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Revenge was definitely one of my favorite shows from last season. The ABC drama definitely brought back the nighttime soap in stylish fashion due to its constant stream of twists and turns. Just when you thought the writers couldn’t shock you, they did. Now you can relieve every deep, dark secret thanks to the release of Revenge Season 1 DVD available today. If you haven’t watched the show, now is your chance to catch up. You have an entire month before the second season premiere on September 30 on its new night.

If you’re like me and a fan of the show, you’re going to love all the extra features on the DVD set. First, you have numerous deleted scenes that never aired. Sure, some of them are unnecessary, but some give new insight and provide juicy moments. One of my favorites is when Emily and Ashley walk in on Fauxmanda and Jack getting busy on the pool table at the Stowaway.

As delicious as some of the scenes are, it’s all about the bloopers. Watching the usually serious Madeline Stowe curse and laugh as she flubs her lines is must-see television. A couple of the featurettes are entertaining as well. The fashion segment detailing all the couture on the show courtesy of costume designer Jill Ohanneson is very informative. Equally as revealing, is the visit to the Revenge sound stages. It’s amazing how mostly everything is filmed indoors.

By far the biggest letdown was the commentary by Emily VanCamp and creator Mike Kelley during the pilot episode. It was a little bland and it felt like VanCamp was constantly pointing out how cold she was during some scenes. LOL. Check out one of the deleted scenes below, along with a Season 2 promo.

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Lady Gaga Marries Taylor Kinney For Humanity

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I honestly thought Lady Gaga released all the fashion films for “You and I” last year. Apparently, I was wrong. The 26-year-old singer still had one left up her sleeve which she finally debuted over the weekend. Given that Gaga is on the September 2012 issue of Vogue, and a new album, ARTPOP, coming out soon, promoting a track from her last album seems silly. The “Bad Romance” singer explained her reason why in a tweet this past weekend, “I’m supporting & sending love to Beyoncé & the UN for WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY #whd2012″. World humanitarian or shameless self-promotion? You decide.

Once again, the visual was shot by the editorial team of Inez and Vinoodh. This time, however, it features Gaga’s sexy boy toy Taylor Kinney. In the newly-released clip, Gaga and Kinney get married, fake of course. Still, it could be a sign of things to come. The two have been shacking up for a decent amount of time now. Check out the clip below.

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Meet The ‘Survivor: Philippines’ Cast

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Can you believe 24 seasons of Survivor have aired? If feels like yesterday when Sue Hawk was giving her snake rate speech at the first ever finale of the CBS show. Still one of the best reality moments ever. After all this time, Mark Burnett is finally holding the US version of the show in my native Philippines. I haven’t been this excited for a new installment of Survivor in years. Plus, the fact a couple of my favorite previous contestants are back, along with one new sexy stud should provide for an entertaining season.

Bringing back previous Survivors has grown tiresome with some hardcore fans. Typically, I would agree especially with Coach and Ozzy coming back a couple of seasons ago. This time though, Jeff Probst is welcoming back three previous players who left the game due to medical reasons. I love this new twist. Finally, these players no longer have to ponder, “what if“. CBS hasn’t announced the identities of these alums yet, but I have the scoop for you inquiring minds.

Before I reveal the trio, I wanted to share my delight that an actress from one of my favorite childhood sitcoms is joining the show. This 80s television star reveals she wasn’t recruited for the show, but rather she started a viral campaign to get her on the show. Apparently, she’s been a super fan of Survivor for years. For the first time in eight years, the castaways will be divided up into three tribes. Check out the Survivor: Philippines tribes and all the contestants below.

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The director of such films as Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop II committed suicide on Sunday August 19th. Tony Scott, the younger brother of director Ridley Scott, jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles “without hesitation” according to witnesses. Reports say the 68-year-old director left a suicide note along with “instructional” notes to family members and friends. Why would a successful filmmaker want to end his life? ABC News is reporting that Scott was suffering serious health issues. Their source reveals that he had inoperable brain cancer. His wife has issued a statement since then refuting the claim about cancer. Our hearts go out to Scott’s family and friends.

Tony entertained the world, including myself, with a long list of riveting action films. I never realized that so many films I’ve enjoyed through the years were directed by the British director. Arguably, his biggest film was Top Gun starring Tom Cruise. His follow up to that blockbuster was another beloved hit, the sequel, Beverly Hills Cop II with Eddie Murphy. A few of my other favorite films from him include Enemy of the State with Will Smith and the Quentin Tarantino-penned True Romance with Christian Slater.

Scott’s last theatrical film was 2010’s Unstoppable which I surprisingly loved and rewatched yesterday in honor of his death. That film starred frequent collaborator Denzel Washington. The actor and director worked together on five films: Crimson Tide; Man on Fire; Deja Vu; The Taking of Pelham 123; and the aforementioned Unstoppable. What are your favorite Tony Scott films?

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Earlier this year, the Russian government passed new homophobic legislation. The gay “propaganda” law imposes administrative fines on the so-called “propaganda of sodomy, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism” and pedophilia to minors. Madonna vowed to speak against this anti-gay legislation when her current world tour stopped in St. Petersburg. True to her word, Madge delivered a fiery speech on August 9th to concert goers which was attended by children and adults. Here’s a portion of what she said:

“The gay community here, and all around the world, have the same rights, to be treated with dignity, with respect, with tolerance, with compassion, with love.” – Madonna

Given that her words broke Russian law, she’s now being sued by nine Russian activists who were offended by her “gay propaganda”. Alexander Pochuyev, the lawyer representing the activists, filed the lawsuit on Friday, August 17. Along with the “Like A Virgin” singer, the concert organizer and venue are named as defendants. What’s the cost of their mental anguish? Approximately $10.5 million US dollars, roughly 333 million rubles.

“No one is burning anyone at the stake or carrying out an Inquisition. Modern civilization requires tolerance and respect for different values,” the Pochuyev argued.

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Gossip Girl Debuts First Promo For Final Season

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It’s a good thing the CW decided to end “Gossip Girl” this Fall. The show has definitely lost its luster and watercooler buzz. I was definitely going through the motions watching it the past couple seasons and was about to break up with Serena and company, had it gone for much longer. With a shortened season consisting of only ten episodes, I’m okay devoting a few more hours to see how it all ends.

If the final ten episodes are anything like the Season 5 finale, they should provide for an interesting watch. I really appreciated how the finale harkened back to the show’s first season. It seemed all the characters took a couple of step backwards. I especially loved the scene where Serena was back on the train with Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks” playing in the background, much like it did in the pilot episode.

The network recently gave us our first glimpse on what is in store for fans of the show for its swan song. The first half of the clip features a lot of footage from the show’s history, leading up to possible spoilers. Could the show’s leading ladies finally find true love. The promo seems to indicate that is a strong possibility.

Blair and Chuck seem to be on the road to a happily ever after ending. Blair is seen saying “I’m all in”, with Chuck promptly replying, “And my bet’s on us.” Serena, on her part, is seen cozying up to Barry Watson (7th Heaven) who joins the cast as entrepreneur Steven Spence. Get your first look at the final season of “Gossip Girl” below.

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Veteran Action Stars Take Down Bourne & Whitney

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Sylvester Stallone and his crew of senior citizen mercenaries were top dogs at this weekend’s box office, walking away with $28 million. That said, even with more muscle, the “The Expendables 2” failed to match the opening of its predecessor. Back in 2010, “The Expendables” shot to the top with $35 million. Despite the lower grosses, the sequel is receiving better reviews and dipped only 3% from Friday to Saturday as opposed to the first film which dropped 11%. That should bode well for a lengthy run.

The action flick wasn’t the only newbie in theaters this weekend. Focus Features’ animated comedy “ParaNorman, about a boy leading the fight against zombies that rise from the grave, was No. 3 with $14 million. Debuting also in the Top 5 was Jordin Sparks’ acting debut and Whitney Houston’s last film, “Sparkle“. The remake of the 1976 film sang to fifth place with $12 million. With a reported budget of only $14, the film should prove profitable for Sony.

Rounding out the Top 5 were “The Bourne Legacy” which added another $17 million and “The Campaign” with $13.5 million landing at No. 2 and No. 4 respectively. The fourth installment of the spy franchise dropped a steep 55% from its debut, while the comedy dropped only 50%. Check out how other films fared at this weekend’s box office below.

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Ten years after its initial release, Khia’s signature song is making a bit of a comeback thanks to a couple of mashups. I, for one, applaud it. The 36-year-old rapper is a modern-day raunchy female William Shakespeare, no? With lyrics like, “My Neck, my back. Lick my pussy and my crack“, it’s hard to argue against that ;) Whether you’re a fan of the track or not, you know those iconic lines.

In honor of the Spice Girls’ triumphant reunion at the London 2012 Olympics, one enterprising remixer decided to combine the girl group’s breakout 1996 hit, “Wannabe” with “My Neck, My Back (Lick It).” The result is pure genius. Even more impressive is the mashup with Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe“. It’s amazing how Khia’s crude graphic sexual verses fit so perfectly with extremely pop beats. “My Neck, My Back” is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Check out both mashups below and vote for your favorite.

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