney Dream Portrait series started in 2007. Swift joins a long list of celebrities including Beyonce, Julie Andrews, David Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and many more. One of my favorites was last year’s Queen Latifah as The Little Mermaid’s Ursula. It was FIERCE. Check out a few other Disney transformations below.

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Alicia Keys just celebrated her 32nd birthday yesterday. Guess now that she’s an old lady (NOT), she’s reminiscing about her childhood and her favorite tunes back in the day. The R&B singer headed way, way back to the vaults to remix her current single, “Brand New Me.”

“I’ve been so overwhelmed by all of your birthday love that I HAD to do something extra special for you! Love to you!!! Big shout to Crystal Waters for your inspiration!… New Music!! B.N.M Part 2!!!!” – Alicia Keys

Using Crystal Waters’ breakout hit, “Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)“, Keys’ new take on her single gives it a nice throwback vibe. If you were around at all during the 90s, you’ll definitely appreciate it. I know I do. Love Crystal and that track. Check out the brand new, newer version of Alicia. Apparently, she’s homeless and now a gypsy woman ;)

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Oz: The Great And Powerful Unveil Character Posters

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A few weeks ago, Disney wowed us with the visually striking poster (above) for Oz: The Great and Powerful. Regardless if the prequel matches the awesomeness that is The Wizard of Oz, there is one thing guaranteed. The Sam Raimi-directed motion picture is going to be a beautiful feast for the eyes. This is definitely one of those movies worth forking over the cash for the 3D big screen experience.

The Mickey Mouse studio just unveiled character posters for the four main characters. James Franco as Oscar Diggs aka Oz is dashing in his solo artwork. Michelle Williams is beautifully angelic as Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, while Rachel Weisz as Evanora, the Wicked Witch of the East is stunningly mysterious. Meanwhile, Mila Kunis as Theodora, the Wicked Witch of the West is a bit… odd for lack of a better word. It doesn’t even look like her and to be frank, her face looks a little plump. Check out all the solo pics of the cast below.

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What better way to spend a Saturday than by watching a bunch of good-looking guys strutting their sexiness for the world to see. As you know, I try to save my more salacious posts for the weekend so that our readers don’t have to impatiently wait to go home and watch the NSFW video. The latest for Andrew Christian is definitely that. Lots of bare booty-popping all over the place.

The underwear designer held a jock fashion show at West Hollywood’s Abbey a few weeks ago. TV personality Bruce Vilanch and Andrew Christian hosted the event. A behind-the-scenes clip has found its way online featuring all your favorite AC models, including Colby Melvin, Brandon Brown, Quinn Jaxon, Cory Lee and many more. Check out the guys as they horse around at Andrew Christian’s flagship store before making their way to the runway. Watch the titillating clip below.

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