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Remember when X Factor finalists Fifth Harmony were named LYLAS for a hot second? If you recall, the manufactured girl group picked that name prior to changing it to the awful 1432 before eventually settling on Fifth Harmony. Truth be told, I actually like their last choice the best. I guess what that say is true. Everything does happen for a reason.

The reason why Simon Cowell’s girl group had to change their name was due to copyright infringement. The Lylas, an acronym for love you like a sister, was already claimed by a quartet girls. Not just any, but Bruno Mars’ sisters. Not only are the “Locked Out of Heaven” singer’s siblings vocally talented, but beautiful as well. A couple of them are models. Check out Presley, Tiara, Jaime and Tahiti aka They Lylas’s debut effort, “Come Back” below.

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It’s about time Calvin Klein got in the Super Bowl game. With Tom Brady and the Patriots not battling it out in the big game, nor an underwear-clad David Beckham strutting his stuff in the commercials, there’s definitely a void in the eye candy department. Enter CK with their brand new “CONCEPT.”

Diet Coke’s new commercial became a viral sensation earlier this week, thanks to the hotness that is Andrew Cooper. I’m sure the underwear brand is hoping a similar effect occurs with their leading man, Matthew Terry. The 21-year-old model with a Greek god-like physique is the star of Calvin Klein’s Super Bowl campaign introducing their new line, Calvin Klein Concept. The new underwear will feature “360-degree seamless technology construction.”

Terry’s full-length clip will air in its entirety on game day, but a 16-second teaser has made its way online. Based on the preview, CK’s first foray in Super Bowl advertising will put Beckham’s H&M undies clip last year to shame. Matthew is beaucoup HOT. Check out the video below.

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Relive Glee’s Naked Performances

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After months of hype, Glee‘sNaked” episode finally aired. While there was no full-frontal (obviously), there was a lot more skin than I had expected. And for that Ryan Murphy, I thank you on everyone’s behalf. There were shower scenes, manscaping tutorials, bicep battles and lots of closeups on Chord Overstreet’s body. Poor guy, must’ve not eaten for days and hit the gym hardcore for this episode. He was certainly on display.

But beyond all the gratuitous exploitation, the episode provided stellar performances. There wasn’t a bum one out of the bunch. Rachel’s duet with herself was filmed brilliantly. Jake Puckerman’s ballad rendition of a dance track was stunningly breathtaking. And seeing Santana and Quinn return to sing with Rachel was great to see. The OGs back in the house.

With all that said, I’m sure the one that you’ll all love is the video featuring the boys working on their fitness. While getting in tip-top camera ready shape for New Directions’ “Men of McKinley” calendar, Sam, Ryder, Jake, Joe and Blaine shook what their respective mama’s gave them while performing a wicked mashup. I wonder if Ryan Murphy will make the calendar available. I’m sure it will sell, even though it’s already February. Check out all the performances below. You won’t be disappointed.

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American Idol 12: Oklahoma City Auditions

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If American Idol producers had any hopes of finding another Carrie Underwood at the Oklahoma City auditions, they were sorely disappointed. Based on the talent shown, there wasn’t even a Sanjaya Malakar or even a William Hung out of the bunch.

This episode is exactly what I dislike about this phase of the competition. Out of the 45 Golden Ticket recipients, Nigel Lythgoe only chose to air these seven. RIDICULOUS. I honestly debated whether to even write this post. I was that annoyed. Thankfully, we’re entering Hollywood Week and won’t have to endure this again til Season 13.

I swear to God, the judges were either smoking something or their Coca-Cola glasses were filled with something alcoholic. I couldn’t fathom why certain people advanced to Hollywood. Sure, some of the #idolinspire backstories were heartwarming, but this is American Idol and not Make A Wish Foundation. And don’t even get me started on the ones who got through based on their gimmick or over-the-top personalities. The best part of the episode was the last audition which came from a surprise guest- a former American Idol judge. Find out who below.

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Ever since I first laid my eyes on Jason Momoa on Baywatch Hawaii, I’ve had a major crush on him. Just like fine wine, the 33-year-old actor is getting better with age. I always thought he had a great body during his fake lifeguarding days, but holy efffin’ WOW. He’s turned into one sexy beefy daddy after bulking up hardcore to fill Arnold Schwarzenegger’s shoes (or loincloth) in 2011′s Conan the Barbarian remake. The Hawaiian hottie shares his fitness regime and guilty pleasures with the UK edition of Men’s Health.

“I love carbs but denial is good training for the mind. After finishing a one-month cleanse, I had a giant bowl of pasta and I swear to Christ it was like I was on heroin.” – Jason Momoa

Given his sickening physique, it’s hard to imagine Momoa chugging down a pint of beer, but he does. “I love cigars and booze,” says the actor, “If you’re going to pound the beers you’ve got to suck it up. It [the treadmill] gets you going, man. Then you can have that beer.” So… that’s the secret!!! I wonder what his beer to minutes on the treadmill ratio is? Probably not as low as mine because I look nothing like him. LOL. Check out his punchy photoshoot with the publication below. It’s not fair that Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show) can enjoy this piece of meat whenever she wants ;)

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Watch Disney’s Oscar Nominated Short Film

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If you’ve already started researching your picks for your office Oscar pool, but have no idea what to pick in Best Animated Short Film, you’ll definitely appreciate this post. Beyond the major categories, I admit, I blindly make my choices based on gut and title. Seriously though, I should really pay attention to them, because that’s where winning the pools is key. The game is won and lost in all those filler categories.

When Disney premiered Wreck-It Ralph in theaters last year, the studio showed a short film prior to it. Academy voters took notice and fell in love with the charming clip and nominated Paperman for Best Animated Short. Disney has wisely shared the entire clip online to generate buzz for its nominated flick. Check out the 6 1/2 minute short below.

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Man Crush: Andrew Cooper

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Normally, I try to stay away from male models for my Man Crush posts. I already have my other weekly feature, Model Behavior, to highlight them. To boot, last week’s hottie (Justin James Hughes) was also selected for appearing in a commercial. With that said, I couldn’t ignore all the hype and slobbering over Andrew Cooper the past couple of days. You may not know his name, but you definitely know his well-defined abs.

Cooper became an instant viral sensation when his Diet Coke commercial debuted. Like the women in the ad, the second the British stunner took of his shirt, you were instantly hooked. Nothing could tear your eyes away from his sweaty physique. Given that you know his body of work (literally), I thought I’d share more photos from this stud’s portfolio.

Currently on, Cooper is the 18th ranked money-making male model in the industry right now. With gigs for Ralph Lauren, Gap, Bottega Veneta, Perry Ellis, Banana Republic and DKNY to name a few, it’s not hard to understand why. He’s definitely the go-to guy when it comes to selling a product or lifestyle. The 31-year-old is represented by several agencies worldwide including New York Model Management (NYC), Models 1 (London) and Elite Milan (Milan). Since I’ve gathered so many images, I’m not commenting on them. Instead, I’ll let his hotness speak for itself this week. Enjoy.

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Can you believe we’re already into week three of the auditions. January just flew by so fast. Pretty soon, we’ll be crowning the winner of the 12th season of American Idol.

On Wednesday night’s episode, the happy foursome were in San Antonio and Long Beach. I’m so glad they split the two-hour episode between two auditions cities. I really enjoyed last Thursday’s night fast-paced one hour show. When producers only have a limited time to air auditions, they tend to show the more memorable ones and less of the jokers looking for their fifteen two minutes of fame. In addition, Nigel focuses less on the judges and more on the talent.

With that being said, there was a bit of judging drama. Mariah was late arriving on set in Long Beach due to LA traffic, while Nicki was MIA for a good portion of the day due to a prior engagement with the American Music Awards. Depending on how you see it, folks in some instances were lucky to only audition for Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. Check out a few people who stood out during the San Antonio and Long Beach stops below.

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