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Nas Resurrects Amy Winehouse For New Video

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I can’t believe Nas is 39-years-old. It just seems like yesterday when he was “ruling the world” with Lauryn Hill. Where does the time go. The American rapper just unveiled his latest music video featuring another powerhouse female vocalist. This time, it’s the late great Amy Winehouse.

“It was important for me to have Amy Winehouse because that’s what we were doing. That was the direction me and her were going in, to work. It’s hard to talk about it because she’s missed and she’s one of a kind. I think it’s a magic moment between us, me and her, and may she rest in peace and love.” – Nas

Cherry Wine” marks the second time Nas has worked with the “Rehab” singer. The two previously collaborated on “Like Smoke” which appeared on the British singer’s 2011 posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures. Personally, I love this new duet. Winehouse’s soulful voice perfectly complements Nas’ refined rhyming style. The visual is equally as slick. It features a singing Amy projected on a brick wall while Nas plays bartender at some wicked chi chi bar. Check out the music video below.

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Remember that wonderful moment when Daniel Craig made his 007 debut coming out of the water in those tight blue swim trunks? SIGH. One fan fondly remembers that iconic scene so much, a whopping 44,450 British pounds was shelled to win the size L bathing suit at an auction. Maybe it was Dame Judi Dench’s intro that sealed the deal. She joked, “All I’m going to tell you is they’re unwashed.” I wonder if they still have Craig’s “essence”. And by “essence”, you know what I mean ;) The auction was part of Global James Bond Day on October 5, honoring the 50th anniversary of the spy film franchise.

In other James Bond-related news, Craig hosted last night’s Saturday Night Live. Unlike most of the writers, I don’t watch SNL religiously. That said, the second I heard the episode featured a 007 spoof centered around Bond Girls, I had to check it out. We all know the iconic ones like Jane Seymour, Ursula Andress and Halle Berry, but there are a handful of “lesser known” Bond Girls. In the faux commercial, the SNL cast do an excellent job mimicking Lea Michele, Ellen DeGeneres, Diane Keaton and others in their forgotten Bond roles. Watching Michele annoy Daniel Craig by perkily singing was hilarious. Check out the skit below.

  • Diane Keaton in “Never Die Twice Tomorrow”
  • Jodie Foster in “Kill Me Once, Shame on You”
  • Lea Michele in “Hippopotopussy”
  • Molly Ringwald in “The Man Who Was a Gun”
  • Ellen DeGeneres in “Honey, I Killed the Spy”
  • Penny Marshall in “Quantum of Leap”

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NBC’s Chicago Fire finally premieres this week on Thursday, October 10. It’s about friggin’ time, if you ask me. I don’t believe for one second that Dick Wolf’s firefighting drama will be anything revolutionary, but I have to thank the über producer for hiring Taylor Kinney. Now I, along with his legion of fans, can have our fill of Kinney on a weekly basis. I just hope there’s a lot of “hose” and “pole sliding” action ;)

To make sure his fans sample Chicago Fire, the 31-year-old actor poses for a couple of magazines- Bullett & Men’s Book. For Bullett, Taylor sports a bushy beard while caressing his pumped-up arms and chest. I would to, if I was him. Just look at them. For Men’s Book (appropriately enough Chicago edition), Kinney channels his inner fashionista to show Fall’s best looks. Check out both photo shoots below along with a few quotes from his interviews.

On Training With Firefighters

Yeah, it was great. We went there a few months ago to film the pilot in March and we shadowed firemen within the city. We went to three or four different firehouses. The local community and firefighters were giving us a hand and showing us the ropes of the city and the districts, where they worked, and the differences between the rescue squad, the truck guys, engine guys, and paramedics. I really saw the camaraderie between these people. It’s in their blood to be able to go and do these things on a daily basis, to put themselves in harm’s way, and then to let go when they leave work. They’re a special breed of people.

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Admittedly, I’m a sucker for eye-catching promotional artwork. Whether for television, a new album or movie poster, if done right, the creative can sway me to check out the product. As is the case with the upcoming new Brad Pitt movie, Killing Them Softly. Up until recently, I had no urge to watch the movie, or even the trailer, for the movie adaptation of George Higgins’ crime novel, Cogan’s Trade. Now I’m intrigued, courtesy of the stylish new one-sheets. They’re something you’d see for sale on

Killing Them Softly stars Brad Pitt as a mob enforcer who arrives in Boston, tasked with taking out a couple of small-time hoods who robbed a poker game. Joining Pitt in the film are Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta and Sam Shepard. Director Andrew Dominik’s heavily stylized adaptation of the 1974 crime novel hits theaters on November 30. The Weinstein Company has a lot riding on the film and hoping it’s an Oscar contender come awards season. Check out the new artwork below.

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We thought posting this over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend would be perfect. Quite a while back, Stephen, Brian, Redd, Saleem, Patrick and myself spent a Sunday afternoon/evening assisting our favorite local charity. If you’re fans of the site, “Friends For Life” may sound familiar. During our “Pride Weekend Kickoff Penthouse Party“, we managed to raise $500 from the event. This time we wanted to donate our time and do something more personal.

Originally, Kevin had approached Patrick and myself with regards to volunteering our time to prepare a Sunday dinner. We didn’t even hesitate for a second and immediately jumped on board. We originally booked a date in August to serve dinner. Unfortunately, due to a kitchen renovation, our scheduled day was pushed back to November. With Kevin spearheading that project and the postponement, I completely forgot about it until the three week email reminder I received from one of the Friends for Life coordinators.

Kevin then moved to Toronto, leaving Patrick and I to begin to freak out a little because neither of us really cook all that much, let alone for almost 30 people. I was advised by Kevin that 5-7 people would be ideal to help out with the event as it can get quite cramp and hot in the kitchen. Once we sent out the email asking for volunteers, we received the interest we needed to pull off this task- and some of them even had cooking experience. Now the biggest hurdle was what to make? When it comes to most things, I like to think I can provide some useful input BUT NOT when it comes to cooking. I’m not a very picky or discerning eater, so you can just imagine if left to my own devices what would result from my cooking.

watch our video, look at pics and try out the recipes we used

Given that Adele’s James Bond song is already a hit with fans, it only makes sense the movie studio strike while the iron is hot. In a newly-released Skyfall trailer, the soaring ballad plays in the background while previously seen footage from prior trailers is collated. Adele’s vocals elevate the scenes to a grand epic affair, proving that “Skyfall” ranks as one of the best James Bond anthems of all-time.

Before we get to the new trailer, I just wanted to share a bit of 007-related news. Did you know yesterday (October 5) was named Global James Bond Day in honor of the 50th anniversary of the film franchise. The first James Bond film (Dr No) premiered in London on October 5, 1962. A number of events took place worldwide commemorating the occasion including a retrospective at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, a fashion exhibition in Toronto and an online charity auction featuring 50 Bond-related lots. The 23rd James Bond film opens on October 26. Check out the new Skyfall trailer featuring Adele below.

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You really have to give Sean Paul credit for trying to make Tomahawk Technique happen. The Jamaican dancehall singer has released single after single from his fifth studio album, but none have made much of a dent on Billboard’s Hot 100. “Got 2 Luv U” featuring Alexis Jordan and “She Doesn’t Mind” peaked at No. 84 and No. 78 respectively. While “Hold On” and “Touch the Sky” didn’t even crack the Hot 100. Maybe Kelly Rowland will be his lucky charm.

The 39-year-old performer recently unveiled the music video for “How Deep Is Your Love” with Rowland assisting on the track. Produced by Stargate, the track is very similar to his previous releases, especially the lead cut “Got 2 Luv U”. Not sure why Sean Paul waited so long to pick it as an official single given Kelly’s fanbase. Speaking of Rowland, the former Destiny’s Child singer goes old school and flashes red streaks in her hair circa “Stole” era. Check it out below.

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Television Is Gayer Than Ever

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For 17 years, GLAAD has tracked the number of LGBT characters appearing on television, both on broadcast networks and cable. Based on their newest report, the television landscape is the gayest ever, featuring the most gay characters in TV history. The number of scripted LGBT series regulars found on the big five networks is 31 while mainstream cable is up to 35 for the upcoming season. GLAAD counted 19 and 26 additional recurring characters on broadcast and cable respectively. The organization might have to think of another acronym than GLAAD as I’m sure they’re beyond ecstatic with these results. Especially, given last year’s report which showed a declined in LGBT representation on the tube.

“This year’s increase of LGBT characters on television reflects a cultural change in the way gay and lesbian people are seen in our society,” says GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. “More and more Americans have come to accept their LGBT family members, friends, coworkers, and peers, and as audiences tune into their favorite programs, they expect to see the same diversity of people they encounter in their daily lives.”

Last year FOX was the leader amongst broadcast networks, but this year ABC has supplanted them with shows like Happy Endings, Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy leading the way. Over on cable, Showtime is now the new king, or should I say queen. With series regular characters on Shameless and Weeds, they’ve dethroned previous victor, HBO. That said, HBO shouldn’t fret too much, they still have the most inclusive television show on cable with six gay, lesbian and bisexual characters on True Blood.

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