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Paul Smith Fall 2013: My Favorite 10 Looks

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Ever since I worked in retail years ago, Paul Smith has been one of my favorite men’s designers. When looking for traditional textiles and classic styles, the British brand is the way to go. For their Fall/Winter 2013 show during Paris fashion week, the label infused their signature silhouettes with modern touches. The brand showed off their collection at the Pompidou museum– one of my favorite places to visit in Paris. Definitely check it out if you find yourself visiting the City of Light.

Paul Smith played with houndstooth and Mondrian patterns, along with splattered effects for his autumn collection. Personally, I loved their color combinations for their suit looks and their take on modernizing the classic houndstooth black-white print to more colorful hues. On the flip side, I wasn’t a fan of their over-sized fluffy sweaters or animal-printed jackets. That said, their animal-printed duffle was super hot. Check out my ten favorite looks below.

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If you’re a fan of the CW show, you’re used to seeing Nikita go on the attack against rogue Division killers. Turns out the actress playing the butt-kicking heroine has a mission of her own. Maggie Q poses naked for a new PETA ad promoting the vegetarian lifestyle. There are many proposed solutions to fighting climate change, but the most efficient option, according to the organization, is to go veg.

“There’s so many issues tied to the meat industry. I mean, social, environmental, humanitarian – all of them”, the vegetarian actor explains. “I know that when I’m eating that I’m not hurting the planet, I’m not hurting other people on this planet, I’m not hurting animals … and I’m not hurting nature.”

Iconic photographer Frank Ockenfels 3 snapped the 33-year-old for her third PETA vegetarian ad. Her first one had her posing in a bed of crimson chili peppers with the tagline “Spice up your life,” while her second one featured her wearing a bikini made entirely of strategically placed lettuce leaves with the caption, “Turn Over a New Leaf – Try Vegetarian!” Her latest finds her covered in body paint looking like a human globe. Check it out below, along with her previous two efforts.

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In terms of prestige and correctly predicting the Oscars, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are one of the most important stops during the long awards season. But regarding fashion, they pale in comparison to the Golden Globes and the big event itself, the Academy Awards. Most starlets and nominees save their big couture guns for those two events. That said, any red carpet during this time is important to win over the public and also perhaps some Academy voters. At the very least, impress fashion designers by showing off your red carpet prowess. That way, you become their first choice at the next huge event.

For my SAGs fashion roundup, I picked my five best and five worst dressed actresses, along with other stars who I was on the fence. Keep in mind that fashion is highly-subjective. As I was researching who designed what dress, I found that sometimes a star would be on a best list and other times on the worst. Fashion is definitely a tricky game to manipulate.

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Must be a hazing ritual on the set of Glee. Let’s get the newest guy to show off his pecs and make then bounce to promote the next episode. Anything to generate ratings, right? At long last, the FOX musical’s highly-anticipated “Naked” episode airs this Thursday. Truth be told, next to Dean Geyer, Blake Jenner is right up there of whose chesticles I want jiggling for me ;) You can tell it’s not his first time doing this.

Now that New Directions is back in competition, money must be raised to compete at Regionals. Thanks to the brilliant idea of Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), the “men” of McKinley High bare all for a titillating calendar. We saw a sneak peek back in December courtesy of Ryan Murphy’s Twitter, but in just a few days we’ll have the final product. Check out the promo below of Jenner bouncing his pecs in the McKinley High locker room.

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At 22-years-old, Jennifer Lawrence is the youngest actress to rack up two Best Actress Oscar nominations- Winter’s Bone & Silver Linings Playbook. With her recent win over Jessica Chastain at last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Hunger Games actress is likely on her way to the Oscar podium. Speaking of podium, Lawrence revealed something very interesting about her first acting gig during her acceptance speech at the SAGs.

Jennifer began her speech by thanking MTV. Like most people watching, I immediately thought WTF??? Turns out the network was responsible for giving the blond actress her break, thus enabling her to get a SAG card. She filmed several promos for MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen. If you recall, it’s that reality show where annoying spoiled teen girls put their parents through torture all in hopes of hosting the BEST.PARTY.EVER!!! That show drove me crazy while I worked at a kids-teen online magazine.

From MTV commercial chick to Oscar-nominated actress and ass-kicking Katniss Everdeen. She’s definitely come a long way since then. Check out Lawrence channeling her inner mean girl in the show’s promos below.

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The 2013 Screen Actors Guild Award Winners

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Just less than 24 hours after the Producers Guild Awards named Argo Best Picture, the film has racked up another huge honor- Best Ensemble Cast. That award is the Screen Actors Guild Awards equivalent to Best Picture. Once the underdog, the Ben Affleck flick is shaping up to be the Oscar frontrunner.

I have to say the Best Picture race is one of the most competitive in years. Early in the awards season it looked like a two-way race between Zero Dark Thirty and Les Miserables as they steamrolled through the critics awards. Then Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln came on strong, nabbing several major accolades including the most Oscar nominations at this year’s Academy Awards. Now it seems its Argo‘s race to lose. Ever since Affleck was snubbed of a Best Directing Oscar nomination, the film has been the beneficiary of a huge wave of support. With less than a month of voting left, the race could flip once again. Thankfully, this year’s Best Picture Oscar isn’t a foregone conclusion yet.

Speaking of sure things, Daniel Day-Lewis and Anne Hathaway continued their way on the road to Oscar glory. The two picked up another Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress award respectively. Meanwhile in Best Actress, the SAGs made the race a bit clearer. Jennifer Lawrence beat Jessica Chastian, giving the Silver Linings Playbook actress an edge at the Academys. Both ladies won at the Golden Globes, but were separated by drama and comedy categories. If any Oscar precursor has the best record with the acting categories, it’s the SAGs. That said, they got it wrong last year when Best Actress went to Viola Davis, but Meryl Streep earned her third Oscar statue. Check out all the film and television winners below.

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Who’ll Win The Coke On Super Bowl Sunday?

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All you white powder-loving druggies, calm down. It’s NOT that type of coke, but Coca-Cola ;) Side note: Did you know that the beverage is sold everywhere in the world except two countries- Cuba and North Korea. Had no idea until I wrote this post. Learn something new every day.

We’re a week away from the big game and while some are looking forward to the battle between Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, others are hyped about Beyonce’s halftime show and Destiny’s Child reunion. For this huge consumer, it’s all about those big budget commercials. I.CANT.WAIT!!!

The soft drink company recently unveiled a teaser for their Super Bowl spot airing next Sunday. Titled “Coke Chase,” the commercial features three groups- Cowboys, Showgirls, Badlanders- vying for what seems to be the only drink in the desert. Who will win? Well, that depends on you. Through a series of ads airing on Super Bowl Sunday, viewers can voice their preference through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms or on

Being a huge Priscilla: Queen of the Desert fan, I obviously cast my vote for the showgirls. Check out the commercial created by Wieden & Kennedy below. FYI: Dan Wieden, one of the founding owners of the agency coined the iconic “Just Do It” Nike tagline.

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Holy friggin’ hotness. With his Greek god-like physique, it’s only fitting I share this video of Mikey Rannelli this Sunday. It is the day of worship after all ;) The MINT Management-represented male model steams up photographer Marco Ovando’s lens, among other things ;)

With every turn, every tug of his Baskit underwear and smoldering look into the camera, your body temperature will rise. I can only imagine how scorching it was in the boiler room where all this took place. Jericho’s “Weekend Players” serving as the soundtrack to the clip doesn’t help to cool things down either. Cold showers were definitely needed by everyone after this shoot. What I wouldn’t have given to assist in whatever was needed *wink* on set.

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