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It’s one thing to respond, but it’s another thing to go overboard and come off a little cray cray. Being as high profile and polarizing as Nicki Minaj is, it’s understandable that she wants to address a few of the numerous negative comments about her. She is human after all. I like the “Starships” rapper but her tweets to recently-ousted American Idol contestant Devin Velez are a bit too much. When you’re in the position of power, simply ignoring his comments or responding eloquently would’ve been a better choice. Check out Velez’s response below to Nicki’s Twitter tirade (shown later in the post).

“That moment when an adult stoops down to the 3rd grade level…LOL grow up Hun, I’ve got songs to write. :) #movingforward,” Devin Velez

Velez, during one of his elimination interviews, commented that he felt that Minaj was the one judge who didn’t want to use the one “Judges’ Save” on him. I totally agree with that sentiment as well and said it in my recap. He continued that Nicki favors the girls and that her critiques can be “crazy.” He jokingly says that perhaps she was in a bad mood on last Wednesday’s show because both Mariah Carey and her were wearing the same color that night. LOL, but probably true. Read several tweets sent by Nicki in response to Devin’s comments.

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Everyone has a celebrity crush. Hell, I have a different Man Crush every week. According to a recent survey conducted by Details magazine, we now know which celebs their readers fantasize having sex with the most. Overall, their results aren’t too surprising, though the rankings might.

On the ladies side, brunettes edged out the blonds by snagging three out of the five spots. Among the dark-haired women, Mila Kunis reigned supreme. The Black Swan actress raked in over 41% of the vote. Coming in second was Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Kate Upton. Given the blond’s ample assets, I’m not surprised she made it that high. Landing in third is recent Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence. I wonder how the Silver Linings Playbook star feels about coming in third. She’s so used to winning everything recently ;) Rounding out the Top 5 are Jessica Alba and Megan Fox who came in fourth and fifth respectively.

If I were to rank these five women, for me Jessica Alba would be numero uno. In descending order, Kunis, Lawrence, Fox and Upton would follow. What can I say? Busty blonds don’t do it for me. Check out Details’ most fantasized men below.

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Almost everyone panned James Franco for his Oscar co-hosting duties last year. Even his performance as the titular wizard in OZ: The Great and Powerful earned mixed reviews. On the flip side, the 34-year-old actor has been universally praised for playing the pot-smoking Saul Silver in Pineapple Express. His real-life persona lends itself really well to that role. He always looks like he’s on a permanent high. LOL. It only makes sense that Franco revisit his well-received character.

A brand new red band trailer debuted online earlier today for Pineapple Express 2. I had no idea a sequel was even in the works. Turns out I was correct. The movie trailer is actually an April Fools’ Day joke. In the clip, Seth Rogen and Franco are instructed to kill Woody Harrelson. The faux movie trailer also serves as a promotional clip for Rogen’s upcoming summer flick, This Is The End. Check out the video after the jump.

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Demi Lovato Goes Topless For New Album Cover

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Recently-renewed X Factor judge Demi Lovato gave her fans, aka Lovatics, a treat this Easter weekend. Much like an Easter egg hunt, the 20-year-old singer made her fans work for it. She asked them to scratch the white background over at to unveil the cover art for her upcoming studio album, Demi, scheduled to hit stores on May 14.

Underneath, was a provocative new look we haven’t seen from the “Heart Attack” singer before. Speaking of that track, the lyrics are a little contradictory to her album artwork, “You make me glow, but I cover up, won’t let is show.” She definitely lets some of it show ;)

The former Disney star is taking another step to distance herself from her tween-friendly image. Wearing just a few smudges of glitter, Lovato is shown topless while covering her “lovatos“. Personally, I like the idea of the provocative image, but she seems a little too goth. What do you think? Sound off below.

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True Blood Releases First Teaser For Season 6

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Billith” is back and he looks angrier (and bloodier) than ever. He must be on his period ;) On the Season 5 finale we saw Bill (Stephen Moyer) transform into a bloody-smeared creature like Lilith. In the clip below, Billith warns “you’re all gonna burn.” All bark and no bite if you ask me. LOL.

HBO originally planned to air the first tease of True Blood Season 6 before tonight’s Game of Thrones premiere. It still will, but released it online several hours earlier. In the 30-second clip, you see Jessica teary-eyed, Pam and Tara in strife, Sookie frightened and Alcide shirtless (naturally). All are accompanied with ominous voiceover snippets like this one from Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard), “If the humans want war, we’ll give them war.” Watch Tease No. 1 below.

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Famous Rabbits In Cinema

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Everyone knows Roger Rabbit, Bugs Bunny and Thumper from Bambi, but that’s just scratching the surface. There are plenty more rabbits in cinema history. Given that it’s Easter today, I thought I’d share this wicked supercut.

Travis Rand Greenwood and Brett Roberts compiled bunnies from animated films and live action ones for the clip. It includes obvious selections as the ones mentioned earlier, but also features those rabbits in films like Real Genius, Con Air and The Matrix. Without watching the video, I can’t recall the scenes where those floppy eared animals appeared. One cute bunny that I do remember and unfortunately met its fate is the infamous one from Fatal Attraction. RIP ;) Check out the supercut below and hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.

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G.I. Joe Blows Away The Competition

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Looks like the decision to push back G.I. Joe: Retaliation from June 2012 to this weekend was a wise one. The film’s test scores during early screenings were so poor, Paramount decided to rework it. Reportedly, the focus groups complained there wasn’t enough Channing Tatum. The action film was made before Tatum hit a trifecta of hits- The Vow, 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike. Naturally, movie goers were craving more of him. G.I. Joe: Retaliation soldiered into the top spot, piling up $41.2 million over three days and bringing the four-day cume to $51.7 million. It fell short of breaking the Easter record set by Clash of the Titans ($61.2 million) back in 2010.

Also opening this weekend were Tyler Perry’s Temptation and The Host. The steamy thriller debuted in third with $22.3 million. Pretty impressive when you consider Madea was nowhere to be found in the film. Although it tried to capitalize on its Twilight connection, The Host bombed with just over $11 million landing in fifth spot. I’m sure the bad reviews and less-than-riveting trailers helped attribute to the poor showing.

Coming in the runner up slot was The Croods. The animated film continued its successful run, raking in another $26.5 million pushing it past the $200 million mark. Oz the Great and Powerful generated another $11.6 million, bringing its total to $198,278,000. The Wizard of Oz prequel will definitely pass the $200 benchmark in the next couple of days. Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

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Once Upon A Time Spinoff Announced

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Once Upon A Time is one of ABC’s most successfully launched new shows in several years. It only makes sense the alphabet network orders a spinoff from the show’s creators. If the network execs like the pilot, OUAT will be the third show in the past few weeks to spawn a spinoff. The WB’s The Vampire Diaries and ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars also have ones in development.

Once creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, with help from former River EP Zack Estrin and Once writer Jane Espenson are making a small test presentation. The proposed spinoff will be set in pre-curse Wonderland. Titled, Once: Wonderland, the show will follow Alice’s adventures. Unlike a traditional spinoff, this project will be more in the vein of American Horror Story. It won’t be an “another five-year, 22-episode series”, but rather have “a beginning, middle, and end.” Check out a few of the cast members below.

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